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Big Tits

The water felt so good on my freshly shaven legs. It was almost too steamy, it almost scalded my delicate skin, but I enjoyed it a lot. I put my hand at my side, with my arm bent, and flicked at my bright pink nipple. It sort of hurt but in the most delicious way. I was thinking about what I normally thought about when I was alone: wild, romantic passion with a man with a killer body and piercing eyes. I could almost feel his firm chest smashing my breasts down. The hot water was really affecting my little clit. I imagined him touching me in the most exciting ways. He would grab me, stare into my eyes, and then have his way with me.

My eyes closed as more and more images of my fantasy man filled my head. He would have to be tall and muscular, I decided, so he could easily lift me and take me to his large bed. He would have to have full yet well-shaped lips. He would have to be, “Ah!” I gasped and immediately opened my eyes, startled. My hand was covering my mouth. I looked down at myself.

My skin was reddened from the water and being so turned on. My nipples were extremely hard. My other hand was now covering my clit, with its fingertips pressing into my little hole. My smooth, long legs were spread wide as if trying to make way for my imaginary lover.

A tear ran down my face. I knew who I was imagining. It was my father. I immediately drained the water, grabbed a towel, and ran to my bedroom.

I barely had my robe on when Daddy came in. I knew he was coming to make sure that I was in bed, as he normally did about this time of night. I was eighteen, and somewhere along the way I picked up the reputation of sneaking out.

“I knew you’d be here, you always are,” he said, coming closer to me.

“Yes, I’m being good,” I replied, trying to act natural.

“I know, and I really appreciate it.” Then, he opened his arms for a hug. I accepted his offer and allowed his manly frame to embrace me. Even though it wasn’t much longer than a typical hug, I could see where I was getting my ideas from. His strong chest was pushing through the clothing between us. His big hands were melting my back. I tried not to coo as I felt myself getting hotter and hotter. He adjusted his head and suddenly I sort of stumbled on myself. I could almost feel my heart sinking into Daddy’s. At that moment, while deeply inhaing the musk his body had developed since his morning shower, I wanted him in every way. Releasing myself from his grasp, I moved towards my bed rather slowly.

He got the hint and made his way to the door. We sort of waved at each other with our subtle smiles. It seemed like an era passed while I was waiting for him to actually leave my bedroom. To this day I wonder why he hesitated.

The days went by as usual for the next few weeks, with the exception of my more frequent masturbation. Sometimes I would go into my father’s bedroom and take several pairs of his pants, hoping he would decide to wear shorts the next day.

I know this may sound juvenile, but one of the things I had really grown to hate was Daddy’s dating status. He liked to go to bars and meet women at the gym. My disapproval wasn’t all due to jealousy, though. I saw him get cheated on and used over and over. And I absolutely despised the fact that I would see him at home Sunday through Thursday, while he was wearing his cotton houseclothes after work, and he’d dress up sexy for women who didn’t even deserve him on weekends. Sometimes I would start my evening plans late just so I could see Daddy before he left for his outings.

Fortunately, Daddy’s search for a girlfriend was not tremendously long. I suppose a fairly wealthy and very attractive, available man in his forties is considered a great catch for many divorced women out there. Her name was Carrie, and she was thirty-seven. She was a freckled woman with very curly auburn hair. I didn’t really think she was that great or that bad, but I knew that Daddy seemed satisfied, and that was good enough for me.

Sometimes Carrie and Daddy would sneak into the house when they assumed I would be asleep. I’d turn off my light and go along with it for them, not wanting to spoil their fun. As you might have guessed, I enjoyed listening to Daddy make her orgasm over and over. I was especially fond of the noises that Daddy made: they weren’t often, but they sure were special.

Once when I was going through Daddy’s closet I found a pair of her sheer, bright blue bikini panties. I seized them and ran into my bedroom as if I had won a prize that I needed to protect. I smelled them and found a very delightful mixture of aromas. The woman’s fragrance wasn’t as good as mine, for she had had sex far more times and had more years on her than me, but still good. I even could smell a bit of Daddy’s cum, how dirty! Daddy must have fucked Carrie at her home, and then Carrie put her panties back on and leaked Daddy’s cum into her underwear! Then, they came back here for a change in atmosphere just to fuck again!

I inhaled deeply gorukle escort before pressing my tongue firmly against the crotch and pushing up. This was something I liked to do with my own panties when I was alone and bored, but it was much more exciting with a practical stranger’s and my own father’s sex on the fabric. I proceeded to trying the panties on. The first thing I noticed was that they felt the tiniest bit damp on the sides, which told me that she must have gotten quite sweaty during their foreplay, most likely. I was astounded by how well they fit me. My own pussy, which was seriously damp at this point, was actually oozing into Daddy’s fuck remains! I pushed my hand between my legs and clamped my thighs tight around it. I imagined how bad Daddy would think I was if he knew all of the sick things I had been thinking for so long. Afterwards, figuring Daddy would find the panties and smell them for his own pleasure, I put them back on the top of the pile on his closet floor. I wonder if he could sense that something was a little different!

The weekend that changed it all followed the week that I had pranced around in a tiny pleated skirt and a babydoll t-shirt. Daddy saw me in my little get-up and said playfully, “Did you steal that outfit from some poor girl half your size?”

“Obviously not Daddy, I just thought it would be cute,” and then I whipped out my red sucker. I worshipped it and giggled the whole time. I noticed Daddy paying less and less attention to his newspaper. “You like fun, don’t you?”

He gave me his famous, devilish grin before redirecting his eyes to his paper. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t as interesting as the local news. I flung my sucker out of my mouth and watched it land on the white carpet.

“The carpet!” Daddy was a bit of a weirdo about keeping his house in good quality.

“Oh, do you want me to get it?”

He rolled his eyes at me, “Yes, of course I want you to get it!” I smiled then, and I think he realized the significance of my outfit.

I crouched down and then got on my hands and knees. My breasts were peeping out of my low-cut shirt like puppies begging to be adopted. I could almost hear his heart cry out, his eyeballs sticking to my pert breasts. I grabbed the sucker and then looked up at him quickly, not giving him enough time to move his eyes from my weapons.

“Uhh,” Daddy began, looking at the carpet. The sucker hadn’t left the faintest mark on it. “You better get a towel and wipe it off, for good measure.”

“Yes, Daddy.” I didn’t smile until I turned away. Now the ball was in my court. When I came back with the wet paper towels, I decided it was time to give him a better view of my perky, round butt and trim thighs. Though I couldn’t see him, I knew that Daddy was inspecting every flare of my tiny skirt.

That Saturday I played it smart. I told Daddy that I’d be spending the night with friends. As expected, Daddy decided to have Carrie over for the entire night. With them not knowing I was there, I was able to do some serious spying.

He wined and dined her like a gentleman, but it didn’t take long for things to get hot. While Carrie was still in her chair, in her knee-length dress, Daddy stradled her. He grabbed her neck like a villain and slurped away at her neck. I could almost feel her hickey forming on my neck. On the stairs, I pinched my neck so that I could pretend I was her.

Carrie’s legs were trembling as Daddy reached down and stroked her knee. Watching intently, I stroked my knee as well. It was very hard not to stroke my clit, but I knew I had to be very careful.

“Carrie,” Daddy said between sensuous, firm neck nibbles, “have you ever wanted to roleplay?”

“Mmm, sounds terrific, what did you have in mind?” Carrie purred.

“Well,” I couldn’t help but notice Daddy sliding his hand dangerously high, “you are about nine years younger than me, baby. You know, a lot of guys like to pretend to be, you know…”

“What is it, sweetheart?” Carrie was curious.

“Their girlfriend’s… well… daddy, Carrie,” he announced finally.

“Ohh yes, that is hot! Touch me Daddy!”

“Mmm, you bad girl,” he said. “And there’s more. Would you like to rolepay younger? For instance, you could be the naughty eighteen year old daughter?” It was a risky question, but at this point Carrie seemed too turned on to really think his suggestion through.

My pussy was running like a faucet that hadn’t quite been shut off. I could smell myself through my clothes as I watched and listened to these sexual revelations from a safe distance.

I watched my Daddy spank his girlfriend playfully, tease her with his tongue, and even fuck her. She came over and over again, lost in the thrill of my sexy Daddy becoming her own. He finally pushed her up against a wall, while she instinctively wrapped her legs tightly around his body, with her loose skirt pushed above her now naked womanhood. Daddy’s form was incredible. He was completely altıparmak eskort bayan naked as he ground himself into her. I was quite a distance from the action, but he seemed to be a whopper.

Then I heard the most incredible thing I could possibly imagine, at least while turned on. Daddy shouted, “Ughhh, baby, I’m gonna cum!” I could see his flesh reddening with hot blood. “I’m going to give it to you, and you’re gonna feel it! You’re gonna take it all! Come on babygirl, you love your Daddy, don’t you? Yeah, you want his cum, don’t you? Say it!”

“I want your cum, Daddy!” Carrie moaned with lust.

“Yeah baby, you’re gonna like this. Hold on tight, tighter, come on… ugghhhh.. grrrr, there you go. That’s right angel, you’re doing so good. Come on, Becky, Daddy’s got it for you!” He then grabbed her with a fierce tightness and allowed their bodies to slide down the wall. He seemed wiped out.

Carrie had tears in her eyes. “Becky? This is about Becky? You sick freak!” She tried to get up, but Daddy stopped her.

“No, Carrie, trust me… I thought you were roleplaying as her. I’m sorry.”

“Let me go! You … loser.” This time, she remembered to grab her panties before she left.

I didn’t know what to think of all this. Daddy had shouted my name during one of the hottest sex sessions I’m assuming he’s ever had. Grabbing his pants in the kitchen where all the drama occured, Daddy looked really uncomfortable. I began to wonder if my strong attempts to seduce him were too immoral. I felt like I ruined their relationship, a relationship that had really made Daddy happy. Feeling like a complete idiot, I turned around and went to my own bedroom to sleep.

As sickening as it may sound, that night I wondered whether Daddy was still aroused. Of course he’d be sad that he lost Carrie, but would he regret losing the oppurtunity to roleplay his fantasy? I was painfully turned on, but I was ashamed to get myself off. Sure, I may have tickled the kitty a little, but nothing close to what I needed.

I barely slept that night. I knew I had to get up early to sneak out of the house on my old bicycle to pick up my car at a nearby parking lot, (if I had left my car at home they would have known I was there). I woke up at 6, which was tragically early for me, but I still had to move fast because Daddy always rose with the sun.

By the time I had gotten back from my drive it was about 6:30. I noticed that Daddy had cleaned up all clues of the romantic evening gone wrong in the kitchen. He was already up, cooking breakfast. His shoulders didn’t seem to hold his robe up as high as usual. I started to yawn but thought better of it once I considered how tired he must have been.

“Hi Princess,” he said, “you’re up early. I just made some breakfast. I’ll split it with you.”

“That’s okay.” I wanted to apologize, but I knew that would be giving myself away, so I started to go back to my bedroom.

“I’ll probably do some laundry after I eat. Do you still have my sweatshirt?”

He was talking about the one I had borrowed from him two or three days ago. Absentminded, I replied honestly, “Yeah, it’s in the passenger seat of my car.”

Daddy nodded as he scooped his eggs onto his plate. I left the room.

Ten minutes later, Daddy woke me up by knocking on my door. “I’m coming in.”

I sat up, and there was Daddy gazing at me with suspicious eyes. “Your old bike was in your car.”

“Yeah, I went riding this morning,” I lied.

“You were at a sleepover last night. And how did you get back so early anyway?”

“We never went to sleep, Dad. Please go, I’m sleepy.”

He sat down beside me on my double bed. “Baby, I didn’t see your backpack, either. Where did you pack your things?”

My eyes fluttered in a tired confusion. He knew I was caught in my own lie.

“Your story doesn’t add up. Why did you lie to me?”

“I just wanted you and Carrie to have a nice evening here at the house, I’m sorry.”

Then Daddy leaned over and gave me a big hug.

“That’s very considerate of you, but there must be more to it than that. Why would you go through so much trouble and look like a liar just so we could have a nice time? Why didn’t you just really spend the night at your friend’s house?” His arm was still around my shoulder.

“Promise not to be mad?” Suddenly my little girl persona turned on.

“No more lies. Spill it.” His facial expression was becoming more stern.

“I, I wanted to watch. I was interested. I wanted to see you when you two were really alone.” I still can’t believe I got that sentence out. I pulled the blankets up by my face.

“Why in hell would you want to watch?”

“It, makes me… feel good, you know, in a sexy way,” I was seriously slurring my words now.

Before I had a chance to get my next sentence out, Daddy ripped the blankets from my bed and hands. “What is it, Becky? Did you nilüfer eskort bayan wanna watch your Daddy grab his woman and mount her?” And then he put his hands over my wrists, pushing me down, and held my legs in place with his.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” I looked away the entire time. it was so scary, he sounded like a monster.

“Did you like seeing Daddy get hard and big and horny? I fucked her good, didn’t I baby? That made you really hot, didn’t it?” He began pressing his lips against my face until he forced my mouth open and raped it with his tongue.

I moaned in panic. My limbs couldn’t move against Daddy’s body. As much as I wanted him, the timing just seemd wrong. I still felt so guilty, and this was really scary.

“Say it baby, tell me how much it turned you on,” he was literally shaking in lust. “Tell me you want me, you dirty little slut-“

Suddenly, the tears just broke, “No, please Daddy. Please don’t hurt me. Please?” I wanted him to comfort me so badly.

He stopped immediately. He seemed stunned. “Sweetheart, I’m so sorry, did I scare you? I thought that was what you wanted. I know you’ve been adventurous with some other boys, and last night got pretty wild. Oh baby, I love you so much.” Then Daddy held me tenderly.

“Thank you, Daddy. I really do want you, and I’m so embarassed. I messed everything up with you and Carrie. You deserve so much better.”

“Shh… no, no baby, it’s not that way at all. It’s always been about you with me.” Then he moved to the foot of the bed, beside my bare feet. “See baby, see these feet?” I nodded. “I love them in your funky little flip flops, I love them in your comfy sneakers,” he began rubbing them and marking them with tiny kisses. “I even love them in those tight, unbearable looking four inch heels you like to wear. They make me want to squeeze your feet.” He gripped them so hard.

I moaned in a strange pleasure. “Yes, Daddy.”

“They make me want to tend to them, all your cute little toes… May I?” I nodded with a smirk. Then he sucked one toe and then the next. I giggled as Daddy slurped on my feet.

“And these long, smooth legs. I’ve always loved them. They’re killers, Becky,” he kissed higher. He stopped about four inches above my knee, “This is where I always tell you not to wear your skirts, but you always do. And do you have any idea how much I love that?” He kissed my thigh. “Spread a little for me, babygirl. Come on, no more teasing, just a little.” I obeyed and gave him a bit of access. At first he just snuck his hand up my cotton shorts, letting its heat sink into his hand. “Baby, where are your panties?” He laughed. “Mmm, my baby,” and he reached in and touched my pussy!

“Ohh baby, you’re so tight.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. My fantasy was coming true. “Ohh yes, Daddy. I need you so incredibly much. Please, ahhhh.”

“Still don’t have much patience, I see,” he laughed, and pulled up my shirt so he could kiss my tummy. Then he told me to take it off completely. “I wanna see those firm little titties, do it now!”

He looked at them as if they were his new-found treasures. “My, how you’ve grown!” We both giggled. “They’re so rosey and perfect, Baby, let me see how much those little nipples can take, hmm?” The he stretched my nipple far from my boob, and then snapped it back. “Magnificent,” he announced, as if grading its performance. Each of his huge hands could pretty much handle an entire breast. “Barely legal, forbidden,” he muttered to himself as he kneaded on them, “babygirl’s pretty titties!” And then he stuffed as much breast as he could into his hungry, hungry mouth. I could feel his saliva all over my nipple, coating it with sexual excitement. He was so tender yet brutal as he began gnawing on the tips. He was way more into it than he was with Carrie!

At last, he began tugging at his pajama pants. His robe had been on the floor for quite a while, and he was anxiously fussing with my tiny shorts. “That’s it, these need to go! I need to get to my baby’s kitty!” He was getting so demanding! I didn’t want to let Daddy down.

“Wait Daddy, first, I’d like to make you really happy.”

“Oh baby, you don’t have to,” he continued sucking on my breast.

“Ohhhh, ahhh… please Daddy. I want to suck on you so much. Please?”

“Fine,” but his tongue lingered on my flaming breast. It was like it was all he knew how to do.

“Daddy, don’t you want to sink your big cock into my pretty mouth?” I giggled.

“Ohh, shit baby!” And he got off of me before a cat could blink. He stood at the other end of the room and made a come-hither motion. Then, he pointed directly at the floor in front of his big, growing dick.

I gazed at him as innocently as possible while I walked. He pushed me to my knees as gently as his sex drive would allow. The groaning began the second my lips touched his bulging head. My little expert hands were really working that special area between his ass and balls while he trembled. I could practically feel the weight of his cum pushing tremendously onto my hands and head. He just couldn’t fight the urge to grab my hair and start fucking my face. However, it was a special, loving mouth-fucking. It gave my mouth a serious stretching, so I couldn’t imagine what it would do to my vise of a pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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