Bang Bang Bangs! Pt. 02


Note: So this one probably isn’t as good as my others standing alone. It was mostly written as a continuation of the first one. Therefore, there’s no build up or tension build or anything. It kind of jumps right into it.

I highly recommend reading (or rereading) the first one to kind of get yourself in the mood of the story. However, if you don’t want to go through that trouble, I understand.

Lastly, this was another request done and it took FOREVER for me to get to. I want to apologize for that, especially since the quality isn’t that good. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy and hope to be writing more soon as I finally have some days off!


“What the fuck is going on here?” Laura asked, her hands on her hips.

“Precisely that!” Trixie replied. “Some good fucking!”

“Well you are far too loud. I’ve been listening to all of your screams from several floors down. At least have some decency girls!”

“But Miss Rubio,” Trixie pouted, “Look at this magnificent cock that we have to play with tonight!”

“Oh please like it’s anything that’s- Oh my god.” Laura looked into the room and saw both Jenny and Kimmy licking away at a massive rod. It had to be at least 9 inches.

“That’s,” Laura started, “That’s… um… that’s pretty big.”

Trixie then saw an opportunity. Ever since the first day she saw Laura she had wanted to fuck her. Tonight might actually be her chance, especially if Laura was as desperate for her nether region to be pleased as she thought.

“Have you ever felt something that big inside you?” Trixie asked, whispering into Laura’s ear. Laura shook her head, transfixed by the sight of Joe’s 9 inch cock. “Do you want to feel that inside of you?” Laura nodded. Trixie stood behind Laura, rubbing Laura’s sweet Latin ass, pushing her inside. “Then cum on in and join the fun.”

Laura obeyed like a slave under a spell. Joe looked at Trixie who gave a devious wink and he got the picture. “Hello there,” he said to Laura. “Did I hear correctly that your name is Laura Rubio?”

“Yes,” Laura said.

Joe smiled. “You know, I fucked your daughters and gave them a pretty good time.”

“Yes,” Laura said, unable to say anything more, her eyes glued to his massive erection.

“Do you want me to show you the same good time?”


“Then come over here and wrap that pretty mouth around my member.”

Unable to resist, the respected dorm advisor fell to her knees and devoured Joe’s cock into her mouth. She bobbed up and down, while Joe gathered her hair into a ponytail and used it like a handle to face fuck her with.

“Wow, Laura,” he said. “Your hair is incredibly thick and so silky!”

Laura moaned her appreciation onto his monster dick as she kept slurping away. It had been so long since she had had any action. In truth she had been sitting in her room, masturbating as she watched porn when she had heard the noise of all the girls fucking. Angry and jealous she decided they wouldn’t have great sex lives if she couldn’t. However, this turn of events wasn’t entirely displeasing.

“You know, I have quite the thing for hair, and yours has got to be the thickest I’ve ever seen,” Joe said.

“It’s yours,” Laura said. “My hair is yours. I’m yours. Take me and have your way with me.”

“Ah ah ah,” Trixie interjected. “You’re gonna have to work to get that big cock in your little cunt. First, you’re going to finish him off and not miss a drop getting it all down your throat. Then, you have to please every single one of us for all the times you bitch at us for bull shit.”

“I don’t bitch at you for bull-” Laura started, but Trixie gave her a look and she stopped. Laura worried that if she said that wrong thing, she wouldn’t be able to get in on some of that glorious cock that she still had to suck off. “Yes ma’am…” she submitted.

Trixie gave a devilish smile. “That’s a good little dorm advising slut. Now suck him off!”

Laura obediently went back to sucking off Joe’s massive cock. Joe held onto the ponytail and pulled on it as she bobbed her head. He watched as Kimmy and Jenny played with each other, engaged in a hot make out session with fingers inside each other. Trixie started feeling up Laura who moaned at the naughty vixen’s touch. Trixie, feeling extra devious, decided to encourage Joe a little.

“Fuck her face, Joe. Shove that large cock in her mouth. Give it to her with no restraints! Put this woman in her place as your cock slave!”

It was so erotic to Joe, hearing how Trixie was talking. He tightened his grip on Laura’s Latin ponytail and added another on the top of her head, grasping it firmly as he started to thrust his meat into her mouth. “Oh fuck,” he moaned. “That’s right, Laura. Take my cock. Take it like your daughters before you!”

Laura moaned her approval around his massive shaft, unable to do bursa eskort anything but be a doll, a sex toy for Joe to use as he pleased. She was no longer actively pleasing him, just being actively used. Trixie began touching herself, playing with her clit as she watched Joe dominate her advisor. Her climax began to build, and from the noises Jenny and Kimmy were making from playing with each other, it wasn’t going to be long until they climaxed too.

Suddenly Joe began shouting as he violently fucked Laura’s throat, his seed spilling into her tummy. It was so hot that Trixie came too, and not a moment later she heard her two roommates coming to orgasm as well. The idea dawned at Trixie that if Laura had cum as well, that would have been all of them cumming at the same time. She figured it might be nice to go ahead and bring her off, but as she reached a hand down to start playing with Laura, she found her hand soaked in cum. Laura had gotten off to being used! All of them had cum at the same time.

The group sat there for a moment and caught their breath. Though Laura had just joined the group for a night of fun that wasn’t even halfway done apparently, she had just be aggressively throat fucked and needed a breather.

“So big boy,” Kimmy spoke up. “How are you liking all the bangs at your disposal?”

“It’s pretty fantastic,” Joe said. “I spend so many nights just studying and timing whack offs. It’s nice to have a night where I just have full out sex and don’t have to worry about anything.”

“Whose bangs do you think look the hottest?” Jenny asked, a devious smile on her face.

“That’s not a safe question to answer,” Joe smirked.

“Oh come on, have some fun,” Kimmy said. “It’s not like we’re going to stop having sex with you if you don’t pick us. Look at your monster cock. We’ll fuck you no matter what you say.”

“You sure?” Joe asked. All the girls, including Laura, nodded their heads. “Okay, well then I’d have to go with Jenny’s. Hers are the thickest and on top of that, the softest.”

“And what about hair overall?” Kimmy asked.

Joe really didn’t want to give her the ego boost, but if he was being honest, he really liked Trixie’s fiery red hair. It really excited him. “I’d have to give overall hair to Trixie. Mostly because of the way it can shake and bounce freely. I love watching hair move.”

“Well I’m sure you’ll get to watch plenty of movement as we continue fucking,” Trixie said, her voice dripping with lust thinking about taking Joe’s monster dick again.

Now that everyone had caught their breath, it was time for Laura to start working her way up the ranks to getting fucked. Trixie turned to her roommates and asked, “Okay girls, who wants to be eaten out first?”

“Me me me me!” Kimmy piped up.

Trixie grabbed Laura by her hair and dragged her over to Kimmy, shoving Laura’s face into Kimmy’s pussy. “Eat up bitch!”

Laura eagerly began lapping away, causing Kimmy to moan in pleasure. Kimmy grabbed onto Laura’s head and pushed her into her cunt. “That’s right slut! Eat me out! God use that talented tongue of yours!”

While they were preoccupied with that, Trixie straddled Joe. “Let’s go another round big boy!”

However, Joe had other plans in mind. “No, I don’t think so.” He lifted her off and shoved his huge cock in her mouth, causing her to be shocked. “I’m going to enjoy some of your hair a little more fully, but don’t worry, I’ll fuck your dripping cunt again soon enough.”

Joe then pulled out and asked for Jenny to come over. She complied and Joe had her kneel with her back to him, offering up her hair, of which he wrapped around his dick and began to grind himself inside. Jenny moaned in pleasure, loving how Joe was enjoying her hair. “How about you come over here and please this beautiful girl,” Joe commanded Trixie. She obeyed and started sucking Jenny’s breasts. Jenny let out pleasured sighs as she ran her fingers through her friend’s soft short red tresses.

Meanwhile Kimmy was grinding her pussy against Laura’s face, wanting to be brought off. “Oooh. Oooh yes! Laura! Lick me Laura! That feels incredible! I’m gonna cum! Drink me up Laura! I fucking love it! Here I cum! Oh yes! Here I fucking cum!”

Just as she said, Kimmy began to gush as her dorm advisor ate her up. At the same time, Joe began to dowse Jenny’s hair in cum as Trixie added her bangs to the sensation of hair around his cock.

As Laura finished lapping up Kimmy’s juices, she panted out, “Your turn Jenny.”

Laura quickly moved over and began working on Jenny’s clit, wanting to be able to feel Joe’s cock inside her as soon as possible. She was eager and it showed as she gave Jenny the time of her life. Kimmy just laid there, having had enough pleasure for the moment. Jenny played with Laura’s thick hair and encouraged Joe saying, “Oh Joe, Laura’s bursa escort bayan hair does feel really good. You should fuck it, just like you fucked mine. I would love to see you take her ponytail and give it a nice hard fucking. Ooh! It feels like Laura agrees! Oooh yes baby!”

Excited by the prospect of her hair being used by Joe’s large rod, she doubled her efforts in trying to bring of Jenny.

Meanwhile Joe went over to Trixie. “Alright, slut, time for you to get what you want.” He then aimed his dick at her pussy entrance and shoved it inside. As he started fucking her he said, “Now here’s the deal. I’m going to fuck your pussy until I’m ready to cum, but once I am I’m going to release it all over your face. Then I want you to clean off my cock and then have Laura clean my cum off your face. Do you understand your orders, my little bitch?”

It was almost impossible for Trixie to get the words out as she was experiencing so much pleasure from his shaft. “Yes.. ye… yes s… yes… Oh yes… Yes sir!”

“That’s a good little bitch,” Joe said, and he continued to pound away in her cunt. He pushed himself deep inside her, trying to bury himself as much as he could as he felt her warm wet walls slide around him. He grabbed her red locks and pulled her head back as he ravaged her pussy. Her sex pulled at him, longing for more penetration, finally enjoying the satisfying experience that she had so desperately craved for so long.

“Better cum quick or you won’t get to!” Joe said as he grabbed onto her bangs as he fucked her. The rough play with her scarlet bangs was sending him into overdrive and he was going to be cumming soon. If Trixie didn’t get off from his cock soon, then she’d miss her chance. She looked over at Laura who was finishing up Jenny. Jenny screamed in pleasure, pulling at Laura’s now messy hair as she came from Laura’s talented Latin tongue. Watching her friend experience such pleasure, as well as suddenly feeling Kimmy’s lips on her nipples sent her into her own orgasmic frenzy.

She pulled at her blonde friend’s long locks as her climax took over her. Unfortunately for her she didn’t get to experience a majority of it with Joe’s dick still inside her, as not too long after she came he pulled out and erupted onto her face. She couldn’t help but lick some of the cum off her lips after it was all deposited onto her. Even Kimmy had to get a taste, kissing her best friend on the mouth and then the cheek to steal some.

“Alright Laura, your last task and then you get to fuck me,” Joe said. “Clean off Trixie’s face, then eat her out. While you’re licking that sweet pussy, I’ll be fucking your hair. Full on fucking it. After I release myself into it, I’ll be taking your pussy, but only if you’ve brought off Trixie with your tongue. Hope you’re really good at cunnilingus, because I just fucked her to cloud 9. I’m betting it’s going to take a while to get her off again. But first, Trixie has a job of her own.”

Joe stood by Trixie’s face, and like an obedient slave, she took him into her mouth and began to clean him off. When she was done, Laura immediately began to clean off her face. Joe watched in satisfaction and arousal as these women carried out his bidding. It was a lot of fun that he didn’t expect he’d have. He never considered himself a dominant person, but seeing Trixie’s ego had brought out that side of him, wanting to bring her down a bit.

Course then there was the idea of dominating a supervisor, which to be fair most of the work had been done by Trixie. He was just piggy backing off her work, but it was still fun to be ordering them around like his sex toys. However, with Jenny and Kimmy he genuinely wanted to make sure they were having a good time and didn’t feel as strong of a desire to dominate them in the same way. He just wanted to fuck their living brains out like they wanted. After all, this had been their master plan to seduce him. They should get what they ask for.

He turned to them and asked, “Do you two have any more rounds in you?”

Both shook their head. “I think I’ve had my fill,” Kimmy said. “You’ve given us a night that we will be sure to remember.”

“With any luck it won’t be the last,” Jenny added.

Joe smiled, happy he had sexually satisfied these two beautiful women. He then turned his attention on Laura who was passionately eating out Trixie. She even had a hand massaging Trixie’s breasts. Joe moved over and positioned himself by Laura’s head. He then took his cock and placed it at the back of her head, wrapping her ponytail around his shaft, and began grinding himself in her dark hair.

This unfortunately meant she had to keep her head still so that Joe could fuck it properly. In turn that limited her ability to lick Trixie’s cunt, so she redoubled her efforts, sliding a hand to her ass to play with.

Joe görükle escort was enjoying the sensations of Laura’s hair. “Oh Laura, your hair is so thick! I could fuck it all night long! Clearly you take great care of it, but I’m sure it could use a good daily cumditioning. Don’t you think girls?”

All of them gave an “Mhmm” in agreement. Joe just kept sliding his cock through her silk, feeling it brush over his hard manhood. It felt incredible, so thick and full of volume. It was absolute heaven! She kept going down on Trixie, sometimes shaking her head when she felt it was safe enough to, which sent incomprehensible sensations to his rod.

Slowly it seemed like she was getting somewhere in bringing off Trixie. However, as great as her hair felt on Joe’s dick, he wasn’t cumming yet. She had expected (and hoped for) him to have erupted by now, but he might have been holding off, enjoying the experience. Luckily, Jenny and Kimmy came to her rescue. Just as she managed to get Trixie to scream out in orgasmic bliss, Jenny and Kimmy got on either side of Joe and shook their bangs against his body. In no time Joe ejaculated with probably the biggest load he had shot off all night. He came and came and came. His emission must have lasted at least a minute with how much he managed to produce.

Finally when he came down from his climax, it was time for Laura to be able to enjoy some of that massive cock in more than just her hair and mouth. She wanted to have her cunt torn apart by its size. She hadn’t had a good fuck in so long; just like Trixie, she needed this.

Not a second passed after Joe unwrapped himself from her hair that she quickly turned around, cleaned him off with her mouth, then straddled herself over him and impaled herself on that glorious monster cock.

Impaled was definitely an accurate word as she felt like her sex was being torn to shreds. She felt so much pain, but at the same time so much pleasure. There was no time wasted in trying to get used to his size, she immediately started riding him. She figured she’d get used to the pain soon enough and had eaten out three girls with no release. However, as soon as the pain subsided, she came. The amount of pure pleasure she was feeling overwhelmed her and she came after riding Big Rod Joe for only a few seconds.

This wasn’t going to just be a one fuck and done, though. She wanted to get her fucks worth, so she kept riding him. He was plenty hard, and still had plenty of cum left to drain.

The other three girls had pretty much gotten all they wanted of him. They watched as Joe enjoyed their dorm advisor, occasionally making out with one another any time they knew Joe was watching them, just to spice things up.

It was insane, here was Joe who had just simply been trying to get some extra practice on the court to keep up with the basketball team, now fucking a dorm advisor obsessed with his cock as he watched three absolute beauties make out just to turn him on. This was any guy’s dream come true.

Laura not having a pussy in her mouth any more, was suddenly very audible. “Oh fuck yes Joe! Your cock is heaven! It’s splitting me open in all the right ways! No one has ever fucked me like this! I can’t get enough! I want this cock every day! I will suck you off, let you fuck my hair, let you cum on my bangs, whatever you want just so I can ride this thing once a day! I’ll be your personal sex toy, at your beck and call if that’s what it takes for you to take me! Oh fuck take me! Take me Joe! Oh fuck! Fuck fuck fuck yes! Oh yes! YES YES! YEEES! I’M CUMMING!”

Joe grabbed her by her ponytail and pulled her head back hard as the two of them came together. He erupted inside of her as she gushed over him. She soaked his entire dick and legs with her cum from how much she gushed, which was incredible given that there was barely any room for anything to get by with his large thick rod shoved inside her.

For a few moments she stayed lodged onto him, just breathing deeply. After some time she finally slowly slid off him. Trixie, being smart, asked Laura, “Feel completely satisfied Laura?”

All she could do was nod. She had used all her energy.

“Got any more in you?” Trixie asked. Laura shook her head.

Joe then got up and started getting dressed. “Well I guess that means my work here is done.”

“Hey,” Kimmy said, stopping him a moment and handing him a slip of paper. “If you ever need any help, here’s all of our numbers. Feel free to call us at any time in any combination. You can call just one of us, two of us, or all three. We won’t mind if you leave some of us out here and there. Just as long as you give us a good fuck every once in a while, we’re yours to please you.”

Joe took the paper. He smiled. “Duly noted.”

“Oh, and one more,” Trixie said, taking back the slip really quickly to write one more number down. “That’s Laura’s,” she said, handing it back to him. “I’m sure she’d want you to have it.”

Laura just nodded. Joe chuckled and then wished them all a good night, then left and headed back to his dorm, satisfied in a way he hadn’t been for a while, but would be soon again.