Bad Girls Go Everywhere Ch. 03


My experiences with Bobby seemed to get better and better. I saw more of her than I did my own family and I didn’t spend as much time trolling for guys on the internet either. Bobby was deeply jealous of any involvement I might have with any man. If I glanced too long at a guy while we were together she would fly into a rage. If I mentioned a guy from work she questioned me immediately about whether I was fucking him or not. I have to admit that I wasn’t always faithful, but then neither was she. After all she was married to a very sweet lady named Lynn. However, despite our little squabbles, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Just recently we had a whopper of a disagreement. I was out shopping one day when I ran into my cousin’s husband Kurt. I would be lying if I said that the thought of jumping his bones hadn’t occurred to me. We decided to have coffee and I was just admiring his divine biceps when I noticed two women standing outside the café’s window. It took me two seconds to realize that I was looking into Bobby’s eyes and she looked pissed off. I was familiar with that look! Turning abruptly, she and her wife Lynn walked hurriedly away. I excused myself quickly, grabbed my purse and ran into the public washroom.

I dialed her cell phone praying to she would answer so that I could quickly explain. She was always so quick to jump to conclusions and it wasn’t like Kurt and I were doing anything wrong by drinking coffee and harmlessly flirting. On the third ring, she finally answered and I hurriedly went into a tirade of explanations and apologies.

“Baby, I know how it looked, but he’s just an old friend and we ran into each other and that was all. I know how it looked, but it’s just coffee,” I helplessly gave a little laugh. “It’s you I want.”

“Excuse me! Who the hell is this?” and outraged voice on the other end answered. It took me a couple of seconds to realize my error. It was Lynn who answered Bobby’s cell phone. I could feel the top of my head heat up with embarrassment and shock. I felt sick. I quickly mumbled something about dialing a wrong answer and hung up.

After that I just wanted to go back to my apartment and pray that everything would be ok. I made up a story about feeling ill, which wasn’t exactly a lie and exchanged phone numbers with Kurt, hoping we could get together again soon.

Once I got home I jumped into the shower to try and clean the day’s stresses away but I found myself even more sensitive. I was scared that I had messed up things with Bobby permanently and that she would never want to have anything more to do with me. I know she must care for Lynn, even if she prefers me sexually. She’s always remarking on my body, my tits, my long hair and innocent looks. I try and hold on to the fact that I know I’m willing to be the kind of woman Lynn never will be.

I sat at home for hours with the feeling of dread curdling my stomach. When I started biting my nails, ruining a perfect manicure I knew I was in trouble. I was just about to go to bed when the buzzer to my apartment went off. Answering the intercom, Bobby identified herself and I quickly buzzed her in. I hurriedly unlocked the apartment door and waited for her arrival.

When she finally did enter the apartment, she slammed the door shut and started pacing the length of the room. I could smell her anger, but worried about possible violence, I kept my mouth shut and patiently waited for her to speak. Her light blond hair was cut short and complimented her large dark pink lips. Her overall build is slight but she’d proven on several occasions how strong mentally and physically she is compared to me. Her blue eyes sparkled with more than anger.

“What the fuck were you thinking? You stupid bitch!,” she screamed at me. I cowered on the coach, trying to make myself as small as possible. She seemed like a different person. Often I enjoyed pushing the limits to see where I could get her to take me, but I was worried that I’d completely ruined our “relationship” this time.

Walking behind, she suddenly grabbed the top of my head, my long hair crushed and pulled. Tears threatened to fall from my eyes. A knife was firmly placed at my throat. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if this was another kind of kink or if she was really going to kill me!

“Wha…what Bostancı Escort are you doing Bobby? Are you crazy?” I screamed, more outraged than afraid. She pressed the cold blade of the knife, closer and I felt the sting of its sharpness.

“I’m going to tell you this just once Slut and you will never make me say it again,” she said quietly, her lips pressed to my ear hotly. “You are to call me Mistress B. I will only answer to Mistress B and if you make me mad again, I will cut something that you value. Got it?” she growled, tightening her hold on my head.

I nodded, hurriedly adding, “Yes Mistress B.”

I know it sounds awful, but my nipples had hardened and my pussy was leaking and I could barely stop the moan at the back of my throat. I think the only thing that stopped me was the trickle of blood slowly crawling down my neck.

Bobby then let go of my hair and slowly began to cut the buttons of my pj top with the knife. When the top fell away to reveal the heavy white globes of my breasts, I heard the familiar catch in her breath that always made me, if possible, wetter.

She stepped away from me then and then smiling wickedly, began to peel off her own clothes. I watched her place the knife far from me and wondered what her game was. When she was naked from the waist up, like I was, she stopped and picking up the knife once again, ordered me to remove the rest of her clothes.

“Now!” she yelled. I quickly got up off the coach and Mistress B pushed me roughly to the floor. Panting now with anxiety, I crawled over to her towering figure.

“That’s right slut, on your knees. You’re not good enough to stand in my presence you stupid bitch!” she snarled.

I swiftly pulled off her shoes and socks, and massaged her toes the way I knew she liked. I kissed each toe and licked them, showing her proper respect. She laughed quietly when she heard the catch in my throat. I couldn’t hide my need.

“You’re wet aren’t you whore? Hmmm? No need to lie, I can smell it,” she smirked. She reached down and shoved me away. She laughed as she walked threatening to where I lay sprawled.

“Take my pants off slut, you have a lot of work.” Scrambling to my knees once again, I quickly unsnapped her jeans and pushed them as well as her panties to the floor where she stepped out of them. She walked to the sofa and perched one foot on the arm of the coach. Her slit was wet, glistening, ready for me.

“You know what to do for Mistress B. You know what you were made for slut. Get to it,” she ordered, the knife still clutched firmly in her hand.

I crawled to her, feeling lust grip me. I wanted her punishment, her sex. I wanted to debase myself for her, in whatever way she wanted.

With one hand braced on her raised knee and the other on her hip I leaned in gently and began to lick and sample her delicate flesh. Her clit resembled a damp rose and I could almost feel it reach towards me. So wet, slick and dewy. First I was gently, moving my tongue carefully around the inner area, but then I needed more as I felt the short hairs tickle my nose and tongue.

I began to stab her with my tongue, harder, harder, over and over. I slipped my hand on her hip to her ass so that my fingers clasped her more firmly and I could feel the crevice of her lovely ass. A few more inches and I could puncture her hole with my finger.

The only sound in the room was heavy breathing and the rhythmic moan of “ughn, ughn, ughn,” coming from me as I thrust my mouth and tongue harder against her. I wanted her to come quickly so that she would let me have my pleasure. The soft fabric of my pajama pants rubbed softly against my throbbing pussy. I needed to come. I wanted to hump her leg like a bitch in heat.

As rapidly as her liquid heat pooled, I suckled and swallowed, but still her essence covered my mouth and cheeks. I felt like I was drowning, but it was a perfect death. Suddenly, she yelled and forced me away from her quivering cunt. I wanted to protest, but I feared her reaction. She was my Mistress and I had to remember my place. I loved her! I wanted her!

Sitting back on my hunches, panting, I waited for her orders. She looked beautiful. Her skin was flushed and her knee still bent. Looking me square in the eye, Bostancı Escort Bayan she motioned me with her perfect index finger.

“Come here, little Rena. I want your titties, little Rena,” she breathed. Removing her foot from the sofa, she knelt on the floor and then lying on her back, she brought her knees up and spread her legs wide.

“I want your titties to play with my clit. I want your juicy, slutty titties to flick against my perfect pussy,” Mistress B ordered, as she slid one hand up her inner thigh.

I inched towards, “Yes, Mistress B,” I moaned, draping my arms over her hips. My large breasts were glued to her moist genitals. I could feel the suction of her cunt and she groaned and shoved her pussy forcefully against my full jugs. Bobby was fully aroused and unpredictable. In this mood she was like a lioness, she could scratch, hit, bite, do anything when she was at her most feral. I welcomed her aggression like a true sex slave.

Taking a hold of one of my tits, I traced the opening of her cunt with my fully engorged nipple. Saturating the tip with her cream, I continued teasing her, slowly. My body hungered for penetration. I needed to get off and soon.

When her breathing signaled her increased arousal, I began to thrust my tit fully into her hole. Her juices ran down my chest, soaking the waist band of my pajama bottoms.

“That’s it whore, fuck mommy good and I’ll give you a treat,” Mistress grunted. “Your cunt is mine. Your tits are mine. Your ass is mine, until I’m sick of you my fucktoy”.

I heaved my breast forward, thrusting faster and faster. The smell of her pussy strong and I licked my lips, tasting the cum still my mouth. I was so hungry for her. I wanted her in me. I wanted to fuck and fuck and fuck forever.

When Mistress B began to whimper loudly, I knew it wouldn’t long before she came all over my titties. One of her hands were shoved roughly in her own hair and the other held tight to the knife. Her juices had cleaned the blood from my neck. I continued humping into her with a frenzy.

“That’s it bitch! Yes! Yes! Don’t stop or I’ll cut your fucking tits off!” she threatened, clasping me tightly and grinding. My back hurt from arching and I my hands were so slippery I could barely hold on to my own tit. I began to whimper from the exertion.

“Yes cunt, fuck me! Fuck me harder!,” she ordered.

Just when I thought I couldn’t fuck her a second longer, she came with a loud screech. Her legs straightened out completely and I was almost launched off her body, but I held tight, wanting to give her the last little bit of pleasure.

When her body stopped convulsing, I allowed myself to lay back and rest. I wondered what more she would have in store for me. I hated to keep harping on the obvious, but if I didn’t cum soon I would start begging her to use the knife on me. I was so tired.

I think I must have drifted off because when I came to Bobby had me tied to one of my kitchen chairs. My hands were tied to the back of the chair and each of my legs were tied to a back leg so that I was completely spread. She had a ball gag in my mouth. Thankfully my pj bottoms were now gone. Unfortunately, she still had the knife.

“Good you’re awake. You did good slut, but you still have to pay for what you did,” she explains. She moved to straddle me. I could feel her hot core and involuntarily lifted my cunt in answer to that need.

“Oh no, my cumbucket. You won’t get to cum so easily. You still need to be punished. You’ve been a bad girl and now you have to decide what your punishment should be. Since you pleased me so well, I’m giving you a choice”. Bobby leaned in and gently licked my ear before whispering, “Do you want me to carve your name on your tits or on your cunt?”.

My eyes widened and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I warbled something that probably sounded nothing like, “what?” but it was close enough for Bobby.

“It’s simple you stupid fucking whore,” she growled, “you have to choose between your tits or your cunt? Where do you want ‘Slut’ written? That’s what you are and what you will always be. Now tell me or I’ll just start cutting,” she warned me. Mistress B had a strange, insane glint in her eyes. A smile hovered on her perfect Escort Bostancı mouth and I still held onto the idea that this was all just a game. It had to be.

For fuck’s sake, how many men had I screwed over the years and I didn’t even have to worry about jealous wives! I get involved with one kinky lesbian and she goes Sharon Stone on my ass! Looking downward, I tried using my head to motion to my tits. I grunted and again tried to speak but was unable to sound clear against the gag. Her lips continued playing with my ear and neck and The last thing I wanted was for her to cut my tender pussy. Finally, she lifted her head and she seemed to understand my gibberish and gently moved the tip of the knife along my jaw. She dropped it to trail slowly down my chin to my neck and to the slop of my left tit until she reach my nipple.

Then she rest the knife there for what was only seconds, but felt like long minutes. I held my breath and tried to arch away from the knife, but she had me tied firmly. I watched the knife as if hypnotized. She seemed to only watch me.

Without warning, the cold blade of the knife was against the cleft of my slit. She didn’t move the knife any further, but I began screaming loudly against the gag. Spittle began to trickle to my chin. The tears that had been threatening to spill, fell quickly and my whole body shook with dread. Bizarrely, my clitty vibrated excitedly.

“You want me to lick the kitty? Huh? Is that what you want slut?” she grinned cruelly.

She raised herself up from my lap, her legs completely straight and ass bent and she kissed my nose sweetly, all the while holding the blade securely. Then she lowered herself until she was on her knees, face to face with my cunt and she removed the knife. I shuddered with relief. She could see the evidence of my passion.

Gently she began to lick and tongue my twat, the knife dropped to the floor. I hoped it was forgotten. I didn’t know if I should moan or continue screaming. There was a lot I didn’t know in this instant, but I knew one thing. At least, I’d die with a smile on my face.

I wanted to close my legs around her soft head, but of course, I couldn’t All I could do was sit there and wait, praying she’d let me cum. I wanted it so bad. I needed it so bad. There is a level of denial that I can handle in sex games, a level of delay and once that time is past, I lose it emotionally and begin crying. That time had past and all I wanted was the bliss I knew I deserved.

She licked my tiny nub, swirling her tongue completely around it, teasing so gently. Her soft blond hair tickled against my inner thigh. One hand pressed into my belly just above my mound. My fluid rushed to greet her mouth. She grasped my clit between her teeth and pulled it, eliciting a weak grunt from me.

Then Mistress B kindly stopped teasing me and fully enveloped the naughty tip and shoved two of her long fingers inside my purhole. In and out she fucked me. In and out. I wanted to scream at her to fuck me harder, but it would have been disrespectful. For that reason, I was grateful for the ball gag.

I rocked my hips trying to grind against her fingers. All the while she continued licking and sucking my slit. It occurred to me suddenly that I wasn’t entirely sure what I had done wrong. Was she mad at me for calling her cell phone? Or … was she mad at me for having coffee with a male friend? As my body began to attain the ecstasy I was craving, every thought left my brain. I became what I was innately, a whore. A disgusting, lowly, abused loving slut and I loved it! I was literally in her hands and I didn’t care what she did to me. I would always crave more.

Just as I began to cum, my eyes closed, my hips pulled as close to her as I could get, she pulled out. Opening my eyes in fury, I saw her pick up the knife and turning it around, she inserted the handle into my pussy. She pushed the handle as far in as it would go without cutting me or herself with the blade. Then she pulled the handle completely out. Again she shoved it in, more forcefully. She shoved it in! AGAIN. AGAIN. OUT. IN. OUT. IN. OUT. IN.

Oh fuck, I needed it. I wanted the knife. All of it. I wanted it. IN. OUT. IN. OUT. IN. OUT. IN OUT. Yes! Fuck me. I wanted it. Your slut Bobby. Forever.

Finally, I came, heaving against the blade. So good. So good.

I came to understand that Bobby was serious when she said that she didn’t want me to be around any men. I belonged to her. My body, heart and soul and I had to learn. I learned well that day. She didn’t leave until I got it just right. A slave has to learn her place.