Bad Decisions Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 – Contemplation

Kat rolled over, sleep had found itself elusive for the last few hours, instead her mind wandered and refused to turn off as she thought about yesterday. It all seemed so surreal, god, Denise had caught her fucking her cousin.

“Jesus.” She whispered and tossed off the sheets, what time was it? She didn’t know, but outside was still dark, the house still quiet, so for her that meant that it was either the dead of the night, or the still of the morning. She went with ‘the dead of the night’ and reached for her phone, “Right, the battery is dead.” With a sigh she dropped it back onto the side table.

The day had passed in pretty much a haze, by the time she woke up that morning Patrick was gone, apparently he left with her father. Then by the time he would’ve come back home, she had to go to work. Then, when she got home, he was asleep, and she was so tired she tried to do the same, but that failed, and now she stared at the dark roof of her room in silence.

Her mind going to the events of the night before.

After Denise caught them, they all tidied up and went back inside, mainly to try to ensure Denise’s silence, but from the awkwardness that had ensued, Kat couldn’t even tell if it was necessary. Patrick and Denise sat in and barely made eye contact with each other, they didn’t even say anything.

“So, anyone feels like more drinks?” She’d asked to break the silence, and Patrick sighed deeply while Denise looked at her like she was insane, but it at least got the ball rolling.

“Drinks? Are you sure that’s such a good idea? For either of you, I mean…” Her voice dropped into a hushed whisper as if someone else was in the apartment, “You were fucking your cousin, Kat, jesus!”

“Is that really the worst thing, Denise?” She remembered giggling at that, but it was probably just the liquor, either that or the secret she shared between Denise and herself. After all, that was what bestfriends did, they had secrets, and while the one that came to mind didn’t compare to fucking a family member, it was still something.

“Can we just keep this between us?” Patrick had finally chirped up, and Denise looked across at the both of them, then nodded silently. Kat gave her a hug, while Patrick and her exchanged curt nods, and it was only this morning when Kat woke up that she saw the message from Denise telling her that she wanted to talk.

But the day had been so busy that she didn’t have time to return the message, and now that she had a moment of peace, her phone was dead. Was that irony? She asked herself with a chuckle. For all she knew, Denise could’ve wanted to discuss this new secret.

“Ah, fuck.” Kat said and rolled over, feeling too tired and disinterested to move and charge her phone, “I’ll call her tomorrow.” She said through a yawn and stretch, fully intending to call Denise later, but for now, her mind was elsewhere.

It went to the secret she shared with Denise. It was something she’d never forgotten but now it was pushed to the forefront of her mind, and as she moved her hand downwards, slowly sliding across her exposed stomach – thanks to how short the top of her pajamas were – and pushing her hands past the waist of her bottom, she felt herself, “I need a shave.” She thought, but continued to move her fingers lower, until she gently slid a finger between the middle of her lips. No surprise, she was already wet.

It made sense, after all, she was thinking about Denise, and not just that, but their secret. “Geez.” She whispered and drew her finger back through her pussy lips, the base of her middle finger rubbing lightly against her clit as she did.

Closing her eyes she prepared to lose herself in the sensation, and let her mind wander to the night the two of them spent together. It was seared into her mind like it happened that morning.

They’d been drinking, and Denise had been bitching about her boyfriend Vincent, typical fuck boy if you asked her, but Denise really thought they had a thing going on, and she believed it even more when Vincent approached her about anal sex, but not only did he want to give, he also wanted to receive, and to Denise, that meant they had something special. No guy ever willingly said görükle escort bayan he was down for anal sex, and as Denise told it, she’d fantasized about fucking someone for a long time, so it was like Christmas came early. The girl was insanely happy at the prospect and she went and ordered everything in a tizzy, lube, strap-ons – multiple, strap-ons – she thought they were going to have the whole experience, but instead, Vincent reneged on his statement, called her a crazy bitch, and disappeared.

Kat remembered when Denise had told her that Vincent left, but only months later, did she only find out the reason. The power of liquor, she thought to herself with a smile, her finger sliding forward once more.

So there they were, two friends, drinking a bottle of tequila, and sharing stories about fuck boys, and awkward experiences, and Kat had to admit, she’d never had a guy come and ask her about fucking him, and listening to Denise tell it, it kind of turned her on. The idea of taking a strap-on, bending a guy over and penetrating him, she shuddered with excitement at the thought, or maybe it was the liquor. Regardless, they continued to trade stories until they were halfway through the bottle, and that was when Denise broke out some bigger guns.

Kat never knew, but her best friend, was truly the little sexual deviant, and boy did Denise give her an earful. She liked to be choked, and spanked, and she had an insane desire to be a fuck doll for a bunch of guys if only for a night. It was almost overwhelming for Kat to hear that from Denise, who was always so demure, but it didn’t even stop there, no, Denise went a bit further, and told Kat, that she’d always wanted to fuck her.

That took Kat by surprise, and she thought Denise would have stopped, but no, she powered through. Going into detail about how she wanted to taste her lips, lick her pussy, eat her out until she came all across her face. She was very graphic to say the least, and really, it got Kat horny, and as they sat on the floor in the living room, light illuminating Denise’s copper skin, her ample breasts heaving every time she laughed at something, the way her plump lips sealed against the mouth of the tequila bottle, Kat couldn’t help herself, and soon she’d crawled across the floor and planted a kiss on Denise’s lips, knocking over the tequila bottle in the process.

Maybe it was the alcohol, it had to be the alcohol, Kat told herself. “Always blame it on the liquor.” She mused, remembering that Denise wasn’t in anyway reluctant.

Evident as they fell onto the floor, groping drunkenly at each other. Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly given the new-found information, Denise took the lead and pushed her hand under Kat’s blouse and squeezed her breasts. Gosh the lack of a bra made everything so much easier, and damn it felt good when Denise groped her, felt even better when she bit her bottom lip, and pulled her in closer until she could lock her legs behind Kat’s back.

The two of them pushed against each other until Denise rolled them, pinning Kat underneath her, as she held back and pulled off her top. A shudder of excitement shooting through her as Denise’s breasts fell out from under the t-shirt.

“You’ve always had such nice breasts.” Kat managed and Denise grinned.

“Wanna suck ’em?” She didn’t have to ask twice, and as she leaned forward Kat took a nipple into her mouth, kneading it gently with her teeth, while she groped the other breast with her hand.

It was clumsy, but Denise seemed to enjoy it, and grabbed the back of her head, pulling Kat closer to her chest as slight moans escaped them before she pulled away and pinned Kat’s arms to the ground, before she leaned in and kissed her again, a little more gingerly. Taking her time as their tongues met and twirled with each other’s, their bodies pressed together before Denise got up and pulled Kat to her feet.

“What?” Kat asked as Denise led her to the bedroom, and began to strip off her clothes, first to go was the top. Kat raised her hands above her head to clumsily help her. Next was the bottom, another clumsy process that involved some stumbling as she tried to get her feet through the bottoms of her shorts, but once she altıparmak eskort stood entirely naked, Denise gave her a look that said one thing, “I want do devour you.”

Following that, Denise pushed her onto the bead and Kat’s head swam, thanks to the tequila, it probably wasn’t a good idea to drink half the bottle, but that was done and over. Now her mind was on other things, namely the warmth of Denise’s breath on her inner thighs. A warmth that soon turned into light kisses that trailed towards her pussy, and then the beginning of ecstasy as she felt Denise’s tongue snake through the lips of her vagina to taste her moistness.

“Fuck.” Kat hissed as she focused on the memory, her fingers working diligently now, sliding in and out of her pussy with ease, growing slicker with each passing moment. How could they not, she could practically feel Denise’s lips on her still.

It was amazing, Denise might’ve been as tipsy as she was, but she wasn’t sloppy, no, there was a patience and diligence as she ate her out. In the way she ran her tongue slowly through her slit, from her clit down to the base then back up, stopping to suckle gently at the hardening nub, and flick her tongue lightly across it. Which in response got Kat to grab a handful of her hair and keep her head locked in position on her clit.

That was no problem for Denise, she focused her efforts and put a little more time in to teasing Kat, and circled her clit with her tongue, before sucking at like it would provide her sustenance.

Kat moaned and grabbed Denise’s head with both hands, and Denise increased her attempts at pleasuring her, bringing her fingers to the party and sliding them into Kat’s pussy. One at first, but based on how wet Kat was, she quickly added a second, and for good measure, a third.

Thinking back on it, Kat was pretty sure Denise could’ve added her entire fist, she was that fucking wet.

Still, she stopped at three, and after working her fingers in and out of Kat’s pussy for a few moments, the wet sounds of Kat’s pussy began to fill the air. Sounds that seemed to serve to drive Denise harder and she moved her hand faster, as Kat began to buck her hips against her, before shuddering through an orgasm, with Denise’s tongue flicking against her clit, and her fingers pistoning into her pussy, couple it with the liquor and Kat almost passed out from it all.

With a deep breath Kat drew her fingers from between her thighs, she came, but she wasn’t satisfied. She wanted more, even then after Denise made her come once for the night, she got out the strap-on and fucked her to another three orgasms before they called it quits.

Now Kat wanted more, the memory and her fingers weren’t good enough at this point, and with a sigh she slid her legs off the bed, a little wobbly but she managed to stand and tiptoed from her room to the hallway, the entire house was in darkness, but she didn’t have to go far. Patrick’s room was right next to hers, and pushing his door silently she slipped inside and closed it behind her before making her way to his bed.

“Patrick.” She whispered and got nothing, “Patrick.” She shook him, he groaned.

‘Go back to your bed, Kat.’ The angel that her parents raised had that to add, but the devil inside was horny, and she was determined to feed it the cock it desired.

“Patrick.” She whispered again, but this time she slid her hand under his sheet and grabbed his dick.

“Wha –” Before he could finish she’d placed her free hand on his lips.

“Hi.” She smiled and moved her hand, he groaned and allowed his head to fall back on the pillow.

“Kat.” She started to stroke his flaccid dick, “No.” His body betrayed his words.

“I am so, wet.” She whispered and he sighed.

“Listen, it’s got to be like three or something, go to bed.”

“I just came from my bed, it’s lonely, and a bit damp.” A smile, she felt him stiffen in her hand and he paused, “A quickie?”

“Literally, everyone is home, and you’re not exactly quiet.”

“Mhm.” Admittedly, the idea that they could be caught excited her, all it would take was one moan that was just a little too loud, or a little too much bed shaking. nilüfer escort She’d absentmindedly begun to work her hand up and down Patrick’s shaft, only when he groaned did she snap back to reality.

“Listen… Kat…” He started but she’d had enough and she leaned in and kissed him, probably not her brightest idea, the sleep still on their breath, but the rest was history.

Seconds later she was on all fours and he was behind her, his dick sliding into her warmth with slow, focused strokes as he tried his best to keep the noise to a minimum. She would’ve preferred something harder, a little more intense, but she settled for what they currently had, and with both hands firmly gripping her waist, they moved together as he slowly fucked her in the darkness of the room.

Sinking his dick in her up to the hilt, then withdrawing to the tip before repeating. In, and out, in, and out. The motion was almost mechanical.

“You know.” He whispered, and she moaned softly in response, and he slid his hand up to her neck and pulled her back, pushing himself right into her again as he did, “I feel like you only use me for sex.” There was a tinge of something in his voice, but she couldn’t quite place it.

“I’d never.” She replied, playful sarcasm obvious in her voice.

“I hope so, wouldn’t be very nice of you, Kat.” He gave a forceful thrust and moved his hand downward to squeeze her breast through the fabric of her top, “I mean, I could get you a dildo if that’s all you want.”

“Mm, it wouldn’t be the same thing, Patrick.” She tilted her head and kissed him, their bodies working together in unison as she grinded her ass against his crotch, his cock twitching inside her as she did, “Not yet.” She whispered, the tell-tale signs of his impending climax evident.

“Easier said than done.” He replied before letting her go and she fell forward, back on all fours and he began to pump himself into her with renewed vigour. His dick filling her pleasantly each time he thrusted into her, and before long they both lost themselves, light slapping sounds beginning to fill the room as they grew more unbridled in their lust.

“Christ.” She whimpered and fell to her elbows, her forehead resting on the floor as Patrick continued to work his cock into her, his fingers digging into her sides as he grew closer to his climax, and she was mentally begging him to last a little longer.

It was in vain though, as Patrick plunged his dick deeply into her and came, the warm sensation as his cum shot into her was pleasant, but she didn’t get to join him in the festivities, instead she was still wanting as his limp cock was pulled from her.

“Just a little more.” She said in the darkness and heard shuffling as Patrick sighed and ran a hand across her ass cheek before giving it a firm squeeze.

“Go to sleep, Kat.” He said and she groaned in disappointment, and turned to face him. Though in the darkness, it was really just a faint outline she could see, if it was even that and with a sigh she stood and left the room. Only when she got back to bed did she even think about her shorts, she’d left it in Patrick’s room, hopefully he saw it in the morning.

She was horny, and unsatisfied, that led to frustration, and on top of that, she felt like Patrick just used her to get one off. It was a little annoying, but she admitted she probably did the same thing on a few occasions. ‘He’ll get over it.’ She told herself, but she wasn’t sure if she believe it, or if she was trying to convince herself.

Though, he had to know it could be nothing more than sex. At least, she thought so, but she made up in her mind to discuss it with him tomorrow. That, and she had to call Denise.

“Definitely, have to call Denise.” She reminded herself as a wave of exhaustion washed over her, overpowering her frustration and lack of a second orgasm.

With a sigh she closed her eyes and before she knew it, she’d drifted off.


[Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for reading this, it’s probably not the most enjoyable chapter by any stretch, but it is the continuation for those who’ve wanted it. That said though, sorry I took so long, but, college. Lol, gotta have no life if you want those As. That said though, going to start updating some more. There’re a finite number of chapters, I already wrote the ending, so I can comfortable say, you’re in for 6 more chapters. (main chapters), some other little short stories might come in between, sort of like this, one it’s title chapter 5, but really it’s more like 4.5]

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