Beach Body Ch. 10

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They went for a run on Sunday. The pair managed to make it to Nora’s apartment so she could get changed and then back downstairs without too much delay. She really had half a mind to pull her dad onto the kitchen floor instead and burn off her energy that way but it was such a nice summer’s day outside.

They were jogging at a steady clip now, the sports bra Nora had chosen not as supportive as her others but still doing a lot. Meanwhile Adrian kept casting a sidelong glance at his daughter, the up and down of it all so hypnotic. He almost ran right into a tree. She laughed, watching him stumble, then determinedly picked up her pace. The girl got several feet ahead of him before her father gave chase.

“Come on old man, get a move on,” she called to him over her shoulder before refocusing back on the footpath. She could hear his footsteps behind her. The rhythmic thumping. She was reminded of other rhythmic sounds and tingled. The way to tamp down that feeling was to run more, she figured and kept at it. But the excitement of his encroaching feet was making her smile. Her father was chasing her, probably staring at her ass. Her ass he had just fucked the night before. She wasn’t even sore. She could still remember the heat of him spilling inside her. She wanted more… she knew he did too. Catch me if you can, dad.

Adrian didn’t usually sweat this much. His heartrate was probably higher than normal, but not of real concern. He was afraid that he might be foaming at the mouth and hurriedly wiped his lips with an arm. Nora was like a gazelle, graceful and powerful, but he was gaining on her. He knew if he really wanted to he could, with some effort, immediately run her down and be on her. Like a lion he could pounce, bring her to ground, tumbling onto the grass. Then he could have his way with her.

She was getting closer. He didn’t realise he was running so fast. No… she was slowing down. Of course. She wanted him too. She would surrender to him. Let him take her because really, he was what she wanted too. Adrian couldn’t stop in time, cannoning right into the back of the woman. They fell but he wrapped her up in his arms as they did. Nora felt airless for a second then braced herself. The pair dropped onto the grass, their landing heavy but the earth was soft and warm. He groaned and she giggled, having been the one to stop suddenly and timing their fall to end up by the swings of the park.

“Are you alright?” she asked, still laughing as her father rolled off of her. She could see his grin and he sat up, solid as a rock.

“Bruised pride maybe,” he said, winking. She bit her lip and lowered her gaze.

“Are you sure that’s all? I can kiss your booboo’s better if you want,” she suggested. “Like you used to for me.”

Adrian had to take a deep breath. That skin tight outfit looked like it had to be glued onto her and he just wanted to peel it all off right here in the open air. Now he was panting and shook his head.

“You’re such a… oh my god I love you Nora,” he said before he could stop.

There was a squeak from his daughter and she saw him go red.

“Let’s get the fuck back to my apartment now,” she whispered loudly, almost jumping to her feet. She took his hand, pulled him up. “Right fucking now!”


They couldn’t touch each other in the elevator. There were cameras, although right now all they could see were a fidgety pair of impatient people. Perhaps they really needed to use the bathroom. On the short walk to her apartment door they were able to calm down some, stepping back into her home without wrestling each other to the floor.

“I’ll just be a second,” Nora promised her father and she went to the bathroom. She undid her hair and shook it out over her shoulders, flicking the tie into the sink. The woman just wanted a second to take it all in. The bathroom was a nice private little quiet place where she could just calm herself, wallow in happy feeling in her chest. Then the door opened. She heard her father pad up behind her. His hands landed on her hips.

“Caught you,” he growled into her ear. She smiled and turned around. She gasped, taking a step back. He was completely naked already. She remembered the last time she saw him like this. Yes she remembered it well, but now something was different. His cock was fully engorged. The lighting of her bathroom was so very flattering, every muscle like it was sculpted by a god, every delicious vein stretching around his shaft something she wanted to trace with her tongue.

There was a bit of a grass stain on his left thigh and wrist from when they fell. She rubbed some of the dirt from her own elbow self consciously.

“I was going to get cleaned up,” she said, standing a bit awkwardly still fully dressed.

“Sure,” he nodded, closing their distance again. “Better get undressed then.” His hands were starting to pull up her top and she froze, looking up at this adonis and wondering how she could best worship him. “Arms up,” he said simply, and the muscle memory of training kicked in and she lifted gorukle escort bayan her arms. He smiled and removed her sports top and then her tits were finally dropped free.

“Fucking hell,” he breathed, finally taking in the sight of a lifetime. Nora blushed, partly from causing him to swear, but mostly because this was the first time he had seen her naked breasts. Adrian couldn’t help himself and helped himself to a heavy, dense handful. She let out a moan as he squeezed, her pink nipples standing to attention. He shook his head in disbelief. “How could I think you couldn’t get more gorgeous?” he wondered and Nora blushed harder. He chuckled at her reaction, tossing the top over his shoulder and missing the basket. He got down on his knees and started to draw down her tights. She was about to get fucked in her bathroom, she realised. How that hadn’t occurred to her as soon as she saw him made her laugh but she had the wherewithal to carefully step out of the leggings and watched him toss her clothes away again. Now they were both disrobed, and confronted with Nora’s naked sex right in his face there was no question as to what came next.

He pressed his lips into her crotch, wanting to drown in her. Her sweat. Her delicious wet. Nora was immediately ticked by her father’s masterful tongue, the man cleaning her with passion and efficiency. Her fingers crawled through his hair but she couldn’t pull him deeper into her pussy if she tried. Well… not his tongue anyway. She did love his mouth but a primal need drove her more and she pulled him up by his ears. He was confused but not entirely upset, looking up into the perfect set of tits and going with the flow as he took his daughter’s nipple into his mouth. Nora cried out from the unexpected sensation and found her hand at back of his head.

“Oh fuck…” she groaned, his sucking so needy. Pleasure bloomed through her breast. She wished she could nurse him and the strange thought made her drool. He used a hand to maul the other heavy tit and she half moaned, half giggled. She shook her head, pulling his up her again, detaching him from her taut, soaked nipple. She couldn’t take it. “I need you inside me,” she pleaded, then seeing his wet lips had to press hers against them. Their kiss was quick and panting. “Please… fuck me dad… I need you…”

“Yeah… okay… but wait we need to go get a condom,” he agreed between her slipping her tongue into his mouth. “Right?”

Nora pressed her forward against her dad’s tongue. She felt his cock sticking to her stomach.

“Umm… I… just… I need you now…” she told him, desperation growing every second as her excitement rose. “We can sort it out later… yeah?

“Nora… that’s…oh my god,” he gasped as her hand wrapped around his bare dick.

“We’ll be okay,” she decided. “Just this once…”

“Oh fuck Nora… you’re such a…” he was interrupted by her need lips again. She still wanted him to finish that thought and broke away an inch.

“Such a what?” she needed to know, pressing herself as close to him as humanly possibly.

“Such… such a slut,” he groaned.

“I am…” she agreed, and she took her father raw. She almost jumped onto him and the man stumbled back, but her slickness made sure he was swiftly planted all the way inside his little girl.

“Ohhh shit, Nora!” he grunted, backed up against the solid sink now but he was even sturdier. Nora was not used to fucking standing but this was the most amazing feeling she’d ever had. Her father’s naked cock was inside her unprotected cunt. She was wetting him down to his balls and her moans echoed off the tiles as he thrust up into her.

“Dad! Ohhh fuuuuck,” she whined, air leaving her lungs as he bucked again and again. He had to kiss her, slid his tongue inside as he did the same with his cock. She wrapped her arms around his head, elbows on his shoulders. She grunted with him, getting fucked so deep as gravity brought her down onto him harder with each luscious pump. It wasn’t an easily sustainable position though, and Adrian had to pull out and Nora found herself on wobbly feet. It was fine, she didn’t really need to move much, her father went behind her, planted his feet and grabbed onto her hips. He slid back inside her wanting, wet pussy and she cried out with joy.

He was slow at first, revelling in every pure unadulterated inch he was allowed to plunder her with now. He didn’t have thoughts of what he wanted to do at the end. Sure he’ll probably just pull out again. Probably. Whatever. Right now that didn’t matter. All that mattered was her sweet, pure hole. He slammed into her harder, the girl’s delectation singing off the walls to the same rhythmic as the slapping of their skin. All he wanted to do was to make his daughter cum on his cock.

Nora’s mind was everywhere and nowhere. She forgot where she was for a second, just hearing herself moan with obscene delight as her father fucked her. His cock was so fucking fat. Oh so fucking long. It fucking owned her and she didn’t want to fuck nilüfer escort bayan him any other way after this. She looked up. She saw the floor to ceiling mirror. Saw the clear reflection. She could see the man behind her, his handsome face straining with concentration, sweat dripping down his temples. He was lovely and familiar, but who was this other wonderful creature? This girl she couldn’t stop staring at, a mad smile on her face, cheeks pink, hair tumbling over her perfect shoulders. Those tits had the perfect bounce, each thrust mesmerising her with the way her stiff nipples shook. This woman was unbelievable… getting fucked so hard by the man behind her, so turned on he had no way to resist a body like hers. She was just perfect. The most gorgeous slut. She came, watching herself scream on her dad’s cock, legs shaking. Her wails were joyful as she shuddered against him and Adrian held on for dear life. Her knees gave and she fell onto them suddenly. She was still looking at herself, that thick cock now miraculously at head level.

“Cum on my face,” she demanded, reaching up and grabbing him. She turned, sucking onto the man’s hot meat, tasting her own flavours and shivering with the knowledge. Adrian was done with his little girl finishing him off like this. “Fuck yes… cover me…” she sighed then opened her mouth. She pumped him all over his face, his hot ropes shooting out, spurt after thick spurt, splattering her forehead and cheeks, lacing over her yes and nose. A fair amount made it onto her tongue and it was too delicious not to swallow. She squeezed the last of it out, sucked greedily then finally let her dad go and the man staggered backwards.

Nora sat back, eyes drifting over to the mirror. She saw herself again, an exquisite mess, face festooned with her father’s creamy orgasm. It dribbled down her chin. It dripped onto her tits. Her pussy was leaking all over the bathroom floor. She was fucking beautiful.


“This isn’t much of a surprise,” Nora noted, watching the coastline go by outside. She was still apprehensive about the whole thing even though she had played along and brought her swimwear and other things. Her father kept driving, the suspension of his old druck doing very little to combat the constant vibration of the road getting rougher and rougher. The sensation of it rumbling though her seat was entirely too pleasant. She reminisced about sitting on the old washing machine back home.

“The surprise will be worth it,” her father insisted again. “I promise.” She watched him for a while as he focused on the road, marveling at his jawline. His neck. His shoulders and arms. He’d be showing that off under the sun pretty soon and she was biting her lip in anticipation of the view. A pothole crunched under the tires and she knew her panties were now ruined, glad she was thoughtful enough to pack a second pair in the bag.

It had been a long drive and she was glad to get out and stretch her legs. They had parked in a road that ended at a point, thick trunked trees surrounding the elevated area. There was a rundown old shack to the side and one other car parked as well, shiny and brilliant blue and very new but Nora couldn’t name it. It looked sleek and fast, and seemed out of place in these otherwise quaint and remote surrounds. She could hear the ocean and looked over to the drop off, a narrow staircase leading down to the beach.

“This is it?” she had to ask her father who was taking the bags out of the back.

“Isn’t it great? Nobody knows about this spot,” he said, excited as he shouldered the parasol. Nora was skeptical.

“And how did you know about it?”

“Guy online told me,” he replied with a smile. “I was playing Astro Association the other week and got to talking with this guy on my team. Anyway come on.” His daughter smiled, but she would rather be playing Astro Association on her computer right now rather than go down to some remote beach spot. About six weeks had passed since she started training with her dad, and while she felt lighter on her feet and more energised she still knew there was a ways to go. She was glad for this break to getaway and had decided to be bold, but was now starting to second guess herself.

“There’s nowhere for me to change,” she noted, and was again finding the exclusivity of the area to be suspect what with some other person’s car already here. Her father’s solution was simply the unfurling of a beach towel to act as a curtain.

“Change here,” he suggested helpfully. He made an ushering gesture into his personal privacy screen with his truck as the backing and she had to smirk at him.

“You want me to get naked for you, dad?” she asked, turned on despite herself. He shrugged casually, raising the towel just a bit but still able to peek over it. She looked around and sure enough didn’t see anyone and she could get changed pretty quickly. She slipped behind the towel and prepared her outfit, sun high in the sky.

She tried not to pay attention to the man leering bursa otele gelen escort bayan at her, but she did turn around so he had a nice view of her from behind. When she bent over he would see her glistening wetness and imagined the face he would make. She got completely naked, fussed a bit with putting her clothes away for longer than necessary. It was thrilling, even though the privacy shield was doing it’s job unless there was an extra ogly bird flying overhead. Out in public, naked, her father undoubtedly taking her all in… it was freeing and she loved what he was doing, finally catching on. She turned to face him as she pulled up her bikini bottoms, simple and black but they felt nice on her hips. She grit her teeth, forearms brushing against her hard nipples as she went to put on her bikini top, heaving each breast into a straining triangle. She spun a little and backed up to her father, pulling her hair up from behind. “Tie me up,” she told him, then she squeaked as he dropped the towel completely to do so. She was ‘dressed’ now yes, but wanted to kick her dad for it. She was less incensed feeling his fingers on the back of her neck as he tied the strings behind her.

“Perfect,” he said, then lightly spanked her and she was glad the bikini material was meant to handle wetness. “Let’s go!”

Her father was dressed already, in that he just took off his shirt and was already wearing swim trunks. She followed his flip flopping to the stairs, holding her overstuffed bag with both hands. Her father stopped and she gasped as he stepped aside.

A man and a woman were coming up the stairs, their bodies glittering wet from their recent dip in the ocean. Nora was immediately self conscious as she saw the woman rise into view, an older and tanned beauty with dark, wet hair and a figure of perfect proportions. She had wide hips under her flowing half-sheer swimsuit bottoms. Nora wanted to warp her own towel around herself but it was still in her bag.

“Excuse us,” the man smiled, nodding to her father politely. His hark hair was slicked back and he was much younger than the woman, but slid a possessive arm around her waist. She tittered against him, amused and infatuated. Nora had no way to really know how old she was, but there was a maturity to the woman that suggested she was probably old enough to be the handsome young man’s mother. The woman winked at her in passing as they headed towards the blue car.

Nora realised her father was already going down the stairs and shuffled quickly to catch up. She spared another glance over her shoulder at the other couple and found that they were looking back at her again too. She turned away, cheeks already burning and she hadn’t been in the sun long. She had to steady herself with the hand rail. Nora wondered why her heart was racing. She was hoping that couple hadn’t figured them out. But what was there to figure out? This was nowhere and they were nobody. Even if Nora and Adrian were a couple, what did it matter to anyone out here? Nobody knew they were father and daughter. She was liking this surprise more and more.

The sand was soft and almost pure white. She squinted and fished for her sunglasses in her bag. With the brightness taken care of she could survey the beach. It looked like about a kilometer of uninterrupted coastline and she was amazed there was else nobody here. Anymore.

“This is pretty great,” she had to admit, unrolling her own beach towel next to her father’s as he dug the parasol into the sand. She kicked off her sandals and sat, brushing the fine white grains off her ankles as she got ready to slather on a healthy amount of sunscreen. Her father dropped down heavily next to her and she handed him the bottle.

“Want some help with your back?” the man asked a few seconds later, and Nora had to snicker at his boyish grin.

“Yes please, dad,” she said, rolling onto her stomach. She rested her cheek on her arms and felt him squirt onto her back, dirty thoughts already bubbling and she exhaled as his hands pressed into her. Those fingers went to work, the sunscreen application apparently a massage as well and she let out an involuntary moan, her face growing hot. Did she need to keep quiet here though? They were, other couple notwithstanding, completely secluded. She shuffled her elbows and pushed herself up, her father made to back his hands away.

“I’m not done,” he protested weakly but Nora’s hands were already on his chest and pushing him to roll back onto his towel.

“I’m doing you now,” she decided, swinging her leg over his hip and straddling the man. They paused for a moment, sitting together, on each other, looking at each other’s faces, their smiles shaded under the parasol.

“Sunscreen?” he wondered, motioning to the bottle that had dropped onto Nora’s towel. She shook her head.

“That’s not what I meant,” she smiled. “And I know why you brought us out here… it’s so we can do this.” She leaned in and kissed him, and he pretended to be surprised at first but soon wrapped his arms around her. She tasted his mouth, her usual enjoyment of the activity now tenfold being out in the open here, under the bright sunlight, waves rolling over the sand. She hummed and let him press forward, his tongue filling her mouth with his wonderful spit. She couldn’t love this more, the shore so serene and the warmth on her skin was evaporating her sweat.

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