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Before I get back to the story I started a couple of months back I thought I might address some of the comments I’ve received on the first story. Yes, it is possible to go to nude beaches and never see anything sexual happen, much less a story like my last. However, any nude beach regular will tell you that there can be nothing more than volleyball games going on for days, even weeks at a time. Then one day more things happen involving sex with more people than can be imagined, much less seen by everyone there in an hour or less. If you’ve never gotten lucky I’m sorry, but it doesn’t mean things really don’t happen-show up regularly, keep your eyes open, and cruise around a little more.

Yes, there were nude surfers (two girls actually), but this was about ten years ago. At the end of the story when I mentioned that I still enjoyed seeing well hung men nude, I didn’t mean for anyone to send me images, I meant if you’re lucky enough to run into me at a beach. Yes, I am back in Texas and still make it to Hippie Hollow once or twice a year. The image was from Hippie Hollow maybe seven years ago glad you enjoyed it. If you can take the time to write nice comments at least take the time to vote too. Now back to my story.

As I neared the turn off to the beach I was already anticipating an exciting sexual day. I parked as close to the wooden stairs as I could. I collected a few necessities sunscreen, small ice chest, baby oil, you know the necessities for beach (and sex). The towel I was wearing allowed me to reveal as much or little as I wished. During the walk down I stopped at several of the landings and “rested”. Actually, I was watching for guys coming up the steps and if they paid any attention I’d get into a position that gave them a glance at my naked body under the towel. I was getting a feeling of power as guys would do double takes, or their jaw would drop open just by my holding the towel this way, or not holding it as the wind caught it. When I reached the bottom I turned right and started up the beach.

As soon as I saw my first naked person I stopped and removed my towel. I just put it over my shoulder stood and enjoyed the view. I was aiming for the area I had gone with Dave before, and it Ataşehir Escort was still quite a walk. I took advantage flirting with any guy interested and if he was well equipped inviting him to wander down the beach later to see me. The reason I went down toward the other end was because the walk up the cliff face was easier there and at the top the vegetation provided some cover if (when) I decided to fool around.

I was soon there and laid out my stuff. I didn’t want to be too near the water. I like being back where the cliff rises, sometimes there are undulations in the land or rocks that can give a little cover or shade. It also comes in handy if I want to keep something I’m doing from other beach goers nearby. I prefer having some single guys around. As I sat rubbing sunscreen all over myself a couple of guys were already giving me the eye.

I looked between their legs and turned toward the guy with the largest cock and took out the baby oil and started going over my inner thighs. When I got to my sexy slit I opened my legs up so he had a real good look and paid a lot of attention to this most sensitive area of my body. I left no doubt about what I was doing as I rubbed the nub of my clit till I was tingling all over. Since I was wearing shades I could look up and see if anything I was doing was having an effect on my target. Sure enough his prick had sprung to life. He pulled one leg up and reached through the opening he’d created to surreptitiously fondle his dick as he watched my little exhibition. This was just too easy. As I watched he lengthened out to at least nine fine inches.

Time to take advantage of the obvious. I took my sunscreen (baby oil for special places and locations) over to my new admirer and asked him to put some on my back. Bingo, contact . . . as he did his job I “accidentally” managed to get my hands on that salami a couple of times.

“I couldn’t help notice your attention in me, I hope you don’t mind.” I cooed.

He took the bait and said, “You were kinda hard to ignore, my name is. . .”

I cut him off, “Oh that’s okay don’t ruin a good thing with too many details, want to see what’s at the top of the cliff?”

The look of astonishment Bostancı Escort on his face was priceless as he mumbled “Yea, sure.”

As we rose to our feet I looked around to see if any of the other guys had taken any notice and sure enough at least a couple had. The walk up was strenuous so we stopped at the top to regain our breath. I guided him along a couple of paths to a place where we overlooked our towels and a couple of the guys we’d left below. I didn’t waste any time getting him hard again massaging his shaft and jacking him off. I was getting horny myself but he wasn’t concentrating on me much. I rubbed my tits on his oily body as his dick got to its full length. I could get both hands around it with the head still sticking out. He was so thick I couldn’t close my fingers together. I was merrily jacking him off and getting ready to squat down to suck him off when he suddenly shot a tremendous load all over. Long prick short fuse, just my luck. Come must have gone five yards away.

Meanwhile we had picked up an audience. A couple of the guys had looked up and seen my little show, just as I had planned. Long dong showed no interest in going again or even in reciprocating, so I just let him make some bad excuses and head back down to the beach. I was horny now, but I certainly did not want to go down and back up, so I moved where two or three of the guys below could see me and began to masturbate. First just diddling my clit, but after lubing up I even put a finger up my pussy. One of my fans looked up while trying to hide the fact he was stroking off and as he did I licked my lips. That did it. He got up and started moving toward the path up, or at least that’s where I was hoping he was going.

In fact several of the guys fell in behind him after a minute or two. I figured at least one or two had to make it up the cliff, although I noticed at least one head toward the water to cool down I suppose. I moved back where the path from the beach hit the trailhead. I just loved walking around nude. I had to watch out for branches sticking out so I wasn’t scratched, but the overwhelmingly sexy feeling of strutting my stuff was indescribably delicious. It seemed like I had Kadıköy Escort taken an aphrodisiac and I was just turned on all the time.

Finally the guy from the beach showed up. He was winded too, but I just didn’t have the patience to wait. I guided him over where I’d taken the other guy and played with his cock as we walked. This time I didn’t wait too long and as soon as we got there I started sucking him off. It didn’t take him all that long to get hard in my mouth as I used my hands to jack him off while giving the head some extra lingual attention. He was a little more appreciative and was tweaking my nipples, then reached down to rub my clit.

I could see the path we’d come down and noticed some of the other guys were on the path whacking off and watching us. I motioned the first guy over and started jacking him off with one hand while I worked this guy with the other hand and my mouth. I could feel that I was wet and was really ready to have my birth canal used for the first purpose intended. I was about to initiate something with one of the two hard dicks I was in control of when I felt someone behind me start fingering my oh so willing hole. Luckily he was hard already, I just moved my ass up and he slid right in.

People on the beach were watching me as I sucked, fucked, and jacked every prick I could handle. Walking around naked had really paid off. I had more men around than even I could get a hold of. I guess that was the dream, I wanted to have all of them lusting after me, climbing over themselves trying to get some of the action I was more than willing to dish out. It almost seemed as if I was raping them. As one would come the next would step up for a hand job or a blow job or just to fuck me.

I was losing count. One of the guys was now trying to work his way into my ass. He started with his finger, but he didn’t have the right technique and I was plenty busy so I put my hand between my legs and kind of waved him off. Maybe later. I didn’t see the guy but someone with an enormous dick began to pump my pussy with the right rhythm. I was jacking off two and sucking another and one by one I lost touch with all of them except the guy in my cunt. Maybe they had come or had pulled back to jack off and watch me being fucked, but as his pace got faster I got closer until finally I’d gotten to that great muscle contraction in the sky or beyond and I just orgasmed so hard I thought I’d faint.

Luckily that didn’t happen, and the day wasn’t over yet.