Because I Can


It was Thursday night and I felt the urge coming on; I needed sex, not affection but rather just hard fucking slutty sex.

I am not interested in prostitutes, I am not interested in easy sluts, no I needed you, the loyal sweet housewife who is missing out on raw nasty fucking and domination your vanilla husband could never supply, and knowing you have never done anything like this before is what drives me.

With your husband out of town on business and your daughter out on a date, I called and told you I was coming over, and amid your protests and quivering voice there was a nervous anticipation in you that could not be hidden. I told you that you should never have contacted me, but you did and now I am going to corrupt you in ways you only dreamt about I calmly let you know.

I arrived at precisely 7:30 and I walked right in, you were sitting on the sofa as instructed wearing a corset in heels and stockings. There you were slightly overweight, your tits spilling out with hardened nipples straining to show themselves. Our first face to face and you did not disappoint a sign of a good slave.

You started to say hi, but all it took was the look and a pointed finger for you to quickly learn your place. You are not to talk I warned, unless I ask you something. Like a good girl you silently dropped your eyes.

I walked casually over, undoing my belt, button and lowered my zipper. My fat flaccid cock rolled out and I pulled your head forward pushing my meat between your red lips. Wrapping your red hair in my fist, I pulled your face forward, not stopping until your nose was tight against my abdomen, my pubic hair scratching your bursa escort bayan pale unmarked chin and cheeks. Not allowing you to move I began to thrust back and forth feeling myself slowly harden in your slutty mouth.

Your blue eyes widened in shock as you heard a click and the flash blinded you and you realized I was taking pictures of your first infidelity and as you tried to pull away and protest I just grabbed tighter and continued to fuck your mouth ruthlessly.

Shifting to the side I poked my cock so that it protruded your cheeks outward and continued taking more shots. I was enjoying this, this wife who until then had never been with another man except her husband her high school sweetheart, knowing that after today, you would never be anything more than a slutwife, and make no mistake, you will be an insatiable cock crazed wife once I was done with you.

I finally pulled away, ordering you to stand and strip, leaving just your stockings and heels on. You blushed and slowly removed the corset, your tits hanging and swaying as you bent over to peel it off.

I grabbed hold of those meaty toys and squeezed them roughly emitting a loud moan from you which only made me slap them from side to side letting you feel the pleasure a slut such as you gets from pain.

I grabbed your hair once again and pulled you upright, your hands instinctively trying to cover your intimate body parts, but with one slap across your face you dropped them quickly. I walked around you inspecting, prodding, and pushing you further to make you more ashamed about the predicament you put yourself into. I told you that I did not normally gorukle escort use and fuck fat women but I felt sorry for you, making you feel even more self-conscious. You were actually just the way I liked my women, but again I needed to feel the power, to make you cower and submit to anything and everything I expect from a slave.

I pulled you over to the high barstool in your kitchen, bending you over it and handcuffing your wrists to the lower legs on the other side. I rummaged through the drawers until I found a wooden spoon and I slowly began to smack your wide fleshy ass cheeks with it. Once you started to scream I grabbed a dish towel and forced it into your mouth and then I continued assaulting your sexy now reddened bottom.

I took time to stand back and admire my work and then I stepped up behind you. I placed my cock at the open lips of your now wet cunt and slowly pushed in. There is just something special about not asking, just taking, especially when it is her first time. I reached around and pulled the cloth from your mouth and I leaned over whispering that I was just being a gentleman and lubricating my cock before taking your tight virgin ass. Once again you started to protest but a hard open hand to your ass with one hand and a roughly twisted nipple in the other shut you up quickly.

Once I had fucked you enough to make me wet I placed the head at your wrinkled puckered brown hole and I pushed in quickly, twisting the nipple hard to try and keep your mind off of the pain your ass must have been feeling. As quick as I entered I pulled out completely leaving you writhing and twisting as bursa merkez escort bayan much as you could in that position.

I matter-of-factly informed you it would get better now and I spit on your ass and my hand and I rubbed it onto my shaft and slowly pushed my thick meat back into your waiting rectum.

You tried in vain to push my cock out, expel it from your burning hole but to no avail. I pulled back on your hair to let you know I was in charge and to just let it happen and soon, almost too soon for me you began to rock back and forth, matching me stroke for stroke and I knew another anal slut had been converted.

As I fucked you I could tell you were approaching your first anal orgasm without any vaginal or clitoral stimulation, and that was not in the plans for that day so I quickly withdrew leaving you trying to fuck air, wanting anything to fill that gaping open hole, with nothing to be found.

I slowly released you from the wrist restraints and forced you to your knees. I pushed my cock into your mouth face fucking you with no thought as to your comfort level, not allowing you one second to even think about what you were doing or sucking. Finally I was there, and I pulled out quickly shooting my wad all over your face letting it run down over your eyes and nose onto your waiting smeared lips, watching you greedily suck and lick in every drop that you could reach with your tongue. With your mascara smeared face I took several more pictures and zipped up my pants.

I warned you that the next time there you would have a third party, you could choose. Your daughter, your mother or your best friend, but do not disappoint me or else these pictures would be seen by your husband and all of your friends and co-workers.

With red eyes you asked me why I was like that, and of course the only answer was “because I can.”

With that I left, and trust me, you will be hearing from me soon for our next appointment.