Bare Desire

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“Stop looking so scared, Mina, I’m your best friend and I would never do anything to hurt you,” Marcy’s impatient reassurance did nothing to calm my fears.

“Will you at least tell me why I’m tied to the bed?” I asked hopefully. I sighed when there was no response. I had met her and Grace at the posh hotel expecting nothing more than my typical birthday present. Every year they would rent a room at a luxurious hotel and we would stay up all night drinking good wine and critiquing porn films. This time however, as soon as I had entered the room the two girls had blindfolded me and ushered me onto the king-sized bed. Then they had proceeded to tie my wrist and ankles to the bedposts with what felt like satin.

“Oh, I wish I could stay and watch, but I promised Marcy I wouldn’t,” Grace whispered to me excitedly.

“Wait,” I urged her quietly. I struggled to hide a grin when I heard her stop and then move closer. I tried to look terrified, “Please let me know what’s happening,” I begged her pitifully. “I’m just so worried, can’t you just tell me what the two of you are planning?” I held my breath as I waited for her to come to a decision.

“Oh alright, I’ll tell you, but try to look surprised or Marcy will know that I didn’t keep my mouth shut.” I nodded in eager agreement. “In about five minutes a man will be arriving whose only instructions are to sexually please you in every imaginable way. Ooh, I’m so jealous. I hope you guys are as creatively wicked when my birthday comes around.” Just then Marcy came back into the room, so Grace hurried away.

I just lay on the bed in shock. I was not a sexually inhibited person, and this was every girl’s fantasy. I think the main reason that I was so bothered by the situation was my lack of control. Bound to the bed and subject to the desires of a stranger. I felt my blood go cold. “Grace can you please come over here,” I called in a voice that shook just a tiny bit.

“What is it Mina?” Grace asked cheerfully.

“How do you know this guy isn’t a psycho. I don’t want to end up raped and killed.” I had lowered my voice until she had to sit on the bed beside me to hear it.

“We would never leave you in the hands of a stranger,” Grace assured me in a shocked voice. “Don’t worry it’s someone we trust to take care of you very carefully and thoroughly.” After uttering those confusing words She left again.

I frowned as I went over what she had said. Someone they knew and trusted. I almost would have preferred a stranger. I mentally went over all of the male acquaintances we had that I could remember. No one seemed like the type of man they would have chosen to approach about something this bizarre and personal. A knock on the door scattered my thoughts and sent my heart racing.

“Come in and make yourself comfortable,” Marcy’s low voice called out happily. She let out a throaty laugh, “Is that your bag of goodies?” I assume he must have nodded. “I’m glad to see that you’ve come well prepared.”

What did he bring? I struggled against my bonds one more time to no avail. I heard heavy footsteps coming towards me, and a large hand stroked my face. I froze and struggled to breathe normally.

“Don’t struggle so, darling. These scarves are made of silk, but you’ll still bruise your wrists if you struggle too much.” He continued to brush my hair back from my face as he said this. His voice was deep and textured like red wine, and it was also vaguely familiar. I struggled to place it but came up blank. I jumped a little as he sat on the bed and I felt the press of a jean clad leg against my side. I opened my mouth to speak, but he beat me to it.

“Goodbye ladies. I should be gone by early next morning, but you may want to wait until noon or so before coming up. I have a feeling that Mina may be bit tired tomorrow.” He ran his hand down my arm as he said that and I felt my skin prickle with goose bumps on that arm. “Take good care of her tonight,” Marcy instructed the mysterious man sternly. “Don’t hold back at all, no matter how much she begs. I want this to be a one night stand like no other for our dear Mina.” “Bye honey, you can thank us tomorrow,” Grace called out with a giggle as she shut the door behind them.

I wanted to cry out for them to come back but I didn’t. I knew that there wasn’t a single thing I could say or do that would cause Marcy to change her mind. Instead I turned to my captor with what I hoped was a winsome smile. “I won’t say a word to them if you let me go. I’ll make up an outrageously seductive story they’ll believe and I’ll even pay you twice what they are,” I offered hopefully. I felt his hands on my ankles and felt a surge of triumph. It faded when he simply tugged off my sandal. He moved to my other foot and did the same thing silently.

“Sorry, but a promise is a promise. I can’t leave until you are absolutely satisfied.” He punctuated the statement with a small bite to my earlobe that sent chills racing up my body and a traitorous clenching grup escort between my thighs. He laughed as if aware of my reaction and then sat up abruptly. “Is that a favorite outfit you’re wearing?” he asked casually. It took me a moment to register what he had said since it seemed so irrelevant. “No, actually it’s not. It’s just comfortable.” I found myself trying to justify it, and I rolled my eyes in disgust. There was no reason for me to defend my choice of clothing to this man.

“Good,” he answered shortly and then I felt a touch of cold metal on my skin and the sound of fabric tearing.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked furiously. He didn’t answer and didn’t stop. I felt him cut through the waist and down the front of the long skirt I had worn. Then he lifted my rear up and swept the fabric out from under me and began cutting off my tank top. “Stop right this minute. Aren’t you supposed to be seeing to my pleasure!” I exclaimed finally.

“And how am I going to bring you to climax when you are lying here fully clothed?” He asked with a sexy laugh.

I decided that I didn’t need to respond to that one. I tensed when I felt the scissors slide against my hip as the cut the sides of my panties off. I felt a shiver of apprehension and hoped my friends were right to trust this man. A moment later he snipped the straps of my bra and undid the clasp. He slipped it off my shoulders and I cursed the vulnerability of my position. I wanted to murder Marcy and Grace.

“I really wish you wouldn’t struggle so. The last thing I want is for you to chafe your wrists. Now I’m not going to anything that you truly do not want tonight. This doesn’t mean that you can just tell me to go home. Instead it means that if there are particular pleasures that you are uncomfortable with just tell me and I will stop. Now why don’t I get to know your body a little better.” Indeed as soon as he finished his speech he slid his nude body next to mine and rested his hand on my damp mound. “Oh good, I expected that this would excite you,” he laughed in delight. “Are you going to let me take off my blindfold?” I asked him calmly. I was struggling not to react to the long fingers that teased my plump lips. I was ashamed of my body’s easy desire. Already I felt the tips of my breast tightening and more moisture was gathering below. “No, Mina, I’m sorry but that is something I can’t allow. You know me and I don’t think you’d be able to experience the pleasure as freely if you knew who I was.” He paused and ran his hand in a long caress from her shoulder to her hip. “It would be difficult for both of us after as well, and I don’t want to cause you any awkwardness.” I was becoming more confused by the minute. So he was someone I still saw at least occasionally, and he didn’t think I’d be able to enjoy myself as much if I knew who he was. I suddenly lost the ability to think reasonably as he leaned over and laved my tight nipple with his tongue. I cried out despite myself.

“Yes, Mina that’s the type of sound I want to hear from you tonight. No more questions and no more worries. Now I’m going to give you a massage to relax you.” He scooted down to the bottom of the bed and placed his hand on my ankle. “Can I trust you not to kick me?”

“I won’t kick you,” I promised quickly. I was feeling more aroused by the moment and I no longer had any desire to escape.

He untied the scarf from around my ankle and placed my foot in his lap. I couldn’t help but move my foot just a little in a small upward stroke along his inner thigh. He laughed but said nothing. He leaned across me and I felt the rasp of his pubic hairs against the sole of my foot. Curious as to his endowment I attempted to investigate with my foot, but this time he caught my foot with his hand.

“No more of that now, Mina. I’m about to rub oil into your feet and calves, and it would be hard for me to concentrate if you kept that up. So please be good, and perhaps I’ll be able to untie you completely.” He slipped one oiled hand up my calf and leaned forward to plant a chaste kiss on my upper thigh. “Promise me you’ll be good Mina.”

I shivered in anticipation and desire but I managed to squeak out a quiet reassurance, “I’ll be good.” I couldn’t prevent a moan of delight as I felt his large warm hands begin working on my foot. He was using a liberal amount of the oil and it felt divine. When he ran his blunt fingernails across my arch I felt my entire body jerk in a combination of pleasure and surprise. He removed his hands and I attempted to sit up, forgetting the restraints for a moment. “Oh, please don’t stop,” I told him breathlessly. “I promise not to move at all.”

“Silly, Mina, I’m just pouring more oil into my hands so I can start on your calf.” He slid both his hands all the way up my leg stopping just before my wet and swollen lips. He gave a small laugh and just his breath caused my clitoris to swell in impatient desire. “Well, at least I can be reasonably eskort bayan istanbul assured that my services have been appreciated so far.”

He poured a small puddle of oil onto my shin and I sighed at its delicious warmth. He lifted my foot into his lap again and began easing all the tight muscles in my calf. He had amazingly sexy hands. They were long fingered and strong with just a hint of calluses. The rough texture of his fingertips felt delicious against the silkiness of the oil and the sensitive smoothness of my skin. He poured some more oil onto my thigh and began rubbing it in the most leisurely way imaginable. It was driving me mad with lust. I had thought that his hands on my calves were heaven, but this was hell. Every sweep of his large hands brought him higher, and made me long for freedom simply so I could either masturbate or ask him to perform oral sex on me. He was my slave however.

“I’m relaxed enough I command you to bring me satisfaction now.” I felt like a fool as I stated the request imperiously, but I attempted to maintain a look of haughty dignity beneath my blindfold. I gasped when he slid a slick hand up my thigh and teased the crease that separated my desire with its fulfillment.

“Sorry, I am here to pleasure you, that’s true enough. I was instructed however to bring you to release only when it would be unbearably cruel to wait a moment longer, and I think a little more anticipation will still do you good.” He began massaging my thigh again, but then he paused, “I could however give you a little something to tide you over, since my desire to do so probably matches your need.” Then he leaned forward and my world exploded.

Okay, so perhaps that was a bit of an exaggeration, but his tongue was the most divine thing to ever touch me. He found my pulsing clit on the first try and I embarrassingly climaxed immediately. His tongue was thick and incredibly flexible. I found myself wishing I could take back my orgasm in order to keep that exquisite torture continuing. He didn’t stop however and as he expertly alternated between laving my lips and my clit he brought me to the cusp once again. I thrashed as much as was possible within my binds, and cried out intelligible encouragements. Then he stopped. I gasped for air and waited desperately for his damp mouth to return but was disappointed.

“You taste wonderful,” he told me with just a touch of breathlessness. “I hope you are ready for a long night,” he warned me with mock sternness. “I had promised myself to resist bringing you to climax for at least three hours, and it’s only been a single hour.” He pinched my clit between his fingers and I bucked my hips in an unpreventable response. “I couldn’t resist you though. All spread out on the bed, with your pink lips all swollen and dripping wet beneath your damp curls. I tried to ignore you, but I’ve wanted you too long.” He snapped his mouth shut after this and I realized that he’d given away more than he meant to.

“Are you sure you won’t let me take the blindfold off?” I begged him piteously. I was amazingly curious now. There was something absolutely exhilarating about knowing that a man had secretly lusted after my body and had been given the chance to act out all of his fantasies. I couldn’t imagine anyone I knew being capable of the expert foreplay this man was exhibiting. I once again racked my brain for possibilities but this man seemed much too sensual and experienced to be anyone of my acquaintance.

“Sorry, darling I can’t do that.” He dropped his voice down until I could feel it like liquid silk all over my body. “Don’t you think it adds to the experience? A little helplessness and terror thrown in for spice? I have you completely at my mercy and you must completely rely on the judgment of your two friends and none of your own. I find your unconquerable passion quite exhilarating myself,” he confessed into my ear. A chill ran down my body and I felt my nipples tighten to a point of near pain. “So how old are you now, Mina?”

I forced myself to focus enough to answer. “I will be twenty six at ten till midnight.” I gasped when I felt his hands smooth the warmed oil all over my sensitive breasts. “Oh, god.”

He laughed and rolled both of my aching nipples at once. “No more talking, Mina. The only sounds I will accept for the next few hours are those of passion. Now relax and enjoy your birthday present.” I was about to explain that I would talk if I wanted to but just then he pressed my substantial breasts together and took both of my nipples into his mouth at once. I decided he was right. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I was going to take advantage of it.

I decided to forget embarrassment for tonight, and for the first time I was actually glad for his blindfold. While he leaned over me and teased my nipples mercilessly I scooted down as far on the bed as my restraints would allow. I began to rub my desperately hot vulva on his thigh. I felt him oral escort take his mouth off my nipples in surprise.

“Move a little closer. I need more friction,” I gasped out. He silently acquiesced even shifting over a little until I had perfect access. I groaned in approval and achieved a delicious rhythm against his muscular leg.

I was strung so tight I thought I’d explode. All of my skin seemed on fire tonight. I think it was because of the blindfold. Being deprived of my sight made all of my other senses work overtime; and it was driving me wild. I could hear the rasp of his leg hairs against my delicate skin, and the moist sound of my lips rubbing together. I relished the taste of the sweat on my upper lip. The salty tang of my skin mixed with our mutual desire to produce an exotic musk that I breathed in gratefully. The greatest increase was my sense of touch. It felt as though I had a million sensory nerves in every inch of my skin. The sensitivity that I normally only felt on my breasts, thighs, and neck had spread until my entire body quivered with every touch. He leaned over and licked my lower stomach and I bucked my hips in ecstasy. His long tongue traced delicate designs onto my skin that caused my toes to curl with delight. He began kissing a slow line of heat down my stomach until he stopped just above my thatch of brown curls. I thrust upward in desperation.

“Guess what, Mina, it’s almost midnight. Happy birthday,” he whispered the last right against my sex and the slight vibration of his mouth caused my hips to buck and my head to fall back in frustration.

“Please fuck me,” I begged him. I wanted nothing more than to be filled to bursting by a large and thick cock. I just hoped he’d measure up to my needs.

“I’ll do even better,” he promised me mysteriously. He gave me one long slow lick from anus to clitoris that made me gasp and shiver. I frowned when I felt his weight leave the bed.

I heard him rummaging around in what I guessed was the bag that Marcy had referred to earlier tonight. Tonight? It was hard to believe that I had only been tied up for a few hours. It felt as though this had been my entire existence. This mix of pleasure and anxiety was intoxicating. I bit my lip as I wondered what he would do next.

“Lift your hips a little bit,” he told me as I felt him sit next to me again. I obeyed and he slipped a firm pillow beneath my lower back. I was now displayed quite obscenely for him. I grinned in eager anticipation. I jumped a bit when I felt him spreading lubricant over my anus. “Shh, if you don’t like it I’ll take it out.”

I raised my eyebrows even though I knew he couldn’t see them. Take what out? I gasped as my question was answered. He slowly slipped a small dildo into my lubricated anus. I experimented by rocking my hips forward and was surprised when I felt it flex inside of me. “What is that?” I gasped out.

“It’s filled with oil so that it will contract and flex in time to your thrusts. Do you like it or do you want me to remove it?” He asked me curiously. I nodded in response and I could almost see his grin when he responded. “Great, we are ready to begin then.”

I was about to ask what we were going to begin, but I didn’t get a chance. He untied my other foot, kissed my ankle where the scarf had been tied and then hoisted both of my legs onto his shoulders. His skin was incredibly hot and as he slid up towards me I smiled to find that he was covered in a fine sheen of sweat. I swallowed the excess saliva that had gathered in my mouth. He thrust his middle finger into my hot sheath and I jerked up sharply causing the dildo to rock pleasurably inside me. He began to tease my clitoris with his tongue and I threw my head back in amazement. This was the most exquisite feeling imaginable. I felt as though I might actually explode. I wasn’t surprised when I climaxed almost immediately. He didn’t even pause however. He was working in a taxing rhythm that didn’t give me a moment of relief. The dildo was a steady pressure from behind and his finger was just long enough to press into her at almost the same exact spot. The feeling of being filled from both directions would have been enough to bring me to a second shattering climax all on it’s own, but when he added his skilled tongue into the mix again it was nearly too much. It wasn’t until my third climax had left me shivering and drenched in sweat that he stopped.

I was pleasantly languorous and completely sated. I looked at him and gave a slow sleepy smile. I blinked as I recognized Marcy’s cousin, Jude. I felt my mouth drop open as I realized that my blindfold must have slipped off during one of my shuddering orgasms. He had his eyes closed as he rested his head on my upper thigh. I admired his sexy mouth and tousled black hair for a moment before I spoke up, “Why Jude, you could have done this for my birthday long ago.”

Jude sat straight up in surprise. He met my eyes and winced. “Are you mad at me, Mina?” He asked hesitantly.

I looked at him in silent appraisal. His upper body was gleaming with sweat and his mouth was wet from my own juices. I licked my lips and sighed. “Not at all. Now are you ready to come up here and fuck me for real?” I purred out from beneath half closed eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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