Let me describe myself. My name is Tony. I am about 5’7″, 153 lb., brown hair, blue eyes and have a 7-inch cock with an average body. I usually love extreme sports and am up for anything new or exciting.

Another day as usual. After work, I headed to the bar I usually frequent to grab a few beers. I had just been dumped by my girlfriend of three months. I decided at that time that I would not worry about relationships for a while. So I decided to go home and finish getting wasted. Anyway, I grab a case of beers and head back to my place to plop my ass on the couch and channel surf. I stopped at a standup comedy show. The guy who was up had me all-out bawling. I calmed down after a minute and he made another joke that I laughed at briefly but it made me think.

He joked that “We’re all gay to some degree. Think about it. You’re watching a porn movie with this really hot girl. You don’t want to see her fucked by some guy with a weak, flaccid penis, do you?”

“No.” He said mock answering.

“Well, what do you want?”

“I dunno.”

“Tell me.”

“I dunno.”

“Tell me.”

“I want a big, hard fucking dick!”

This made me think for a split second, but not real seriously, before I decided to rent some PPV straight porn. I ordered what looked to be a normal heterosexual porn movie. When it came on, the intro sequence shocked me. There were many scenes displaying in rapid succession with electronic music in the background. One scene had a man and a woman who were both on their knees and licking up and down opposite sides of a second guy’s huge erection. Another one had a guy and a girl both on their hands and knees facing each other in a kiss as both had a ripped studd pounding them hard in the ass. I had never had a gay thought in my lifetime, but this movie was really getting me off. I was starting to see this as a kinky, new experience rather than being a ‘sissy’.

Society had always taught me as a guy that this was to be a threat to my masculinity, but I then thought if I’m secure with my manhood, anything I do in bed or sex shouldn’t matter. I had never been one to care for social rules, so I thought fuck it. Looks like a fun new experience to be the one getting fucked and trying all these new group situations. It seemed like the male and female couples were getting off and bonding by sharing the same partners and experiences in bisexuality. And the guys in the movie were not your stereotypical sissies either. Most were buff and tattooed. I guess, like a lot of guys, I had always grouped guys into either straight or gay categories. I had never really considered bisexual males as a group fantasy. It was as if a whole new world of open minded exploration suddenly occurred to me.

I was still cautious about trying anything that wild myself just yet. Over the next week, I started to study bisexuality and the history of bisexuality. I found a lot of things that started to change my views on gay and bisexual men as the media strictly portrayed to me as flaming feminine men. Nothing wrong with this but I never really considered a man’s man able to be this way in society. I read a lot of books and articles where gay men and straight women praised the joys of anal sex and how celebrities as diverse as late actor James Dean, punk rocker Iggy Pop, and the late John Lennon to historical figures like Shakespeare and Julius Caesar were bi or have dabbled in bisexuality. Or at least they were very strongly rumored to be. And apparently, in ancient Rome, the whole double standard with bi women being more excepted than bi men was reversed. It supposedly showed that the dominant male had lack of control over his woman. My views on bisexuality and gay men started to change the more I looked into it.

One afternoon, me and Barry went to a local high school to watch my cousin, Anita play basketball. Barry was an old acquaintance of mine from my high school years who I bumped into at the grocery store earlier. He was a man’s man. A real man around not just town but wherever he went, former college football star, former Marine and all around adventurer. He was always seen with a different Ankara escort woman on his arms. I basically just wanted to see these hot teenage girls sweaty and bouncing. I know. I’m a pervert. As I was watching this one girl who looked like Little Miss Innocent Virgin kept glancing over at me smiling shyly. She was on the bench as she had been replaced earlier. I was getting frustrated as this girl couldn’t be any older than 16 but she was getting me hot as hell. I decided to get up and take a leak and get some water. I walked out to the hall outside the gym and went to the far bathroom that I knew noone would be in.

As soon as I started to pull down my pants, I heard a sweet, feminine yet mature voice saying “Excuse me.” I turn around. “Got a light?” The girl from the bench asks. All innocence was lost from her face at this point, as her cute face has a look of total lust. Also, her nipples are hard and pointing from underneath her shirt which was wet and tight from sweat and a cigarette dangled rebelliously out of her mouth and she looks me up and down like she’s sizing me up.

I thought to myself, ‘This girl is too WAY young to be this nasty’, but at the same time, I was as hard as a rock. I play along and flick the lighter, producing a flame. She bends over, sensuously cupping her full breasts in her hands as she holds the cig in her mouth and lights it. She then raises back up, dragging heavy as her cheeks suck in. She then takes it in one hand, exhales, and says “I heard you like to get kinky?”

I was wondering how she knew anything of my sex life. I reply “Girl, you’re gonna get me in trouble…”

“Ya know, I just turned 18. Wanna see my ID?” She interrupted. I was speechless for a second as she laughs ‘hnh’ smiling and takes another drag as she looks me up and down again, and licks her lips with a wild look in her eyes while staring at the hardon poking against my pants and lets the smoke curl out of her mouth and off of her tongue seductively. She tells me “Be still” and moves in as if she’s going to nibble on my neck or ears, but then stops and whispers “Meet me tonight behind this building at 1100 for a real surprise. And, uh, don’t be late.” I had always been used to being the dominant male but I must admit that she had me at full mast as she turned around, stomped out the cigarette, and slowly walked out of the room. I told Barry I had to leave. I didn’t feel like telling anyone until after tonight happened so I made an excuse. His reaction kind of puzzled me but whatever.

I arrived about fifteen minutes early that night. After waiting about ten minutes, I saw a dark red SUV pull up and this girl, who never gave me her name, got out of the passenger side. She was wearing a skimpy, black bikini top and thong and holding a cloth with something wrapped inside it in her hands. “Who’s with you?” I ask.

“Remember you told Anita you would be with me so don’t worry.”


“No questions. Step out of the car.” I do as told and quickly lock it. “Assume the position.” She tells me. I spread over the car. “Hands behind your back.” I feel her cuff my hands as soon as I reach back. “Get up and turn around”. I get up and she tells me to open my mouth. She then puts in a ballgag. Finally, I see her grab the cloth. It was a blindfold. She puts it on me and leads me to what I guess is the backseat of the SUV. They drive for at least fifteen minutes before stopping. I hear the driver whisper something to the girl. Then they both get out. The next thing I hear, the door rolls open. “Get out” The girl says. She helps me to my feet, into a house, and down a bunch of stairs. When we arrive at the destination, it feels as if there is one big bedcushion all over the floor. She orders me to get on my knees. “So, Tony have you ever been fucked?” She removes the gag to allow me to speak.

“I’ve had a few gals in my day” I say half jokingly.

“No listen. I didn’t ask if you fucked a girl. Have you ever been fucked?”

“What do you mean?” I ask. “Open your mouth. Let me show you”. I then felt her hands on the back of my head as a large, Escort ankara cold plastic phallus went into my mouth. I started to act upset, but she said “Be a good boy or I’ll really punish you”. Whereas before, I would have never thought about this as sexy, now being in a submissive position in complete control of this young girl was turning me on big time. I started to suck slowly as I longed to pull my hands up her legs to her ass and squeeze tight as I could. “Oh, fuck yeah! Gooood boy!” I hear her light another cigarette and feel her hands on the back of my head as she starts to gyrate her hips pumping my mouth harder. I gag for a second and she slowly pulls back, laughing. “You loving that dick, Tony?” She mocks and shoves two rapid times in succession. I keep it up as she pulls my hair and tells me “You’re my slut, now”.

After a few minutes of this, she pulls out and puts the gag back into my mouth. “Down on the floor and spread your legs, slut”. I do and she straddles up to me in missionary position, grabbing my hips and pulling them right up to hers with her strapon bumping against my hard erection as she pumps my cock a few times. She rocks back and forth a little as I feel her lubing up her ‘cock’. She then positions her phallus at the head of my ‘manpussy’. She enters the first few inches slowly, then pushes the rest in in one smooth thrust. “Well, now you can say you’ve been fucked.” She says in a maliciously playful tone. I’m in awe as this cute little virginal looking girl was taking my (anal) virginity. She starts to pound hard as hell and folds me up like an accordion as if she wants to break me or something. “Fuck.. like that..?” I wanted so bad to be free of all these restraints. Even though this was ‘gay’ by common male standards, I could care less. It felt good! Damn good! She was pumping at a rapid pace as I almost felt her in my bowels. It hurt, but damn…this was my kind of hurt!

“Yeah, slut! Take that dick! Momma’s gonna destroy that sweet ass!”. I now know how some of my older girlfriends felt when I had did the same thing to them. I was moaning hard through the gag and she stopped after a minute. “I’ll take your restraints if you do one more thing for me. Open your mouth one more time.” I wonder to myself who was driving the vehicle? He hadn’t said a word. I open my mouth and feel another phallic object enter my mouth, but this time it is a real flesh and blood cock, which has to be at least 8 inches. Instead of surprise, I am really geting into it right off as this is my first time with a man and I have no idea who he is or what he looks like, which was a real turnon. I started sucking hard at first thinking about all the blowjobs I had received over the years. After the first minute, I stopped to slowly lick, kiss, and taste everything from the base to the tip. I then went at it harder and faster as I leaned forward to reach the base and almost gagged. I didn’t stop or hesitate though, as he pushed me back and I kept the suction immediately after the millisecond gag, and kept sucking harder. I then felt him erupt down my throat.

“Aaaaahhhh, yeah!” He screamed.

He held my head there as I heard the girl say “Guests always swallow.”

“Mmmmm…gulp.” They took off my gag, blindfold, and cuffs. Now, it all made sense. The guy was Barry. He must have set this up from the getgo.

He was sitting in a chair now, as he smiled at me and joked “Damn you really loved that hard cock, didn’t you?”

“Man, I had no idea you were this kinky!”

The girl jokes “He missed a few spots”, pointing to some cum left on the head of his cock. “Should I?” she says coyfully staring at his member. She gets down to start sucking the last bit off and I join her, as we kiss and suck on his rock hard erection. I’m really turned on by this because this dick has seen so much pussy, it’s a local legend and I’m sharing it with this hot, barely legal schoolgirl with the dirtiest mouth I’ve probably seen on a gal so young.

He then stopped us and said “Ready to fuck?” He looks at me with a real dead serious and horny look on his face. As he was Ankara escort bayan sitting and showing off his ripped physique and hard cock, he told me “Have a seat, buddy.” I backed up and and started to lower myself down steadily as he held his member in one hand and used the other to guide me down onto him. He immediately started pumping my ass hard as I bounced up and down at as fast a pace as I could muster. The girl was getting horny standing around and she stood up oh the armrests of the chair to straddle his face. He was eating her out like only he could and she was screaming at the top of her lungs shoving her vagina into his face as if she wanted to smother him. I turned around on Barry’s raging cock to face the girl and him. I kept bouncing as I bent forward to lick her ass.

She screamed all of a sudden, getting up, “I want a dick in my pussy now!”

“I want yours!” She looked at me sinfully evil. She laid down on her side as I got behind her and lifted one leg. Barry got behind me and as I slipped into her wet juicy snatch, She cried out “Fuck me..yes, oh god!” Barry entered me right after I slid in, in a 1-2 motion. He was pinching my nipples as I played with hers.

We lay there, fucking in one big sweaty mass of horny, human flesh. As hard as I pounded her, he pounded my tight ass pushing me harder into her wetness. Damn this girl was cute! I can’t believe this hottie is legal! And I’m having my first bisexual experience with this teenie and a man who many local women and now I know some men lust over! I was in ecstasy as I felt her orgasm. That was my cue. I could hold back no longer, cumming in her tight little cooch like a geyser. Another few seconds and I felt Barry empty his full, hot load into me. After taking a short break to catch our breaths, Barry suggested that we double team Tina as I found out her name finally. “Why don’t you show him your favorite position, you little slut?” Barry says.

She smiles “Mmm” she laughs. “My pleasure.” She walks over and gets down on all fours as Barry gets behind her pussy and shoves it in immediately, without hesitation. I walk to her front and before I can even get into position, she pulls my cock to her mouth, practically devouring my cock like an animal, as the room echoed with slurping, slapping, moaning, and grunting noises. The drool was flowing from her mouth in puddles as she let it all go. This was my chance to be a little rough. I held her head and shoved in her until I heard her gag and blow some spit, then I pulled out completely. “You bastard” she said before lunging back for the dick. The whole time Barry kept up, pounding her like a piston as I could see her ass shake. I gagged her a few more times. When I pulled out the last time, Barry was finally cumming, filling her to the brim. As I pulled out from gagging her I came a bucketload on her face and with Barry cumming in her at about the same time, she screamed “God, I love it!”. I told her to lay on her back and when she stared at Barry and me with that glazed look in her eyes, and all three of our combined juices running down each leg. She still had to be finished off.

We took one look at each other smiling, before both dropping to opposite legs and starting to lick up , starting at the ankles and working up to meet at her wet pussy in a hard kiss. We took turns eating her out before Barry and I used a finger each and curled it to ‘that spot’ making her cum a storm. Then we looked up and I saw her take her finger and remove some of my cum from her face and suck on her finger, smiling at me. I got up and got Barry up as we told her to keep her mouth open and we licked her face clean and both fed it to her. She swished it around a little swallowed in it all with a smile and didn’t even flinch as she made a slow swallowing sound.

She moved up as we all three kissed and collapsed right there. Tina lit another cigarette and passed it around. We went a couple more times before the night was over and everybody left having fucked and been fucked in every hole or organ by everybody else. Me and Barry would become best of friends, doing everything from rockclimbing and skydiving to hangin out and shooting pool. In future sessions, we would invite more girls, guys, and even a shemale once. But that’s another story. This was my coming out experience. My new awakening. Life had just gotten to be twice the fun and it was just the beginning.