Ayaan The Somali Cleaning Broad


Eating black female ass is good for a brother’s health, I thought wickedly to myself as I sat on my boo Adam Stephens handsome face, smothering him with my thick Somali derriere. My name is Ayaan Ismail and I’m a young Somali-Canadian Muslim woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Got one helluva story to share with you today. I’m teaching my beloved Adam the finer points of eating ass, and the biracial stud takes to it like a cat takes to hunting mice. More fun for me, eh?

I licked my lips as I felt Adam Stephens tongue worming its way up my asshole. I love having my ass licked and Adam is wickedly good at it. I squished his face under my big butt, and I knew he absolutely loved it. Adam loves my ass, and I wanted to put his fondness for my booty to the test. Sure, the brother likes to kiss my bum and heaven knows he likes sticking his thick dick up my ass, but what about eating my ass?

My lover Adam Stephens is definitely an ass man, just like every black man I’ve ever met or even heard of. Born of an Afro-Caribbean immigrant father and a white Canadian mother, the dude is mixed and is the same shade as Hollywood stud Vin Diesel, only with slightly more ‘black’ features. For a moment, I thought he wouldn’t be down with eating my ass, but Adam was totally cool with it. I’m happy to discover this about my man.

Earlier, Adam and I came home after watching 50 Shades Of Grey at Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort the Silver City movie theater in the east end of Ottawa. Seriously, it was a waste of time and money. As a woman who indulges in both the dominant and the submissive aspect of BDSM, I find the character Christian Grey stale, boring, and utterly unbelievable.

Seriously, I wouldn’t touch this bozo with a ten and a half foot pole. In a weird way, the guy who plays Christian Grey the BDSM freak reminds of the dude from American Psycho, a far better movie with a more believable plotline if you ask me. Still, the movie did make me kind of horny though. People were surprised to see me, a Hijab-wearing Muslim woman, at this borderline pornographic movie screening.

The crowd inside the theater was mostly female and white. Oh, well. Let the haters stare all they want. My boo Adam and I had ourselves an okay night at the movies, and a far better night afterwards. It’s funny how even a bad movie with erotic themes can get our juices flowing. The human body is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

As soon as we got to his dorm, Adam and I got our freak on. I lay on the bed, clad only in a bra, panties, and my Hijab of course. For some reason, it really, really turns Adam on when I dress like this. The gorgeous biracial stud licked me from my head to my toes, and then, he rolled a condom on that thick dick of his and showed me what he was made of. Adam is a passionate man, but he really outdid himself this time.

Adam put me on all fours, spanked my thick Somali derriere, and then fingered my wet pussy before licking my asshole. I spread my ass cheeks wide open and moaned in pleasure as Adam licked my asshole. My sexy stud then grabbed some Aloe cream, lubricated my hole good and proper, then pressed his condom-covered dick against my backdoor. At this point, as you can imagine, I was more than ready to get fucked.

Adam Stephens teased me a bit by rubbing his long and thick, decidedly hard dick against my butt hole without sticking it in. I turned around and shot him a look of anger and frustration. Adam flashed me that fearless smile of his, then nodded and finally did what he should have done in the first place. The mixed stud worked his dick into my hungry butt hole, and I sighed in pure bliss as he penetrated me. Ah, it’s good to have my ass full of dick again.

I began rocking back and forth, loving the feel of Adam Stephens dick in my asshole. Something about anal sex simply gets my juices flowing, folks. Just thinking about it is enough to get my pussy all wet sometimes, I swear. Adam thinks it’s because, since I’m a Muslim woman and all, I get off on the fact that anal sex is considered haram or forbidden by the strict rules of Islam. Honestly? I like anal sex because it feels good, the naughtiness factor has worn off a long time.

Adam Stephens placed those strong hands of his on my wide hips, holding me into place as he fucked me in the ass. Since my boo was holding me into place, what’s a freaky, naughty mama with a big booty to do? A wicked idea shot through my head like a lightning bolt. I’m going to twerk! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I, the freaky Hijab-wearing chick from Somalia, am going to frigging twerk during anal sex! I began actually shaking my ass while getting fucked in the ass.

I briefly turned around, and saw a look of lust mixed with surprise, nope, make that utter mesmerisation, on Adam Stephens face. I winked at him and licked my lips, and that just about drove Adam nuts. I continued twerking with Adam’s dick up my bum, and at the same time, I concentrated, willing my anal muscles to grip Adam’s dick. Tight as a vise, that’s how my ass gripped Adam’s dick, and the mixed stud couldn’t take it for long. Just like I knew he would, Adam cried out and came, and I sighed happily. Adam just about fell on top of me, moaning and completely losing it. I smiled victoriously. Am I good or what?

Adam Stephens and I had a lot of fun that night, and after the gorgeous biracial stud fucked me, I made him eat my asshole. After devouring my ass, Adam told me that my Somali booty hole tasted absolutely wonderful. Well, as you can imagine, folks, those words melted my heart when I heard them. Adam and I hugged tightly, then we fell asleep. It was a GOOD night!