BBC Lover’s Interview on Stage Ch. 01


“Hello, sugar. Sorry I cut it so close, but we had to wrap the last scene of my current movie. Thanks for letting me run late. I apologize to you and all your crew. Hopefully I’ll be brilliant in some way and boost your ratings and everyone will get a bump in pay! I had to run right into make up and then out here, so can I have a word with my husband before we begin?” I asked of the woman with the microphone.

“Nancy, of course.” I noticed Ted moving out to the stage. While I’m in the movies, Ted is anything but a movie star – although he was a fine cameraman in his day. Before I was discovered. He tended to make other people uncomfortable if he didn’t have a camera in hand. Maybe because he was white and nerdy. Maybe because he was a lawyer. I didn’t care – I married him for his heart, his mind and his connections. His friendly connections. His connected friends.

You look great” he told me. “How did that last scene go? You were doing an airtight finish, right?”

I grinned at him.

“That means you nailed it! Or they nailed you and you nailed the shot!” He high-fived me and then stepped back into the background. Ted was well aware of what I do for a living. Hell, he’s the reason I’m doing it, actually.

Gwenn, the hostess for the show came back. “Let’s just start talking to let the sound guys get levels, and then when they give me the signal we can break for the intro and monologue, and you can catch your breath in the green room” she said.

“Fine, what shall we discuss? Do you have some idea of what you want to get to?” I asked.

“As for the interview content, well, of course you are free to mention your films by name; and obviously there’s your book. I mean, that was what got you booked here. Not that you fuck black men on film for a living. That you write about it as well.” She had some sort of axe to grind, that was obvious. “You can read a chapter or two from your book, or maybe illuminate on something you wrote. You can talk about how you started in films, and how you went from homemade porn tapes to now being nominated for the AVN newcomer of the year. In as much detail as you want. My show is an adults-only discussion of the nitty gritty. And we also include titties, clitties, and any other bitties my guests bring up ” She paused, listened to the voice in her off camera ear and resettled herself in her seat.

“And there’s the cue that sound’s got you all set up. You can head backstage and relax for a bit.”

In short order we heard the studio announcer say in a TV voice: “Once again, ladies, gentlemen and everyone else, it’s time to explore Life on the Wild Side, with your hostess, Gwenn Nettles! And of course, on the piano is Wally Longham and his Riverside Band.” The audience applauded as the group, fronted by Longham on piano, a very tall, bald black man, with a small group of black musicians on guitar, bass, drums and trumpet started playing the show’s theme song as the announcer finished up:

“Gwenn’s guest tonight is Nancy Wladczyk, currently nominated for the Adult Video Association’s Newcomer of the Year award for her onscreen work in over 50 movies this year, and who at the same time has published a remarkable book that’s due to hit the stands in the next month. The title can’t be repeated on broadcast TV – but we’re on cable! I’ll leave that pleasure to you, Gwenn. Over to you.” The band played a few more bars and then cut out. I caught all the band members eyeing me. They knew exactly who I was, so I gave them the eye right back! This might be a delightful night – or even my 51st movie of the year!

“Hello out there, and welcome. John and the band just collected enough money to get them each a copy Nancy Wladczyk’s new book, “I Find the Time is Always Right to Fuck Black Men.” Why is that, do you think?”


“Can you believe that our guest, Nancy Wladczyk, who emerged from out of nowhere last year and has moved from the world of sharing amateur sex tapes online to being nominated for Newcomer of the Year for the Adult Video Awards, literally wrapped up filming on her 51st film of the year just before getting here? Can you imagine? Not only that, but she managed to find time to write one of the hottest autobiographies you will ever read. I bet she combined research and writing!” Longham’s piano hit a wild noise.

Gwenn resumed: “That’s biggest rise I’ve seen from the band since we began! At least now I know where to steer contract negotiations for next season.” That almost got a laugh.

She continued, on a roll with her audience warming up to the subject. “Rumor has it that they were also considering a new category for her – hardest working woman on her back in Hollywood!” That got a lot of laughs – including from me.

She went into her monologue to discuss things of some interest to some people. Somewhere. Not necessarily to me, but I listened just to be sure about what I was stepping into. Then came my cue and I went out on stage to – surprisingly – a standing ovation! And strangely enough, the Bycasino audience was overwhelmingly female. I was surprised. And delighted, actually.

“Folks, Nancy just completed another film today before coming here. Or should we say she was coming long and hard before coming here?” That got applause and a laugh; I ducked my head to accept it.

Gwenn resumed: “How do you do it? You are basically turning out a film a week. That’s unheard of!”

“Well, let’s get something straight here, Gwenn. These aren’t high budget, CGI animated, orchestrally scored, big name cast films with extensive scripts and brilliant dialogue. ‘Oh my God’ is repeated more times in my films than most people say in a year. No one has devoted their life starving in servitude to bring a cinematic masterpiece to the screen! No one is going to make the film of their life in my field. If a guy did that, it would be over in maybe three minutes! Since I get to do a lot of scripting, well, things last a lot longer! I like things to last much longer than that. Can you get that I really, REALLY love my work?” That got the kind of laugh I had been aiming for!

I resumed: “I am a porn star. I shoot sex films. And I have a very specific genre – I only fuck black men with big cocks. That means we get a bunch of black men with big cocks together and I let them fuck me silly in front of cameras. I get paid for showing off and doing what I love to do so it’s actually easy to do – although it does sometimes get messy. But none of us mind – aexcept the camera dudes and sound guys are are alway concerned about us getting stuff on their equipment. By the way, Gwenn, did you notice the effect I’m having on the guys in the band? What do you think, fellas?” I said, addressing a bunch of very horny black dudes who hadn’t expected to be spoken to.

Then the camera cut to a shot of the entire band completely flummoxed. The audience and Gwenn cracked up watching them. I stayed calm and centere.

When it quieted down, I spoke up again. “They reacted like that for a very simple reason. They know who I am! I knew they knew me, either because some brother talked about me, or because they’ve watched my films. I knew they knew that all they had to do was ask and I would happily give them free and easy access to whatever hole of mine they preferred, where ever and whenever they asked, and when that registered, their big black cocks gave them a signal. Mind you, those big black dicks need a lot of blood to fill up and get hard – and that process deprives their brains just a bit. One head takes precedence over the other. If you get my drift.” That got a another laugh, as well as an “I’m interested” look from Longham and his band.

“And what’s even better is, I really am going to fuck them all before I leave here tonight. Musicians tickle my ivories and help me hit the high notes. If you know what I mean.” Well, that got the reaction I really wanted. The guys high-fived each other, and most of the women in the audience were whooping and cheering. I suspect there were also a few stunned into silence. Probably.

“There’s one conditon, though. You guys have to be good to my husband Ted tonight. He’s the one responsible for setting us up!”

“Your husband? Really?” exclaimed Gwenn. Her surprise was feigned – she very obviously had read the book – but she clearly knew from the reaction of the audience that there was a rich field of material they wanted to know. But there was a slight edge to all her comments that I didn’t quite understand, and then I suspected that that’s where her issue was – something in the book that she couldn’t deal with. Or maybe she didn’t think a marriage or even just a relationship could work like ours did. Because she hadn’t been able to do it. “We’ll see,” I thought to myself.

“Gwenn, my husband Ted and I share a very unique relationship. I’ll have you know that from the moment we met – right after I’d come out of the foster system and he was working there – he’s had my interests as his. I will say that I didn’t always know that, and that at one point I entertained the idea of hiring out a hit on him after he told me that from one point on, I was only going to have sex with black men. When he did that, I started to leaf through my phone numbers, looking for someone seriously connected to the right people – and then my first and still favorite bull, Andy walked naked into the room. I describe all that I went through during that in the chapter called Breaking In.” I paused and addressed Gwenn directly. “I don’t know how much of that I can repeat on TV. What do you think?”

There was silence from her. I looked and she had my book open. Her nipples were hard and obvious, and one of her hands briefly touched her pussy before realizing that the camera was on her. Then she actually turned beet red! I always thought that was just a phrase – but in her case, it was LITERAL!

“I’m sorry, what did you say? OMG, ladies, this book makes that 50 shades stuff look like a children’s book! My goodness.” Bycasino giriş She gathered herself up and then her comic sense kicked in. She went for the punchline in a way that indicated it wasn’t a joke.

“Can I get his number?” she asked, bringing down the house. We high-fived! I mean, it was a perfectly played ad lib and she pulled it off masterfully. Great comic timing.

Except she pulled herself close enough to say something in my ear:

“I’m serious!” The laughter continued even though no one heard that. But she played the whole thing like a pro. Her expression was a combination of things – from a quick peek at the audience and a self-satisfied grin, to a a bit of a bow, and then a raised eyebrow that drew a nod from me, and then a lick of her lips. Wild – something changed over there with her.

When the crowd grew quiet, we just looked at each other. “So what do you think? Now see why doing porn is worth at least thinking about?”

“Folks, you want to read this book in private! With lube and tissues and whatever toys you fancy. I’ve got this strange, new sensation where there’s never been sensations before. What is that?” Gwenn asked.

“Oh, it’s simple. You just got to wondering about what a big black cock, as wide as a coke can and twelve inches long, would do if you ever managed to get it close to your pussy, let alone up inside it. You just realized that there are places no one has ever reached and you’re just now wondering if they actually have sensations.” I looked out into the audience.

“As I say that, I see some of you beginning to deal with it for yourselves. Am I right?”

There were murmurs of “yes” and “yeah, you right” and similar things.

“See, when I felt that, all plans of hiring a hit on my husband disappeared. Hell, just about every other thought in current rotation vanished as well! But he really did know that I was going to go black and never look back. See, he already knew that he was a less than average in the dick department. And I know some of you are puzzled by that. We’ll get to it – and if we don’t, you’ll just have to read the book!”

“So Ted, a less than average sized dick, introduces you to a big black cock that he couldn’t possibly match. What had him do that?

“Ask him yourself. After all, he is sitting right here next to me, and they even put a microphone on him. He’ll tell you – and for those men who are listening, you want to think on whether you’re secure enough in your masculinity to do what he did.”

Ted spoke up. “Hey, I’m not challenging anyone. Besides, if I ever managed to piss off any guys, they are generally way more powerful than I am. I do not want to encounter any of them pissed off at me. I don’t fight well. Actually, though, I do a good cower in place.” He got the laugh! That’s my man!

“As I was supposed to be saying, it was a simple decision. I was – and still am – head over heels in love with Nancy. I was certain that I didn’t have what it takes in the cock department, although I have it on good authority that I am pretty good in the oral area.” The camera caught a great shot of my nodding my head and looking thoughtful and horny at the same time, and then caught Gwenn’s reaction as well – like she was looking at the nerdy white guy with new respect. So far, this was turning into a fun evening!

My turn. “He’s a very cunning linguist, ladies! You want your man to take lessons from him! Damn, my pussy is getting wet just thinking about how he does me!” That got hoots and hollers from the audience!

Ted continued as the noise faded. “Let’s face it, Nancy was not the first woman I’d known. I mean I certainly wasn’t the first guy for her. I’m not even sure how many preceded me. We never really did discuss that, did we, honey?” Again, he got the laugh and now, because we were in a groove, Gwenn and I hammed it up. I tried on a little “who? Me” look. Her gesture was one you see when someone is re-evaluated their judgments and increasing the respect they have. All in a gesture.

“I suppose we ought to keep some things to ourselves. Unless you published that in the book. I only read the first draft, you know. You never let me see any more after I got cum on the third page.” I thought Gwenn was going to completely lose it when he said that! He was hot!

“Any way, back to the original question. I was certain that once a woman goes with a bigger cock, I’m essentially a disappointment. I wanted to give her pleasures I couldn’t. That’s when I knew she’d go for BBC in a big way. And I was right! One of the few things in our marriage where I was right. Normally, I just have her be right and that’s that – especially since she already is right. So, summing it up, pointing her in the direction of greater pleasure that I could personally provide, being not only okay with it but enthusiastically encouraging it, and then doing my best to always have her be right – that’s how we roll.”

The audience grew quiet. I could tell that some women were thinking Bycasino deneme bonusu long and hard about what they had been putting up with.

Gwenn asked: “He never got jealous? It’s almost impossible to believe, really.”

I looked her in the eye. “We found out that I’m an exhibitionist, I love to show off. I’m cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs for BBC, and the thing he conveniently forgot to mention is that he really a fucking voyeur! What he gets off on is watching those dudes stuff me full of their tools and get me off. What I get off on is not just those amazing cocks, but showing off how I can deep throat them, how I can fit even the largest ones in my pussy and my ass, and how I generally turn them into whimpering sex slaves.” Watching the replay, I saw that the director had caught all the guys in the band at that point, and their looks ranged from amazement to doubt to sheer, unbridled lust.

“When we were first getting started, filming shared wife videos, he was the camera dude. You should have seen him try to shoot closeups of those big cocks invading my snatch and trying to jerk off at the same time! I”ll tell you one thing – he often came harder and longer than the guys I fucked! I was always guaranteed to get at least a face full of his jizz. At the least.” That one stirred up something in the audience. I wondered what it might be.

“Our marriage improved immensely! Exponentially!” There was silence. I thought for a minute. “Oh, I understand. You want details, don’t you all?” I said looking out at the audience. There was a chorus of agreement.

“Well, this is going to take some explaining. First off, you need to know Ted NEVER forced me into anything. He just kept coming up with ideas that turned him on and happened to interest me as well. See, I grew up loving sex. No matter what foster home I was in, as long as I could make myself orgasm I was okay. And, as it turns out, sometimes members of my foster families helped out. You can find out details of all that – minus names and addresses of course – in the book. Have I plugged it enough yet?”

That brough laughs and cheers. I grinned.

“Any way, once I was out and about, I found myself free to experiment in a lot of things. Especially sexually. Why not? It’s my body and my life. If I want to do something that some folks say feels good, why shouldn’t I?” Murmurs from the audience indicated that there was agreement.

“Now, I know I’m atypical in terms of my outlook. But I was brought up to survive and thrive, not live by someone else’s rules. So once I got a job and a way to support myself, I explored the online personals. And I was extremely lucky, because I know from many of my friends in the business that they’ve had horrible shit done to them. Some guys seem to think women are property, and even if it never escalates to violence or abuse.” A few of the audience’s more verbal women chimed in here with a boo or two.

“When you say lucky, what do you mean?” asked Gwenn, for the benefit of the audience. I had to stop and think about that answer.

“For whatever reason, none of the ads I put in, nor the ones I answered, ever went bad on me. And given how active I was, I know that it really was some sort of insane luck that no one ever hurt me or beat me or gave me a disease, including a cold! I suspect it’s because I had developed my sense of myself enough so that, while I never had an appointment go bad, there were at least a few times I felt like something was off and I cancelled out.”

“And how long was this going on?” Gwenn knew this one was going to get a reaction. I knew it as well, and wondered how it would go

“Well, I suppose I averaged 4 different ads a week for almost a year. That’s the weekday average. Now, don’t forget, a percentage of those add involved more than one person. Some times just guys. Sometime couples. Oh, did I mention that I’m ambi-sextrous?” That got a collective gasp from the audience. “And my weekend numbers were higher – that’s when the parties happened, and there were concentrations of men and women just getting together for sex that usually bested the week’s total.”

“Damn! I’m not sure what there is to say!”

“Why not, Gwenn? Why not say whatever you want to?”

“Okay, well, on the one hand, it’s been a long time since I was getting sex four times a week, so the first reaction is ‘gee, that would be great’.”

“And then?” I asked. I could sense the audience was as curious as I was.

“Well, that’s a lot of different partners. Besides the risk of violence and disease, weren’t you worried about getting a reputation?” She obviously hadn’t read very deeply in the book!

“What do you mean, Gwenn? You mean, should you be concerned you’d be called a slut?” Given the way her face reddened, I’d hit it on the head.

“Oh, now I get it! You are trying to pretend that you haven’t any part slut in your makeup. Honey, you’re a woman. You are born to love and give life. The only ones who say you need to hold your sexuality like it’s private and personal and precious are MEN! They really want you to be the virgin in public and the whore in bed, and then they want you to be their possession! If you set all that aside, you have the chance to discover yourself for yourself. And it’s so damned liberating!”