Babysitting My Aunt Ch. 03

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Took me so long to do a sequel to this. I hope it was worth the wait. Just to repeat about us in case you don’t remember how we look! My name is Jenny and I am 18. I am 5 feet 2 inches, with a figure that makes heads turn. The only problem is my bust. I am an A cup and that has been something that gives me a certain amount of pain and rejection by most guys. My mom wanted me to go under the knife to augment my little beauties, but I didn’t want to. The only consolation was that my nipples were bigger than average being puffier than normal. To my surprise I never got to a point where I could dazzle a guy with those pink beauties. Finally I did dazzle someone with my pink nipples and that was the biggest surprise of my life.

My mom is hot for her age of 42 with awesome C cups. She is petite like me, but that’s where the resemblance ends. Her body is curvy and her tummy virtually flat with a slight bump right above her waist line that makes her look sexy in figure hugging dresses. She loves to flaunt her assets and gets a load of stares every time she goes out. She divorced my dad when I was in my early teens. She spends a significant amount of time in the gym keeping her trim body in shape. My mom has a step sister. She is 27 and single. She is top heavy with D cups and follows my mom in the tummy department. However, she is taller than mom by a few inches and her dark hair is cut short giving her a Lois Lane like appearance. Every time she visited us, I would stare at her breasts and wish I had half of what she had.

So after my Threesome with Kelly and her sister, Kelly started pestering me to invite her home for a weekend. I was quite nervous about asking mom as I was not sure if Kelly had any sense of control. However, a few days later in class she started texting me asking about how my mom looked under her dress. She started saying what she would do to her, step by step. I thought I would get caught by the teacher as Kelly’s chat messages kept taking most of my attention.

The way she was articulating the step by step process of seducing my mom was getting me so turned on. It was getting so hot and when Kelly texted that she was so wet and needed me. I was squirming in my seat and my panties were so wet. I excused myself out of the class and collected my bag from the locker. We had just a few minutes to finish anyway. The long corridor of the science building led to a staircase that was rarely used. Kelly asked me to meet her there. I rushed there with my heart in my mouth. The thought of doing this in school and the danger of being caught made it even sexier.

The door at the bottom of the fire exit was half open and I pushed it open. I climbed the stairs eagerly looking for Kelly. She was right at the top of the third floor inside a little room that housed a bank of power switches and some firefighting equipment. I wondered how she knew of this place. She locked the door behind me. I was sweating by the time I reached her. She wore a sleeveless dress that showed off her cleavage as the glow from the small windows gave an eerie glow making her look like someone out of a vampire movie. There were buttons from top to bottom at the front of her dress. I wore a soft cotton skirt and a blouse which had a string of buttons at the front as well. My breasts were encased in a bra that made the nipples stand out against the material. After my lesbian encounters, I started showing off my nipples a lot more by wearing sexier bras. I rushed to her and without saying a word she grabbed me and pushed me against the wall.

“Hey, wait, I am sweating like a pig. And how did you find this place?” I whispered urgently. My soggy panties did little to contain the gush of fresh wetness that was pushing the limits of my panties that were being tested severely. I dropped my bag as I tried to calm her down.

“You could say that a friend told me about this place,” she said mysteriously, stopping for a few seconds, although not answering my question.

She started to lick my neck. Her closeness and warmth got my blood boiling. The sensual smell of hers mingled with a slight sheen of sweat was good enough to literally eat her alive.

“Mmmm I love your sweat!”

She licked it off slowly, making me break out in goosebumps. Her hands shook as they held me against the wall. Her whole body seemed to tremble. I turned my face towards hers and started kissing her, my hands coming up to her face and sucking her lips like I hadn’t seen her in years. It felt like that. Her text messages had really got me going. She pushed her thigh between my legs and spread them open, seeking my mound after gently lifting my skirt. I moaned into her mouth as I rocked my crotch against the soft material of her dress. She lifted it so that she could rub her pussy against my thigh too. The feel of her silky thigh was sending shivers up and down my spine. We were both trying to get the best of each other’s thighs. I loved the feel of her thighs that had virtually imprisoned me between them. Her body mashed against mine and I could feel the full length of it. A woman’s soft body was becoming Giresun Escort quite erotic for me although I was yet to try the opposite end of the gender spectrum.

Her phone suddenly chimed and in the confines of the room it seemed quite loud. Kelly stopped me for a moment to pick it up from the floor where she had carelessly put it. She smiled and looked at me after reading what I guessed to be a text. Without a word she walked to the door and unlocked it and I was shocked to see one other girl enter. I tried to cover myself up hurriedly. My face was starting to blush deep red as I tried to look down studying the floor eagerly. But I couldn’t help it. I looked up.

Kelly smiled at me and winked without a care in the world. The girl had another girl in tow. The first girl was Anna and she looked gorgeous. She had blond hair and a cheer leader figure that was not too chubby and not so slim either. She was a boy’s wet dream as she cheered the football team to victory most of the time. The story was that most guys came to see her cheer rather than watch the game. This was mainly because we lost most of our games. Her D cups strained against the t-shirt she wore and her knee length skirt exposed a lot of her legs that seemed to climb endlessly into her skirt. The girl behind her, Jess, was one of those girls you would never give a second glance. The quiet nerdy type that had her head buried in books the whole time. She was in most of my classes and was mostly invisible. She usually wore lose fitting clothes which comprised of a shirt and a selection of pants that never gave us any hope to even think of what was underneath. She was blushing like crazy as her gaze went to me and rested briefly on my face and went lower and then it went to Kelly who looked like someone who had started on something naughty. There was a slight reddish hue on her face. Then it came back to my face and I thought I saw a hint of a smile. She wore a loose shirt and a loose pair of pants. She was taller than I had imagined. Her hair was tied hastily and her glasses were missing.

I looked inquiringly at Kelly. She smiled sheepishly and said, “This is the friend I was talking about. “

I was speechless and must have looked annoyed as well. How could she let someone else know about this?

Anna spoke. “Its cool. We won’t talk about this with anyone. This is our little love nest. Jess and I weren’t going to do this today. But the thought of you two being here gave us some amount of motivation. So we decided to crash the party. But we could go if you are not comfortable.”

I shook my head. By this time, Jess had moved closer to Anna and started to run her hands all over her. I was amused by how wrong we could be about people and chastised myself for assuming things. As I watched, Anna calmly let Jess run her hands all over her. They started to kiss.

Kelly came closer and pushed me against the wall again, starting from where we had left off. My attention was on the other couple as my friend started to kiss me. Anna watched me with Kelly as Jess pushed her towards the same wall I was leaning against.

I turned my head towards them as Kelly pushed my legs apart as before and started rubbing against my leg. Anna turned her head towards me as her partner lifted her t-shirt exposing a bright red bra. The flash of color and female curiosity dragged my eyes away from her face to her chest. Jess looked slyly at me and saw where my eyes were. I kept watching her as she took one breast out. It looked big and honestly made me want to reach over and suck it. I was reminded of a porn star I had seen with big natural breasts. They definitely looked natural and were sparsely dotted with freckles that made her even sexier.

Jess smiled and she brought her lips to the breast she held and started to suck it noisily making the blonde moan. I half thought she was teasing me.

“Oh god, you are so wet. I can feel it trickling down. Did I do that?” Kelly murmured watching where my eyes were at.

“Yes you did, you little slut!”

“Will you let me lick her?” she said without mentioning the mom part.

“Oh god, stop saying that!”

“Tell me little slut. Will you let me fuck her?”

Her crotch pressed against my thigh pushing me back against the wall. Her gaze was intense and hot. She stopped her movements and pushed her hand under my chin lifting it up towards her.

“Tell me now!”

I tried to rub against her and she put her other hand on my thigh and pulled back, stopping it.

“Tell me now and I will make you cum so hard.” she said licking my face tenderly.

“Tell her she can,” said another voice. It was Anna and I was shocked to see her smiling. I wondered what her reaction would be if she knew who it was that Kelly wanted to fuck. Jess was busy with the D cups.

I nodded and my voice was barely a whisper and I heard myself say,” Yes.”


“Yes I promise.”

“Will you join us too?”

“Yes, if you want me to.”

I felt a whisper of hot air on my face. Anna had scooted closer and Giresun Escort Bayan when I turned, my lips were so close to hers. She must have scooted down as I definitely knew she was much taller. I dared not move any further.

“You can kiss her,” said a calm voice. It was Jess. I felt so kinky and shy at the same time. I had never imagined kissing a pretty girl like Anna. Jess rose up and kissed Anna’s lips. She pulled away and looked at me and then at her partner. I was blushing like a school girl (no pun intended). I looked at Anna’s lips. They were succulent and inviting. She had this cute way of pouting them. Jess had equally sexy lips with a smaller mouth. I gazed at them too, my eyes then invariably moved lower, wondering how big her breasts were. She might have read my mind since she unbuttoned her shirt to let me see her deep cleavage. I gasped at the lovely breasts barely covered by a half cup bra. I would never have imagined them under a nerdy girl like her and I guess I was wrong all along.

My hand was on auto-pilot when it reached over and cupped the half-cup bra. I pushed my hand inside the cup, feeling the warmth of her breast. The nipple was hard and grew as I fiddled with it. I was surprised at my actions more than anyone in the room. Touching a girl I barely knew seemed so erotic at that time.

“Do you like my girl?”

I looked at Anna, not saying anything, but my hand stopped its quest for a moment.

“Mmmmm so you don’t want me?” she said, her lips pouting more.

“I do,” I said, somewhat shocked at my answer.

“Then show it. Then you can have her too,” she said moving her lips towards mine even more.

She stopped so close and I started kissing her slowly and tentatively at first. I started to kiss her lips. It was tentative at first as I couldn’t believe I was kissing the most popular girl in school. My fingers were on Jess’s nipple and the kiss increased in intensity as I got more and more comfortable. I pinched Jess’s nipple, making her gasp. Kelly was watching us, wide eyed. I pulled Jess towards us and she joined our kiss. Both ladies had wonderful kissable lips and after a few moments I was deeply kissing Jess. Her kiss was even more erotic than Anna’s. Her mouth opened slowly like the petals of a flower and engulfed mine. I felt Anna’s tongue lick where our two mouths were joined. It was a strange but sexy sensation. She licked it as if she were licking pussy. I turned towards her and kissed her while Jess did the same. Her tongue was wet and warm. I pulled back to let her tongue join us. It was an awesome threeway kiss.

Kelly butted in and the two girls made way for us to start kissing. Kelly moaned pressing herself against me. She was breathing like a horse that had run the derby.

“Oh gosh, it was hot seeing you with them!”

I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Anna.

“Jess wants to know if she can switch partners with Kelly. Would you mind?”

I blushed red.

“She likes you a lot,” she said smiling. I looked over at Jess, she nodded in assent, her eyes fluttering.

“Only if you let me kiss your breasts once at least,” I countered.

Wordlessly, Anna turned towards me and presented her melon-like breasts. Some big breasted women are chubby. Anna’s slimmer although larger frame, made her breasts even seem bigger. She watched my reaction as I stared at them. I lifted my hands to cup them and lifted them feeling their weight. The nipples were well within the reach of my mouth. I smelled her sensual fragrance as I ran my lips over the expansive area taking my time. The goosebumps on her skin told me that it was exciting for her. I licked around her nipples that has cute dimples right in the middle. I played with them, squeezing and lifting and feeling the sheer size of them until I got enough of them into my memories to relish for the rest of my life.

“That was one long kiss,” Anna said chuckling gently. I took no notice. I licked her breasts all over as if it was for the first and last time. Then I stopped and looked at Kelly questioningly.

She looked at Anna and me and then said, “Hell yeah!”

Kelly moved away from me, letting Jess take over. Anna pulled Kelly over and they started to kiss deeply. Jess came over and stood a few inches away, unsure what to do. I took the initiative by taking her shirt completely off. Then I undid her bra. The gorgeous babies jumped out of the confines of her bra. They were lovely c cups. Her skin was smoother than Anna’s and creamy. She unbuttoned her pants and pushed them down exposing a lacy pair of panties. I took my blouse completely off and then the skirt. I was conscious of my small breasts so I left my bra on. I started caressing her skin making her breakout in goosebumps. Her hips were shapely and fairly wide. Her thighs were nicely built and smooth to the touch. Her nipples were a darkish pink bursting with energy. The surfaces was marked with little bumps that made me want to lick them. I did just that. Her breasts smelled of a combination of sweat and a faint fragrance of perfume. I moved Escort Giresun closer and started licking them and the nipples got hard. Jess cupped my bra and squeezed. She reached behind me to unsnap my bra. I felt myself holding my breath as the bra came off momentarily stopping my quest. She gasped as she saw how long my nipples were. Her expression was like of a little kid with a toy. She looked at my face and smiled as she explored my nipples with her fingers making them ache.

She looked at me inquiringly and I just waited. She bent to them and started licking one tenderly and sucked the whole thing into her mouth. Her gentle sucking made me pull her to me. She bit them gently and kept tugging at them holding them between her teeth. I loved it. She stopped for a moment and looked up.

“Your nipples are hot,” she whispered and bent over them to suck them some more. She toyed with them with her lips and tongue sending electrical signals down my spine. I was dripping again.

“Thank you, and you are gorgeous too,” I said.

I began to kiss her nipples and sucked as much of her breast as I could into my mouth. Her torso pushed towards me. Her crotch was starting to find a place to rub against. Jess pushed her thigh between mine and pushed into me. I pulled her closer, making her rub her crotch against my thigh finding her lovely mouth again. Her warm breasts mashed into my body. It was so comfortable hugging her.

We kissed each other furiously. I felt her starting to dominate me. Her kisses were intense. I realised that I loved being kissed like this. Being pushed helplessly against the wall made it even nicer. She held my hands above my head as she kissed deeply, our bodies merging into one. Our mouths merged into each other where it was difficult to figure out the ownership of each part. Her saliva was all over my face. We kept kissing like long lost lovers for what seemed like ages. I felt the smooth curves of her back sliding my hands up and down, grabbing bits of her flesh, kneading each bulge. She moved even closer, slowly rocking her body against me. Her panties were soggy and I could feel her wetness seeping onto my thigh.

Her warm body was so comfy and I wanted her to hug me forever. I ran my hand inside the elastic of her panties and cupped her butt cheek. Then I moved lower and felt her crack, exploring her little brown hole. She moaned into my mouth and her rocking against my body increased in its intensity. I could feel her nipples burning into my skin. We had to break our kiss as it was too much. I gasped and took a deep breath as if waking from a dream state.

I looked over at the other couple. Anna was kneeling before Kelly and licking her tummy. They were both naked. Anna was super hot with her lovely cheerleader body and D cups. Kelly was lost in the throes of passion. She glanced at us from time to time and seemed to be loving every minute of it. They were very close to us so I reached over and kissed her mouth while Jess started to tongue my ear. Anna reached between us and pinched my long nipples. She pushed Jess back and she had to lift herself only marginally to reach the long nipples and sucked them for a few seconds. Then Kelly started to complain, so she went back to licking Kelly’s tummy.

It was my turn to dominate. I reversed our positions and turned Jess, pushing her back against the wall. I lifted her hand and licked her armpit. The saltiness and her unique fragrance made me weak with desire. She moaned as I bit the skin of her armpit.

“Oh gosh yes! No one has ever done that to me,” she whimpered as I licked her there. Then I licked her neck making her gasp.

“I used to fantasise about you Jenny. You are hotter than I thought,” she said, gasping as my tongue tasted her armpit.

I smiled and moved to her breasts. I sucked one hard into my mouth. She moaned my name pulling my head to her. I bit it some more. I could feel the hard nipple. I held her breasts close to each other and licked her cleavage. She was going crazy. Her nipples were gorgeously hard. I sucked each one into my mouth, gently holding it between my teeth while I sucked as much of it as I could. It was impossible to be quiet and my mouth made smacking noises as I tried to suck most of her flesh. She loved it urging me to suck more.

Then she turned the tables on me and pushed me against the wall again. “God, I love your nipples!”

She attacked them with her mouth. She sucked them so hard that I almost screamed. Her tongue went over and over the hard pinky sized nipples. I moaned and reached down to cup her pussy. The panties were drenched and I went inside. She moaned as my fingers found her opening and my finger was inside her. She screamed into my breast as I pushed it deep.

“Oh god, I wish we had a dildo,” she moaned into my breast.

I suddenly remembered what I had brought for lunch. I pushed her away and asked her to close her eyes and when she didn’t, I took my blouse and wrapped it around her eyes. The other couple watched us in amusement. She didn’t protest much and kept asking what I was upto. I found what I was looking for in my lunch box. It was a banana. I quickly peeled it off and pushed it slowly into her mouth. She shuddered and started licking it like a cock. It was so hot to see her licking the tip. I knelt in front of her and quickly pushed her panties down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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