Ava Marks

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“You don’t need to read that, you wrote a similar version ten years ago,” a familiar voice said from the doorway. I looked up from the HR manual, the very one I was given but a few hours ago.

“How are you?” she asked smiling as she strode into my new office raising her hands and looking around at the wood paneled walls, “Like it?”

“So far, so good,” I replied as I stood to greet her. Ava Marks had matured very nicely over the past ten years. Back then I was her manager. It was her first job out of college and she was trying to get some experience in the work place as she groped for a career path. Then she was young, impressionable, enthusiastic and slightly insecure. I was eight, maybe ten, years her senior. Success had given her an air of confidence. Now our roles were reversed- she had fared very well and become the division manager of a publishing house and I was her new hire.

“You look great,” I said complimenting her as I noticed her still riveting cat shaped green eyes, beautiful curly bleach blond hair with black roots, and, her short but sleek shapely figure hidden beneath a gray check business suit.

“Thanks,” she said as she took a seat on the corner of my desk, crossing her legs making herself comfortable. Memories of the past flooded back as our eyes locked and she spoke. I listened intently trying not to look at her tantalizingly sexy legs dangling before my eyes.

“Sorry I could not meet with you during the interview process. They brought your resume to me and I did not even flinch at hiring you- I told them to do it immediately at all costs regardless of the other applicants. I knew the time to get you would be limited and we had to move fast…. John, I know your pedigree and have always respected your work. You really helped me when I was starting out. I never forgot the opportunities you gave me, the things you did to see me advance and how you mentored me when you had no obligation. But, I also hired you because I need your experience and skill… I need a right hand who I can trust to guard my back and run cover for me in the coming transition, an experienced and loyal adviser,” she explained carefully detailing my role, “…people around here raised eyebrows at my decision to bring in an industry vet as my new number two…. I want to work from a position of strength.”

“I’m flattered that you think so highly of me…. Just tell me what you need and I’ll deal with it,” I assured her, “When can we discuss these issues?”

“How late are you staying tonight?” she asked.

“First day on the job, figured I could slack a little and cut out around 5:00. I have no plans tonight, so if you need me to stay around later…”

“I have a meeting which should run until 5:15. How about we talk over a cocktail across the street at that steakhouse?” she suggested.

“When have I ever turned down a drink from a friend?” I replied.

She smiled at the comment, “John, you mean “a pretty woman,” she replied.

“No, HR manual says I can’t say those things.”

“Touche… See you there,” she said with a smirk. I watched her walk away, her petite figure moving with grace. The skirt hugged her tear drop shaped ass and reminded me why back in the day I had lusted for her. Thankfully, she did not turn around and look at me as she left.

After a martini, filling in the gap of the past ten years and reminiscing of old times, she suggested we return to her office and review the papers for the upcoming merger. We stood behind her desk reviewing the spreadsheets and proposed organizational charts. I towered over her by a good foot. Occasionally, she bumped against me. I thought nothing of it but the martini working its magic.

She looked up at me, “Did you know that when we worked together I had the biggest thing for you?”

“Nothing ever needed to be said,” I replied.

“I always wanted to find a way to let you know but never could, never the right time and when I did find the right time, I lost my nerve… Did you ever suspect?”

“It was pretty evident,” I admitted.

She asked, “Why didn’t you act?” as she softly placed her hand on my arm.

“Wrong time, wrong place, I was with someone. I was afraid I would offend you personally and hurt you professionally I was wrong in my advances. Besides, your professional development was important to me. What would have happened if I allowed it to be mixed up in personal interests?”

“Well, now things are different,” she coyly stated as she knelt before me and started undoing my pants.

“Ava,” I began to protest. She did not stop as she lowered my pants and took my cock in her hand. I was shocked by her forthright aggression. She gently licked at my head between her words, “Here is the deal… I have no time for a social life… all I want is someone to service my needs… this has nothing to do with why I hired you, or work, understand?… I do not want a relationship…. Strictly casual fun… ok?”

“I think it is an offer I cannot refuse,” I replied Rize Escort as my hand went to the top of her head as she went down on me. The palm of her hand cupped and rolled my hard balls as she swallowed my respectable sized cock.

“Oh Ava, yes,” I gasped as she held me deep, my head hitting the back of her throat. She pulled off and started jerking me. Pre-cum spilled and she went back down again. I felt the warmth of her throat, my balls tingled and swirled as she massaged them. The wave hit me hard and fast, I pushed her head down and unloaded in her mouth. Not a drop did she spill. I slumped back against the desk in exhaustion.

“No more tonight stud, I have another meeting. Next time I will let you know in advance,” she said as she gave me a wink and walked out. This time she looked over her shoulder and this time I was caught. The leer in my eye must have sold out ten years of lingering lust. A cocky smile crossed her face as she turned away and walked out.

Days passed and I kept dwelling on our encounter. I did not want to bring it up and seem like I was eager. We worked without mentioning it and rekindled the strong working relationship we once had. I found work experience had paid off well for her. She had surrounded herself with a strong team and developed a shrewd business acumen. Ava was no body’s fool and had anticipated and prepared for the coming merger.

I often found myself wondering how an innocent clean cut girl could have hid an aggressive sexual demeanor. Now I was more curious to know who was really behind her professional veneer. Sometimes, the way she looked at me across the table in meetings, I just knew what was on her mind. I wondered if anyone else was picking up our vibe.

That Friday morning I received a text message, “Tonight, my office, 5:00”. I went at the appointed time. Her door was open and the office was empty. I looked around befuddled by her absence. My back to the door, I heard it shut and lock. I turned and found Ava leaning against the door, glaring at me.

“Good first week on the job?” she asked.

“No complaints… although there is this woman who is making it quite uncomfortable for me. Can you do anything about it, Boss?”

“I don’t know. Tell me about it.”

“We sit at opposite ends of the board room table in these intense meetings surrounded by corporate officers and members of the Board of Directors- real uptight, starch shirt, blue suit muckety-mucks. She looks at me across the board room table. I know exactly what is on her mind. She sends me dirty little text messages during the meetings. It is very distracting. I know the HR manual says it is forbidden to have a relationship with a co-worker. I find her irresistible and dream about excusing myself from the meeting, hoping she will get the clue and follow me out, let me having my way with her in some nearby closet. Then the two of us return to the meeting, as if nothing happened, the others totally unaware. I am so conflicted. What am I to do?”

“Well for starters, to hell with the HR manual… I think you should give her what she wants. Maybe then she will leave you alone, or, maybe she will come back for more. Tell me how it all works out, will you?” she asked as she cozied up to me and ran her fingers across my chest and around my back. She pulled me against her tiny body and removed my tie, unbuttoned my shirt, and teasingly undressed me until I stood before her naked and she stroked my cock.

“What if someone hears us?” I asked.

“Don’t worry. The door is locked, everyone is gone for the weekend, the cleaning crew comes tomorrow and the door and walls are so thick, nobody could hear from outside if they were out there. Its just you and me….”

I removed her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her beautifully shaped breasts. I knelt and kissed her bosom in worship and suckled a rosy quarter sized puffy erect nipple. My other hand fumbled to the remove the skirt. She reached behind and helped me. It fell to the floor. She stood adorned in white spiked high heels, sexy light tan stockings with white garters attached to a silky white strapless basque.

“Someone wants to seduce me,” I commented on the revelation.

“Why, I don’t know what you mean.”

She had me stand and grabbed my cock again, “I hope you know what to do with this,” she commented playfully, “I am a luck girl finding a man so well endowed… please don’t hurt me with your size… hopefully your talent is as great as your wealth.”

“Maybe you should give me some guidance,” I replied continuing the banter. Her curly hair was pinned up. I took a wad in my hand, sank my fingers between her lovely locks, gently pulled her head back and kissed her ruby red lips, to know her taste and passion. I was tender and respectful. She pulled back ever so slightly, “I don’t want gentle and respectful… I want rough and brutish… forceful… I want to be handled.”

I pulled her head back again and gave her a passionate kiss accentuated Rize Escort Bayan by a deep probing tongue and gnashing teeth. I pulled back and gazed into her eyes for a reaction. She was breathless. Her hands grabbed my head and yanked me back for more. My hand shot to her panties and I rubbed her though the silk fabric. My passion grew exponentially as she probed my mouth with her assertive tongue and jerked my cock. In a moment of passionate frustration I found the side strings of the panties and untied the bows letting the garment fall away. My fingers rushed to run through an exposed thick rectangular shaped bush of dirty blond hair. I found the furrow, pushed into the slit and rubbed her with my ready fingers.

Our bodies meandered around the room as we clutched at each other. I pushed her up against a wall and wrapped one arm around her back and buried a finger in her cunt from behind. My other hand pressed and rubbed her button. Her thighs quivered and she quipped in pleasure behind the muffling kiss. All I could think of at that moment was to spread her thighs and impale her on my stiff cock, driving into her as I braced her back against the wall. She had other plans…

“Here use this,” she gasped breaking our kiss and handing me my tie.

“For what?”

“My wrists,” she said a she turned her back to me.


“Yes, John, use me, but call me ‘Ms. Marks’. I want respect…”

Gladly I indulged her unexpected kinky desire and bound her wrists. I hurried her across the room to the oxblood leather couch, put her on her knees, pushed them together, bent her petite body over it, leaning her head and shoulders on the seat. I knelt behind her and rubbed my head through her bristly bush and swollen wet lips.

“Please put it in me,” she begged arching her back, pushing out her ass and offering her lips. For a moment, I contemplated whether she could handle me. I placed my hands on her triceps, held her fast and thrust forward.

“Oh my G-d,” she cried as I impaled her with unabashed fervor. Her outer lips spread to accommodate the wide base of my shaft as I sank into her. She swiveled her hips, coaxing me to move. I responded with short hard thrusts, which occasionally sent my dangling balls swaying back and forth and tapping at the back of her thighs.

“Does it feel good Ms. Marks?” I asked.

“Yes, yes, don’t stop…” she begged as I continued. As her excitement grew she whispered, “Come on, spank my ass… do it, please do it.”

I administering as she requested. My hand landed on her creamy ass rippling her flesh, “Yes, more,” she demanded and I gave her another, “Fuck yes, do it again… that’s it, yes, you know you like this too, yes, more…”

Her words were more than I could handle… she was so right about how I felt. My pent up sexual frustration for her came to the fore. I abandoned the spanking and violently thrust with her cajoling. My hands grasped her shoulders and I thundered in and out of her. Her tiny body lunged into the couch with each collision of our bodies.

Between thrusts she spoke to me, “That’s it, yes, yes…. fuck my tight little pussy… Do your balls tingle?…. Got that scrambling feeling coming on?… cum in me… come on, give me a good hard screw….”

“Screw”, that was a phrase I had not heard in years. Such a “70’s” term, dirty and forbidden at the time. Hearing it turned me on. I leaned forward and reached under her arms and cross hatched mine within hers, my hands clutching her triceps. I leaned forward and pushed her torso down and against the couch. She was immobilized under my weight and the restraints.

“Good hard screw?” I asked.

“Yea, real hard,” she growled. I administered a hard fucking, repeatedly penetrating her without remorse.

“Like this?” I asked.

“Oh yea.”

I viciously penetrated her diminutive sexy body. I felt her walls tighten and clutch at me. She whimpered and gasped as her climax grew close.She gave a sudden cry. A wave of heat anointed my cock. Her body seized as she crested and wailed in pleasure. I penetrated hard and deep, an orgasmic rush washed over me and I gave her the screw she so desired.

“Eat my sweet cunt,” she demanded as I finished unloading, “…didn’t think I could be this vulgar, did you?” she asked, a smitten smirk on her face.

“Not yet, Ms. Marks,” I responded, “We need to attend a meeting in the Board of Director’s room. Stand up and come with me.”

“A Board meeting?” she asked, “I never received notice.”

“Yes, a Board meeting. I just called it… you are properly attired for the occasion…,” I replied.

“And the agenda?” she asked.

“You, Ms. Marks, it is all about you,” I told her as we approached her office door.

I calculated the trip from her office to the meeting room…. about four hallways, all but one with an escape route if someone was about. Yes, it was risky- security might be making its rounds- but it was going to be worth it. Escort Rize I looked at her as I unlocked the door, “If we get caught there are two consequences- we get fired or extorted. The later I can handle, the former is beyond our control.”

She looked at me with confidence in her eyes. “Lets go,” she said as she stepped out into the hallway with abandon for caution, eager to get there and continue our fun. I yanked her back in and peered around the doorway. The coast being clear, I stepped into the hall holding her arm and we walked naked to the end of the silent corridor. Peering around corner after corner, listening at each turn, pausing at the intermittent escape routes, we made our way to the Board room without incident.

I opened the door and just before she stepped in I pulled at a garter and snapped it on her ass. She jumped and yelped. “You need to learn some control Ms. Marks,” I admonished her as I placed a “Meeting In Session” sign on the outside door knob and locked the entry.

I took a moment to look around. When I attended meetings in the boardroom during the past week, my focus was on nothing but the agenda and controlling myself despite her lurid distractions. Now I had a chance to survey the imposing decor- wood paneled walls, a portrait from the 1800’s of the business founder hanging on the wall, formal drapes, dark carpet, leather chairs, mahogany table, a silver service set in the corner and a bar at the far end- it was all very club by.

I pulled the Chairman’s seat away from the head of the table, “Think he will mind?” I asked as I leaned Ava against the table edge and spread her feet and thighs. Her beautiful trimmed bush offered for the tasting, I knelt before her, spread her lips with my fingers and witnessed her pink inner flesh. I brought my face to her flower and noticed how the erotic aroma of our release perfumed her. My tongue teased the edges of her swollen bud. Her hips writhed a little. I inserted a finger in her wet sex and suckled her.

“Oh yes, that’s it, right there” she gasped as I attended to her hard bud, “yes, there.” I reached up and pinched her nipple, rolling it between thumb and finger, “oh fuck,” she quipped. I could not get enough of her vulgarity. I inserted another finger and slowly slid them in and out. Her thighs began to shake. I pressed the fingers against the inner flesh as my tongue continued to assault her sex. She brought a leg over my shoulder, “yes, yes, yes,” she cried as it pushed against my back and nudged me forward into her as she came.

I untied her hands and leaned her back along the length of the table top right where the Chairman sat. I grabbed her ankles, hoisted her short legs and spread her thighs. “Show me how you touched yourself when you thought of me,” I demanded.

She spread her outer lips with one hand and teased herself with the other, tapping at her bud and dipping a finger into her sweetness. A finger ran the edges of her delicate inner lips, carefully teasing them. I rubbed my head against her wetness as she gave me the show. Her breath quickened, “Does this turn you on?” she asked. Instead of responding I angled my cock and plunged into her sweetness with vigor.

“Oh yea…want me again tiger?” she asked as I leaned forward, wrapping my arms around her thighs, bringing them and her knees together while her shins rested locked between my body and arms.

I teased her, pulling back until my head rested just within her hairy blond lips then slowly penetrating contrary to her desires. She begged for me to be rougher, but the slow tease was driving her crazy.

“I have wanted you for so long Ava,” I confessed, “I’ve craved you for years… have wanted to hold you tight, feel your body against mine as I pleasured you… exercised dominion over you, took you…”

“Come on baby, have me now,” she replied.

I drove myself into her, holding myself deep within, making her wait for the next penetration. Between thrusts I teased her entrance with short strokes of my head across her lips. Each hard thrust was random and shook her body. With each one she begged for more.

Her closed thighs and lips enveloped my shaft. I slid my hands under her garters and placed my hands on her hips, held her fast and quickened my pace. Her cunt was soaking wet and she passionately cried in rapture with each penetration. My head drove deep into her, spreading her inner walls as I pillaged her pussy. I felt the rush of another orgasm racking her body. My balls slapped her ass and the familiar tingle rose within me. Pre-cum spilled, my balls hardened as I thrust with force and speed. “Oh G-d” she cried repeatedly. Her quips set me off and I savaged her. My body seized and shuddered, seed spilled with unbridled passion and I came deep within her. “Oh John yes, fuck me,” she cried as I came. I pulled her tight against me as I unleashed myself. “Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes” she called in a staccato cadence as I had my way, filling her with my wanted cum.

When I was finished she lay gasping for air, my body bent and draped over hers.

“Next meeting, will you be able to look the Chairman in the eye and not smirk?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, “but I’ll text and tell you all about what I am thinking as we sit there. And you?”

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