Bear Hunting

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Big Tits

Editor’s note: this submission contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sexual situations.

Author’s note: If you like this story please leave a comment. I enjoy reading them and I like receiving feedback on my writing. Enjoy the story.

Bear Hunting

I saw him at a party once, and I knew I wanted to make him mine. He was a bear, a massive man in his thirties always looking for younger twinks. I would often sit at the bar and look at the crowd, that’s when I saw him dancing.

He had a tough look and a handsome face with a beard. His bare chest was covered only by a harness that hugged his big muscles and soft brown hair on his pecs. I saw him flirting with a young skinny guy, I could tell he wanted to take him to a room and fuck him. He looked way taller next to him. This man was definitely a top and was ready to find his prey for the night. That’s when I laid my eyes on him, I knew it would be a challenge but I was determined to make him submit to me.

Let me tell you then a bit about myself. I’m an average guy, short brown hair, and tanned skin. My eyes are a pale blue color and I like to keep my face and my body shaven. There is one thing that is unusual about me. I like to control, command, and take pleasure on people asking for mercy. Evidently, I was introduced to the world of bdsm and a world of possibilities was opened for me. I joined clubs and would often meet skinny, wimpy guys that wanted to please a daddy. That satisfied me for a while, but then I was after something else. The bigger the guy the better. Just the thrill of being in control of a person that was physically stronger than me would turn me on tremendously. I just wanted to make them beg and ask for mercy, waiting for my permission to cum.

So, I decided to go after that beautiful beast of a man one night. I got dressed in a tight white shirt that would hug my slender body and my muscles. As for my ass, I wore the jeans that best fitted my thighs and made my behind look even bigger. Before I went out, I saw my reflection in the mirror and thought that I looked hot. As a 28-year-old, I was told many times that I looked like I was still in college probably because I still had my baby face. I was willing to look as young as possible to take this guy home.

Once I got to the club, I realized it was packed. I would have to make my move or another guy would get his attention. My heart started racing as I hit the dance floor. I danced with a few guys, made out with some, just feeling the beat with my body. Suddenly, my eyes were fixated on him. He was looking gorgeous, wearing a harness and sweat covering his hairy body. I was hooked.

I got closer while dancing with some guy. It didn’t take long for some guy to go and flirt with him. But I was up for the challenge, I was dancing close to him, and I made eye contact. I made out with some guy but I made sure to look at him the whole time. He noticed me. I got closer and turned around so he could grab me from behind. His hands grabbed me by my hips and I started dancing with the two guys. bahis siteleri I was sure to make him feel my body, my ass, so he would see this was an obvious invitation. The other guy, got the message and left. I was happy to turn around and face him. He seemed excited and I offered him a drink so we could talk. Although, words were not necessary as I could see in his eyes he wanted to fuck me.

We got to the bar and I bought some drinks. Without him noticing I slipped a little something into his drink. He was definitely interested but didn’t want to show it. I could see his whole macho act, and how he was playing hard to get. We started talking and I was getting a little impatient. I knew I had to make him feel like he was the one in control.

“So, what’s your name?” I said while drinking my cocktail.

“Jake.” He replied looking around, I could tell he was eyeing one of the guys behind the bar.

“I love this song.” I said trying to make conversation, and pretending to be all shy.

“Yeah… they play it a lot…” he almost yelled because the music was getting louder.

I needed to act fast, or else I was going to lose his interest.

“Hey, you wanna go to my place?” I said directly looking at him with my blue eyes.

He seemed surprised by my sudden assertiveness, so he didn’t reply right away. So, I got close to his ear.

“I want you to fuck me hard, what do you say?” I said trying to sound like I was a hungry bottom.

He drank the rest of his drink and got up. He was almost a head taller than me, I couldn’t wait to get him home.

“Ok, let’s go.” He said with a grin.


Once we got into my apartment he started kissing me and groping my ass with his big hands. He was all over me and he was pretty rough. After a few minutes, he got a bit dizzy. I sat him on a chair in my living room and knew he was going to be mine. I sat on his lap and removed his shirt and the harness he was wearing .He was panting and had a really big hard on. I told him to wait and went to get some stuff, he didn’t see me get my stuff.

I had prepared everything in advance so I had a duffel bag with everything I needed in the living room. I left the bag behind the couch. Inside I had some ropes, toys, and the highest quality lube I could buy. My excitement was already evident, my hard cock was showing under my jeans.

He seemed confused and was waiting for me to return. I took the ropes and swiftly tied his hand to the back of the chair. It didn’t take me long to tie his ankles to the legs of the chair.

“The fuck you doing?” He said in a low voice that sounded a bit scared but didn’t have time to stop me.

He started moving restlessly but I knew the pill I gave him had worked. He wasn’t going anywhere.

I walked around the chair and looked at this massive man tied up in my living room. I had successfully captured a bear and I was ready to play with him. On my right hand, I had my lube and on my left I was grabbing my cock. My face showed that I had no intention of getting fucked tonight canlı bahis siteleri but he was the one about to get fucked.

“Let me go, please.” He pleaded with a dizzy look, already making me hard.

“If you cum for me I will untie you.” I explained with a very calm look.

I sat on his lap and started kissing his handsome and rough face. He was starting to enjoy himself. I could tell he still wanted me to release him. But I had practiced my knots several times before and I knew his strength wasn’t enough to loosen them. I put some lube in my hand and began rubbing my cock against his hard abs. Soon my hands found his hard nipples. He panted like an animal as I was caressing, twisting and playing with his chest. All the while, my tongue was tasting his mouth. His lips reached my shaven face, he was hungry. Finally, I could tell he was starting to surrender to my touch.

After a while, I went down on his knees and took down his pants. A big bulge appeared between his massive thighs. I stared up at his brown eyes, and whipped out his fat cock. I wetted my lips. Slowly, I kissed the head of his hard meat. Just the tip, I licked and kissed and spitted on it. He was loving it. He let his head fall back and closed his eyes.

“Oh… fuck… man…just suck it already.” He demanded to my delight.

I laughed and teased him even more. Lube fell down the tip and the sides of his cock. My hand was gripping tight as I began jerk him off. Nice and hard. After some minutes, one hand wasn’t enough for his meat so my two hands went up and down his glistening cock. I wanted to take him to the edge.

“Ahh…shit… I’m gonna cum..” He said gasping. His eyes were rolling back.

“You will cum when I tell you to cum, understood?” I stated suddenly grabbing him by the balls and preventing his orgasm.

“Fuck!..agh…” He yelled surprised, looking down at me with big pleading eyes.

“You wanna cum boy, you gotta beg for it.” I explained getting up and leaving him panting.

I walked to my bag and took a long leather whip just in case, I needed to discipline him. I untied his legs, and took the rest of his clothes off. I put some cushions on the floor.

“Listen up boy… I want you to get on your knees for me.”

“If you do as I say, I won’t have to use this,” I said slapping the whip on my other hand. He knew I was serious.

“Yes, sir.” He said in his husky voice and I smiled satisfied.

I released him from the chair but kept his hands tied. He kneeled on the cushions with his back straight, and looked at me. He was obedient but only because he knew what the punishment would be.

“Good boy.” I said caressing his beard.

I took my time and contemplated his big physique. Softly, I started slapping the whip on his chest making him huff like an animal. Faster and harder every time. I went behind him and whipped his defined ass making him arch his back in pain.

“Please…please… stop.” He cried pretending he didn’t like it but I could tell his cock was rock hard the whole time.

I canlı bahis stopped and decided it was time to play with his ass. I got down and ordered him to bend over. His hands were still tied so his face was down on the cushions and his ass and cock were mine to play. At this point, he was submitting to my commands completely. Leaving the whip on the floor I began touching his ass checks. It was a perfect peach.

With my expert hands I grabbed his ass and parted his checks to reveal a tight pink whole. My tongue started licking and kissing his hole. Slowly, I would go over it with my whole tongue. Making his asshole twitch, I could tell he was giving in to the pleasure. Spit would be enough to loosen him up. Then my fingers began exploring his ass tenderly. I would open his hole and make him mine.

“Fuck…you’re driving me crazy.” He said praising my rimming techniques.

“That’s it… open up that hole,” I said with my face buried in his ass.

I loved to make a guy nice and wet before fucking, for them to ask for my cock.

Once I noticed he was ready I started teasing him with the tip of my hard cock. It wasn’t as big as his meat but I could definitely make him cum. My hands were grabbing his firm cheeks and spreading them, while my cock would go up and down touching his hole.

“You want this cock, you gotta beg for it.” I stated, trying to control myself because all I wanted was to fuck him.

“Please…fuck…please fuck my hole…” he said sounding like hungry bottom and I was delighted.

Using a good amount of lube, I slowly filled him up with my cock while touching his head.He was mine now. His tight ass was gripping my cock, sending waves of pleasure. I did not move for a minute so he could adjust to my cock inside him. I began taking it in and out looking at his ass opening and closing. He was panting and his hard cock dangled between his thighs.

My hands held his shoulders and my pace became faster. A steady rhythm was driving him wild. He was moaning like a beast, and I was using all my strength to fuck him hard as he deserved. My hips were slapping his ass making a lewd sound, every time I rammed my cock inside. I was almost there and I could tell he was about to come. So, my thrusts became faster and faster. I grabbed his cock and ordered him to cum.

“Come on boy, come for me.” I commanded.

His body became tense and I could felt his ass tightening up. Suddenly, he shot a big load on the floor.

“Yeah… Fuck… Fuck me…” He kept repeating as he was cumming.

My body was also close so I took it out and decided to cum in his pretty face. I got close to him and jerked off. I touched his manly face, and told him to open his mouth.

“Open you mouth, you ready for my load?” I said gasping.

“Yes, please give it to me.” He said taking his tongue out.

Soon, I was shooting all over his face as I enjoyed a great orgasm.


He remained on the floor sweating, while I untied his hands. As promised I told him I would untie him after he came. I brought a towel and his clothes for him to get dressed. He told me it was the first time he was the submissive guy in sex, he had enjoyed it. I told him he could call me anytime he wanted to get pounded or be bossed around again.

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