B.F.F. Pt. 03


“What do you think about? When you’re fucking him?”

Greg and I were still lying in bed, even though it was nearly noon. I didn’t want to spend even a second away from him, knowing that he would have to leave town again. Soon.

“Uh…” My voice trailed off as I broke our eye contact, instead nervously looking around the room. “It’s kinda’ fucked up.”

Greg let out a light laugh, before kissing me on the cheek. “Come on, tell me, babe. I really wanna’ know.”

I sighed, as I looked back over at him. “I think about you. He feels like you…almost. And when I get close to coming…I usually end up saying your name…” I sigh, again, as I close my eyes, knowing that the next thing I’m going to say is the most fucked up part. “And…he likes it…Hunter likes it when I say your name instead of his own…”

“What?! Why would he like that?” Greg’s tone is puzzled, as he raises an eyebrow in my direction.

I shrug, as I softly kiss Greg on his shoulder. “I think he gets off on knowing that he’s not supposed to be fucking me. That I’m supposed to be off limits, because I’m yours.”

“You are off limits. I’m just letting him touch you, Ashley. He’s only allowed to play with your body. You’re still all mine at the end of the day. He doesn’t get to have your heart. And if he ever tried to cross those boundaries, I’d fucking break his legs.” Greg’s words came out casual, as he idly ran his hand across my back…

He wasn’t making a threat.

He was making a promise.

I could feel the familiar slickness forming between my thighs.

Greg being so possessive usually had this effect on me. Something about him claiming me as his own…

“Did you just get wet?” There was a playfulness in Greg’s words, as he looked over at me. “I swear I can read your body language. It’s like I’m fluent in Ashley.”

“Shut up!” I rolled my eyes as I clenched my thighs together, not wanting to admit that he knew me oh so well.

“Mmhmm. Just let me check something really quickly…” Greg moved his hand to easily part my thighs, his finger reaching down towards my pussy and cautiously slipping inside of me. I let out a low moan, as his thumb grazes against my clit.

“Hmm…Mmhmm. You seem a little wet. But let me check something else, just to be sure…” He smirked down at me, before his head found its way between my thighs, his tongue roughly brushing against my clit. I moaned again for him, much louder this time, and he quickly went to work on my pussy, his tongue swirling around my clit while he now slipped another finger inside of me.

All I could do was writhe and moan on the bed, barely able to handle the pleasurable sensations coursing through my veins. Fuck. Greg touching me always felt so electric…

As I felt myself getting closer and closer to the edge, I thought I heard our bedroom door being softly opened and closed…

Between my shivering and panting for air, I opened my eyes to see Hunter standing in our bedroom. Gaziantep Evi Olan Escort He was grinning over at me, as he watched Greg continue to eat me out as his first meal of the day. I wanted to ask him what the hell he was doing here, but then I realized that Greg had probably invited him over today, wanting him to hang out with us before Greg had to leave for tour again.

Just the thought of Greg leaving again was making me sad.


I didn’t want to be sad.

I motioned for Hunter to come closer to the bed, my brain ready to get my mind off of Greg leaving town again. I quietly unbuckled his pants, gently pulling them down with his boxers. Hunter was already hard, probably having grown excited from watching Greg with his mouth on me. I casually stroked my hand against Hunter’s cock a few times, before taking his cock into my mouth.

I rested my hands against his lower abdomen, as I bobbed my head back and forth, wanting him to feel my lips against every inch of his cock. He groaned, as he eventually pushed his cock back towards me in a rhythm, his hips meeting my mouth with a thrust.

As I moaned against Hunter’s cock, feeling him growing stiffer in my mouth, Greg’s own mouth was moving faster as he licked at my clit, making my body almost ready to explode for him. Hunter reached down to run a hand across my chest, stopping when he reached one of my hard and ready nipples. He gently played with my nipple between his fingers, while he continued to thrust into me, and that’s what sent me over the edge. I was coming, hard, against my boyfriend’s mouth, while Hunter was soon coming inside of my own.

Before I could make the decision on whether to spit or swallow, I felt Hunter’s mouth pressed against mine, as his tongue slid in between my lips. It was like he was purposely forcing his cum to fall out of my mouth, creating a very messy dribble onto my chest and all over his face.

Like he wanted Greg to see us, just like this…

When Greg came up for air, he only gave us a passing glance. I could tell that his mind was elsewhere, probably on his now hardened cock. He laid back down beside me on the bed, wordlessly shifting my position until I was straddling his hips.

I obeyed Greg’s unspoken orders, cautiously lifting my own hips and pressing myself down onto his waiting cock.


Greg’s cock always felt so amazing inside of me.

I whimpered as I started to grind my hips against him, feeling like my body wasn’t going to last too long before I came for him, again. My clit was so sensitive, my pussy still aching from his fingers…

I could feel hands gently nudging my forward, and I went along with them, currently not able to really concentrate on anything else besides not coming too soon. I wanted Greg to be able to enjoy my pussy, for as long as he wanted.

As I was bent over Greg’s chest, there was a sudden wetness directly pressed against my ass, as Hunter softly licked at my sensitive ring.

A shiver of pleasure ran through me, and after a few more tentative licks, Hunter was eagerly eating out my ass.

I couldn’t hold on any longer, and I was soon coming on Greg’s cock, as I continued to buck my hips against him.

Both men seemed to ignore my coming, as Greg still continued to thrust his hips upwards, moving inside of me. And now I could feel Hunter carefully pressing his cock against my ass, taking his time slipping himself inside of me, making sure to go slow, cautiously taking it inch by inch…

Until Hunter’s cock was inside of me, too.

Greg and Hunter matched their pace with each other, each one thrusting into me at the same time.

Greg’s hands held onto my thighs, almost as if he was afraid that I would try to move away from him.

But I couldn’t go anywhere, even if I tried. This felt way too fucking amazing.

Being fucked by my two favorite men.

I came somewhere between their thrusting, knowing that they could both feel my pussy and my ass tightening from my orgasm, my body clenching around their cocks…

They nearly groaned in unison, too.


I never wanted this to end.

“Does it feel good, baby?” Greg was looking up at me, a grin planted on his face. “Do you like having every part of you, all filled up?”

I wordlessly nodded a yes as my response, currently unable to speak…

I was just too full.

“Fuck, baby. You’re gonna’ make me come.” Greg was groaning, but his tone had grown rougher, and I could tell that he was very, very close. “I’m going to come inside of you, Ashley.”

Please, Greg. Please come inside of me. I love it when you come inside of me. I love being filled with your cum.

I didn’t manage to verbalize any of my thoughts, but I could feel Greg’s familiar cock twitch and knew that he was exploding inside of me. I could feel Hunter’s cock finishing inside of me, too, quickly filling up my ass with his cum.

I collapsed against Greg, my chest falling on top of his, as he pulled my chin up towards his own for a deep and passionate kiss.

There was cum leaking out of me, getting all over Greg’s thigh and leg.

He didn’t seem to mind, as he softly rubbed a hand against my ass. “Was that good for you, baby?”

“Yes.” I kept my answer short, as I happily kissed his lips again. “Thank you.”

“Don’t thank me just yet. We’re not done with you, baby.” Greg’s words came out as a quiet whisper.

“Not done with me?” There was confusion lacing my tone. “But you two just fucked the life out of me.”

Greg playfully took my hand into his own, before bringing my knuckles up to his mouth and gently kissing them. “Mmhmm. And we’re going to fuck you for the rest of the day, just like that. Both of us. We were supposed to start off with me in your pussy and Hunter in your mouth but…it looks like you’ve already had him in your mouth, haven’t you, baby?”

I sheepishly nod, suddenly a little embarrassed about my eagerness to suck Hunter off.

“It’s okay. You look cute like that. With his cum all over your lips.” Greg smiled up at me, as he sweetly ran a hand through my hair. “Although, when my cock is inside of your mouth, you’re always going to swallow for me, baby. You always swallow my cum, okay?”

I smile back at him, nodding along with his request.

“Okay. It’s Hunter’s turn, now.”

I can hear the sink running in our bathroom, and I finally notice that Hunter has temporarily left the bedroom. When he comes back, I can tell that he’s done some cock maintenance, wanting to make sure that his cock is clean before…


“Get on all fours, Ashley.” Greg’s words come out as a command. I do what he says, getting into position on the bed.

Only a few seconds pass us by, before Hunter is slamming his cock deep into my pussy, shaking me to my core. His thrusts are rough and relentless, as he grips onto my sides, pulling me towards him just as he pushes back into me.

It feels so fucking good and so fucking intense…

I can tell that I’m starting to get tears in my eyes.

Greg moves into a new position, too, as he kneels on the bed, his cock right in front of me. Before giving me a chance to wrap my mouth around his cock, he pushes his cock between my lips, as he begins to thrust his hips towards my face.

“Fuck. Your pussy is perfect, Ashley. Did you know that? You have a perfect pussy?” Hunter’s words came out between his groans.

“You have a perfect mouth, too, baby. And once you swallow every last bit of my cum, I’m going to fuck your tight, little pussy again, Ashley.” Greg moaned, as he kept his same pace inside of my mouth. “And you’re going to keep coming for me, right, baby? I love how your pussy feels when you come for me.”

“I love how your pussy feels when you come for me, too…” Hunter chimed into the conversation. “In fact, I want to feel you come for me. Right now.”

“Come for him, Ashley. Come on his cock, baby, so you can come on mine right after.”

And that was the beginning of one of the best days of my entire life.

Of course, I was unbelievably sore afterwards. Being fucked by two men sort of feels like an Olympic sport.

But I was so unbelievably happy, too.

It was like I’d found an answer. I’d figured out the secret sauce of my own never-ending sexuality.

I was regularly fucked by Hunter while Greg was out of town, and when Greg was back in town, they’d both fuck me until I was absolutely exhausted.

Eventually, when Greg made enough cash to get us out of our small town, I had to say goodbye to Hunter’s cock.

Being able to spend every night with Greg, the man I love, more than made up for it, though. Especially when he finally popped the question.

So, no, I haven’t seen Hunter for months, and I won’t be seeing Hunter again until my wedding in a few weeks…


Is it really practical to fuck two men in my wedding dress?


I guess we’ll find out after the reception.