Backyard Buddies


Tom and Michelle are our nextdoor neighbors in our typical suburban neighborhood. They are a few years younger than Marsha and I and they have two cute kids. We have gotten to know them very well. Our homes are close together and our patios face each other and are only twenty or twenty five feet apart.

We are often outside at the same time during good weather. Their kids play in their yard, Tom and I often barbeque at the same time, and fun conversations are held over the fence. We’ve often taken desserts to each other and occasionally make evening visits.

We feel fortunate to have such nice neighbors throughout the nearby homes but because of the proximity, Tom and Michelle are our favorites.

As an added bonus, Michelle is an avid sunbather. She is an attractive brunette and her bronze tan looks good on her. She works out at the local gym and she has a well toned structure. She’s not a body builder with ripped muscles but she is solid. Sometimes she has been sunbathing on her horizontal lounge chair when I have been on our patio having a smoke. At those times I couldn’t avoid gawking and even getting a bit stiff in the shorts.

It may seem odd to you but besides admiring Michelle’s body I never had designs on her and never fantasised about her. She is Tom’s wife and the mother of two beautiful children. The fact that she inhabited a beautiful body was, to me, a nice coincidence.

One summer day a few years ago I was on our patio and Michelle came outside and walked to the fence.

“How good a plumber are you, Bob?”

“Oh, I’ve screwed up quite a few plumbing jobs but I’m getting better. What’s the problem?”

“Well, there’s no leak but my kitchen sink lever faucet is loose and wobbling around.”

“I can grab a few of my tools and look at it. Maybe I can save you a plumber’s bill.”

I gathered some wrenches and a couple screwdrivers and walked to their patio door.

“I really appreciate this,” said Michelle as she opened the sliding door. “Tom is away on business and I was afraid the faucet would fall apart or worse.”

“I can’t guarantee anything but we’ll give it a try.”

I tried the faucet and sure enough, it was very loose. I opened the cupboard below the sink and Michelle helped remove all the contents. I asked her for a bath towel to lay on the bottom edge of the cupboard as a cushion and scooted under the sink on my back. I could see the that the faucet was held in place by a bracket with tension bolts with slotted heads. I asked Michelle for my largest screwdriver and she slid partly on top of me to hand it to me.

It was a coincidence that her breasts straddled my cock for just the few seconds it took her to hand me the tool. But in those few seconds Mister Cock snapped to attention feeling like it would rip through my shorts. I’m sure she felt that before she slid back out.

The pipes and hoses made for a tight and awkward access to the bracket. kırgız escort I was able to reach one of the two bolts and tighten it securely. As much as I tried and contorted I couldn’t reach the second bolt.

“Well, we have a problem,” I admitted. “I have tightened one of the two bolts but no matter how much I try I can’t reach the other one.”

“Would smaller arms be worth a try?”

“It would be worth a try.”

I scooted back out of the cupboard and helped her scoot in. I lifted her hips over the cushioning towel. When she was in I told her how to see the two bolts.

“The one on your left is the one I tightened and the right one I couldn’t reach.”

She asked for the screwdriver and I handed it to her. She told me she was able to reach it and asked which direction to turn it. I told her to turn the slot clockwise.

“Got it!,” she exclaimed, “now you have to help me get out of here.”

Before getting her out I took a second to admire her in this compromising position. Her white blouse was hiked up and her bronze flat belly showed her cute belly button. The waist of her shorts had slid down a bit revealing the top edge of lacy panties. My instinct was a desire to run my tongue across that luscious torso.

To help her I grabbed her hips to swing her ass out of the cupboard and onto the floor. She then wiggled out.

“Thanks,” she said, smiling, “that’s awkward. I guess as a team we make a fairly competent plumber.”

“Yeah,” I laughed, “and it’s fun climbing all over each other. By the way, you have a very cute navel.”

“Your willie nearly cracked my sternum when I handed you the screwdriver,” she laughed.

“Well then, now that we have revealed our most secret observations, I suppose the only thing left to do is fuck each other silly.”

“Either that or drink some coffee. I have a pot ready to serve. We could invite Marsha to join us.”

To me that sounded like a complete rebuff. I told her that Marsha was out of town for a week visiting her sister. I accepted the offer of coffee and we each poured ourselves a mug.

She continued, “Then we both have been abandoned to be victimized by things like wobbly faucets.”

“Or wobbly willies,” I added. “I apologize for nearly cracking your sternum but when you slid in on top of me, it came up quite unexpectedly.” I almost laughed at my own pun.

The coffee was rich and satisfying. Michelle put her arm around my waist.

“There’s no need to stand here in the middle of the kitchen. Let’s move to the living room.”

We sat on the couch and chatted about the neighbors for awhile as we finished our coffee. Michelle sat closely next to me and the warmth of her leg and hip against me was causing “Willie” to squirm again.

As we talked and laughed, Michelle casually placed her hand on my thigh. Her fingers and palm caressed my bare leg slightly.

“So eskort istanbul you think I have a cute navel?” she asked humorously.

“Oh yes, cute enough to make my tongue spasm a bit,” I laughed.

“Hmm,I’ve never heard of a navel fetish before. I think it’s hilarious that we’ve known each other for so long and never thought of each other with fetishes in mind.”

“Me too. I’ve admired you as you sunbathed but nothing beyond that.”

She moved her hand to rest on the crotch of my shorts. “Should we feel guilty?” she asked.

“No.” I placed my right arm behind her and used my hand to turn her face toward mine. I kissed her on her lips which were soft and welcoming. Slowly our lips parted and tongues came out to play.

I turned her so that she was lying across my lap and we continued the kiss. She gasped slightly as I stroked the inside of her thigh. She was humming with pleasure through our tongue probing kisses and both of us were taking gasps of air. As my hand caressed the inside of her thigh I slowly moved it upward and under a leg of her shorts. She caught her breath in an audible gasp as I reached the juncture of her leg and crotch. She was warm and damp in that region. An aroma cloud of sweet, aroused pussy wafted from her.

After fiddling there a moment she quickly unzipped and removed her shorts and panties in one movement. My hand returned sliding my two middle fingers into her wet labia and vagina. She gasped again and rocked her torso swinging her naked butt up and down my shaft inside my shorts.

“Oh for God’s sake, get yourself naked now!” she panted.

I jumped up and stripped in record time as she removed her blouse.

Michelle’s nakedness was perfectly beautiful. Her tanned skin covered what seemed to me to be a gymnast’s body. She glowed from her forehead to her beautiful soles.

I couldn’t wait and I nearly dove face-first into her trimmed and aromatic muff. She grabbed her knees and pulled her raised legs toward her allowing my tongue full access to her folds and clit.

“You have an amazingly talented tongue,” she purred.

As I flicked my tongue under her labia, in and out of her hot tunnel and vibrating her swollen clit, she moaned and made raspy sounds. I raised my arm so I could twiddle her clit area with my thumb as my tongue did its work. She gasped and started to swivel her hips wildly up and down while arching her back. The movements made it challenging to keep my tongue on target but I matched her rhythm.

Michelle suddenly screamed and her whole body shook in sharp tremors.

“Oh, oh… God! Fuck me while I’m cumming!”

I swung up and entered her immediately. Her vagina was spasming and was burning hot. I thrusted each stroke as deeply as I could, banging against her back wall. Our bodies, now slick with sweat, were creating an insanely erotic slapping sound. My face was at hers and I would have kissed genç escort her but her mouth was gaping. Her eyes were partly open and her pupils had rolled up exposing the whites of her eyes. Guttural rasping came from deep inside her. Her whole body was out of control in full body spasms and her orgasm never stopped. Her pussy twitched constantly on my thrusting dick. The wetness of her pussy caused suction sounds with each thrust. She seemed to be in a string of multiple orgasms.

Her pretty eyes were now crossed.

“Mmmm … oooo … when … is it … ever … going to stop. Oh … Bob…”

I raised up and lifted her legs straight in front of my chest as I continued the deep thrusts and she continued her volcanic orgasms. I placed her feet to my lips and ran my tongue up and down the wrinkles of her soles. She writhed even more and then heaved so much that I was afraid she would fly off the couch.

She screamed loudly and her body went limp. At that moment my abs constricted as my own orgasm burst forth into her. I groaned loudly as the pounding waves of my ejaculation banged into the middle of her.

I lowered my sweating chest onto her wet belly and breasts and we both were limp and gasping for air.

“Oh my,” she whispered. “Oh I thought I was never going to stop cumming.”

We lay there and kissed softly for some time.

Michelle said she needed a few minutes to recuperate but didn’t want our lovemaking to stop. She suggested we move to the bedroom where we could have more room to play.

We raised from the couch and I followed her to the bedroom. I admired Michelle from the rear as gobs and streams of glistening jizz ran down her beautiful tanned legs.

When we arrived at the bedroom we removed the covers and sheets from the bed and lay together for some time whispering and softly caressing as our bodies prepared for more sex.

The bedroom sex was as steamy and wild as it had been on the couch but the bed allowed for many positions and body explorations.

The sun was beginning to set when our burning genetalia had had enough. We dressed and stood there in the bedroom kissing softly and talking.

“Bob, do you feel any guilt or remorse?” she asked.

“As strange as it may seem, I don’t. I have loved this. I don’t know how you feel but I would love to be together like this again. I love Marsha and would never want this to come between her and me. But if we are not foolish, it won’t. Do you feel the same way?”

“Yes. Yes, I do. I don’t want anything to come between Tom and I either. Can we agree to collaborate successfully on this?”

“Yes,” I answered. “We obviously agree, then, that we can keep our secrets and control our actions.”

“Would you like to have dinner with me?” she asked.

“That would be wonderful if it would not be an imposition.”

“Not at all!” she grinned. “I have a quick Thai dinner I can make. Also, we could enjoy some terrific desserts.”

We laughed and walked back to the kitchen where it all had begun.

When the sun rose we parted ways and I went home.

It was Tuesday morning and our spouses would not be home until Friday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were amazing.