Because of You, Daddy


I never used to think of my daughter Melissa that way. She was my angel, my everything. A spunky brunette that liked dinosaurs and pop music. But, like all kids, they grow up. She was 19 now and in college, a beautiful young woman that no doubt turned heads with her perfect body. She came home for Christmas this year and that’s when it started — when I started lusting after my own daughter.

I am 43 years old, and I learned quickly that drinking coffee before bed doesn’t do me any favours. I had woken up in the middle of the night to take a piss and on my way back to my room to shove my wife Linda out of the way so I can could get back into bed; I happened to pass by Melissa’s bedroom. The door was open a couple of inches and light from her bedside lamp shone though. I was about to peak my head in and ask her what she was doing up so late when I heard,

“Yes, fuck my pussy, daddy.”

I froze. That was…not something I expected to hear. I leaned into the gap of the door and took a silent look. Low and behold, my daughter was on her cell phone talking to someone while a fat, purple dildo was being crammed into sex izle her shaved cunt. My jaw almost hit the floor. This was no light teasing either, her legs were spread wide and she was fucking herself deep and hard as her red lace boy shorts hung off one of her ankles. I could almost hear her pussy sloshing with every thrust.

“Mmm, yes, I am your little slut, I love cocks.”

Who was she talking to? Boyfriend back in college? Like it mattered. All that mattered now was seeing my little girl fucking herself in the dim light of her bedroom, and the hardening of my cock while watching it.

“Ok, daddy, hold on…” She said to the phone before removing it from her ear. I watched as she brought it down low and with one hand spread her clean shaven pussy lips and then I heard the digital click of her taking a photo. Shit. Whoever on the other side of the line was going to get quite a view as I saw her pink glistening in her juices.

Melissa brought the phone back to her ear,

“Do you see how wet I am?” Yes, baby. Daddy does. “It’s all because of you, daddy.”

My heart sikiş izle was hammering in my chest and my cock was trying to pop out of my sweat pants. The reasonable part of my brain was telling me to just walk away, stop creeping on your own daughter you sick fuck. That was of course muted by my primal instincts of watching her play with herself more.

And she did. Melissa went right back at it, fucking her cunt for all it was worth, moaning into the phone as her juices dripped out, down the crack of her ass and on her sheets.

“Ahn…oh fuck daddy…” She was trying to be as quiet as possible, but I could hear (and see) her perfectly from my vantage point. “Ahn, oh god, ahn, gonna fucking cum, daddy…” Her legs started to tremble, and she buried that fake cock deep inside her as she suddenly rocked into orgasm, writhing on the bed like she was possessed.

Now I was tugging on my hardening cock through my sweat pants, a visible stain appearing on my crotch from the pre.

“Mmmm, yes it felt so good, but I should go. I have family stuff in the morning.”

And that would be türk porno my queue to leave. I fled to the bathroom and locked the door, pumping my cock the entire way.

“Fuck…” I mumbled as my fist greased my pole with precum, I could not get that image out of my mind. I closed my eyes, my 8 inch, fat prick over the bathroom sink as I replayed the events in my head…and other scenarios. She called him ‘daddy’…what she always calls me. I could see it already, my sweet angel letting me slip my cock deep inside of her cunny, wrapping her arms around my neck and whispering, “I love you daddy, fuck me.”

How did her pussy feel? Don;t get me wrong, my wife fucks like a porn star, but there was just…something, that glistening pink, the way she talked, her toes curling as she came…

With a grunt and a hard grip I came; hard. My load shot across the porcelain sink in large globs, some of it hitting the faucet and dripping off. For a moment, I had an image in my head of my sperm dripping from her chin onto her perky tits.

I was done.

Then the guilt set in. What the fuck was I doing? What kind of sick pervert does this? She’s your daughter, man! So, feeling like a bag of horse shit, I went back to my room, told Linda to move over and went back to sleep.

You would be amazed at how fast you drift off after cranking one out to your own daughter.

The End.