Avery Stumbles into Something New

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I was up late drinking with John and Aves again, and things got a little out of hand.

John and I had been hanging out more and more lately, even without Aves. I knew he had quite a bit of experience and we had been cuddling closer and closer every night. Tonight was pretty normal though, we were all playing video games and getting toasted. It got to be 2 A.M. and Aves stretched out on the couch as John wished us a (slightly slurred) goodnight, going off to his room. I ran to the bathroom and saw Aves curled up on the couch when I got back. “Fuck,” I think to myself. “He has the only blanket.” So I went to John’s room to get another.

“Hey John?” I said, he shifted and said “Yeah?”

“I need a blanket, do you have one?” I asked. “No, sorry. Also if Avery has the couch are you on the floor?” I nodded and he continued “No man, you can sleep in my bed and I’ll take the floor.” Ever the gentleman. I made some excuse, but he pushed it so I said “Fine, but you can sleep in it too, it’s a big enough bed.” So I crawled in with him.

He immediately cuddled up to me, and was warm and comfortable. He has broad shoulders and can cover me like a blanket, so I snuggled back up to him. He snuggled back. Before I knew it, I was pushing my ass back onto him to feel him get excited. He started running his hands up and down my hips, gently pulling me back to meet his gentle thrusts. “John?” I said, turning slightly.

And then I kissed him.

It started out sweet, and innocent, but quickly became hungry and rough. I bit his lip until he pulled away, and he grabbed my ass as he kissed down my neck. I pulled at his shirt as he ground into me, unzipping my dress. I pushed him down against the bed and pulled the dress over my head, leaning over to draw him back into a kiss. He undid my bra moldova escort in one smooth movement. “So, you’ve been around?” I say, smirking at him as he gets a handful of my tits. In response he only pulls me down, pushing against me as he growled in my ear.

He flipped me on to my back and kissed down my chest, giving each nipple a sharp bite. I yipped and dug my nails into his back as he moved lower and lower. He kissed over my lace panties and pulled them down, slowly getting me completely naked. He gave me a low, languishing lick while he looked up at me, feeling my every tremble as he teased me. I grabbed his neck to pull him in and he lapped eagerly at my pussy, starting to finger me fast and deep. I writhed and pushed him further into my dripping cunt. He worked me right up to the edge before I push him off, standing him up.

I kissed his stomach as I worked his boxer briefs off, stroking him slowly. Damn, the boy had 7 inches. I looked up at him in mock frustration. “You gotta warn a girl about this!” I said to him. He half laughed and started to mumble a reply when I took him fully in my mouth. He was the perfect length and I licked him up and down slowly, working up my speed until he was incoherent. Suddenly there’s a knock at the door – and Avery comes in.

He stares at me and John. John and I look at each other, then him.

“Aves,” I say, as John says “Avery I – ” and then he is cut off by Avery’s kiss. Avery pushes John back on to the bed and I stare at them in disbelief before realizing that Aves is positioned so that I can still get to John’s cock. I don’t hesitate. I go back to sucking John off while Avery bites, sucks, and licks John’s neck, nipples, and earlobe. John is squirming and I reach over to find Avery rock escort istanbul hard. I pull at his boxers and he quickly loses them. I get on to the bed and lean over to reach Aves with my mouth.

John gets under me and starts eating my pussy while Avery pushes me on to his cock, hands tangled in my hair. I grind onto Johns face in the same rhythm, alternately choking on Avery and shuddering on John’s mouth. John manages to get free, and pulls me back to the edge of the bed.

I pull Avery with me, and continue to tease him with my tongue. John pulls my ass cheeks apart to give my pussy a lick, then I can feel him lining up at my entrance. He leans forward on to me and pushes in slowly, so I can feel him hit me all the way in the back. “Jesus,” I whisper before Avery shoves me down, hard, to swallow him completely. At the same moment John picks up the pace and the two of them are fucking me wildly. As John rams into me I’m pushed further down on to Avery, who is holding me there for all he’s worth. I’m being pounded so hard from both sides I can barely think, and I moan onto Avery as I try to weather the brutal onslaught my pussy is taking.

John is getting close, and I’m getting Avery close too. John seems to realize this and pushes me off and aside, leaving Aves naked before him. They breathe heavily and look at each other. Avery and John had been friends for years, and had always thought about this – but it never seemed to work out. John looked at his friend, and knelt in front of him. He took Avery slowly into his mouth, with long and inexperienced slurps that pushed Aves’ eyes back into his skull. After a moment of this I took the opening and started to cover Avery with kisses. I ground against his side and he kept one hand on John’s head with the other on my ass, bulgar escort pulling me against him.

He came to suddenly, pulling away from John and standing up. He brought John to his feet, and bent him over the bed. He spat on his hand and began warming up Avery’s ass. John moaned quietly and fell on to the bed, stroking his rock hard cock as Avery got two fingers into him. I positioned myself under his mouth and he began biting and sucking on my cunt, pushing himself onto me as Avery finger-fucked him. His breath caught when Avery straightened up, positioning himself.

“Are you ready?” He whispered, leaning in to kiss John’s neck. John only pulled away from my pussy to moan out a “Yes” before Avery started pushing. He worked himself in slowly – he wasn’t huge like John, but was thick and John was struggling even as he was in bliss. I could feel them both relax as he managed to get in the last inch.

“Oh God Aves,” John said. “Just fuck me.”

Avery was more than ready to oblige him and started pumping in and out of John, moving faster as John warmed up to his girth and began to push back on to him. John was stroking himself faster now, and was licking me in exactly the right spot. He reached up with his free hand and twisted my nipple sharply, and I bit my hand to keep from screaming. The surprise sent me over the edge and I began to buck under John’s dextrous tongue. I felt John start to cum, shooting on to the bed and my stomach. John must have tensed because Avery said “Fuck, I’m going to finish,” and fell forward, fucking John’s tight little ass with all he had. I can feel John give a final shot as Avery empties himself inside of him. We lie there, panting.

“Fuck.” I say, breathing a sigh.

“Fuck.” Agreed Avery. John pulled away from Avery and I could see cum trickling down the inside of his thigh. He grabbed a towel and wiped himself and me down, then collapsed on top of me and Avery. I kiss his neck as he gives Aves a long, deep kiss.

“So,” He says to us, freeing himself from the kiss. “You guys wanna come over tomorrow night?”

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