Awakened Pt. 01

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Chapter 1

I sat in my classroom. My middle finger traced my bulging pussy lips through my black panties while a hundred eyes watched. My frozen hand was thawed by the heat radiating from my sex and thick thighs surrounding it. It was always ice cold in this building but for some reason, the temperature in my classroom made the rest of the building seem warm. The air cut into you like a knife and exposed your heart to the freeze. It was common for me to be in the midst of teaching the week’s trigonometry lesson only to pause just to breathe into the air, because I thought for sure this time I would see my breath. However, for the first time in the 15 years I had taught at Alabama State University, I was starting to sweat.

God dammit, I thought. I’m already soaked from my fishnet through panties. Wonder what he’d do if he found out what a bad girl I’m being…

Like a kindling fire in the middle of a blizzard, I felt a constant stream of chills rolling up my spine. It started inside my sex. My pussy was an engine trying to start after being left in the cold too long. Every drag of my finger over my lips revved my insides. My left middle finger worked left to right on my lips and I felt my finger push my pantyhose inside my pussy. My eyes went to a young man sitting in the front row, briefly.


I rubbed from the bottom to the top then lightly brushed on my clit. Even though I wore black panties over my fishnet pantyhose, the contact on my always sensitive clit caused me to squirm in my seat and adjust my skirt as a warmth slipped up my body like a stream of honey going against gravity.

You need to stop, this is too dangerous, I thought. Just go into the bathroom, cum, then come back out. You know what will happen if you get caught, again?

I looked up from the stack of papers in front of me into the sea of college students testing away. My eyes bounced from one face to another till I found her. A sickly thin girl with her dyed blonde hair in a short ponytail. No more than 19 years old. Though I was nearing the end of the fall semester, I had no guess at her name, like my 200 other students. That is until last Monday when she caught me in my office on- school property, completely naked with 10 inches of a black dildo crammed in my pussy.

Jessica Kemp… I know her name now…

“Tw-” I cleared my throat. “Twenty minutes left to finish the test.” I announced it to the class. Every pair of eyes that looked up at me for a moment was like a jolt to my aching pussy. My gaze went back to a student in the front row who brushed his matted black hair from his brow.

I sat at a large desk at the front of the room. My legs were encased by the black, cool, desk that hid everything going on below. My left palm rubbed down my left, inner thigh slowly, feeling the black fishnet against my soft skin. Near my knee, I squeezed and circled the meat on my thigh.

There were not many things I liked about my body, though, I’m sure very few 45 year old women enjoyed any part of their body. My 5’3 frame was shorter than I liked. My stomach was almost thin, though, age hung to parts of my skin like death pulling you to the ground. I had considered in my youth getting breast implants, as they were never quite as large as I wanted.

As I neared 50, though, I thank god I never did now. All the weight I gained over the years appeared to have gone to my breasts, causing them to grow fat and jiggly. The one part I did love were my thighs. Thick and tight squats were made a part of my weekly workout for years now. I’d stare into the mirror at home as I dressed in various leggings, and I would Ankara travesti picture a man ripping them free as he threw me to the ground. I’d picture one man in particular.

I pushed my drenched panties to the side and felt the grooves of my shaved pussy lips through my thin pantyhose. I bit my lip as I twirled my curly black hair that dangled on the side of my face with my other hand. Staring down at a colleague’s essay I pretended to be editing, while my students turned pages on their tests and glanced up at me. My finger found a small hole where the stitching had broken loose, and I slowly pushed my finger inside it. Working it in circles, I opened the hole wider and wider around my crotch. Every tear in the fabric made a soft ripping sound that caused me to hold my breath, knowing that someone in the front row must have heard it. My middle finger immediately dipped into my warm pussy and it felt as though I just dunked it into fresh brownies. My lips swallowed my finger whole.

“Oohhh…” I whispered faintly, as I bit the pen in my hand.

Sarah, Stop! I scolded myself. You could get fired- you could already be fired depending on what Jessica Kemp does.

At the moment, when Jessica walked into my office and saw me on my knees, naked, fucking my dildo, and with a ball gag strapped in my mouth, she gasped, staring like a deer might at an oncoming car. Then she apologized and ran out before I could remove the ball gag. That was the last time I saw her till today. I was sure I would be fired the following day. That there would be facebook pages and news articles on me by nightfall. That my class would berate me in today’s class- as I was not the most pleasant Professor by anyone’s standard. But instead, nothing. No firing, facebook pages, or news articles. From best I could tell, Jessica had told no one of how much of a submissive little slut I was.

My hips scooched from the back to the front of my chair, eager for my touch. I tried not to be obvious in my slouch but as I pushed two fingers into my slutty hole, I cared less about how I appeared. My pussy creamed with every fuck, I finger fucked myself deeper, brushing against my g-spot as I tasted blood in my mouth. I bit my tongue in an attempt to keep me from screaming. My thighs pressed against the arms of my chair, I held them open as my fingers abused my cunt while I thought of him. The one man who has made me cum without ever having laid a finger on me.

It started innocently enough. Meeting in a chatroom online. He came on strong, telling me a long tale of what he would do to my body if he was there. He took control, ordering me when to touch pussy, when to cum when not to, when to spank my ass, and when to slap my dirty bitch clit.

Mmmmmm I wish you were here now, Stronghand99… fucking me on this desk…

We never exchanged pictures or used webcams, only toyed with our words and imaginations. My eyes rolled back as my eyelids closed slowly with my face buried in my papers. My pussy engulfed my fingers thrusting up inside me faster and faster and faster. I fucked my dirty fucking cunt, like he would. I heard the splashing of my pussy as I fucked it and found my right slowly running a finger over breasts.

It is because of Stronghand99 and what he did last night that I couldn’t sleep. And the reason I can’t think about anything but cumming right now…

A shadow stood over me. I startled straight and realized a man was there. A student. My fingers froze inside my pussy lips and my legs closed around my hand.

No, no, no, Sarah! You idiot! You just threw your career away!

My heart stopped as my eyes Antalya travesti focused on the person looming over me. I looked up and saw a student. A face I did not recognize, but his eyes were buried in the multi-page trigonometry exam I had given them all. His face was not flushed, but calm and boring.

He didn’t see…

He placed his exam on the corner of my desk, smiled a polite smile at me then left. My heart thumped in my chest and I felt the juices pour from my tight twat. My fingers still stuffed in my pussy, I slowly pulled them out and pressed them back in, again and again, as I smiled at the train of faces that brought their tests to my desk.

Oh god… oh god… oh god…

My breathing was beginning to become out of control. My chest labored as my pussy begged my extremities to run amuck. I crammed three fingers inside my tiny twat and was ready to scream.

“Mmm- Mm- Mmmmm,” my soft moans through pursed lips were quiet till the end. I had to clear my throat to cover the growing sound of my lust. I’ve never been one for voyeurism, but this new found thrill was almost more than I could bear. I felt my slippery lips clench around my three fingers and had to straighten my legs to keep my flexed muscles from cramping.

Early in our chats, Stronghand99 told me his name was Justin and I told him mine was Sarah, but that was the only personal information we ever exchanged. No, phone numbers, no pictures, or careers… The mystery combined with the way his control extended over me was what made me so wet.

I imagined being held down by Justin while his strong hand smacked my ass. He would take control of my body. His hard cock would part my lips and fuck my hole hard, calling me the dirty closet whore that I was. A year straight I had been messaging him and this was by far the most turned on he had made me.

I can’t- ohhh shit- I can’t…

I forced my eyes to stay open and looked down at my papers. I tried not to show any emotion but could barely manage to remain sitting up right.

I have to stop. I can’t cum in the classroom- there’s no way I can keep quiet- oh shhhhhit…

My pussy lips pulsated around my fingers and I panicked. I wasn’t prepared to cum and knew that I might moan like an old hag, whoring herself out on a public street corner. My hand went still and I took a deep breath, cooling my pussy so not to explode.

At that moment, I saw Jessica Kemp stand from her seat in the fourth row and walked towards me. Her thin legs were tan all the way to the top of her frizzy cut short-short jeans. She wore a splatter dyed t-shirt that was homemade as part of a sorority house of some kind which hid whatever small breast curves that she had. My hand was coated in my juices as my pussy continued to flex around my fingers, begging to cum.

Jessica stopped in front of my desk, placed her test on the pile, and looked at me for a moment. Her eyes went to mine, at first. Then down to my cleavage in my v-neck cut top, then down below, as if she could see through my desk, through my clothes to the mess of wet and cum between my thick thighs. She slid her backpack from her shoulder to the ground and pulled the hair tie free from her ponytail, freeing her dirty blonde hair. She shook her hair free and cupped her jagged curls that bordered her face. She smiled, amused with herself, then picked up her things and left the classroom, almost in a skip.

I watched her leave and started fingering myself again without knowing it. I considered the moment and why she would not tell anyone what she saw me do.

Does she intend to black mail me? Threaten me?

For İstanbul travesti some reason, every option I came up with turned me on more so as I watched another quarter of my class turn their papers in. I looked to a man in the left, front row. He bit his pierced lip as his messy black hair hung over his exam. He wore a black shirt belonging to some death metal group and baggy jeans.

I realized I was panting with my mouth open as I rubbed juices over my fishnets, drying my hand. I looked up and penetrated my pussy hard with two fingers. Pushed in and pulled out.

Then three fingers. I pushed in so deep, I ached and pursed my lips, pulling out.

“Mmmmmm…” I trailed off.

Then four fingers. I struggled as they worked inside me, inching left to right, deeper and deeper. I clenched my teeth, cowered, and wished I had a ball gag in my mouth to bite down on. Wished I was on display for this crowd of students and spread eagled as I was finger fucked.

I’m losing it…Oh fuck…I’m losing it…

As I fucked myself with four fingers, I thought about Justin and our chat from last night. I think about him ordering me to trace the lips of my pussy through my panties. He said to rip a hole in my fishnets and finger fuck myself. One finger at first, he said. Then two. Fucking deep and hard. He told me last night as I masturbated to my computer screen in bed, to fuck my shaved twat with three fingers, then four. Pounding my pussy as only a handful of students remained in class, I feel trickles of sweat leave my neck rolling down my back.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! Oh, Sarah, fuck!

My stomach contorted, and I heaved silently in my chair in front of everyone. I cleared my throat every moment I sensed a moan coming out of control. I remembered Justin turning on his webcam for the first-time last night and seeing his hard long cock, throbbing on the screen. I shoved my 8 inch dildo down my throat when I saw that, gagging myself.

My used twat was inches from exploding. A constant quiver brushed my lips with every breath and caused a slight moan in my workspace. I thought about him ripping my clothes off and throwing me to the floor. I thought about him taking control over me and making me his sex slave. I thought about being used, not in pretend, like I have done for years, but for real. At that moment. It could happen. I thought of him sticking that long throbbing cock deep in my ass as he smacked my whore tits.


My pussy spasmed on my fingers as all four of them pounded my pussy fast. I clenched my thighs together and pinched my hand between them. I held my breath as my eyes rolled back and the wave of orgasms hit me like water on a dam. My body jumped and shook every few moments, as if I had the hiccups.

Yesyesyesss! Fuck me, sir, fuck me! I want you inside me, I want this to happen, I don’t care of the consequences, I want to make this happen! Fuck me!!!

My pussy creamed on my hand soaking to my wrist.

“Mmmmm…” I shuddered and coughed as I adjusted my fishnets.

The young man who sat in the front row stood and gathered his things. His death metal shirt had streaks of red and silver slashed across the black shirt. His wild toss of black hair strung across his pierced eyebrow and his tongue teased the ring in the corner of his lip. He walked to me with his test, lost and in a daze.

I remembered last night after Justin gave me permission to cum and I got to watch him stroke his shaft to completion. For the first time in a year, I saw Justin’s face. I recognized his eyebrow piercings and lip piercing immediately.

I extended my left hand that was just buried in my drenched pussy to him as he walked to my desk. As he handed me his test I said, “Thanks, Justin.” He gave me a short nod and left the classroom none the wiser that his slut just thanked him for allowing me to cum for him.

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