Bathing Memories Ch. 03


One year was a very long wait, but indeed memorable. Not a single day had passed when I didn’t think of showering together with mom, which started so innocently and ended with lovemaking after transcending all taboos and mental barriers. During my year-long stay at the hostel, every night I visualized the scenes from my memory, which was always so fresh. Though I missed my mom in my daily busy life, she was continuously present in my solitude thoughts and imaginations. It was difficult for me to concentrate on my studies and for sometime, I even felt worried if those intimate thoughts would affect my academic performance. But, contrary to my apprehensions, I never lost my mental balance and performed even better in the second year.

Finally, when my summer vacation commenced, I was almost bubbling with excitements of going back home and be with my mom. It was on a Friday night, when I had reached home. My visit was therefore followed by a weekend. I was happy to spend my time together with both my parents, since my father was at home. On those two days, only for brief durations I could snatch some exclusive times with my mom and mostly, those were in the kitchen. Sometimes, I used to enter the kitchen stealthily, without making any noise of footsteps while she was working there and throw my arms around her belly. That used to make her frightened before she could realize that it was me and I used to get much fun out of it. This wasn’t new and used to be one of my childhood funs as well.

On Sunday, when my dad had gone for his bath, I was keen to have a bit of “intimate time” with my mother. I entered the kitchen without making any noise and encircled her tightly from behind with my eager arms. My lower belly intimately rested against her soft buttocks and instead of touching her belly out of my normal habits, I placed my palms on her blouse and squeezed her breasts lightly. Instantly, her body wiggled and my manhood, which was getting harder with our intimacy, could discover her ass crack, where it could grow further in size.

“Hey, your dad is at home now” she whispered.

“He is having his bath now” I assured.

“Are you sure?” she queried.

“Yes, I have seen him going just a while back” I answered.

“So, you thought of fondling your mom in the meantime?” she asked me affectionately (Sei janyoi bujhi ma-ke ador korte ranna ghar-e chole esechhis?).

“Why don’t you wear a bra at home, mom?” I asked, while my palm was massaging the lower part of her breasts and I sensed her soft bare skin and flesh underneath her blouse.

“In this hot weather, I don’t find it comfortable to keep it on.” (Ja garam! Gaaye rakhte para jayna!)

“But my mom’s lovely boobs must not sag” (Tai bole amar ma-r eto sundar buk duto jhule dite deoaa jaayna!) I commented.

“Isn’t your mom getting older? Remember, she is 43 now. She is not a young woman any more.” (Ma buri hochchhena bujhi? Tetallish bachhar bayas holo!)

“You still look so young, ma” I said with full praise for her looks. I slid my fingers inside her blouse, which was a bit loose and it reached the bare skin of her aureoles and hard, erect nipples.

“Uncivilized fellow!” (Ashabhya!) she scolded me mildly and said, “Hey, take care! My blouse would get torn” (Ektu sabdhane kar. Noile blouse chhire jabe kintu).

“Don’t worry, mom! If it gets torn, I’ll buy a new blouse for you when I get a job.”

“Oh, that’s still two years away from now” (Ekhono dui bachhar deri amar chhele-r blouse kenar khamota aste) she replied with a smile, “I won’t be able to manage without replacement blouse till then.” (Tatodin blouse chhara kikore cholbe, shuni?)

My mother unbuttoned her blouse from her front to ease the pressures of my fingers on it and to prevent her blouse from getting torn. I could now intimately touch her bare breasts from behind. What an incredible feeling it was!

“How soft it is!” (O Ma! ki naram!) I exclaimed, squeezing her breasts with gentle pressure.

“That’s how female breasts are, my son!” (Meyeder buk erokom i hoy!) she said smilingly.

“Then I have to try doing that with other females, what you say?” I said jokingly.

“You say you don’t have a girlfriend. So, who else will give you this much of liberty, other than your mom?”

I continued to gently fondle my mother’s breasts and hard nipples from behind. The tent inside my porno 64 pajama was getting uncontrollable.

“What do you have inside these soft treasures, Ma?” I asked.

“When you were an infant, they were full of milk. Now, I don’t know if it contains anything.” I lifted my palms from her breasts and placed them on her shoulders and made her turn towards me. Then I bent myself down and buried my face between her breasts. My nostrils smelled her perspiration, as well as that all-familiar motherly smell.

“I know what you have inside!” I said in a husky voice.

“What?” she asked back in a whispering tone.

“Love! Love for me. They are filled with love”, I said.

“For you my son, only for you”, she said lovingly, holding my face more firmly within her breasts.

“I was missing your love so much……” I said, with tears rolling down.

“Me too…” she whispered in my ears with tears rolling down her eyes too.

“My son, it’s enough for now. Your dad will finish his bath in no time.” (Aaj anek ador hoyechhe sona! Ekkhuni Baba-r snan hoye jabe), she cautioned me in a low voice and buttoned her blouse quickly.

“Because of you, I must have spoiled my cooking”, she said, while trying to concentrate on her cooking once more.

While I was coming out of the kitchen, I looked at my tent. The peak was over, but my pajama showed adequate evidences of my semen droplets.

For the rest of the day, I was again and again feeling as if my cheeks were still feeling the soft walls of my mother’s lovely breasts and my prick was hardening in anticipation of our lovemaking during the vacation. Won’t it happen again? When will it happen? I felt I couldn’t wait any longer.

Next morning, my dad had to leave home very early in the morning, by quarter to five or so. He had to go to Delhi for two days on some official work and had an early reporting time for his flight. When he had called me to say good bye, I was fast asleep. With sleepy eyes, I just managed to wish him a safe and happy journey and fell asleep again.

I woke up with the feeling of a caring, warm, affectionate touch on my forehead.

“Ma? ” I opened my eyes to see her lovely face leaning towards my face. My mom was sitting on the bed, just next to my pillow.

“Couldn’t get a sleep after your dad left for airport. So I wanted to spoil your sleep too” she said with a naughty smile.

“You did a good thing. Now that you have spoilt my sleep, I won’t let you go anywhere. Be with me.” I threw my arms round her neck and dragged her face as close as possible to mine.

I was feeling utterly restless to have our most passionate lip to lip kissing, which we couldn’t do ever since my vacation started.

At last, our lips met. An electrifying sensation of Oedipal passion was running through my entire body, when our lips trembling with heat of desire were in perfect contact. As I tried to part my closed lips, there was only one natural sound that came out of it- “Ma”.

She parted her lips too and there was just a soft moan that followed. My prick, which was already hard out of my morning erection almost swelled to its peak, hardened like a steel rod and was throbbing with my incestuous lust.

“Ei, basi mukh!” she screamed, reminding that neither of us had brushed our teeth yet.

“Then, let’s brush our teeth with each other’s tongue.” I said, while bringing her body on top of mine.

My lips, hot and wet, touched my mom’s eager hot lips once more, allowing our tongues to flicker and duel in the eternal dance of love. Hot and panting breaths mingled as they trembled together in our highly erotic embrace. It was a wild and wonderful exhibition of untamed desires, mother and son, both sensually lingered, locked together, belly to belly in their mad passion.

“The raw smell of your mouth is delicious, Ma” I said, as the savage smell of passion was bringing me to greater and greater heights of erotic pleasure.

“So is yours, my son” she said, as she explored her own son’s natural smell of breath.

My erection was trembling frenetically, as it pulsated against my mother’s lower belly, demanding to be allowed to thrust its way deep into the very depths of the body that had conceived and given birth to me.

We rolled over, so that I could come on top of her. The tip of my cock was oozing droplets of semen, porno izle as my erection was repeatedly rubbing against her soft belly.

I started kissing all over her cute face – her forehead, her left cheek, her chin, her right cheek and then again her forehead, going in rounds and rounds. My mother was closing her eyes and enjoying the love she was receiving from her beloved son. I removed her ear-rings carefully and placed on the bedside table and kissed her earlobes. It sent waves of pleasure over her body, as she threw her body in ecstasy. She removed my vests, making the upper part of my body bare and whispered something in my ears, which I couldn’t hear. Then she whispered once more, with her face getting reddish with blush.

“Remove my blouse first…” (“Aage blouse-ta khule de”) she pleaded.

Her words made my lust uncontrollable. She was holding me so tightly that I found her bangles very disturbing and took those off her hands. Then, I displaced the aanchal of her saree from her shoulders and slowly my trembling fingers carefully started unbuttoning her blouse. It was the same blouse which she was wearing on the previous day, when I had managed to snatch some intimate time with her. The lowermost button was causing some difficulty, but mom helped -“Let me do that” (Ota ami khule dichchhi. Tui parbina).

I exposed her lovely breasts, which I couldn’t view on the previous day, as I was fondling her breasts from behind. Her light purple aureoles, capped with dark nipples were looking marvelous!

I moved my face over her left breast and started suckling her dark, brown nipples. It was incredible! My mother too couldn’t keep her incestuous pleasures and lust within. Her soft tender fingers unfastened the strings of my pajama and slowly touched the wet tips of my steel hard tool.

“So large in size!” (etto baro? ) she exclaimed. “It is larger in size than what it was one year before. After all, my lovely son has also grown up by one more year. What you say?”

My tongue continued to wet every square millimeter of my mother’s breasts. She was holding me tightly there by putting one of her arms around my neck while her other arm was placed over my buttock, as she slowly relieved me of my pajama and dropped it on the floor. After making me fully naked, she continued to caress my hard tool further.

“Hope you can wait a bit.” (Ektu apekkha korte parbi to?)

“It’s okay” I said, while unwrapping her saree off her waist. I dropped her saree on the floor, where all our removed clothes were getting heaped up.

She was just wearing a white-colored shaya (petticoat). I came to her side and unfastened the strings of her petticoat and pulled it down to expose her lovely buttocks. “God! How could you make her buttocks so wonderful!”, I wondered as if it was the eighth wonder of this planet, when I touched the silky skin of her ass cheeks, with the flesh within heaped lusciously. Her shaya had come down well below her knees and I used my feet to bring her last piece of garment below her toes.

My mom was fully naked. No garments, no ornaments, not even a thread. She was just one with nature and she was looking much more beautiful than ever before. She placed her head on my bare chest and the sweet fragrance of her hair ignited my passion further.

I was moving my palm all around her naked buttocks and shoved my fingers along her ass crack.

“It’s a pleasure to caress your buttocks, mom!” (“Tomar pachha-te ador korte ki bhalo lage Ma!”)

“Oh, boy! You never forget to praise my buttocks.”(“Ma-r pachhar prashangsa na kore tui parisna”)

Mom eager fist touched my hard tool once again to bring it close to her lusty slit. My cock tip sensed her thick bushes and then felt something soft and wet. I was afraid if it would burst its load of semen even before it entered her, but I could somehow exercise my control and keep my load within. I raised my head above her shoulders and gazed at her naked figure – her head, her long black hair, her cute shoulders, her bare back, the magnificent curves of her buttocks, her thighs, legs and finally her feet. What a lovely creation of God! Had I known painting, I would have liked to paint her in this position.

Mom and I rolled over once more and now I came on top of her. I gazed at her complete nudity – her face, her magnificent pair of breasts cupped with sex izle light purple colored aureoles and erect nipples. I looked down below – her belly, her navel and then ……I got a complete glimpse of her dark hairy triangle, which kept the secrecy of her dark passage.

I lowered my face to kiss her secret part. A pungent smell of wild desires burning within her filled my nostrils. When my nostril rested against her pubic hairs, it was an incredible feeling. I tried to breath through her wet, secret opening. She folded her knees in ecstasy and parted her legs to make the opening clearly visible and allowed me to breath more of her lusty, raw smell of the fluid that was oozing out. My nostril was giving her a ticklish sensation and she was unable to bear it. She burst into a bout of ticklish laughter and pleaded,

“Oh, no….no more please. I am getting a ticklish sensation there.” (“Ei nnaaa hissi-r lom er niche bhishon sursuri lagchhe sona. Please, orokom korisna.”)

“Babun! I can’t wait any longer. Come inside your mother and fill me up” (“Ami aar parchhina Babun! Ebar ma-r bhitore aay – sona chhele, ekdom bhitore aay”) , she groaned, spreading her fleshy thighs as wide as she could.

With a moan, mom made my cock-tip press against the groove of her slit, and raised her hips up at me. She shoved her right hand down onto my buttocks, pulling me as tightly as she could against her feverish body. Her flooded slit soaked the head of my manhood with a plentiful supply of oily lubricant.

At that moment, I had a bit fumbled, as far as I remember, but mom said, “Be there. Let me put it in.” (“Tui jemon achhis thak, ami bhitore dhukiye nichchhi”).

She parted her legs even more and buckled, holding my cock near the slit and my body shivered when it finally made the entry.

“Slowly. Don’t make hurry” (“Aste aste aay. Tarahuro korisna. Aaste!”) she whispered.

I followed her advice and slowly immersed myself into her inch by luscious inch.

My mother screamed as the final three inches of my hard and throbbing erection slid into her clasping, greedy, sopping wet passage.

“Ma………” I cried out with ultimate pleasure.

“Oh my son! You are inside your mother now. Don’t you like it?” (“Ki baba? Tui to amar ekdom bhitore ekhon. Bhalo lagchhe to?”)

“Oh Ma! I can’t describe how I feel now. It makes me feel so good.” I said. “This time, it was so easy.”

“Now you are experienced. Aren’t you?” she told me with naughty looks. “Last time, we did it in the bathroom and couldn’t get a comfortable position. It was your first time too!”

“Now rest your knees on the bed comfortably and begin your thrusts…..Oh boy! That’s it…..Do it like that…..” she cried with ecstasy as my cock started exploring her love tunnel rhythmically.

I realized that it was my own abode of peaceful stay nineteen years back and it was an intimate feeling of homecoming. During the play, I had closed my eyes and felt that my entire body was inside hers and couldn’t distinguish between my manhood and other body parts. My mother was holding me caringly, throughout my play. For a moment, I opened my eyes only to look at her. She too was closing her eyes, her face looked purple as she was close to her orgasm, and her lips were open to allow a better breathing. I looked at her lovely gorgeous breasts and dark erect nipples, which looked like flowers. Below her belly, I couldn’t see anything but our bodies in total union. It was much more than a mere genital union. As if our mind and body had perfectly blended together into one. I closed my eyes once more and enjoyed my stay and play. God! What a heavenly feeling it was! I will fail in my literary efforts, if I try to describe it in language. Readers may just imagine in their own ways and get a feel of it.

“Babun! Aar ektu jore! Aaaaro…….aaaro jore…..ei to sona amar……katto sona!” she cried, pleading me to fuck her wilder and harder. It was a wildly exciting feeling as we both reached the very pinnacle of our lusts and desires.

My mother trembled with orgasm, as her son’s incestuously buried penis reached the very height of its passion and then spat out its glutinous seed in frantic jets of sheer incest craving lust to be greedily swallowed by her own tissues, taking her son deep into her craving womb.

After releasing my load, I slowly removed my limp manhood out of her. My thick fluid had already over flown and spoilt the bed sheet.

We slept naked for some more time with a close embrace to cherish our unforgettable moments of togetherness and union. Then, both of us had to begin our day.