Bad Beside Manners


Unfortunately despite what people think, bed rest is boring with a capital B. Well most of the time it is. Sometimes a series events lead to something big… but let me go back to the start.

I’m Nick. I’m 30 and at 21 I broke my back. The break was severe enough to mean that although I had sensation, and some movement below the waist, I would never walk.

Fast forward and 8 years of never letting anything get in my way had finally caught up with me, and the consultant pulled me into the hospital for enforced bed rest. I seriously mean enforced, they confiscated my wheelchair to prevent me getting up!

Well, I’m not sure how good your knowledge of hospital is, but they do “obs” 4 times a day where they do blood pressure, temp and blood oxygen. During my first week a Nurse came into my private room to do obs just as I was getting changed. I was only shirtless so was not bothered, but noticed the young ladies eyes linger on my muscled torso.

I smiled and held out my arm for the blood pressure cuff and got chatting with her. Her name was Daisy, and she was into computer games and good music. She lingered a little longer than necessary, excitedly chatting about her new game and I suggested that she try out another one I had played myself.

Now, Daisy was not the nerdy geek girl gamer your going to find if you google. She was definitely what would be classed as a BBW or ‘chubster’. She was a rather large lady, with some huge gazoomers and from the glimpse I saw massive ass. I had a quick oogle of her as she left the room then put her from my mind.

That night my dream were filled with thoughts of Daisy straddling me, her tits bouncing freely as her lightly haired pussy accepted my cock. Waking to a raging boner I grabbed a tissue to finish the fantasy, really hoping that she was not on shift again any time soon. Awkward!

A couple of days passed with out incident, then came the meeting I was kinda dreading. Daisy came into the room to do my obs again. I smiled politely and asked how her game had been. She paused in putting on the pressure cuff to answer, her small hands resting on my bicep. Feeling a tad mischievous, I flexed the muscle under her hands. Daisy coloured slightly, but didn’t moved hands. I did it again and caught her eye. She smiled shyly at me and finished the obs.

“See you later!” she called, and I’m sure there was a wiggle in her butt as she left.

Thinking it nothing more than flirting, I returned to my book. The day rolled by, and just before night shift took over Daisy came in to do my obs again. As I said she had a huge rack, and I noticed this time that her top button was undone on her tunic. To be honest I only noticed because as she shut the door behind her Daisy dropped something, an over emphasised “whoops” to catch my attention.

Picking up on her not so subtle hint, I shamelessly stared at her cleavage as she stood up…very…slowly. Daisy winked at me and walked over.

“Hello gorgeous”I said, the comment meant to reassure her that there was a little spark there. Instead it made her blush.. a lot, her face turning very pink.

I held out my arm, palm up, for her, which she fitted the cuff to. I waited for the finger clip, but Daisy shook her head.

“Other hand” she mumbled.

I provided said hand. As the machine did its thing, Daisy suddenly stepped forwards, making sure my hand slid between her legs, to rest in the gusset of her black sports trousers.

“Mmmm. Your gonna raise my blood pressure” I whispered, and curled my hand slightly, the fingers pressing against her covered pussy.

“mmmm hmmm” she replied her mouth clamped shut against the ministrations of my hand.

A few seconds later the machine stopped, giving the results and Daisy stepped backwards off my hand. Putting away the equipment, etiler escort Daisy looked at me.

“We shouldn’t be doing this!” She hissed.

“I know, exciting right!” I whispered back, grinning mischievously.

Shaking her head Daisy quickly lent down, a quick kiss fluttering between our lips before she let out a frightened squeak and disappeared from my room very hastily.

The next morning, I heard Daisy’s voice down the corridor,

“I’ll go get room 7 up!”

Being an independent person, I had grown poplar among the nurses, causing no fuss and helping them out a great deal with my care needs. The only real help I needed was making the bed. It’s a bit difficult to make when you are laying in it! I suspected though that the help today might be a bit longer.

Daisy slipped into the room, shutting the door behind her, a handful of bed linens over her arm.

“I reckon I can safely be in here for 20 minutes” she said, walking straight to my bed side.

Sitting up, I scooted over to make room for her on the bed, and the minute her ginormous ass cheeks touched the blanket, her arms snaked around me, pulling me into a kiss against her luscious soft lips. I held her too, my long arms (not like abnormally long, I’m 6’4” so they are proportionate to me) meant that she seemed to fit comfortably within my embrace.

Breaking the kiss, she whispered,

“What can I do? You will leave next week back to the other end of the country, and I’ll be her.”

I lifted her chin, kissing her lips lightly. “Never give up little flower.”

She smiled at the impromptu nickname.

“Little Flower, I like that” she breathed, before leaning in for another kiss.

As she did so my hands ran up the front of her tunic to hold and squeeze her breasts through the tough material.

She moaned quietly at the attention and I leant into her, saying quietly

“Your breasts feel amazing, your body is amazing. Hell your amazing!”

Daisy blushed at the compliments, and struggled to respond. I felt she was not someone that received compliments very often, which was sad.

Pushing me away gentle she stood.

“We need to make the bed” she sighed her fear of being caught with a patient restoring her to work mode.

I took off my shirt, not to be mean, or seduce Daisy, but to give her something to look at she already had made clear she liked. My muscular upper body helped us make the bed as I lifted myself high and clear of the mattress. Daisy pulled the sheet straight, and I asked her

“Can you massage moisturiser into my back?”

Pushing a chair requires a lot of shoulder strength, and I know how sensual it would be for Daisy. She seemed to love muscles and she leapt at the chance to fondle mine. As her hand came over my shoulder, she lent down to whisper

“Could this work?”

“It could, but let’s be careful”

Daisy left after that having ‘woken me up’. Rolling over I saw she had woken someone else up too. “Well little man, this may not just be a wishful thought after all” I said to my semi erect penis.

Just before her shift ended Daisy came in again after being absent since our morning encounter. Looking over her shoulder, she quickly gave me a piece of paper and scurried off. It was her KiK username and a time. 10pm.

At 10pm, I searched for the name, and sent a quick IM.

Daisy replied.

Mmmm. I like seeing your chubby pussy behind such a tiny panties “Hey, thank you for the compliments today. I’m not used to them and got freaked.”

Mr Rose: “I thought that was the case. It’s so sad no one else has told you how amazing you are.”

D@see: “Thank you. Women… Like me.. Don’t usual get interest from people.. Like you”

Mr Rose:“What? Disabled çapa escort guys?”

D@see: “Haha. Fuck off. No good looking, funny, smart, confident.”

Mr Rose: “I’m not all that confident you know. Plus growing up, I was bottom of the school caste system. I’m by no means ‘the cool kid’.”

D@see: “Well. I decided to trust that you actually like me.”

Mr Rose: “Oh I do. My dreams are full of you .literally you are on my mind a lot at the moment”

D@see: “A www that’s so sweet. Gotta go, I have a plan. I’ll let you know.”

So a few more days went past, then Daisy come up with the day nurse, being given the hand over notes.

“Just this trouble maker.”

I smiled. “Wait. Just?”

Yea, the other nurse said. All the others were discharged from this ward, and no admissions until Monday. That’s the thing about rehab wards in a hospital with no A&E. The day can be pretty 9-5 with patient movements.

“Need anything?” Daisy asked.

“Not right now” I replied, my eyes darting meaningfully to the other nurse. Daisy took my meaning and the nurses left.

Half an hour later Daisy came back to my room.

“Right!” She said quietly, but not as our thus so far hushed level. “It’s just you and me.”

“What about the others?”

“oh I convinced them I didn’t need help with you and they went to the staff lounge. Probably asleep by now.”

Daisy scooted up the bed, her uniformed body enclosing me in a tight embrace her mouth pressed against mine, desperate kisses covering my mouth, trying to pull me in as close as possible to her.

Breaking the kiss I trailed my lips down her neck and Daisy sighed in pleasure her head rolling back. My hand caught in her long loose hair and she sighed again “mmmm please be rough”

My eye lit up at this admission of sexual desires. I grabbed a handful of her hair as I leaned up to kiss her throat roughly.

Falling back, I watched Daisy straddled me and start rubbing up and down my bulging shorts. Reaching up I grabbed her nursing tunic, wrenching the popper seam open to reveal her curvy body beneath.

I licked my lips in desire, before pulling the blue tunic down her arms, trapping them behind her. “oh Nick, Yes” she said softly, the control over her making her squirm into me more.

Pulling her down to me, I buried my face between her luscious tits, my lips and teeth working their way over each soft mound of woman flesh. “Oh god, oh god” Daisy kept muttering as I covered her with this rough love.

Panting, I felt my own desire stir below the sheets. Pulling her top off completely I whispered “Strip”. Daisy jumped to it, a smile on her face at being told what to do. “Just to bra and panties” I added.

I looked at Daisy standing there in her black lacy underwear, the colour contrasting with the tone of her skin so beautifully, her black black hair cascading down her back. “Mmm, you look divine!” I told her causing her to blush.

I waved her to turn around so I could see her ass and she obeyed, wanting to be such a good submissive. I was surprised to see she was wearing a thong, but the way the material slipped between her butt cheeks, framing them so nicely. I couldn’t wait to spank and bite that ass.

“Bend over slowly and pull down your panties…” I instructed.

Daisy did as she was told as and she did so I got my first glimpse at the lips of her swollen, moist pussy lips, beckoning me to eat her out.

“Oh god I want you” I moaned, taking Daisy’s hand and guiding her back to the bed. Laying her down I climbed between her legs, kissing each of her generous thighs before diving into the soft, puffy folds of her snatch. Much to my delight my fantasies had been right. Although she had shaved her lower pussy, there was still a light, merter escort fine dusting of hair just above her clit. I ran my tongue through the hair making her shiver before I plunged my tongue between her lips.

“Oh god Nick! Eat me!”

She moaned, her hands gripping the back of my head as I assaulted her entrance with my tongue, reaching out and capturing every single last little drop of her womanly pleasures.

“You taste so good” I breathed, my arms wrapping round her legs to hold her still as I moved my tongue to her clit. I sucked it into my mouth and Daisy went wild, bucking and moaning

“oh god. Oh god oh goooooooooooooooood!”

She cried as her first orgasm hit her. I had never made someone cum so easily, and as the night went on I was to find Daisy was very easy to “please”…

I started to lick her clit, not letting her rest at all, just purely enjoying the pleasure of being between her thighs, head in her pussy. “Oh Nick. Eat me more please” she panted as I paused to move position, before pushing two fingers into her sopping pussy, feeling for the first time what she felt like inside.

“You feel so good” I moaned, the hot breath in her clit making her twitch again.

I moved my fingers in and out quickly, my tongue lapping up every drop of cum from her pussy, taking her through one, then a second orgasm, before pulling my finger out of her.

Scooting up the bed, I let her suck her taste from my fingers before whispering in her ear “your turn”

Daisy eagerly went to my cock, taking my chaps tip inside her lips she stroked the soft skin of my rod, until it was at full attention, her ministrations making me groan and my head tilt back as I arched my back. She was gently licking the little eye of my cock and it was driving my mad!

Reaching up I grabbed her hair, pushing my cock into her mouth. “Look at me” I grunted loving how her hazel eyes looked when she was looking at me from under those long lashes.

I moved my hip gently thrusting into hr mouth, my view of her gorgeous tits hanging as she knelt there making more and more turned on. “mmmm” she moaned as I began to fuck her face harder, her bobbing head returning my thrusts. Soon I was close to cumming, the warm sensation of her mouth, my spittle soak balls, her eyes and beautiful groaning too much but I needed to fuck her so badly. I reluctantly pushed her off my cock.

“Come sit on this cock sexy” I sighed, my hand still in her hair as I pulled her up my body, her large tits and belly rubbing against me as I pulled her in for a kiss.

“Mmmmm. Let me fuck you”

She groaned, grinding her sopping wet pussy on my hard cock, her need obvious.

I push my cock up into her pussy, forcibly, making her big body grunt and jiggle. With two thrusts I was deep inside her, my balls and the sheets already soaked with her juices. Just as I bottomed she started squeaking and a gush of cum shot out of her twitching cunt, the muscles spasming immensely, massaging my cock.

“S….s…sorry” she stammered, embarrassed

“Don’t be” I growled, sexual need taking control

“Fucking ride me Little Flower” I moaned as her big bidy started moving on top of me.

“Rough” she gasped.

I reached up and grabbed her tits, fingers digging into the skin, leaving marks, Daisy cumming again instantly at the painful sensation. As we fucked hard she came three more times until finally I put my seed deep inside her.

Collapsing on top of me, exhausted Daisy snuggled in and smiled.

“mmm I cum easy but never that many times!” she purred.

I smiled at her and kissed some of the sweat from her face.

“We need to change the bed sheets”

Daisy reached down and felt how saturated the sheets were

“Damn I did cum a lot” she said blushing.

As she got off the bed I could see the cum running down her legs, my seed in my Little Flower.

“I want to make you cum like that every night” I whispered as we quickly changed the sheets.

“Me too” she replied.