Becca, the Beach, and Me Ch. 02

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I was at work for a short while when she showed up. A few of the locals came and went but at this hour, it was mostly drunks and people coming home from the late shift. In between customers, we talked about various things.

While no one was in the store except us, she asked, “How big are you?”

I responded with, “What? Six foot.”

She said, “No, how big are you down there,” as she pointed at my crotch.

I said, “Not real big. I wish it was bigger.”

She said, “No, you are really big, Dave, biggest I have been with.”

I said, “It’s only 7 inches.”

She started laughing and said, “You measured it?”

I said, “All guys do. That’s fully erect.”

She replied, “I would have thought it was bigger.”

I didn’t ask how many guys she had been with but she volunteered, “I have only been with two guys. One was my high school sweetheart and the other is Perry. The weird thing is they are both big and muscular but have small parts, or maybe average.”

I just shook my head and said, “This is your boyfriend you are talking about you know.”

She said, “Yeah, maybe I should not have said anything. If you ever meet him, don’t make fun of him! Sorry if this sounds bad or perverse but when I felt yours, it made me so curious. When I felt it pressing against me, I wanted to know what it was like. Then things just got heated and we ended up where we were. Just please don’t say anything to anyone.”

I replied, “I promise I won’t. And I won’t blackmail you or anything like that either. It just happened.”

She said, “Oh shit! I didn’t think about that! I don’t have any money,” she said laughing, then adding, “I only have pussy to give!”

I said, “I’ll take all of that I can get, but only on a volunteer basis. No pressure.”

We both laughed and she spanked my hip as I was leaned on the front of the counter at the store.

After some more talking and flirting, Becca said she needed to get home and go to bed. I asked jokingly if I could join her and she said to come on over, knowing I could not just lock the store up and leave. Before she left, she moved to me as I was leaned on the counter and hugged me. The hug turned into a kiss. The kiss turned into making out for a few seconds. I grabbed the side of her head just below her ear and we really started to get heated, our bodies pressed hard against each other as our tongues dancing in each others mouths. She broke the kiss off, looked down towards my pants, then reached down and rubbed my cock through my pants and said, “We’ll have to take care of this some time.”

I think I would have right there in Kayseri Escort the store if she would have let me. That was too risky though, even at one o’clock in the morning.

After she left, I just stood behind the counter thinking about her and wishing she was my girlfriend. Some of the usual people came in within the next hour. A town drunk visited, too drunk to count his money for his smokes so he just threw some money on the counter. I charged him the correct amount and tried to give him back the rest. He couldn’t seem to figure out how to get it into his pocket so I put it in the bag with his cigarettes and folded it closed. A local sheriff came in for some free coffee and chatted for a few minutes. Some other folks stopped in for gas.

I started thinking I felt kind of proud that she liked my size. She was only the second girl to have felt it and the other one did not say anything about it either way. While I was standing there looking out the window, thinking about what she had said, the office phone rang. I answered it and I heard a whisper on the other end say, “Hey. It’s Becca. I can’t get to sleep. I figured I give you a call.”

I said, “Yey. Why don’t you come up here?”

She replied, “My mom probably would not like that. But I had an idea. Why don’t you tell me what you would do to me if you were in my bed with me right now.”

My cock instantly grew. I replied, “Okay. What are you wearing?”

She replied, “Just panties.”

I asked, “Are the covers over your body?”

She replied, “Yes. I am covered up to just above my breasts.”

I started with, “I imagine your room dimly lit by some beams sneaking in past your curtains from street light. Your half naked body is lying under the sheets and bed spread and you are freshly showered and lightly misted in perfume. Your sensative nipples are rubbing against the sheets as you watch me walk in and shut the door behind me. I ask if you are awake. You tell me you have been waiting for me.”

I then said, “First, I would slowly strip naked as you pat the bed beside you, gesturing for me to come over and join you. We continue to make eye contact through the dim light as you pull the covers back and I climb under them with you. You feel a rush of cool air as the covers open followed by the warmth of my body moving in beside you. You would be facing me in the bed on your right side. I reach a hand out and slowly rub your side working my way up to your shoulder. My hand continues to rub up and down your back, massaging every inch. I ease closer to you into position with my head just above yours. I kiss your Kayseri Escort Bayan ear lobe and work my kisses slowly down onto your neck as I continue to rub you back. I can feel your bare breast against mine.

She whispered, “Yes. Tell me more, Dave.”

I continued, “my kisses make their way down to your left breast and onto the nipple where I gently suck and use my tongue to make circles around your nipple. My right hand slowly glides over your butt as it stops for a squeeze through your panties. You run your fingers through my hair as I continue to suck your nipple.

She whispered, “I can almost feel you here.”

At this point, I was fully erect inside my pants. If someone comes into the store, I’ll have to hide it behind the counter.

I then went on, “I grab your leg and pull your knee and lower leg over my body. I rub the back of your left leg from the knee up to your butt. I rub it again, this time closer to the middle and just graze your pussy through the panties. They are so wet and your body is so hot.”

I continued, “I roll up onto your body, pushing you onto your back with my body now between your spread legs. I take your right nipple into my mouth and give it the same sucking and licking I gave your left one. This time, I squeeze your left breast while I suck on your right one. I begin to move my kisses onto your firm belly, light and slow kisses as you feel the warmth of my breath on your skin. I reach into the elastic of your panties and pull them down slowly, kissing every inch of your body as I move them down. You raise your butt off of the bed and I slide your panties slowly down your legs and off of your feet. The covers fall off of my back behind me exposing your naked body for me to take.”

She whispered, “I just took my panties off. Tell me what’s next.”

I replied, “I move back between your legs and kiss your lower belly, making my way down onto your bush. It tickles my face. You can feel my breath between your legs. I move to your left leg, kissing the inner thigh slowly. I then move over to kiss the inner part of your right leg. As I move over your bush, I blow hot air onto it. Slowly, I make my way closer to your bush from your right inner thigh, kissing, licking, and sucking your flesh. I move over to your pussy and slowly lick from the bottom of your lips to the top, slowly and barely parting them with my tongue.”

She replied, “Oh my God, you are making me so horny, Dave. I just ran a finger up my pussy pretending it was your tongue and it feels so fucking good. My pussy is dripping wet. This is so erotic.”

I went on, Escort Kayseri “I continue to lick up and down your pussy, each time poking my tongue deeper into you and moving my tongue side to side, parting your lips more each time. You feel the firmness and warmth of my tongue on your soft lips, pushing to one side, then the other. Next I lick your clit very softly, pushing the hood up just a little with my tongue. You reach down and run your fingers through my hair. I tease your clit again with another light brush of my tongue. This time your body jerks.”

I could her her breathing heavier on the other end of the phone.

I continued, “Finally, I put my mouth over your clit and suck it gently while massaging it with my tongue. I can taste your pussy as I suck and massage. I then open my mouth enough to work my tongue down to the top of your opening and back up to your clit.”

On the other end I could hear her say, “Dave! I am coming! Oh my God! I wanna fuck you so bad right now. I want you to fuck my pussy.”

I said, “I am so hard. This talk has really excited me, too. I want to fuck you but I can’t leave the store. Want me to come by after work?”

She replied, “My mom will be home, but this will happen again. I can’t believe you made me come over the phone like this, and can’t believe I came with my own fingers. This is amazing. Thank you!”

I replied, “Anytime! I have never dirty talked with a girl before. I guess it’s a talent I did not know I had.”

We both laughed. I added, “And I didn’t even get all the way into the story.”

She said, “Oh, I know what was going to happen next. You were going to give me that big cock of yours again. I can’t wait for that!”

I replied, “Yeah, me too! I’ll be thinking about it a lot!”

She said, “Soon, Dave, real soon. Tonight, I am going to sleep without panties. I never do that but I feel so open. I wish I had a vibrator or something to play with. My pussy aches for something in it.”

I replied, “You can finger yourself. That might do it.”

She replied, “I did a little already while you were telling me what you would do to me. I think I will again when we hang up, see if I can make myself come again. That’s new for me. Speaking of which, we better go ahead get off of the phone.”

I agreed. It was close to 3:30 now. Time for me to stand around and do nothing until about 5, when the early birds start showing up.

We said our good nights and I felt my erection go down. Just the thought of her laying there in her bed, the same bed I fucked her in, fingering herself while on the phone with me and again after we hung up made me erect again. I had to get that thought out of my mind for now. Not the easiest thing to do, I found out, until I started getting busier with customers again.

I drove home after work and went to bed. This time, there was no door bell ringing. I needed the sleep!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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