Ava and/or Eva Pt. 01


The Homecoming


Just another ordinary Wednesday evening. I arrived home from my day’s tasks, and scarfed down the deli salad and sandwich I grabbed on the way home. As I settled into my regular corner of the sofa, turned on the TV, and began watching the evening news, the phone rang. Reaching to the end table beside me, I picked up the handset and was delighted to hear the voice of my lovely, 24 year old daughter, Eva, on the other end.

“Hi, daddy. How are you? ” she inquired. She was speaking in her little girl voice, and only called me daddy when she felt weak, vulnerable, or wanted something. Normally, it was just dad as she had grown older.

“Great, sweetie. How have you been?” I answered.

She has been gone, so to speak, for about 5 years. Well…not really gone. She moved in with her boyfriend, Jeff, during her second year of junior college. When he moved across state to enter the four year university, she followed him. After that, I would just see her a couple of times a year. We did, however, talk often on the phone. As far as I knew, until about 6 months ago, all was going fine. Then, she subtlety began dropping hints that their relationship was taking a turn for the worse. This was the first time we had talked in a couple of months.

“Daddy, I need a favor. Can I come back and be with you for a while?” Her voice was low and I could sense the pain inside her when she talked, “I really need to be somewhere right now where I know I am loved. Plus, I don’t know of anyone better than you that can help me talk things through.”

We had always been very close, even way before we lost her mother, Ava. She knew she could count on me to not be judgmental while we weighed the pros and cons to help her make her decisions.

“Of course you can, sweetie. Come home and we’ll figure things out together. You haven’t lost your house key have you?” I asked.

“No, I still have it. I knew I could count on you, but I had to ask anyway,” she replied in her little girl voice again, “I’ll see you Friday! Thanks for being there for me! I love you!” I could tell by her suddenly perky voice that she felt relieved and excited to come home.

Her car was parked in the driveway when I arrived home Friday evening. Coming in the front door, I could smell the delicious aroma of cooking. It was just a moment later that she came running up and jumped into my arms, planting a big wet kiss on my cheek as we hugged. It felt wonderful to hold her again since it had been almost six months since she had last visited.

I spun her around in my arms, marveling at the similarities to her mom. Her pure black hair was a bit shorter, stopping just below her shoulder blades and had a soft waviness to it…a compromise between my medium curls and her mom’s severely straight locks. Peeking from beneath her medium length bangs, her honey-brown eyes were large and soul-piercing. She had inherited her lithe figure from Ava. Although slender at only 110 lbs. and 5 ft. 6 in. tall, she still had a very feminine, hourglass shape…a runway model body…not ‘skinny-as-a-rail’ like some of these current waifs seemed to be.

As I set her down from our embrace, I could see her pert nose wrinkle up. She stepped back and inspected my dirty hands and arms. “Go get washed up and come to dinner…It’s ready,” she insisted, pointing to the downstairs powder room. I headed to the bath by the front door as commanded and cleansed myself of my accumulated grime.

When I walked into the kitchen, I was greeted by the sight and smells of barbecued pork chops with green beans and a salad. I plopped down next to her into my normal chair at the dining table and began to dig into the delicious feast she had prepared for me. I love OPF…other people’s food…that’s what I call it when someone else does the cooking. I am a fairly good cook when I want to be, but usually don’t bother because it takes too much time and effort. I have other things I prefer to spend my time doing.

We chatted about small, mundane things as we ate…’How was her trip back?’…fine. ‘Where had the food come from?’…she had made a trip to the store after she arrived and found the extremely limited stock of edible stuff in my refrigerator. She had also purchased herself some wine and some beer for me which we drank while we ate, and afterwards while we cleaned up.

Even though it seemed outwardly like she was still my happy-go-lucky girl, I could tell she had a lot she wanted to talk about. There was a certain, unmistakable heaviness to her body posture as she moved. When I tried to broach the topic, she swore we would have a serious discussion after she took a bath and felt more relaxed. She stacked the last of the dishes in the dishwasher, announced she would be back shortly and headed upstairs to her room that was always there waiting for her visits home. I grabbed a fresh beer, headed into the family room, turned on the TV and slid into my corner of the sofa to watch the evening news.

It porno seemed like a very short time later when I heard her coming down the stairs, then rummaging in the kitchen just before she called out to me, “Look daddy…jammers!”

I turned to see her posing at the top of the steps leading down into the recessed family room. For a brief moment, I could have sworn she was her mother’s ghost, the only noticeable difference would have been Eva’s brown eyes as compared to her mom’s light blue ones. She looked adorable, holding a wine bottle in one hand, a glass in the other and all dressed up in our traditional family night attire which consisted of a long-tailed, short-sleeved pajama top with a pair of boxer pajama bottoms.

She did a fancy twirl to show off her outfit…her hair forming a fan effect around her face as she spun. The memories came flooding back of the three of us in our identical outfits doing our family evening cuddles together watching a movie on TV. If only her mom could be here to see how our little girl had grown up. Ava had died from ovarian cancer after a bout with endometriosis when Eva was only 19. We both still missed her deeply.

“Where’s your jammers?” she complained playfully with a pout. “You’ve got to get yours on, too!”

“Okay…a shower and my jammers. I’ll be back, sweetie.” I rose from the sofa and headed up to my room. Entering the master bathroom, I stripped off my clothes, throwing them in the hamper. After adjusting the pressure and temperature, I stepped into the shower and began to remove the day’s filth. While I cleaned my body, my mind drifted back to when her mother and I had first met…



In 1983, it was a much simpler time. There were no cell phones or computers to instantly connect you to everything. Even though the world was still troubled and turbulent, there was a great optimism and hope for the future and life in general. I had just turned 21 and was barely beginning to figure out who I was or where I was headed…

I met and fell in love with Ava when I was in my junior year at college. It was lust and love at first sight. Standing 5 feet 7 inches tall, she was absolutely gorgeous with her slender, leggy frame and soft, full-bodied curves. She had the walk and attitude that could have made her a star if she had wanted it, but she seemed quite content to just pursue the engineering degree she had laid out as her career goal.

I used to love walking slightly behind her just so I could stare at the sexy rotation of her ass as she moved. You know the walk I’m talking about… that sashay where one foot lands directly in front of the other, magnifying that cock-raising wiggle as they walk.

‘Love to watch her Strut’-The old Bob Seger song line-would always play in my head while I ogled her. But then, I have always been…first and foremost…an ass man.

I could never figure out why she chose me. I mean…I’m sure she had left a trail of broken hearts from the very early days when boys first truly became aware of her. Somehow I must have been blessed to be the one…pure luck, I suppose…

The library was empty in my customary section. That’s why I chose to study there, so that I could have total concentration. I was parked at my usual table with my books all spread out in front of me, when she walked into my life. She was striking in her short, black-pleated skirt that exposed all but the most intimate parts of her body. Her upper torso was clad in a pale-blue, v-necked, tight tank top which displayed her proud, medium-sized breasts to perfection. Stopping about the middle of her back, her thick hair was pitch-black and straight, appearing to float behind her softly like a shadow as she walked. The first word that popped into my mind when I saw her was ‘hot!’

She strode confidently to an empty table just opposite me, pulled out a chair and slid in facing toward me. The lucky books that were pressed to her midsection thumped down as she dumped them in front of her and settled in.

I couldn’t help staring at her. I’m sure my mouth hung open like a love-struck puppy, then she stabbed my heart and cock with her laser-like, topaz-blue eyes. It was just a quick glance, but it sealed my fate forever. I couldn’t take my eyes off her face and those penetrating eyes peering out at me from under her dark bangs. She flashed a quick, soft smile before turning to the task of opening her books and setting herself up for her study session.

Suddenly realising I hadn’t taken a breath since she had first walked in, I inhaled deeply, feeling the much needed oxygen filling my lungs as I continued to stare at her. I saw her take a peek at me again from under her bangs and then return to her books. It was becoming clear that I could no longer do anything but ogle this woman who had just stolen my life from me. I looked at her legs under the table. They were slightly parted and from the tops of her tennies to the point where they disappeared japon porno from my view underneath her skirt, they had to be the sexiest thing I had ever! seen on a woman. I peered intently into the shadows between her thighs hoping for a glimpse of her panties…or more, but could see nothing. Feeling a stirring in my loins, my mind began to fantasize about the sweet secrets that must be waiting there for me to discover. ‘What did her pussy lips look like?…What would her taste and scent be like?…What would it feel like if…’

“Stop it!” came her sharp whisper from across the room. I jumped slightly in my chair as my eyes shot up to her face…her eyes were hypnotic and boring holes into me. I’m sure I seemed like a blubbering idiot at this point as I stammered and searched for words to reply with.

“I…I…I’m sorry…but…what?” I could feel my face flush, and I felt a little woozy.

“Stop staring at me! I can’t study with you trying to look up my dress all afternoon!” She was half accusing and half teasing me with her complaint, a sexy smirk on her face. I felt my soul being sucked from my body.

“I apologize…I…I didn’t mean to…” I mumbled, my voice trailing off. I was truly embarrassed by now.

Then, she totally floored me. Turning slightly in her chair to face me, she spread her legs further apart while her hands lifted her skirt off her lap. She gave me a full shot of her silky upper thighs framing the pale-blue panties that covered her pussy. The panties were the same color as her eyes with a delicate, white-lace trim around the edges. What really caught my attention… and my lust…though, was the dark, rectangular, wet patch in the middle where her pussy lips were hidden. Either she was oblivious to her condition, or she knew exactly what she was showing me. I prayed it was the latter as my head began to spin with thoughts, my cock twitching and beginning to fill between my thighs.

“Take a goooodd look!…then…maybe I can get some studying done!”

I think my jaw hit my chest, and I’m sure drool was coming out of the corner of my mouth. I was such a fool at that moment. After a short pause, she dropped her skirt back onto her lap, closed her legs and shifted back into her original sitting position.

In my shock, it took me a few seconds to raise my eyes back up to her face. Watching my reaction intently, she stated in a stern tone, “That’s ALL you get! Now… let…me… study!”

Her gaze grew more intense until I could no longer look her squarely in the eyes. I turned my attention back to my books, attempting to continue my studies. After a few moments, I glanced at her again out of the corner of my eyes, noticing she had also returned to her books. I also thought I detected what seemed to be a soft, almost satisfied smile on her lips.

Honestly, I tried to study, but all hope was lost. There was no way I was going to get anything accomplished as long as she was there. The next half hour consisted of me staring blankly at my text for a few minutes, then trying to peek at her without getting caught. She seemed to be totally into her study session, going about it as if I wasn’t there. At every movement she made, I would peek out of the corner of my eyes. She crossed and recrossed her legs periodically, allowing me to catch an occasional flash of blue between her firm thighs. If it was even possible, I could have sworn her skirt was getting shorter. Transfixed by the silky smoothness of her thighs and the tautness of her calves, her legs were becoming a temple of worship to me.

She tucked her hair behind her ear…I stared at the soft curve of her neck. She wet her lips…I fantasized about how she would taste when I pushed my tongue between them. Her pencil moved to her mouth…I wondered if she liked to suck on other things…

The slam of a book closing snapped me back to reality. I watched as she began scribbling on her notebook. She ripped off a chunk of paper and started gathering up her books. Rising from her chair, she pulled her books into her arms and walked over to stand in front of me. I looked up into her face to see her sparkling eyes staring at me with a serious look on her face.

“I can tell I’m not going to get anything done with you around!” The piece of paper she had torn off seemed to magically appear, floating down and landing on my open textbook. “Here!” she exclaimed.

With the speed and sharpness of her pivot to leave, her skirt seemed to billow like a parachute, treating me to a flash of her panty-covered, perfectly-formed ass before she swiftly disappeared behind a bookshelf. I felt a strange feeling of loss inside my head, and a shame at my acting like such a fool as to cause her to leave.

“Wait!…What is?…” I was stammering again as my brain tried to re-engage. Rising from my chair to run after her, I suddenly recalled her note, stopping long enough to glance at the paper resting on my book. Hastily scrawled lezbiyen porno on it was the message of my dreams…’Ava Walker, Baxter Hall, 555-2425′.

I gathered up my books and what little I had left of my sanity, heading back to my dorm for the afternoon. I tried to be cool and wait for what seemed like an appropriate amount of time… actually, that’s a line of bullshit…I was on the phone like a panting, rabid horndog within 2 hours, trying to get in contact with her. It was she that set the hook, and was not available for my first 3 calls. On my 4th attempt…about 5 hours after our initial meeting… the anonymous female on the other end of the line handed Ava the phone.

“Hello.” My heart gave a thump…she was real…she did exist. I did mention I was a raving fool, didn’t I?

“Hi. This is David…we met at the library this afternoon.” I was still trying to act casual, but between the swelling in my pants and the rapid pulsing of my heart in my chest, I was sure I wasn’t doing very well.

“Oh, yes…the pervert sitting across from me that wouldn’t let me study for my midterms.” I could swear I heard a smirk and a tease in her curt reply.

“Listen, I’m sorry about that, but you had quite an affect on me. I wasn’t exactly in control of my actions… I apologize.” My nerves were slowly coming under control.

“Apology accepted,” she replied. Her voice was like honey in my ear…almost a whisper and oozing a sexiness I had never experienced before. It was nearly as powerful as the heart stab of her eyes earlier. Feeling my cock grow fuller again, I shifted my stance to compensate.

“Can I make it up to you by taking you out to dinner?” I asked quickly, trying to cement a relationship before she could get away. There was a short pause while my heart seemed to stop until she spoke again.

“Okay…but…,” came another agonizing pause as my hopes remained in suspension, “it will have to be next week after my tests are done. Why don’t you give me a call Wednesday afternoon. We can talk about it then.” I felt a loud ka-chunk as my heart reactivated in my chest, and I took my first breath in a while.

“Great!” I knew she could hear the relief in my voice, but I didn’t care at this point. I was a fish that was wanting to be caught. “Good luck on the tests! I’ll call you then.”

“Thanks. Good luck with yours, too,” she replied. When the dial tone greeted me, I continued to listen to it for a bit before hanging the handset back on its cradle. My mind started to re-live the events of the library…the blue of her panties with her legs spread apart, exposing her wetness to me…the dazzling topaz-blue color of her eyes…the tightness of her ass cheeks cupped inside the fabric as her skirt floated up and showed me what heaven must look like. I could feel my cock rising past half mast as I walked back to my dorm room from the hallway phone.

Flopping onto my bed, I laid back on my pillow. All my senses were on fire. My cock was gorged full of pulsing blood and as hard as I had ever felt it. Grateful that my roommate was gone, I pulled my cock from the confines of my pants and began to stroke it with a need I hadn’t felt since I was a horny, teenaged boy just discovering the joys of masturbation with a never-ending hard on.

I imagined how she would smell and taste when my tongue would slip deep inside her and tease her clit from its hiding place…her thighs squeezing my head tightly between them as her body quivered beneath my assault. Next, I pictured her legs spread wide, and pulled up high with her knees tight against her softball-sized breasts. Her lustful eyes would be locked on mine as my cock began plunging between the softness of her inner lips and up into her liquid heat for the first time. Within a minute, I came mightily with visions in my head of what her climax would look like. I knew this wouldn’t be the last orgasm I would have before I could see her again.

Time seemed to stop. Wednesday seemed like an eternity away. Even with my own tests to study for and take, I still managed to beat my meat at least twice a day while visiting my ‘Temple of Her Thighs’ in my fantasies. Somehow, the big day finally managed to arrive.

I made it to 12:30 before I made my first attempt to get in touch with her. It was unsuccessful, of course. My second attempt about an half-hour later was rewarded by her voice on the other end.

“How did your tests go?” I inquired, not wanting to sound overly anxious.

“Pretty good, I think. I guess I’ll find out soon enough,” came her answer.

“So, when can I take you out to dinner?” So much for not sounding anxious. Apparently, I could not maintain any kind of control around this woman. My cock twitched in my pants just from the sound of her voice.

“So much for the small talk, I see,” she chided me with a soft giggle. “Let me check…Do I still want to go out to dinner with you? Huummm…,” the long pause that followed was agonizing. “I suppose I should give you a chance since you did let me get my studies done. And, you are kinda cute…in a weird sorta way,” she teased with another long pause before she went on. “Why don’t we meet at Sammy’s Spot tomorrow evening about 6. Would that work for you?”