Beach Lovers


I can feel the ocean breeze whipping against my skin as I sit gazing at the setting sun. The sand is still warm beneath my bare feet, and I squinch my toes in the soft rocks. The setting rays warm my bare skin, casting a golden glow to my complexion.

The sun slowly sinks into the ocean, painting the low clouds orange, and brushing the horizon with swaths of pink and purple. I lean back against your chest, and I sigh with the pleasure of our touching skin. Your arms come around my shoulders, and you press a sweet kiss to my shoulder.

The cove is ours and ours alone. It’s rocky arms surround us, protecting us from the outside world. We have come here so many times to watch the sunset, to make love along the white beach. We have even spent the night, wrapped in each other’s warmth and arms.

I know that we will once again make love as the day surrenders to the night.

Your fingers are whisper soft against my skin as you untie the top of my bathing suit. The soft fabric falls away from my body, revealing my breasts to the ocean’s gaze. Your hands splayed wide across my back, you slowly massage your way around to the front of my torso. Teasingly, you allow your hands to drift around my breasts, refusing to cup their straining fullness. I moan my need to you, pressing myself into your palms.

At last, you take my breasts into your warm hands, They overflow your fingers, and you gently brush the very tips of my nipples. The already hard nubs tighten painfully, and I can feel myself growing wet. I lie writhing in your arms, against your altyazılı porno hard chest, as you lazily caress my flesh.

Your fingers blaze a trail down my stomach and disappear beneath the band of my bikini bottom. They plunge down to the hidden valley between my legs. I can feel them playing staccato against my sensitive lips, teasing, torturing. Your lips graze along the column of my throat as you part the slick, shaved folds and demand entrance. My head falls back over your shoulder, allowing you to watch as you plunder between my thighs.

My body begins to undulate as you work your magic on my pliant body. Like a skilled musician, you play my body like an instrument. Every movement, every caress, every delicious press upon my buttons creates a riot of sensations that make my body hum.

Suddenly your hand is gone, and my fingers are replacing yours. Grasping my wrist, you show me what I like, what I want, what I need. At your gentle urging, I explore my innermost secrets, flicking, rubbing, damping my fingers with my own honey. You guide me up to that little pearl nestled between my rosy lips and show me how to manipulate that little nubbin of pleasure.


I shudder. The sun is no comparison to the heat you are generating in me. The fire consumes me, and I shout out in sweet abandon. As I convulse within the throes of an exquisite orgasm, you lay me back against the blanket and stretch out beside me.

I manage to open my eyes and glance at your smug expression. Smiling wickedly, I sit up and lean mobil porno over you.

“My turn.”

I slowly drag my hair across your skin, caressing your chest, the planes of your stomach. Deftly, I work the clasp of your trunks and kneel up, pulling your swimsuit down your legs and finally off your body. I sit back and drink in the sight of your glorious form being kissed by the encroaching twilight. Try as I might, I cannot keep my gaze from your iron length, thrusting up proudly from the juncture of your legs.

I reach out and stroke you, running my fingertips along the velvet heat of you. You surge beautifully beneath my hand, and I gently close my fingers around your shaft. I slowly begin to stroke up and down along your hardness, and though I hadn’t thought it possible, you grow even harder. I look at your face and see that your eyes are clenched shut in blissful agony.

Without warning, I replace my hand with my mouth, enveloping your entire length with the heat of my tongue and lips. You jerk in response, sending you even farther inside. My tongue traces swirls along your skin, and you shudder. I close my lips around the tip and softly suckle, tasting the drops of moisture that escape.

Licking the saltiness from my lips, I make my way down to the base of your erection. I gently lave your balls, drawing each one into my mouth and skirt the skin with the edge of my teeth. I can hear you start to gasp, and I grin. Once again, I take the full length of you past my lips. Ravenously, I feed upon you, sucking harder and sex izle harder, flicking my tongue along the sides. I know you are on the edge, and I ready myself for the salty explosion.

But instead of losing yourself within the heat of my mouth, you pull away and jerk me up along your body. The fabric of my bikini brushes against your engorged member, and I can tell you are about to burst. You spread my legs on each side of you, pressing my fabric-covered mound against your erection. Swearing violently, you pull at the cloth, ripping it apart in your haste to take me. I laugh throatily at your loss of control.

In the next instant I gasp as you grab my hips and thrust yourself heavily into me. The invasion is swift, and I feel stretched too wide, too taut. You pull back and slam back into me, eliciting a deep groan from my throat. Feverishly, you fuck me, each thrust harder, faster, and deeper. Your urgency fuels my fire, and I am soon riding you hard, meeting each thrust eagerly.

You pull me forward and take one of my breasts into your mouth, suckling hard, biting without mercy. One hand fondles my other breast, and it’s that last pinch that makes me come. The flames consume me and I feel you take one last thrust, as deep as you can. Then I feel myself being filled with your hot seed. I can feel you all the way to my womb, and I collapse onto your chest, replete.

You hold me as the aftershocks course throughout our entwined bodies. It is then that I realize the waves are lapping at our legs. The cool water is like ice against our hot flesh. I know we should move, get out of the tide’s way, but I can’t make my limbs cooperate. I simply lie against your still heaving chest, and I know that within our private cove, we are safe. The waters may cover us, but we will never be swept away.