Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Mr. Smith and Girl Friday

The evening was clear and pleasant as Rob and Susan walked to dinner. Strolling hand-in-hand through the hotel grounds, the lovers reveled in each other’s company. They did not say much during the walk because they did not have to. The sky was clear and the stars began to show their shining faces. Susan imagined them winking at her and her husband. Susan cuddled up to Rob and momentarily placed her head on his shoulder.

The tradition at the Green Vale Guest Hotel was for the guests to gather before dinner for a wine tasting, where they could become acquainted and the chef could present the menu. With a glass of wine in their hands, Rob and Susan chatted with a nice couple celebrating their first anniversary and another celebrating their twenty-third. They also met another couple who were expecting their first child and wanted to spend some time alone before their life became very busy.

The host seated Rob and Susan in a quiet corner of the softly lighted dining room. They shared good food and a bottle of wine. They talked about nothing important and simply enjoyed being in each other’s company.

The husband and wife took their time walking back to the guesthouse. The evening was just too nice to rush things. However, the temperature had dropped since the couple walked to dinner. Rob placed his jacket around Susan’s shoulders, then put his arms around her and shared his warmth. Arriving at the guesthouse, he opened the door and bowing, invited Susan to enter. “Why thank you sir,” Susan giggled and stepped over the threshold into the living room. That is when she spied the large red envelop, a small suitcase, and two packages on the couch.

“What is all this?” Susan inquired

“Instructions, props, and a small gift for being such a good sport and the best wife a man could ask for,” Rob proudly replied.

“Oh my!” Susan cried as she flung her arms around Rob’s neck and kissed him very passionately. Susan held tightly onto Rob as their lips and tongues danced together. She moved in such as way that there was no guessing that she wanted to tear their clothes off and fuck on the couch. With superhuman resolve, Rob separated from Susan.

“Slowdown my love. We have all weekend for that. Now, sit your lovely ass on the couch and let’s go over the ground rules,” Rob invited.

“Ground rules? Well, if it involves a present for me, I guess I can listen for a little while,” Susan said snatching her gift off the couch.

“We agreed that after dinner, we would start. I am calling our game ‘The Spoiled CEO.’ I am a business executive who is traveling. You are a special escort sent over by my good friend Ricardo. I am accustomed to getting what I want and you are to provide any service I want. You are not to play a mindless bimbo. The man is used to women who are creative, assertive to a point, and not afraid to go after things they want. Keep in mind that I am in charge so if you push too hard I have every right to punish you,” Rob said with a grin.

“Sounds reasonable,” Susan replied. “How do we start?”

“It is all in this envelope,” he answered. “But first … open your present.”

Susan unwrapped the gift and withdrew a lacy bra, lacy boy shorts, and a satin chemise with matching thong, all black. “Rob! These are wonderful. Do you want me to put these on now?”

“Not yet. You may need them later,” Rob said. “Now I am going upstairs to change. Please open the envelope and read the instructions.”

As Rob left Susan proclaimed, “I love you and I am very, Very, VERY horny. Given the opportunity, I would rip your clothes off you and we would fuck all night. I mean a night of ‘illegal in 38 states’ fucking.”

With a smile Rob responded, “That is good to know,” and climbed the stairs.

Susan sat on the couch and opened the envelope. Smiling she sat for a moment then opened the suite case and changed in to what Rob had requested, a dark blue business suit, black hose, and her favorite 3″ stilettos. Susan decided she did not need a bra and left one or two extra buttons undone. There was no mirror to inspect herself so she threw the suitcase behind the sofa, picked up the last package, and step out of the guesthouse.

The temperature had dropped even more since Rob and Susan returned from Dinner. While the breeze was very light, it was enough to send the chill evening air through the silky material of her blouse (and open buttons) making Susan’s nipples stand erect. Taking a deep breath to calm her and her libido, she knocked on the door.

Taking another deep breath, Susan forced herself to get in to character. She knew just how to play the part that Rob had asked. She played a similar type last year at the ski lodge. “Damn Rob, you wanna move your cute ass. It’s cold out here.”

Finally, Rob opened the door. “May I help you?” he asked.

“Hello. Mr. Smith? I am Susan (she held out her hand). Ricardo asked me to come and see you. He heard you were in town and thought you might like company,” Susan said flawlessly in character.

“He did?” Mr. Smith answered, taking her escort bayan mecidiyeköy hand and eyeing Susan up and down. “I really was not looking for any companionship this weekend. But, it would be rude of me to turn down such a nice gesture from an old friend, especially on this chilly evening,” he said eyeing Susan very erect nipples. Please come in and warm yourself by the fire.”

“Thank you, Mr. Smith. It is very chilly tonight and here I am without a coat,” Susan purred as she slid by Mr. Smith. She set the package on the coffee table, ensuring she bent down just so and provided Mr. Smith a good view.

“I must commend Ricardo the next time I see him. He certainly has an eye for fine things,” Mr. Smith said.

“Thank you,” Susan replied as she sat on the sofa. Leaning forward, using the undone buttons to her best advantage, she offered Mr. Smith the package. “This is for you. Ricardo left instructions that you should open it immediately. He was very adamant that your open it first.”

“Sugar and Spice International … impressive. Knowing Ricardo, I think I am going to need a drink. There is a bottle of Virginia Gentleman over on the bar. I like it neat. Please help yourself to whatever you like.” Mr. Smith watched Susan walk across the room, admiring how her heals made her legs look and how the dress caressed her hips and curves.

“I do not think I have ever seen Virginia Gentleman before. I thought bourbon came from Kentucky. What is your usual?” Susan asked.

“Two fingers please,” Mr. Smith responded. “Actually, grain bourbon was first distilled in Virginia and this particular is the last of the Virginia distilleries. It has been around since colonial times. There was a distillery near my childhood home and I developed a taste for the bourbon in high school.”

“Impressive but from the description Ricardo supplied, I pictured you as wanting the fancy stuff,” Susan commented.

“Fancy is overrated and we all have our biases and comfort foods,” Mr. Smith answered.

“I didn’t know bourbon was a comfort food. Here you go,” Susan said handing Mr. Smith his drink.

“Thank you. It comforts me so to me it’s a comfort food,” Mr. Smith answered. “Cheers! … OK … Let’s see what that friend of mine has in mind. Would you open the package for me?” Smith asked handing the package to Susan.

“It would be my pleasure. What woman does not opening gifts,” she answered and opened the package. “Oh My!” she exclaimed and pulled out a leather collar, a chain leash, a set of wrist cuffs, set of ankle cuffs, a blindfold, a pair of Japanese nipple clamps connected by a silver chain, and a riding crop. She also pulled out massage oils, condoms, a small plastic bag containing a toothbrush and other essentials, and finally a red envelope. “You and Ricardo must have some history,” Susan said handing Mr. Smith the note.

“Read it,” Mr. Smith commanded

“Yes sir,” Susan replied. Opening the envelope, she read,

“Smitty — Thanks for that red-head in Miami. And yes, she was natural! I never knew things so large could be so firm. This makes us even!

Ciao, Ricardo”

As Susan started to comment on the note, Mr. Smith raised a finger, cutting her off. “I want to lay things on the table. I had planned to have a quiet weekend and was not looking for companionship. Since a good friend who has never steered me wrong sent you, I have reconsidered my original plans. Yes I think I would enjoy a ‘Girl Friday’ of sorts for the weekend. Plus, as I said, Ricardo does have a very good eye (Susan blushed) and he knows what I like.

My philosophy is to ask my employee to accept an assignment. I rarely force a project on a person. I provide all the information they need. They can choose to walk away from the project with no ramifications. However, if they accept, I expect them to put their heart and soul into the project and produce the highest possible results, going beyond my expectations which are high. Success is richly rewarded. Failure is not accepted.

So, here is the deal, my Girl Friday. If you accept, I will expect you to act upon my every whim and more than likely go beyond what you feel comfortable doing or even agreed to when you accepted this assignment. Or, you can also walk away now and there will be no negative results.

Take some time, but not long. I am going up stairs to get ready for bed. Join me or leave. Your choice.” Mr. Smith stood and finished his drink. Grabbing the toiletry bag, he went up stairs.

She was flabbergasted. She did not expect that speech. “Damn, he’s good. I never realized that fully dressed he could make me this wet.” She thought and decided no matter what Mr. Smith asked she was going to go all out.

Friday slipped out of her clothes and into the chemise and thong. For extra measure, she placed the collar around her neck and attached the leash. With butterflies in her stomach (which surprised her), she gently placed a barefoot on the first stair and almost silently climbed the stairs.

Mr. Smith was lying on the bed reading a book of erotica. He was shirtless fındıkzade escort in a pair of black silk boxers. “I hope this was the answer you were hoping for Mr. Smith,” she said in a diminutive voice.

“Yes, it was.” he replied. “Now, quickly gather everything from downstairs and bring it back here.” Friday raced downstairs, collected the gifts and the suitcase, and returned to the bedroom. “Place the case in the closet and the gifts here by the bed. You will find all you need in the bathroom. And warm the massage oil.”

“Yes, Mr. Smith,” Friday acquiesced. She moved gracefully around the room doing as she was ordered. She was not sure if it was the silky material of the chemise softly caressing her nipples or Mr. Smith’s dominant. In either case, she was very horny and getting more so by the second.

Returning from her errands, Friday rushed into the bathroom to “make herself presentable and warm the oil as had been asked. Exiting, she found Mr. Smith on his stomach lying on a towel. Without a word, she moved to his side, rubbed oil on her hands and began to kneed his shoulders. She worked his back and neck expertly and sensuously massaged his shoulders and neck. She traced paths over his skin with her fingernails, ending with a long, slow path up then down Mr. Smith’s spine. She put extra care in to each action and was amazed at the level of arousal reached simply by rubbing her hands over his back. The room was a blaze with light but it was more sensual than if lit by candles. Friday floated in this mixed state of ethereal romance and earthy lust.

Moving to the end of the bed, Friday sat “Indian” style and applied more oil on to her hands. She lifted one foot and started to rub it just as she did Smith’s back. She massaged the arch, rubbed his toes, individually and together, and stroked his heal. She switched and repeated the processes on his other foot.

Friday stood and slipped out of her chemise. “Leave the collar and leash,” Mr. Smith commanded. “And the thong,” he added. Returning to the bed Friday place his foot on her lap and started to worked his calf. He wiggled his toes and sent bolts of electricity through her body. She expertly worked her fingers into his calf for several minutes. Gently setting his foot on the bed, she lightly ran her fingernail lightly over the sole making his foot jump. “Careful Friday,” he growled. Taking the other foot, she placed it in her lap and began to massage the calf. Her hands moved gracefully over his legs, gently rubbing the fragrant oil into his skin.

Friday stood once again and moved up the bed. She straddled Mr. Smith’s legs, warmed more oil in her hands, and began to knead his hamstrings. Each hand rubbed a single thigh, forming a “W” with the thumbs touching in the gap between his legs. She gently and firmly pushed her hands from his knees to his bottom and then slowly brought them back. Over and over she steadily caressed the long muscles.

Then she stopped.

Mr. Smith was expecting her fingers on a new location but was very surprised when he felt two soft, warm globes pressed against his back. Friday had applied oil to her breasts and was working the oil into his back with her breasts. She was tracing two parallel circles over his back. Sometimes she used all of her breasts, other times she used only her nipples. She would run her soft mounds the full length of his back and other times she would act as if she was sweeping home plate. Friday rubbed his back, making sure she completely covered it with oil.

Friday smoothly slid the entire length of Friday’s oil slickened back and stretched out, her naked breasts against his well-oiled back. “Mr. Smith, are you ready for me massage your front?” she whispered in his ear sultrily.

“I believe so Friday,” Mr. Smith replied. Friday stood, letting Mr. Smith flip onto his back. He situated himself then grabbed her leash and pulled her face to his. Friday almost lost her balance and braced herself by placing an arm on each side of Smith. He kissed her passionately and she kissed him lustfully. It was a kiss like no other … mismatched in it intensity. She had to use all her will power to keep from ripping his boxers off and riding him like a bucking bronco. She doubted that she would last eight seconds anyway. She did not fight him, nor did she try to control him. She kissed him, and he kissed back.

Friday felt the tension on the leash ease and she reluctantly disengaged from her lover. “Now you may massage my chest,” Mr. Smith whispered in a self-satisfied tone. Standing she reapplied oil onto her hands and began to manipulate the muscles around his collarbone. As she moved toward the center of his chest, she paused for a few moments at his nipples. Her well-oiled hands rubbed, flicked, and even pinched his nipples. “This is not relaxing me,” Mr. Smith said and Friday felt a sharp sting on her ass. Somehow, he had found the riding crop and used it to discipline her.

Mr. Smith watched her work his shoulders and chest. He watched Friday’s slender and enticing fingers work. He saw the intent look on her face, complete fatih escort with slight beads of sweat forming on her brow. Her breasts glistened from the oil and swayed pleasantly as she moved.

Friday lifted one arm and place the hand between her breasts. She massaged the oil into the skin of his arm. She worked from top to bottom and ended with his hands. She concentrated on each finger, flicking each with her tongue.

“Are you ticklish Mr. Smith,” Friday asked. “If you are I will skip your stomach and move on to your thighs.”

“No, not too terribly. However, if you rub some oil onto my skin, I would hate to have my abs as the only dry spot,” he requested.

“As you wish,” Friday said obediently. Warming a generous potion of oil in her hands, she massaged it onto her breasts. She then pressed her breasts against his stomach and ran the length of his torso.

“Creative,” he said.

“Thank you, Mr. Smith,” she said. Friday spent some time rubbing her slick breasts over his stomach and chest, ensuring his skin was well covered. Sliding from his chest to his stomach, she slid onto his erect manhood.

“Not yet Friday,” Mr. Smith warned her with another application from the riding crop.

Friday shifted her attention to Smith’s thighs and in doing so, turned her ass to her master. She felt a light slap from the riding crop on her bare cheek then gentle caresses. Friday froze; her eyes closed and her hand resting gently on Mr. Smith’s thighs. Smith lightly ran the crop along the curves of her ass, between her cheeks, and over her hips.

A soft moan emerged from deep within Friday as Smith drew a thin line down her leg with the tip of the crop. He moved slowly down her leg to the back of her knee. He switched legs, reversed course, and slowly … faintly ran the crop up her leg, then again back down the first leg. Bolts of erotic energy raced through her body and it was all she could do to stand.

Friday was paralyzed with lust and fear. She did not fear the crop or the crop being used on her. She was afraid that if she moved he would stop. The electricity would stop. She wanted nothing more than to feel the leather on her skin and she would do nothing to jeopardize that. Frozen in fearful lust, Friday screwed her eyes tightly shut and bit her lip, forcing herself to stay immobile.

Smith ran the soft, leather head of the riding crop up the inside of Friday’s thigh and stopped just before reaching the top. She gasped. He then, moved the crop to the other side and slowly slid it down the side of her thigh then back up. At the top, Smith pushed the crop between her legs, running the shaft against her covered and very wet pussy.

Withdrawing the riding crop, Smith whispered “Face me Friday.

Reluctantly, Friday did as Mr. Smith instruct.

Smith traced the riding over her breasts and nipples. She exhaled sharply. Her skin tightened and her pulse raced. “Come closer,” Smith directed. She took a step forward. Smith grabbed her leash and puller her to him again. His breath was hot … hers ragged with lust. He kissed her again. Lust filled their connection. Passion, heat, and desire flowed between their tongues. He disconnected. “Kneel,” Smith said crisply and pointed to the floor in front of him with the riding crop.

Friday obeyed. Smith stood and pulled her toward his manhood. She slowly lowered his boxers. She gently grasped his fully erect manhood and delicately swirled her tongue over the tip several times. She slowly pushed it between her lips, creating light pressure on the dark skin of the head. She fully engulfed the cock’s head and stopped, keeping the helmet in delicate suspended animation as she swirled her tongue around the sensitive apex. Gingerly pulling Mr. Smith’s cock through her lips, she gently pushed the head through her lips and again pressed her lips against the sensitive skin. She immediately withdrew it, skimming her teeth, almost imperceptible, across its. Friday repeated this maneuver repeatedly, sometimes with a swirl, other times with a graze.

She delicately ran the tip of her tongue slowly down the soft underside of Smith’s manhood, from tip to balls. She ran her tongue back up where she gave the tip a sweet, loving kiss. She then proceeded again to slip it between her lips only to remove the shaft and run her tongue down the underside. Again, Friday reversed her action and ran the tip of her tongue from the length of his shaft. She then slowly swallowed Smith’s entire cock pulled, momentarily thrusting it against the back of her throat. She removed it and licked the soft underside of his shaft again from tip to balls.

Friday again pushed Smith’s rock- hard cock into her mouth, guiding it with the flat of her tongue to the back of her throat. She removed it only to slowly push his cock once again into the back of her throat, pressing it a little further in and pausing a little longer. She removed it and once more pushed the cock deep against her throat. Smith placed his hands on the back of her head and gently pushed his cock even deeper into her throat. Releasing, Friday removed his cock and took a breath. They again pushed Smith’s manhood into Friday’s throat, holding it there a little long. She slowly withdrew and then pushed the cock all the way in once again. Friday wrapped her lips around the base of Smith’s shaft and paused momentarily before withdrawing.

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