Back from a Long Trip


Sharon awoke to see her husband, Daniel, finishing getting dressed in his business suit, slipping on the grey two-button jacket over his dress shirt and tie. He was preparing to catch a cab to the airport, where he would be attending a business conference for the next two weeks.

She sat up in here silky pink nightie that she had worn to bed the previous night. Daniel was about to make his way out the door when she called out to him.

“Honey, I think you’ve almost forgotten something…”

She made her way gingerly towards him, slipping off either shoulder strap of her nightie as she went, allowing it to slip down her slender thighs and onto the bedroom carpet. Daniel gazed in awe at her luscious body, a sight that he had not yet grown used to in their two years of marriage.

When she reached him, she got on her knees and unfastened his belt. Unbuttoning his trousers, they fell to his ankles, and she saw his impressive erection struggling within the confines of his briefs. She pulled down the briefs, and Daniel’s cock bounced free. Taking a moment to hold it lightly in her silky smooth hands, she ran her tongue from the base of the shaft up to the head, and then engulfed it in the moist warmth of her mouth.

She had given her husband head enough times to know just the right spots to hit; he wouldn’t have to worry about being late to the airport. She made a habit of ensuring that her husband’s sexual energy would be focused on her, rather than one of a number of young, ample-bosomed secretaries that worked on his floor at work, by giving him a blowjob each day before work, not only to keep his libido in check throughout the work day, but also to remind him of what he would be missing out on should have ever cheat on her. Today was different, though; this would be the first time since they were married that they would be spending a full two weeks apart.

As usual, he didn’t last long before he felt a familiar tingle at the tip of his dick, and held her in place with his hands arap escort on either side of her head as he shot his load down the back of her throat. Swallowing his seed, she stood up and gave her husband a long, passionate kiss to seal the deal.

“Don’t you so much as stroke that thing while you’re gone, young man,” she teased.

“I wouldn’t dare do anything to displease you, Lovely.” Lovely was his pet name for her, since their first Valentine’s Day together, when all she could talk about were the “lovely” flowers he had brought her and the “lovely” chocolate and the “lovely” this and the “lovely” that, without realizing her overuse of the word. Initially used to tease her, she eventually grew attached to the reference.

With one final, quick peck to the cheek, and a light fondling of his groin, she saw him off as he loaded his luggage into the cab and made his way to the airport.


“Lovely, I’m back!” Two weeks later, Sharon awoke from her sleep to hear Daniel calling out to her. She walked from the bedroom to the living room, ready to greet him when he ran up to her, swept her off her feet, and dropped her back on the bed. Almost ripping the buttons off his shirt and trousers, she could tell that he had followed her instructions by the erection that stood out further than it normally did, and somehow looked fuller and harder than usual. She was in her pajamas this morning, and he almost roughly pulled the top over he breasts and head, tossing it in the corner of the room, and in one motion pulled off her pajama bottoms and panties. He took a moment to feast on the beauty that had been denied to him for two weeks, with her small but shapely breasts accentuating her streamlined figure, and legs out showing a freshly trimmed patch of hair.

A bit surprised by the unexpected directness, Sharon found herself unusually turned on, and the dripping juices of her moist cunt filled the room with her scent. escort bayan istanbul She lay on her back with her legs spread, expecting him to mount her and to the deed, when he lunged forward and buried his face in her hot snatch. Sucking on her engorged clit, he used his fingers to massage her labia and thrust into her to rub her g-spot. The unexpected act left her unprepared for the experience, and she soon found herself clutching handfuls of Daniel’s hair as her body was racked by waves of orgasmic pleasure, and her legs closed around his head like a vise.

“You…usually…hate doing that…” she gasped, as the orgasmic throes faded, and it was now that Daniel lifted himself up on top of her, his manhood still firmly rigid and prominently displayed, a single drop of precum oozing from the tip like a drooling mouth anticipating a feast. He spat into his hand and rubbed the saliva on his cock–it was completely unnecessary in this case, but has always been a habit of his from his younger days–and using one hand to position the head against the opening in her slit, he thrust himself into her. Immediately, a wave of pleasure flowed through Sharon’s body, and she let out a gasp, unable to find air for a few seconds.

Sharon had always worked hard to leave Daniel sexually satisfied, but he had plenty of practice himself; he knew exactly how to thrust into her to hit just the right parts of her insides with just the right pressure and frequency. He knew precisely where to rub, where to pinch, where to twist, where to massage, and he used this knowledge on her breasts as he ravaged her, massaging the underside of one as he roughly pulled and twisted the nipple of the other, just enough so as not to be painful. With his mouth, he nibbled on her left earlobe as he exhaled through his nose against her ear, sending shivers down her spine and placing her on a new level of pleasure and arousal as a second orgasm came over her.

Turning her around, he mounted her doggie style, zenci escort and began thrusting into her while admiring her exposed backside. While neither of them were fond of anal, he found the sight of her fully exposed anus to be an additional turn-on, and she found that she enjoyed having the skin around her anus rubbed and massaged while he was plowing her from behind, which was fortunate because he needed something to do with his hands.

Minutes later Daniel found that his pent-up libido had gotten the better of him, and he turned his wife back over onto her back and joined his open mouth to hers, and they explored each other with their tongues. With one final, balls-deep thrust, his come issued forth, and Sharon felt the quick jerks of his cock accompanied by the pressure and warmth of rope after rope of hot cum jetting from his manhood.

Holding still as statues, they gazed into each other’s eyes as they fought to catch their breath. She felt his softening dick slide out, followed by an outpouring of an amalgamation of her sweet nectar and his milky seed, and turned on her side to reach for the box of tissues to clean herself up, but was shocked as she was pulled back and once again had Daniel’s nose rubbing against her pubic hair.

This time, instead of focusing on her clit, Daniel was lapping up the cum dripping from her now gaping pussy; this most unexpected turn made Sharon’s ecstasy build to a point it had never reached before, and once again clamping her thighs against Daniel’s head, Sharon’s orgasm exploded her juices all over her husband’s face, and she fell back, nearly fainting from the experience.

With his mouth full of both of their cum, he pulled himself alongside her and they kissed, continually passing the mixture from mouth to mouth until their saliva diluted it too much, and they both swallowed what remained.

Letting out one final sigh after minutes of stillness, Sharon lifted a finger to wipe off a drop of her cum that still clung to Daniel’s nose from her gushing. “What made you want to do that? Cum always grossed you out.”

“I suppose pent up horniness can make a guy to crazy things,” he replied. But now that he had tried it, they were both confident that they were going to be able to enjoy it regularly during their bedroom romps.