Because of Dora

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Thinking about the story I’m about to relate, I find myself smiling inside, knowing that given the preceding events, all things considered, the inevitable simply happened. Those of you who have already read the stories ‘A Drink With Dora’ and ‘After Dora’ upon looking at the title of this story would have some idea of where I’m coming from.

Also, some of you will know that having successfully crossed the border into taboo land – unless you are generally not of a wandering nature – you are definitely going to head into town. Apart from the above mentioned, the only other thing that could prevent you from going into town would be the lack of inhabitants; it’s just a ghost town, no opportunities.

A little over a year into the dalliance between me, mom and my big sister Dora, I started noticing Pat, my younger sister, who by then had turned eighteen and had quickly blossomed into tormentingly ripe womanhood; she was designed to make mouths water and pre-cum flow. I had decided against moving in with Dora as mom had suggested I do, to avoid raising the suspicion of her neighbors or visiting friends. Dora, herself, had been urging me to do it, but had eventually given up hope and stopped. She still didn’t know about me and mom though mom knew about her.

Pat is a few inches taller than Dora and several pounds thicker, though not as thick as mom. She had the same oval face, small, full-lipped mouth, sparkling, big black eyes and the same small waist, wide hips and fluffy ass to match her size. The ass did seem a bit softer and slacker than the two older family ladies, judging from the way it bounced and rolled when she walked. She differed in complexion to mom and Dora, being a shade or two lighter, closer to the light tan of me and our dad. She had full breasts as well, though from what I saw when she went without bra they were more of the pointy type, unlike the round fruits of her mother and sister.

Pat had always, since her early teens, drawn playful teasing from every member of the household because of the prominence of her butt. With this in mind I decided on my strategy. I started by paying increased attention to her and found that she was obviously pleased with the new chumminess, often blushing when I paid her a compliment on her looks whenever she got dressed up to leave the house.

One day while walking close behind her as we were both headed for the kitchen, I commented on the bounce of her butt under the short skirt she was wearing. As she laughed at my comment I followed it up with a sudden slap on the thick backside, letting my spread fingers sink into the softness and linger awhile. She made a loud aaaah sound and spun around. Something in the way she uttered the aaaah and the twinkle in her eyes when she looked at me made me think that she liked the intimate touch, so I repeated it the very next evening as she walked past me bouncing in tight, soft shorts. Again it drew an aaaah from her, this one sounding even more indulgent.

“You think these are basketballs or what?” she asked, smiling.

“Dey could be … dey sure bounce easily,” I replied, causing her to laugh heartily.

On the next occasion that we were alone and out of sight, she did a strange but encouraging thing; as I passed her she laughingly held her hands behind her buttocks as if expecting and shielding them from a smack. This I interpreted as her inviting me to smack her big bottom, and I did just that. So from that day onwards whenever I walked by or was standing close to her she would place her hand behind her and I would raise my hand, causing her to make evasive moves and I would pursue her until I finally succeeded in smacking her, drawing the usual aaaah and giggles out of her.

I let that little sexy play drag out for a couple of months until one day I approached her while she was wearing a thin, pale green, tube top that allowed the imprint of her nipples and the dark areolas to be slightly visible. I stood before her looking from her face to them and back steadily a couple of times, making her blush.

“What?” she asked

“I can’t be certain whether these two up here or the two down there are the real basketballs,” I said shaking my head.

I walked away without reaching to smack as I usually did even though her hands were behind her in anticipation. Before I turned completely around I saw the flash of surprise on her face.

I continued speaking, “Careful … don’t let those balls fall of your chest … balance them well.”

She laughed and said, “No problem, you will catch them before they hit the ground.”

“I might not be able to … dey look too heavy,” I said, looking back.

“Nah, dey ain’t that heavy,” she said.

I turned around and stepped toward her.

“Let me see,” I said

I reached out and lifted both big, juicy balls in my hands, hefting them up and down in a testing manner, while repeatedly, pressing into the area of the nipples. I heard a barely audible hiss and felt a slight tremor.

“Dey too heavy?” she asked, sounding as if bursa escort she wasn’t too sure if it was the right thing to say.

“Nah, I think I could manage them if they fall.”

Noticing that she had removed her hands from behind her, I quickly dropped the goodies and reaching out, gave her the delayed smack, letting my fingers linger and caress longer than usual. She had a lost look in her dilating eyes.

The next morning I called in sick, knowing that mom would be leaving early to give my younger brother Mike a lift to a sports ground some distance away where he was taking part in a school athletic meeting. The drive to and fro would take at least about ninety minutes, and added to that I knew mom would be staying a while to view his first race. Pat had recently written her final high school exams and was at home awaiting the results, and likely entrance to university. She opted out of the sporting event on the grounds that she had to make a visit to her old school to help with the planning of the upcoming graduation party.

I was standing by the door as if about to step out into the yard when I heard the bathroom door pushed in loudly. I turned around and saw Pat wrapped in a white towel, heading toward her bedroom. She gave me a little smile and I stepped outside after returning the smile. She knew that I had called in sick; mom didn’t. I remained standing just outside the door, undecided, for about five minutes before I turned and walked back into the house. My heart was pumping excitedly as I headed for the bedrooms area hoping that luck would be on my side and that I’d at least get a glimpse of little sis in undies only or better yet, in panties only, no bra.

Luck was with me; as I approached the room I could see that the door was open. I slowed my pace as I drew close. Turning my head I saw Pat standing fully naked in front of her vanity looking into the mirror with raised hands fixing her hair. I stopped and stood there taking in a full side profile look at the fleshy brown body, marveling at the curve from back into round, big, high ass. The full, firm, pointy breasts stood straight out on her chest, the endings and their amazingly long nipples, appearing to be making an upward curve as if intent on reaching the roof.

She must have seen me through the side of her eye, and looking startled Pat swung all the way around and faced me – full bodily – hands to her surprised mouth. I stood there unable and unwilling to move, taking in the magnificent sight of ripe, young, womanly curves – the big brown breasts, the flat tummy and wide fleshy hips. The smooth, thick thighs, free of cellulite and stretch marks. Between those thighs rose a bun sized, clean shaven vulva above which was a small, neat triangle of closely cropped black hair. It looked more like a stain or birthmark.

“Oh my god, Denny … I thought you had gone outside,” she cried out.

She made no effort to use her hands to shield any of her privates.

“I forgot my phone,” I replied quickly, hoping she wouldn’t look down at the pocket of my shorts and see the phone imprint.

“Oh my … where is my towel?” she asked herself, turning her head around in a searching manner.

She started to walk off.

“Pat, wait,” I cried out anxiously.

She stopped, still facing me full bodily.

“You don’t have to cover up … you have an absolutely beautiful body … nothing that needs hiding … nothing to feel ashamed about,” I said, with deep conviction.

She stood still looking at me, her black eyes ablaze and sparkling, her full lips on the small mouth, so much like Dora’s, twitching slightly, her hands held unsteadily straight down her sides. I could see she was struggling to be brave, struggling to keep hands and legs steady, struggling to smile.

“Just stand there for a while and let me admire my beautiful and sexy baby sister … you’ve got the sexiest body I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot … You’re remarkable,” I whispered softly, just enough for her to barely hear.

I watched as the lighter-brown parts of her body, redden blushingly and goose pimples appeared on the smooth skin.

“Thanks … Denny,” she mumbled.

I stepped forward and stood close to her. If I hadn’t been wearing briefs under my athletic pants, my cock would have touched her. The heaving breasts were a couple of inches away from my stomach.

“Can I touch you Pat? … just for a little while … please!” I begged.

She opened her mouth to speak but no words came so she simply nodded her assent.

I reached out and touched both full, flushed cheeks, letting my hands slide along them and down her neck to her shoulders and then down her chest, to glide over the smooth, soft, lovely bubbies, grazing the stiffened nipples. My hands moved along her slightly trembling torso to her hips and then slowly up back along her belly until they found the breasts and held onto them gently, breaking into a slow kneading.

I pulled her close and found her mouth with mine. We kissed deep and long, chewing bursa escort bayan and sucking on each other’s lips and tongues. She wrapped her hands tightly around my back while I held up her face for the kiss. I could feel the softness of the breasts pressed against me around the hardness of the excited nipples.

I broke the kiss, lowered my mouth and captured a dark nipple. I sucked on it passionately and she moaned out loud. I took one of her hands and placed it against my crotch as I sucked her nipple. Her fingers grabbed the hard meat and she squeezed and released it repeatedly. We remained like that for several minutes, me feeding off her nipples, she squeezing my hard member as if testing its firmness.

I ran my tongue down her stomach, stopping at her deeply dented navel momentarily to probe it before moving down to lick the tiny mat of pubic hair. Teasingly I licked all around the fleshy vulva, deliberately avoiding it. Surprisingly, letting out a tormented growl, she grabbed my head and pulled it hard against her lower belly, smashing my nose against her vulva and thrusting her hips forcefully. I moved my face about while taking deep breaths.

I stuck my tongue out and flicked the lump of flesh, then I slowly licked the barely visible labia before parting them with the help of my thumbs and poking my tongue into the hot, deep pink inside. I moved my tongue about in the little hole, exploring the walls and depth of her woman chamber.

Still on my knees, pat standing on shaky, wide spread legs as I clutched her big bottom cheeks tightly, I latched onto her clit and sucked it voraciously. She wriggled and rolled her ample hips as my mouth pleasured her. I put my middle finger to work, sending it up and down in her tight, hot, slimy hole. She moaned loudly and massaged my woolly scalp. I curved the finger, pressing it against the upper wall, seeking the G-spot and making quick, little, brushing movements as I increased the pace and sucking pressure on her clit.

Suddenly she cried out in a screeching voice and her body shook violently, knees bending. I let her slip to the floor, while holding on to her to prevent her from falling flat. Both of us on our knees, I wrapped my hands tightly around her as she shuddered in ecstasy. In the final throes, her mouth sought mine and we kissed hard as the last bit of explosive energy slipped away from her body.

When it was all over we got up and moved to her bed where we lay in silence for a few minutes, me on my back Pat on her side, head on my chest, leg thrown across my lap, pressing down on my hard, throbbing tool. She moved her head and looked up into my face, her big, shiny black eyes locking with mine, pondering them as I was pondering hers, and trying to guess at thoughts. She smiled and gave me a playful poke under my chin with her finger. And once again she surprised me with a sudden bold move.

She slid downward and quickly took my cock into her little mouth, while shifting her body around to bring it between my spread legs. She crouched between my legs on her elbows and knees, looking intently at my face as her head bobbed up and down, the insides of her mouth and throat measuring my hard length of wood repeatedly. She chewed and bit and licked and shook my cock to her heart’s content until there was saliva all over my cock and groin area and her face.

I sat up and she quickly did the same, showing readiness for my aching cock. I pushed her back onto her back and grabbing her ample hips dragged her closer toward me, moving her head away from the edge of the bed. I leaned forward between her thick thighs and as I was positioning myself between them a thought occurred to me.

“Are you a virgin Pat? I asked.

“No … not really … I did it before … twice only,” she said slowly and carefully, but in a way as if that bit of info was a mitigating factor in a serious court case.

I lowered myself between the spread thighs and bent knees. Her hands moved with eager interest to my cock and guided it as she pulled her knees back. I pushed forward and forced my way into the opening of the tight mound, causing her to make a little whimpering sound. I pushed again, sending more of me into her. This time she made a loud aaaahh sound and her hands gripped my sides and her thumbs sunk into my underbelly. I hesitated briefly, then sent the rest of my determined member into her wanting, but cautious hole. I brought my hands around her thighs and gripped her upper arms as I started to move with quick short thrusts inside of her. Her face grimaced but there was evidence of some pleasure on the contorted features as she shook her head from side to side and cried out.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!”

I soon established a steady rhythm, pounding deeply and smoothly into her as her lady part slackened up to enable her man, her brother, to fuck her sweet pussy. She rolled her head from side to side savouring the sweetness of the taboo fuck. I let her lower her legs and I moved my hands downward to wrap them around and under her back just escort bursa above her waist as I arched my back and leaning downward took a big delicious bubby into my mouth, sucking on it carefully but hungrily. I felt her body moving delightfully underneath mine and I slackened the hold on her back to give her more mobility. And move she did, bucking and thrusting, jerking and winding passionately under me.

I felt my body tighten and then twitch and as I started to blast I quickly tried to pull out but she held me tight, wrapping her legs around mine expertly, and I surrendered myself to shooting into her full blast, filling her insides with my cum juice. She stroked my back as I emptied into her. I pulled out and watched as my cum-porridge drained slowly from her twat.

She was smiling as she looked up at me I was on my side and hand, looking down at her. I passed my free hand along her belly and it quivered from the tender touch. I gently tweaked each long nipple and then let my hand travel back down to the messed up pussy, sinking a finger into the slimy opening as I leaned over and sucked a nipple into my mouth.

I sucked her bubbies for a long time while fingering the fleshy vulva, enjoying the silky feel of the hot vagina. She rolled her hips under the finger pressure and I knew she was asking me wordlessly to enter her again and ride her to a climax. Without removing my finger, I let her throw her leg over as she turned to lie on her belly. I continued probing her with my finger as she clenched and released the fluffy butt cheeks, delighting my eyes with the sensual movement. She began to move faster, making quick jerks. I placed my face on the jerking big bottom and licked it tenderly. Then nosedived into the musky crack, tickling the puckered entrance with a quick, flicking and probing tongue before surfacing and then began biting and sucking mouthful portions of thick ass meat into my mouth as she bounced.

Without my urging she eased up onto elbows and knees, ass poised high for receiving. I pulled out my finger and quickly, to prevent a shift in the concentration of passion, I found her hole from behind and stabbed into it hard, driving my cock all the way to the hilt. I remained buried deep in her pink salmon steak as I rolled my hips, grinding away against the thick brown meat. She jerked in response, matching my move with a different but complementing one.

After a while I shifted to heavy pounding, hitting the backside hard each time I pulled back and slammed all the way into it, watching it bounce and tremble seductively. I began to knead it as I hammered away.

Amazingly, she assumed what I could only call an acrobatic pose, spreading her knees wide and in the effort lowering her thick body until she was doing a kind of bent-knee split, her belly on the bed, ass just barely lifted up. I followed her down with my body and when she was set in her desired position, now with chest also on the bed and arms spread wide, grabbing the edges of the mattress, I resumed jabbing into the thick pokey of my sister, liking the way her ass bounced and the way she mewed and whimpered under my attack.

I stretched out full along her entire length of torso as I fucked her quickly. She took me like that for a long time, not complaining, not showing any discomfort in the strange but enticing position and then I noticed that she was breathing harder and harder as if she was trying to coax a feeling up from deep within. I got back onto my knees with arched back and I passed a hand underneath her and latched onto her clit, rubbing it between thumb and forefinger as I quick fucked her.

The heavy breathing got heavier and quicker with her making loud gasping sounds. I suddenly remembered the way she seemed pleased whenever I smacked her. I used my free hand to give her a series of quick slaps to the bouncing batty, not too hard, just employing enough pressure to make it smart slightly, and suddenly she cried out, shook violently and then bucked wildly, throwing me off her as she straightened out her legs backward. She flounced and rolled on the mattress, her body covered in pleasure raised pores. When she was finished cumming, she started gasping and laughing as she rolled onto her back.

“Yuh make me feel so good, Denny,” she said.

I wasted no time I was hungry to jab and cum inside the thick satiated body so I could find my own satiation. I got between her legs and she lifted them high and grabbed my cock as I moved forward, lining it up against her hole. I pushed forward, going in smoothly. With her thick legs on my shoulders, I wrapped my arms around the big, sweaty, juicy thighs and began firing away into my sister’s pussy as she urged me on with satisfied-sounding grunts and before long I was shooting hot pellets of cum up her hole. I remained on my knees, still having her thighs in a tight hug as I emptied into her.

We lay on the bed hugging each other and enjoying the post fuck headiness and the feel of each other’s naked body. It was during that break that she told me she had deliberately left her bedroom door open so I could see her and make a move, as she’d been fantasizing about me fucking her for some time and had become maddeningly desperate for it after I felt up her boobs the night before.

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