Back in the Saddle Ch. 07


The band finished their set and Cheryl moved away. At one point during the show, her hand had crept onto my thigh and Kaitlyn’s was on my other thigh. Maybe she had decided. None of us was interested in the next band, so we checked the schedule and decided to head back to the main stage. On the way, we passed through the building with our office. Kaitlyn and Cheryl headed off to the bathroom. The building was fairly deserted. This building was the only one that had an indoor stage, but there were no shows going on at the moment. I walked around and found the office where Kaitlyn and I had fucked the day before. I tested the door and found it unlocked still. I decided right there I was going to push forward with Kaitlyn’s plan. I definitely wanted to get naked with Cheryl and with Kaitlyn there, I knew it would most likely happen.

I moved back towards the bathrooms just as the girls came back out. Kaitlyn had that damn smile on her face and Cheryl’s eyes looked a bit wild. I also noticed her dress was a bit out of place. Kaitlyn walked up to me and gave me a big kiss then slipped something into my hand. I looked down and saw a pair of panties. I looked at her and she smiled, then started to laugh. Cheryl had the look of a deer in headlights. I walked over to her till my chest was right against her and leaned down to kiss her. She took one step back, so I put my hand around her waist and pulled her close. When our lips met, she melted into me and then wrapped her arms around my neck. I lowered my hands and grabbed her ass. No panties. I broke the kiss and pulled her behind me into the office.

Kaitlyn followed us in, gave a quick look around then shut and locked the door. We kept the lights off. Once inside the door, I moved Cheryl to the back of the off and pushed her against the wall. We kissed again. I was in charge and Cheryl was OK with it. Kaitlyn moved quietly off to the side. Cheryl was worked up by now and was kissing me back with a desperation that I didn’t expect. Our hands were all over each other and I soon had her dress over her head. She didn’t resist as it pulled it off and she was completely naked. I stepped back, holding her hands so that I could look. She got a bit self-conscious and tried to pull her hands away from me, but I held firm. Her body was incredible. While her tits were smaller then Kaitlyn’s, they were still incredible. Her stomach was completely flat and she had a slight flair to her hips. Her pussy was almost completely shaved except for a landing strip right above her clit. I didn’t make her wait long before I stepped back into her and we started kissing. I heard some rustling behind us, but didn’t look. I didn’t want to break the spell.

Now it was Cheryl’s turn to undress me. She lifted my shirt over my head and then looked me up and down. She finally smiled and seemed to relax. She started to undo my shorts, but I grabbed her hands and pushed them over her head against the wall. My dick was really straining to be released, but I wanted to savor this. I also was determined to make this as good for her as I could. I brought her hands together and then grabbed them with one hand while my other hand slid down her body till it found one of her tits. I grabbed it lightly since I didn’t know how sensitive she’d be. I got a slight moan from her, so I continued to play with it. I started to kiss her again and her mouth surrendered to me. Her kissing was getting desperate again and this time I slid my hand between us till I found her landing patch. I looked over and saw a chair close to us and pulled it over with my foot. I lifted her leg up so that her foot was resting on the seat, then started to kiss my way down her body. I had to release her hands when I started to lick her nipple, but she didn’t lower her arms all the way. My free hand had found its way between her legs and I felt the heat coming from her pussy.

I started to play with her pussy and she moaned my name and thrust her hips. I looked up and her eyes were closed, her mouth was parted and her breathing had gotten fast. Till this point I had just played with her slick lips, but when I moved my finger towards her clit, she bucked hard and started really moaning. “That’s it. I love having my pussy played with. Touch me there.” So I continued playing with her clit. Her pussy was getting super wet. I started to kiss lower now. When I got to her landing patch, she put both hands on my head and Ankara escort guided me lower. I could smell her musk and noticed it was a bit stronger then Kaitlyn’s. But not unpleasant. The moment my tongue touched her sensitive clit, she squeezed my head and almost lifted herself off the ground. She let out one loud gasp, let go of my head and came all over my face. She actually gushed all over me. I kept up my assault on her clit and suddenly felt someone pushing against my shoulder. I took a quick look over and saw that Kaitlyn had moved next to us and had Cheryl’s head in her hands and was kissing her. Kaitlyn’s dress was down around her waist and I could smell her scent. With my spare hand I reached over and slid my hand up Kaitlyn’s dress till I got to her pussy. She was dripping wet and I could feel her puffy lips. Finally, Cheryl had enough and pushed me away. I sat down on the floor looking up at the two beauties. Kaitlyn had backed away now and Cheryl was leaning against the wall, sweaty and breathing heavy.

Cheryl finally opened her eyes and looked at Kaitlyn, then me. I was looking from one to the other and Kaitlyn was looking down at me. Suddenly Kaitlyn started to apologize, but Cheryl stopped her. “Don’t apologize. If you hadn’t been there I may have screamed the whole building down. Don’t forget, I’m the one that grabbed you.”

“I only got closer so that I could see better.” It was then that I noticed she had moved a chair closer. “That was so hot. How about for you?”

Cheryl just laughed. It was a bit hysterical, but not in a scary way. “Are you kidding? Now I know why you screamed last night. I’ve never cum from a guy giving me oral before.” She was still breathing heavy. “It looks like you could use some attention. How about it Johnny? You up to helping out your girlfriend?”

I smiled, stood up and grabbed Kaitlyn around the waist and moved her to the desk. She didn’t fight me as I pulled her to the edge. I could tell it wasn’t going to take long to get her off. Her pussy was really puffy and wet. No sooner did I start licking her clit then she started to moan. Cheryl came over, still totally naked and kissed Kaitlyn while I worked on her pussy. I was able to watch from my position and saw that their kissing was anything but an act. Kaitlyn’s hand was on the back of Cheryl’s head and they were kissing like new lovers trying to get each others flavor. Kaitlyn didn’t stand a chance. She suddenly started to buck and she grabbed Cheryl in a crushing grip as she came. While Cheryl was a musky, Kaitlyn was sweet.

Kaitlyn finally calmed down and reached down to push my head away. “My god, that was mind blowing. I definitely didn’t expect you to come over.”

Cheryl smiled. “Well, I still have a need and didn’t want you screaming out to ruin our little party.” Then she walked to me, squatted down and pulled my pants down. My hard dick sprung out, smacking her in the face. She didn’t even hesitate before sucking my whole cock into her mouth.

“Holy shit” was all I could say. I grabbed her head, but let her do the work. As turned on as I was, it wasn’t going to be long and I told her so. “I’m close and if you don’t stop soon, I’m going to blast down your throat.” She didn’t stop but rather reached between my legs and tickled the spot between my balls and asshole. That’s all it took before I started to shoot loads down her throat. She didn’t miss any. My dick popped out of her mouth, she walked over to Kaitlyn and kissed her hard on the lips.

I think I saw stars. The two of them kept right on kissing. My dick had gone down after the blowjob, but I felt it give a jump. There was no way in hell I could recover that fast. I saw Cheryl look at me and then her hand reached down and tweaked Kaitlyn’s tit. I heard Kaitlyn moan and Cheryl pinched her harder. Kaitlyn moaned louder. I walked around the table, my dick still soft, but definitely reacting. I grabbed Cheryl by her hair and gave a small tug. She lifted her head and I kissed her hard on the mouth. I felt a hand grab my dick and didn’t care who’s it was. Kaitlyn was still lying on the table and then she grabbed Cheryl to pull her back for another kiss. Cheryl was leaning over with her ass sticking straight out behind her. I crawled behind her and started to lick her pussy. She grunted when I started licking her clit again. She lifted a leg and put her knee on the desk so that Escort ankara I could get better access. This opened her up wide and I started to really assault her clit.

She was moaning hard now. Kaitlyn was still lying on the desk and she had her hand between her legs. Suddenly Kaitlyn said “Fuck her Johnny. Fuck her hard. That’s what she needs.” My dick wasn’t quite to full hardness, but the next words I heard got it there. “That’s right, fuck my pussy. Stick it in me and make me scream.” My dick jumped to full hardness. I stood up and saw that Kaitlyn had gotten off the table and sat in a chair right next to me. She had her dress off now and was sitting with one leg over the arm of the chair. Her pussy was soaking wet and her lips were puffy. Her eyes had a glassy look to them, which I knew to mean that she was sexually charged. She was definitely enjoying this. If my dick wasn’t ready before, seeing Kaitlyn in her current position finished the job.

Cheryl still had her knee on the desk and her ass was shaking while she waited for me to enter her. Her pussy was leaking her juices still and I rubbed my cockhead along her slit. Then I started to enter her. I went slowly and I saw her bite her own hand to keep from being too loud. I was finally all the way inside her and she said “Please wait. It’s been a long time and I need to get used to how you feel.” She wiggled her ass and I could feel her grinding on me. I started to slowly pull out and she let out another moan. “Oh god, that feels so good. You are so much bigger then my ex.” Every guy loves to hear that. I pulled out almost all the way and then slid back in. She was tight, but also well lubed. It felt fantastic. I looked over at Kaitlyn and her eyes were wide and glued to where Cheryl and I were joined. I bottomed out and Cheryl urged me on. “Faster now. Fuck my pussy. Fuck it hard.” So I started to move faster. I was in a good rhthym now and Cheryl was moaning into her arm. Then she started to fuck into me. “Harder. Fuck me harder. God I need this. Fuck the shit out of me.” Now I was pounding into her and the room filled with my groin slapping her ass. “That’s it. Fuck my pussy. Make me know that I’m getting fucked. Ohhhhh. Keep going.”

Her pussy had loosened up. Kaitlyn was now moaning and I moved into another gear. I looked over at her and she had her pussy spread wide open and was flicking her clit. She looked up at me and smiled. “That’s right Johnny, fuck that pussy. Tear her up. Make her walk funny.”

Cheryl looked over her shoulder at Kaitlyn and saw her playing with her pussy. That was all she could take. She started to moan and I felt her pussy start to spasm. The spasms got bigger and then her whole body was shaking. She screamed into her arm “I’m cumming. Oh god I can’t take this, fuck me fuck me harder.” Her shaking continues for what seemed like for ever. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her pussy clamped down on my dick. Then I felt her leaking all down my legs and her body gave another shudder, then went limp. I was still hard inside her pussy. Her head was down on the table and she had a smile on her face. Her eyes were open, but I don’t think she was seeing anything. I started to pull out and her body gave another shutter and her pussy spasmed some more. I finally pulled all the way out. She was looking at me now and had a very content smile on her face. “That was amazing. I’ve never felt like that.”

Kaitlyn had stood up and walked over to kneel down in front of her. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.” She was still naked and her tits were slightly flushed.

Cheryl said to her “It looks like you could use some help getting finished off. And I think Johnny may be able to help.” They both looked at me and my dick still hard and sticking straight out. “I think your right on both counts. Think you could help me out?”

My response was to walk around, lift her up and place her on the desk besides Cheryl, but facing the other way. Like I need to be asked twice. Cheryl had turned her head to watch, but couldn’t get a good view of me entering Kaitlyn. “Wait, I want to watch now.” She got off the desk, a bit shaky I noticed and came around the table. “OK, I’m ready.” I lined my dick up with Kaitlyn’s pussy now and slid right in. When I was all the way in Kaitlyn grunted and then said “OK, let’s put on a show now. Fuck me good and hard and make me cum all over your cock.” No time Ankara escort bayan for going slow, I just started to fuck her. The smacking noise started up again, only this time, it was Kaitlyn’s ass making the noise. Again, she was so close it didn’t take me long and soon she started shuddering and shaking, then she was cumming. Cheryl watched the entire thing up close and was playing lightly with her pussy. I didn’t stop, I kept fucking Kaitlyn. Her pussy was soaking wet now and was making squishing noises as I slid in and out. She finally reached back to push me back. “I can’t take anymore. I’m going to explode if you don’t stop.” I pulled back till my dick popped out and I pulled her up. We both looked at Cheryl who was still playing with her pussy, but had her eyes closed. I started towards her, but Kaitlyn stopped me and knelt down in front of her pussy. Cheryl was in another world when Kaitlyn’s tongue made contact with Cheryl’s pussy. Kaitlyn licked Cheryl for a bit and then I moaned, “Man that’s hot.”

Cheryl opened her eyes, saw me standing there and then looked down and saw Kaitlyn was the one licking her pussy. I thought she was going to jump up, but just at the moment, Kaitlyn suck on Cheryl’s clit and Cheryl let out a long moan. She relaxed and spread her legs further apart and let Kaitlyn attack her. Soon Cheryl was gyrating off the chair and moaning about how good it felt. In the meantime, my dick had started to go down until Kaitlyn went down on Cheryl. Now it was at full staff. After a while, Kaitlyn moved aside and Cheryl replaced Kaitlyn’s tongue with her own fingers. She was staring at me the whole time, then slif two fingers, then three into her sopping wet pussy. Kaitlyn had come over to me and was now giving me an awesome blowjob. Cheryl was watching and really fucking herself now. She’s pause every once in a while to play with her clit. I was getting really close when Cheryl leaned back further, pulled her fingers out of her pussy and slit one knuckle deep into her ass. That’s all it took for me. I grabbed Kaitlyn’s head and started shooting load after load down her throat. Cheryl moaned and I saw her flick her clit once, then she was cumming too.

I sagged against the desk and pulled Kaitlyn up so that I could kiss her. We kissed for a bit before Kaitlyn backed away and gestured for Cheryl to come over. I leaned in and kissed Cheryl and then Kaitlyn squeezed between us and started kissing Cheryl. We all sat there holding each other in a group hug, then went off to find our clothes. I pulled on my shorts, reached into my pocket and pulled the panties out. “So, who’s are these?”

Cheryl blushed and said “Mine. You’re girlfriend here surprise attacked me in the bathroom and stole them.”

“Surprise attack?”

“Yeah, I was washing my hands when she snuck up behind me, reached under my dress and pulled them down. I almost tripped with them around my ankles.”

Kaitlyn played innocent. “I just wanted to make sure you were ready.”

“Yeah, but you could have just asked. I’d already decided to say yes.”

“It was more fun that way. Besides, I had a feeling Johnny was going to make the move and I wanted to make it easy for him.”

I was looking from one to the other. “So, you were going to say yes? Why?”

Cheryl didn’t say anything. Kaitlyn and I were both watching her. “It goes to what you said Kaitlyn about coming up here to let my hair down. I’m not a one-night stand kind of gal. I need to get to know someone well before I sleep with them. What you said made me think of the reason I came up here to begin with. And that was to get laid and get laid good.” She gave me a big smile, “And I did. I may have to take Kaitlyn up on her offer to borrow you when she’s at school.”

Kaitlyn smiled that damn smile again. “You can have him as much as you want the next few weeks, but when I get back, he’s going to be mine for a while. He’s already promised me margaritas when I get home and I plan on taking him up on that.”

I just said “Guess we should head back to find everyone else” and started to head for the door. I heard the girls laugh and then follow me out. I stayed a few steps behind them once we were outside and just started to laugh to myself. How could a guy turn down that offer? What I didn’t expect was what would happen later that night. I stopped briefly before opening the door. Cheryl had used the word girlfriend twice now and neither Kaitlyn nor I had corrected her. I hadn’t given it much thought to this point. Hell, Kaitlyn and I hadn’t even been on a date yet. Well, I guess it’s something to bring up later. I was sure that there was going to be more fun later and I just needed to get myself ready.