Baseball Cougars Take The Lead Pt. 01

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All characters are eighteen years or older.


We were having an unusually hot spring, which might have bothered me last baseball season. But over the winter, since turning 18, I discovered girls in a big way. So while sitting on the bench waiting for the game to start, my instinct was to look back at the bleachers behind us to look for female flesh. Unfortunately, there were very few young girls that came to watch our team. However, that didn’t stop me from finding females to ogle, for I didn’t have any problem checking out my teammates’ moms.

Not that they were all raging beauties. Some were hot, absolutely, like Chris and Pete’s moms, both slender blondes with smoking bodies. Some, like Brad and Kip’s moms, I think that just about anybody would think were attractive. But there were some, like Mike and Eric’s moms, that had a little more flesh on them and maybe looked a little older, that I still liked looking at, in part because they had big tits, and in part, well, just because they were female and they were in my view. I wouldn’t want anybody else to know that I was lusting after these old moms, but then I wouldn’t want my friends to know that I was lusting after any of their hot moms either.

I was horny enough to risk taking a few good peeks back. There were several moms in shorts showing off some bare leg. A couple with bare arms and bra straps showing also. Not bad. Then there was Mike’s mom, Mrs. Miles, in a denim skirt. Mike had been one of my best friends for a few years, so it was odd to suddenly think of his mom as a sex object. On top of that, Mr. Miles had been my manager for the past two seasons, so Mrs. Miles was my manger’s wife. Mrs. Miles was one of those moms in the “fleshier” category, so her legs weren’t the best. But they were legs. Mrs. Miles had short spiked frosted hair, was pretty tall, taller than me, a little thicker in the waist and butt than I’d prefer. But she did have those nice big tits. So as she read a magazine while wearing these half-glasses, I took a long look at her exposed legs, and tried to look up her skirt. Just then she looked up, over her glasses, and made eye contact with me. Damn! Busted!

Some time later, early in the game, we were at bat, and I sat on the bench. I wanted to look back at the women, but didn’t want to risk getting caught twice in one game looking at Mrs. Miles. Sitting next to me was Eric. I felt Eric nudge me, and whisper, “Hey, Don, check it out. Look at Mike’s mom.”


“Look at Mrs. Miles. You can see up her skirt.”

I looked back at Mrs. Miles. Her denim skirt had ridden up quite a bit, and her knees had spread apart more. Sure enough, I could clearly see a triangle of white panty up her skirt! First of all, I was thrilled to see Mrs. Miles’ panties. Second of all, I was shocked that Eric would point it out to me. Eric was the top player on our team, actually the top athlete in the league, a head taller than the rest of us, and very popular with the girls at school. If HE was willing to admit that he enjoyed looking up this woman’s skirt, I felt better about my own lust for her.

As I ogled Mrs. Miles’ panties, Eric turned to Pete, sitting on his other side, and pointed the show out to him. As we took turns looking back at Mrs. Miles, Eric said, “I think she’s doing it on purpose. I overheard a couple of the moms complaining about Vito’s mom last week. They were complaining about the way she dresses for the games.”

I remembered Vito’s mom last week, too. She came to the game right from work, dressed to the hilt. Mrs. Nippola looks too young to be Vito’s mom. She’s divorced, a hot dark-haired beauty, not very tall, but has killer legs and a firm body. I noticed her in the bleachers wearing a scooping top and push-up bra, as well as a short skirt. Damn, I even got to see up her skirt, to her pink panties under her pantyhose. But I didn’t know that everybody else noticed her, too.

I glanced back at Mrs. Miles, but turned away as she looked over at us. “She’s looking at us,” I whispered to Eric.

“She wants us to look at her. Look at her now, she’s spreading’ wider!” I looked back, and sure enough, Mrs. Miles had spread her knees apart wider, and she was looking right at us.

Mrs. Miles was now engaged in a conversation with Kip’s mom, Mrs. Deil. Mrs. Deil had a pretty face, luscious lips, and a nice slender figure. She looked younger than most of the moms, but her shoulder-length straight brown hair had some visible strands of gray.

Just as I was looking back admiring Mrs. Deil, she crossed her arms, grabbed the bottom of her tank top, and began pulling it up. “Holy crap,” I whispered. Eric and Pete heard me, and looked back just in time to see Mrs. Deil pull her top up over her head, shaking it through her hair, and dropping it next to her on the bleacher. She was wearing a pink bikini top. It wasn’t the most revealing bathing suit top I’ve seen, and her tits were pretty small anyways. But it was a bit of a surprise that she’d be on display in just a bikini top and cutoffs at her son’s baseball game.

Both bursa escort bayan Eric and Pete moaned at the sight of another team mom on display. We watched as Mrs. Deil arched her back and put suntan lotion on her shoulders, chest, and stomach.

Not only was it fun staring at all these scantily dressed MILFs, but also it was cool actually discussing them with Eric and Pete. It was just the beginning of the summer of “sharing” the team moms with my eighteen-year-old teammates.


The very next game was on an even hotter day, and there were even skimpier clothes and more exposed bra straps in the bleachers. Not every mom was in attendance at every game. Today there were several moms that weren’t at the last game. This included Brad’s mom, Mrs. Curtis. She had nice legs, but her shorts were a little too long to show much thigh. This wasn’t the case with Mrs. Osteen, Chris’ mom. She had on some very short shorts, and as she sat on the bleachers with her legs crossed, Eric and I simultaneously spotted her blue panties peeking out of the side of her shorts.

I arrived a little early for the game, but several of my teammates were already there, hanging around the backstop and the bleachers. I saw Brad and Tim on the top row of the bleachers, and Pete and Eric were climbing down. Eric approached me, and mumbled, “Climb up to the top of the bleachers.”


“Mrs. Deil isn’t wearing a bra. Her blouse is hanging open and you can see her whole tit!”

I looked up at the bleachers, where Brad and Tim were sitting. Next to them was Mrs. Deil, who was wearing a white cotton sleeveless blouse, which scooped down in front. It appeared to be gapped open, and Brad and Tim were climbing all over each other to get a closer look.

I climbed up to bleachers and stood next to Tim, and pretended to be making small talk with him. But really I was standing over Mrs. Deil. Sure enough, her top was gapped way open, and I could see her whole right tit! It was small, pale in comparison to the rest of her chest, and it was capped with a brown nipple with smaller areolas. Her eraser-sized nipple was easy to see. Fuck! I’m seeing a tit! My first naked tit, and it was on an adult woman! I lingered as long as I dared before climbing down the bleachers and sharing my experience with Eric and Pete, who saw the same thing. As Brad and Tim climbed down the bleachers, Shawn and Bill replaced them. Seven of us saw our teammate’s mom’s tit, and it was the talk of the bench through most of the ball game.

Near the end of the game, Eric said to me, “Watch Kyle’s mom right after the game.”

“Gladly,” I quipped, thinking of Mrs. Kreske, Kyle’s attractive mom. “Why especially?”

“The last two games, when Coach Miles was telling everybody about the next game, she’s come up behind me and rubbed up against me.”

“Rubbed up against you?”

“Yeah. She presses her tit into my shoulder. If she does it again, I’m going to reach back and ‘accidentally’ rub her pussy or something.”

What happens immediately after the game is that the manager reminds the players when and where the next game or practices is, and what time to be there. Many of the parents also crowed around to hear what he has to say. So after this game, I backed up a bit, and sure enough, Mrs. Kreske found her way over to Eric, and stood behind him. Since Eric was the tallest one on the team, she wouldn’t be standing there to see better. Mrs. Kreske seemed to be pressing her left tit into Eric’s right shoulder. Mrs. Kreske had B cup tits I’d guess, was another cute brunette mom, but her hair was shorter than most of the moms. She was a bit of a fireplug; shorter than most of the moms. I wouldn’t call her slender, she had a little meat on her, but she looked like she worked out. I’ve often admired her hard thighs, and her round ass, when she wore tight shorts.

I stood right behind Mrs. Kreske, and watched her arch her back and press her left tit into Eric’s shoulder from behind. He was right; she was doing it on purpose! Eric seemed to be responding by slowly rubbing his shoulder back and forth over her tit. It was erotic to watch someone else’s “foreplay” with a mom.

Eric dropped his right hand to his side, and let it slide a little behind him. As he had threatened, he seemed to be attempting to touch Mrs. Kreske. He pressed the back of his hand into her crotch. Mrs. Kreske wasted no time in arching her hips forward to press her pussy into Eric’s hand and do a little subtle grinding on it. This all took place in a matter of seconds, before Coach Miles was done talking and the group dispersed.

This made one mom who showed us her panties, one who showed us her tits, and one who rubbed her tits and pussy against one of us. That was three horny moms we found out of the thirteen team moms. And it was still early in the baseball season, and the summer.


The following Saturday, I went over to Mike’s house before practice. It was the first time I’d seen Mrs. Miles since the game where she’d flashed her panties at us. I was pretty sure nilüfer escort that it was deliberate, but if it was, I figured that it was likely for Eric’s benefit, who was so popular with girls. Perhaps older women found him attractive, too. But today, I immediately caught a different vibe from Mrs. Miles. I can’t explain it, just a look, and something in her voice when she said, “Hello, Don,” with a little smile. Mrs. Miles wasn’t dressed exceptionally. She was wearing some jogging pants and a t-shirt. But the shirt was tight and clinging enough that I kept looking at her big tits whenever she walked through the family room. They even swayed some inside of her bra. She was a big woman, taller than me, and broad shouldered. Her big round butt jiggled in those clinging slacks, and I think she caught me staring at her ass, too.

Coach Miles said that he was gong to go move a pile of mulch that was sitting in the driveway. He went outside, and I could hear his shovel scraping against the sidewalk, then his wheel barrel moving about the yard. Mike and I were talking in the living room, when I heard his mom calling from down the hall. “Mike, you have to go mow the lawn now!”

“Mom, I’ll do it after practice, Don’s here now,” replied Mike.

“No, you do it now. Don can go play video games in your room for a half hour,” said Mrs. Miles. After a little more arguing, Mike gave up the fight, and went out the side door to mow the lawn. That left me in the house alone with Mrs. Miles. I sauntered down the hall towards Mike’s bedroom, which I’d spent plenty of time in over the years. I knew where his video games were.

As I passed Mike’s parents’ bedroom, the door was wide open, and I glanced inside to my right. Standing beside the bed was Mrs. Miles. Totally naked. Buck naked. Full frontal. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared, my jaw hanging down. There she was, her big white tits right there, capped by large dark areolas and fat nipples. My eyes moved downward over her rounded belly to her fat triangle of brown pubic hair.

Mrs. Miles simply stood there silently, with a deadpan expression. I expected her to jump and cover or squeal or something. But she just stood there, clutching her white panties in one hand, and her other hand on her hip. Finally I broke off my stare, and stumbled my way down the hall to Mike’s room.

I sat on Mike’s desk chair, my heart beating rapidly. Did she forget I was in the house? Was she pissed? I couldn’t get those big tits and big areolas and long public hairs out of my mind. I just saw a grown woman – naked!

I could hear Mike’s lawn mower outside, as well as Coach Miles scraping the shovel. Then I heard Coach Miles’ wife walking down the hall toward me. I was bracing for a scolding or something. Mrs. Miles entered the room, now wearing a short white robe, tied in the front. She stood about two feet in front of me, and stood over me as I sat in the chair. She had that deadpan expression on her face. “Don!” she said, in her husky voice.

“Yes?” I replied.

The corners of her lips rose, into a closed-mouth smile. “Did you like what you saw?”

Was that a trick question? I paused, and then replied ‘Yeah.”

“Do you want to see more?”

I thought I’d seen it all, but I replied, “Yeah.”

Without another word Mrs. Miles untied her robe, and opened it up to show her big tits and hairy bush again. She quickly slid the garment off of her shoulders, and dropped it behind her on the carpet.

My eyes were at the level over her belly. My eyes darted from her pussy to her tits, taking them in, inspecting them. Her tits did slope down a little, but they were so big, and just inches away. There were some imperfections on her, but I didn’t care. This was a grown woman, completely naked except for some big white round earrings, and she was posing for me. I didn’t know what to do. Mrs. Miles made the next move for me. She spread her legs, moved forward, and lowered her bare bottom onto my lap. She wrapped her bare thighs around me, rested her warm ass on my bare legs, and thrust her chest forward.

“You can touch me,” she said. I reached up, and planted both of my palms on her naked tits, which were inches from my face. I groped her heavy melons firmly as she put her arms on my shoulders. “Ooh, such a firm young body,” she cooed in her husky voice. She pressed her body forward, until her pussy mound was rubbing against my hard cock in my shorts. She slowly humped me as she leaned down and opened her mouth. I opened mine, and planted my lips onto hers. She snaked her tongue in my mouth and French kissed me as we pressed together. Aware that we didn’t have much time, I slid my right hand down her side, and cupped her pussy mound over her forest of coarse pubic hair.

Mrs. Miles lifted up slightly, grabbed my shorts by the waist, and pulled them down. I lifted my butt up off the chair, and the big strong woman yanked my shorts and boxers down to my knees, and then tugged them down to my ankles. She wrapped her long fingers around my hard cock, and stroked it rapidly, while I continued türbanlı escort kissing her and fondling her tit with my left hand. My right index finger found her wet slit buried in her pubic hair, and I slid it inside. It was warm and lubricated like nothing I’d ever felt before.

Mrs. Miles pulled my hand away from her pussy, aimed my cock at it, and guided my dick head inside. She thrust forward, and her hot pussy swallowed up my whole cock. Goddamn, I’m fucking a woman!

My friend’s mom clamped her big thighs around me, and began thrusting her hips in and out. My cock slid in and out of her as she wrapped her arms around me. My face was mashed against her chest. I put my hands on her side, then her hips, and then over her thrusting butt cheeks, sinking my fingers into her ass flesh.

I was aware that we had time constraints. The buzzing of the lawn mower and the scraping of the shovel outside reminded me that any moment my friend might re-enter the house and see me fucking his mom, or my baseball manager could catch me fucking his wife. Mrs. Miles was panting in my ear. My cock tingled with the soft slippery friction of the gliding pussy.

Mrs. Miles arched her back, causing her tits to lift up to my face. I took the opportunity to burrow between her tits, licking between them. Then I quickly kissed my way over her right tit, until my lips found her fat nipple. I sucked it into my mouth, and licked it. Mrs. Miles groaned hoarsely. “Ohhhh!”

As she thrust her hips, Mrs. Miles started bouncing up and down on my lap, causing faster friction on my cock. I stopped feeling around her body, and I grabbed her hips firmly, and thrust into her as fast as I could. I arched forward and felt her tits pressing into my chest. The chair was squeaking, but I forgot about the noises outside or who could walk in. My sole goal in life at that moment was to ejaculate into Mrs. Miles’ pussy. I was getting close. Coach Miles himself could have walked in at that moment, and I wouldn’t have stopped fucking his wife. Mrs. Miles was making sounds I didn’t expect to ever hear from my friend’s mom. She sounded like some zoo animal, grunting into my ear. “Hugh Hugh Hugh!” Like a train.

Mrs. Miles’ bare skin started to feel sweaty. She rotated her hips in circles as she thrust. Her fingers dug into my shoulders. Then she clamped her big thighs around me in a vice-like grip, and groaned. I took a moment to look over at her face. Her mouth was open, and her eyes were closed. I could see lines in her face I’d never noted before, as she appeared to be in pain. “OHHHHHHHHH!”

With almost no warning even to myself, I lost control, and gushed a load of sperm into Mrs. Miles’ pussy. I arched up and let her have numerous other spurts. Mrs. Miles began to shudder and shake on top of me, like she was having a seizure. Her body shook all over me, and I thought she was going to throw me off of the chair. I hung on and tried to keep her centered on me. “GRRRRRRR! UNNNNGGG!”

Just as I finally got done cumming inside of her, Mrs. Miles slowed her thrusting, until she finally collapsed on me. I felt her dead weight on my lap and on my shoulders as she panted heavily.

Then without a word, the big mother raised up off of me, letting my cock slide out of her pussy. She stood up and stepped back. I took one last look at her matted pussy hair and dangling tits as she bent down and picked up her robe. I had one strange fleeting moment of discomfort and modesty when I realized that my dick was out in front of my friend’s mom. She was in the process of putting her robe on when we heard the back door open. It brought me back to reality, and I quickly stood and started to yank up my shorts and boxers. Mrs. Miles turned and tied her robe as she walked out the door without a word, and hurried down the hall. Seconds later, Mike came into the bedroom. I told him I had to go to the bathroom, and as I made my way down the hall, I heard the shower running in Mrs. Miles’ master bathroom. When I’d wiped off my cock and washed my hands, and came out of the bathroom, Coach Miles was also in the house. A few minutes later, just as we were leaving for baseball practice, Mrs. Miles came out of her bedroom and said goodbye to us. As I was walking out the door, I looked back at her, and she gave me a little smile.


The next game was on a cooler day, so I was afraid that there wouldn’t be much to view in the stands. I walked to the park because Mom and Dad were busy and were coming later. It had rained earlier, and so the game right before ours had been delayed. So not only did I have a long wait before my game started, I was starting to get cold. The bleachers were full, as parents from both the early game and our later game were there. I climbed up the right side of the bleachers, and found a spot next to Brad’s mom, Mrs. Curtis, on the edge of the top row. Her other son was playing in the early game. Mrs. Curtis said, “Hi, Don,” as I squeezed in next to her on her right. Mrs. Curtis had a blanket over her legs; that’s how cold it was. I could see from her bare calves that she was wearing shorts under the blanket. I tired to give Mrs. Curtis her space, but we were hip-to-hip next to each other. And Mrs. Curtis didn’t seem to want her own space. I felt her right leg press against my left leg. I didn’t mind the contact.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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