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Becoming a Boy 39

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Mrs. McNeil had agreed a massage would be good for her today. I hoped that she liked it. I wanted to do what Mr. McNeil had directed me to do but I figured that it was up to me. I was pretty sure he had not told her I would be taking it further than a massage. I was really scared. I wanted to do this but I also didn”t want to scare her or do anything to screw up being here in their home. I had found her Xanax prescription bottle and taken a couple of her pills. She rarely used them and wouldn”t miss them I was sure. I knew from Mr. McNeil that she had them but  hadn”t ever taken them until now. I didn”t want to be stressed or panic when I started this.

“Should I just lay on the table Billy?” she asked.

“Well, I can”t do it with your clothes on Mrs. McNeil, you can remove them in the bathroom if you want. Here is a towel you can wrap around yourself,” I tried to sound reassuring.

“Oh. Well, I”ve never had a massage before. I didn”t know. I guess that makes sense. Like at a spa,” she noted. She went to the bathroom and I began taking my clothes off. This was the part I was least sure about. Would she freak out with me naked too? I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist. Hopefully, this would at least make it seem like I was going to be doing the same a she was.

I lit a few scented candles I had found around the house and turned the lights down. Since she had bought the candles I was sure she would like the smell as they burned. I made sure the massage oil was warm and the room wasn”t cold at all. I put some nice relaxing music on so that she would be as relaxed as possible. It was not fall asleep relaxing music but nice sensual warm drumming and light vocal stuff. Then I saw her open the door.

“Billy! Oh, I didn”t know you would be in a towel too,” she sounded surprised as she came back into the room. “It”s so dark.”

“Well, I wanted to make sure you were comfortable Mrs. McNeil,” I told her. “This way its all equal.”

“Oh, okay, well if you think so.”

“It will be fine, Mrs. McNeil. So just get up on the table, face down with your face resting on the cushion,” I explained. She managed to get up and lie down with out a problem. “Now I am just going to rearrange the towel so I can move it around,” I added.

“I just don”t go around naked very much,” she confided. “I don”t think anyone except my doctor or Chuck has seen me naked in the last several years.”

“No worries, Mrs. McNeil. I don”t get naked except for my doctor either. But don”t worry, you have a great body,” I told her. “And no one is here except me, I see you all the time.”

“You”re so sweet. Thank you, Billy. You

Eventually I started on her feet and she giggled a lot to start.

“Sorry, Billy, I”m just ticklish in places.”

“I”ll try to not tickle you Ma”am,” I replied. I continued to rub her feet, one at a time and she did calm down and I was able to get some of the tension out of her feet. She had quite a few spots that were knotty and gave me an idea of what I would need to work on over the rest of her body. My hands were nervous feeling so I was glad the oils covered that nervous sweaty feeling.

“Oh, Billy. I can”t believe how wonderful this feels.” She sighed and relaxed a bit more. There would be less giggling if she was relaxed. I still hadn”t even begun to move to her legs and I was still nervous.

I moved her towel around as I moved up her body. I wanted to make sure she was comfortable, but I also knew I need to follow Mr. McNeil”s instructions and eventually bring to to climax. So I worked thoroughly and methodically and eventually was rubbing her shoulders and back of her neck.

“Okay, Mrs. McNeil, please turn over. I want to work on your front now.”

“Oh, well, okay.” She held the towel and wriggled around until she was facing up now. I went to work on her face and was rubbing gently to break up the tension on her face and neck. Then I began the inevitable, working on her chest and abdomen. I could feel her heart beating faster. “Just relax Mrs. McNeil, it”s all good.”

“Billy, I don”t know, I”ve never.”

“Shhhh,” I told her. “Just let me do something for you, Mrs. McNeil. You”ve been so nice to me, and given me such a great chance to work here. Just let me help you for once,” I said. I knew it was a little strong but I didn”t know how else to let her to allow what I would do after this. I adjusted the towel down some and exposed her breasts. Her eyes were big and open. “Just close your eyes,” I said, “Relax and don”t worry. I”ve been trained and I know how to give a good massage Mrs. McNeil.”

At least she didn”t say anything. Eventually her eyes closed again and I began to massage her breasts. They were nice size. Not jumbo, but of a size that men usually liked. I wanted her to like the massage, like that I was giving it to her, providing her with pleasure. I knew it would make me feel good inside if I could give her some pleasure. I just kept telling myself.

As I worked around the nipples she sighed and exhaled soft breaths. I thought for sure she was enjoying it. I had learned enough about women and what they liked. I still didn”t understand sex all that much myself, but other people really liked it a lot. I enjoyed it when other people enjoyed it. That was the main purpose as I saw it. If the other person enjoyed it, then I did too. I just didn”t find it all that interesting as a personal thing. I continued working her abdomen and breasts and returned to the nipples from time to time. I began to think she was really enjoying it but I could see her lower area to tell properly. I adjusted her towel up again and exposed her pelvis and crotch and I moved my hands lower on her body.

“Billy!” she said excitedly “I don”t think�”

“Please, Mrs McNeil,” I began to explain as I reached back and covered her mouth with my hand. I looked directly in to her eyes. “No talking. Just close your eyes and imagine something warm and gentle. “No thinking is necessary right now. Just enjoy the massage and the release,” I said about as directly as I ever said anything.

I moved my hands down to her vaginal area and began a slow massage around her hips. I caressed everything gently and played occasionally near the folds of her opening. I had not allowed my hands to move from her body totally at anytime during the massage. I knew that once I started on the touching I should always keep her skin in contact. Though I had covered her mouth, I had not broken that rule of a good massage.

“Billy, I really don”t think I should do this,” she sad suddenly. She moved a bit as if to shift my hands.

I continued massaging her and moved my fingers closer and closer to her spot that she didn”t want me to go near and that Mr. McNeil did. I could see she was moist and damp there. It crossed my mind that if I were more interested in sex, I should just climb on top and use my dick and please myself, but the thought passed quickly. It wasn”t something I wanted out of this, I wanted to make sure Mrs. McNeil enjoyed this and I could feel safer and secure here. I liked them, I wanted to stay here and make them happy. I didn”t indulge myself in sex pleasure hardly at all. I just didn”t have the desire most people seemed to have.

I moved closer to her pussy each time and then slid my hand away and dug into her butt to release more tension and to increase her arousal. I did everything except touch her vagina or clitoris for several minutes, using the oil to slicken her skin and finally, finally I got a reaction I wanted.

“Oh, Billy, oh,” she let slide in a breathy tone. “Oh, no one has given me a massage like this. I, oooohhhhh, I don”t know.”

I didn”t say anything. I continued and I could see her close to letting a little liquid release from her opening. Her vag was big. I knew she took Mr. McNeil”s huge dick all the time, so it was not a surprise to me how open she was. It was then I moved my hands closer on my pass by her vagina and I slid one over it completely and paused to slide one of my fingers slightly inside. She moaned a little and jumped at the touch.

I switched my pattern to this now. Moving my hands and fingers over and in her lightly, not heavy at all. She responded by her hips moving slightly at my hands. She seemed to have given in to it, so I didn”t want to lose her connection to the massage and I didn”t want to wait forever to begin the final part. I began passing my fingertips over her clit as I massaged closer and more tightly around her opening. Eventually I was sliding a finger or two inside her and massaging her clit as I did so with the other tuzla escort hand.

“Oh, Billy, Oh Billy,” she just kept repeating my name and eventually there was a shudder. Her hips shook, her opening was very wet and moist by this point. He clit was hard and erect and looked to be aching to me. I didn”t press hard, I didn”t touch it hard but I touched it until she shuddered and let out a long sigh and slight moan. I had a couple fingers inside her and was rubbing on either side of her clit with my fingers and palm.

I slowed my ministrations to her pussy and began a return to a wider massage of her genital area, until she seemed calm and then I finished. I didn”t say anything at all and eventually removed my hands from her body. Her eyes popped open and she returned to being Mrs. McNeil. She grabbed the towel and moved it around to cover herself properly.

“Oh, Billy, that was so nice. I, I just really enjoyed that.”

I smiled big for her. I was really happy she enjoyed it. I hoped it did what Mr. McNeil wanted it to do. “Thank you Mrs. McNeil. I”m so glad you liked it.”

“Billy, it was wonderful.” She got up off the table with the towel around her and gave me a kiss on the cheek. That just made me smile even bigger. She went off to the bathroom and I cleaned up my hands and towels and went to go work on dinner for her and Mr. McNeil.


“What are you doing,” Zach wanted to know. I had pulled out the nipple suction things Ian had given me and said to use.

“Uhm, these are for making my nipples bigger. They are suction thingies and Ian says will make them get big and�well big,” I told him. I wasn”t sure how it would work. I couldn”t imagine they would do to my flat nipples and make them what Danny”s nipples looked like.

“Shit, you do everything he says, don”t you?”

“Well, yeah. He knows what is best. I mean,” fuck how could I explain this stuff in my head to Zach or anyone, for that matter? “I just want to do what he says so he will be my guy, my man, whatever,” I felt the blood rush to my face. I knew I was blushing.

Zach just laughed. “You”re his complete bitch, not just a cocksucker. What else does he make you do?”

“What do you mean? You know he fucks me.”

“You know exactly what I mean. What else does he already make you do? You have other rules you have to follow?”

I thought about my rules. Ian never said I couldn”t talk about them. I was completely humiliated that Zach was asking about them. I didn”t want to talk about the things Ian had me doing.

“Speak up, Timmy, I can”t hear you,” Zach taunted me. “Give it up, Bitch. Tell me the rules Zach has set down.”

“Why?” I asked. “Why do you need to know? That”s between me and Ian.”

Zach just laughed. He was sitting at his desk and I was siting at mine. He had turned his chair to face me after he saw me putting on the nipple devices. He was looking at me like he was going to give me a reason for telling him other rules, but hen his eyes got big.

“Holy shit, look at your nips, dude. They are way bigger than a few minutes ago.”

I had almost forgotten I had put the things on. They didn”t cause me discomfort really, and the suction I could ignore really easily if I was involved in something else, like talking to Zach. I glanced down and he was right. What had started as a simple suction had become something else. My little flat nips were now being suctioned up and were really kinda big. Not Danny big, but still, it looked like I had actual nipples, not just flat nips and areolas.

I pulled off the cups and just looked. I got up and went to where he had a mirror and looked. I turned sideways and saw they did stick out a good bit.

“What”s it feel like?” Zach asked. He walked over and took ahold of my nipples and twisted.

“Ow, shit, go easy on them,” I told him.

“I wanted to test them out. I like the feel. Gives me something to hold on to,” he stated. “Do they just stay like that now?”

“No, I think its like going to the gym. You have to keep doing it everyday for awhile to get the changes to be permanent.”

“Definitely keep doing that. I bet before long, you have got some big titty nipples.” He grinned and let go of my nipples.

“That”s what Ian wants,” I said sheepishly, trying to figure out if I liked them or not. “He wants them big, a lot bigger.” Zach just laughed.

“What else does Ian want?” Zach continued the questioning. I was uncomfortable talking about my relationship with Ian. One because I wasn”t sure there was a relationship and two because I would look like a “complete bitch” as he had said earlier.

I stepped away from the mirror ad pretended to ignore him. I put the suction things on my nipples again and twisted them to increase the suction. Zach moved directly in front of me and asked again. “What else has Ian told you to do, Timmy?”

I looked away and he surprised me with a slap across the face. I turned back to him and I was angry he was doing this to me. Why should let him treat me this way?

“I”m only using your mouth, Timmy. You speak through your mouth, and I slapped your mouth.  Don”t go telling me I can”t do this, Ian told you and me both that your mouth was where I had control in this room.” He stared at me directly. I had nothing to say back because he was right. Ian had given that control to him.

“He says I need to get rid of my body hair,” I confessed. I wanted to say nothing but I was afraid that if I said nothing or said a lie, that he would talk to Ian about it and I didn”t want to think about what Ian might do if I disobeyed him.

“So, all of your hair? You already shave it. I know you”re on the swim team.”

“No, well, yeah, I mean, I was shaving it but now I have had it removed permanently. Ian suggested it, and I did it. It a laser hair removal thing. Anyway, I don”t have any hair except my crotch and on my head.” I stopped there. I didn”t want to tell Zach anything about Ian”s order to remove my facial hair.

“Fucking nice,” was his response. “He going to make you get rid of the crotch hair too? Hell I would.”

“I don”t think so,” I said. “He hasn”t told me I have to yet, anyway.”

“Well, I think you better ask him. If you haven”t asked, how do you know?”

I didn”t want to think about it, really. I had already removed all my other hair. I was good with it, but it definitely left me feeling naked and if I got rid of my face hair and crotch hair, then what was left? Just the hair on my head, which Ian wanted longer. As if on cue my phone pinged with a text message. I looked and it was from Ian. “Come to my room, now,” was all it said.

“Gotta go,” I told Zach.

He laughed. Everyone laughed at me these days. Maybe I would think it was funny sometime soon.

I knocked on Ian”s door and waited for him to tell me to enter. The tie was gone so I figured the girl was too. When he said “come in,” I did and he was the only one in the room. He was sitting naked on his chair by his desk.

“Why are you still in pants?” was his first question. Then he made a statement. “Well at least you have started working on those tits.” I had come over with no shirt on because he said now. I hadn”t thought about the pants. I had barely gotten home and was on my knees sucking Zach off.

“I only got home a little while ago,” I started to explain.

“Timmy, you have rules now. I want you to follow them. At least you are working on the nipples. It looks like you just stopped, I can see the rings around your nips where the suction cups were. When we are done here you need to go get in your shorts. I want some more like them so you are showing off your ass as well as possible. Did you buy thongs yet?”

I was forgetting to do shit and it was piling up. “No, I forgot today.”

“Forgetting a lot aren”t you. I want you to tell me again what you just said the proper way.”

Crap. “No, Sir, I didn”t buy any thongs today. I forgot Ian, Sir.”

“Better, you still have some ways to go before the bros will realize you are doing everything you can following my rules. Now that you are out, I have a reputation to keep Timmy, and you are the one who keeps it for me, so I expect your behavior to get better. When I am done here, you”re going back out to buy some proper underwear for yourself,” he said.

I really did feel ashamed, I nodded and hung my head. “Yes, Sir.” I wanted to be Ian”s boy, and I wanted to do it well, but there were so many things he wanted and I had so many other things going on. I was going to have to talk to him about how to do everything he wanted and everything I already had to do.

“Get on your knees and crawl over here, Timmy. Now.” He pointed at his feet.

I got down and crawled over to his feet. I looked up at him and he was smiling. I hated that me made me crawl but I knew I had to do it.

“Now, suck my cock. You have some clean up to do.”

I moved forward and got my mouth at his cock level. It was hanging semi-hard off the seat of his office chair. I sniffed and it didn”t smell of Ian so much as it smelled of pussy, and latex. He wanted me to clean up his cock after he fucked that bitch. At least he used a condom. I shuddered slightly as I thought back to the first time Ian made me suck him, back when we were double teaming Tressa. I hadn”t intended to do it that night, but now I had full intentions of sucking him off.

“You like the taste of my dick, Timmy?” I grunted yes and continued to work my tongue around his dickhead. He was hardening up as I began mouthing his cock. “Be sure and get all that pussy juice off. The only way you”ll get any pussy is licking it now, Timmy. Either off my dick or if you get to watch me fuck some girl. She might want you to lick her clit good.”

My dick was hard immediately, hearing him talk to me in this way. I couldn”t deny pendik escort the way his words made me react. What if he never let me fuck a girl again? I guess I could live with it if I was getting to suck his cock and know that I was getting his load directly, not with a condom between his cock and me.

Ian stood up and so I had to get on my knees to fully reach his cock. He was hard fully now and I was trying to get more of it in my mouth. I didn”t need to worry about anything except breathing it turned out. Ian took my head in his hands and pulled me down on his dick in one long stroke until my nose was buried in his pubes.

“All the way Timmy. That”s how I fucking like it. Damn bitch couldn”t take it all the way and whined when I tried,” he said. My dick throbbed in my pants. For some reason it made me happy that I could take all of his cock and she couldn”t, whoever she was. I gagged a bit as he held my head down tightly. I tried to relax but I could feel his cock in there and it was making my throat spasm.

“I know it”s tough to breathe, but relax, boy. It feels so damn good to me, so I know you love it too.” Fuck, he was right. I did love making him feel good. Knowing it felt good to him made me feel good. Finally, he let go of my head and I could let his cock out of my throat and catch a breath. He held my chin smacked my face with his cock, then shoved it back in and down my throat. I did love knowing he felt good. It felt good to me with his dick buried inside my throat. I could feel it all the way down. I moved a hand up to my throat to feel him inside me.

“Yeah, you feel that Timmy? Feel my dick throbbing?” I glanced up and nodded, even more feeling his dick buried in my throat. “Good boy, I can feel your throat spasming around me.” He pulled out again and I gasped again. “Get used to it. Now moan for me, come on moan, I can tell you are in heat.” I moaned. It was low and guttural. “Fuck yeah, that”s it. Holy hell that feels awesome. Keep doing that!” I moaned louder this time as held my head and I realized when I moaned I could feel his cock vibrate in my throat.

“FAGGOTS!” We both glanced towards the door. It was Donor passing by I guess. It was his voice. He must have heard me moaning.

“Ignore him,” Ian said. “I will handle him at some point. This is too good to stop.”

I could feel the tears running down my face, as well as the slime from my throat running out the side of my mouth, I could see it as he pulled his dick out. Fuck, I was hard. I could feel it now, in my pants. I could only imagine if I looked I was staining my pants with my own cum leaking out. He pushed his cock in again and immediately went full in until my nose was sniffing his crotch. I wanted to gag it back up but he held my head tightly. It wasn”t rough really, just insistent. He wanted to get off and my throat was the way he would do it.

“I wasn”t going to cum again, but you”re so good at this, Tim. So fucking good.” He let go and I backed my head up and let his cock go, dragging in more air before he placed his hand on my head again and I went down his cock. His dick was so hard yet soft at the same time. “Damn, boy, this mouth is so fucking hot,” his dick throbbed and my throat contracted around it automatically. “Yeeeeaaahhhh, that”s fucking hot how you can do that,” he groaned.

I wasn”t sure exactly what it was that I did. Most of it seemed automatic to me. His dick was big, and when he moved it certain ways, I either had to swallow to keep it down or my gag reflex might kick in. I was just glad he enjoyed it because well it got me harder knowing he enjoyed it. I throbbed when he grabbed my head and said how good I was at making his dick feel good.

“That”s it, oh fuck, Timmy here it cums. Going straight to your gut today.” Both hands grabbed my head and pulled down tight and I couldn”t have moved back off his dick if I wanted. His nuts were pulled up tight on my chin and he roared. “TAKE IT! Drink that cum bitch!” I could feel his dick jumping in my throat and I was swallowing on it letting my throat milk his cock to keep from gagging. I know it”s weird but I could feel the heat of his load in my gullet and loved it. My natural reaction happened, I felt myself unload in my pants. Fuck it was so HOT that I got him off and came at the same time. I was shaking from the feelings of his dick and mine.

Ian pulled back enough to where I could breathe and he spread the last of his load on my tongue. I got to taste it as well as have it shot straight inside me. I swallowed again to finish getting it all inside and lapped at his cock”s head to clean him off. Ian pulled all the way out and held his cock there I cleaned the rest of the throat slime and his load up and he stepped away from me.

“A girl is for fucking, Timmy, but you are for emptying my cock. A girl doesn”t get my load; I use a wrap every time. I don”t share my seed with them, but I give it to you.”


Tim left the room and I collapsed on the bed. I didn”t let him hang around afterwards. He had things to do to show me he was serious. I didn”t doubt his dedication, but I still wanted him to do what I told him. Plus, I needed to think about stuff. My whole damn life was changing and I needed to think if it was what I really wanted.

Fuck he was a good bitch. He was really getting in to servicing my dick. His throat was as hot as they come. That girl tried but she just didn”t get it down and I was too nice to her to force it. Most chicks were delicate with my cock, thinking they would hurt it some way, I had gotten a few girls to take it all, but with Tim around why bother getting rough with a chick? I might get them back for more pussy but if I wanted a blow I had to face facts that a fag”s throat was the way to go. First Danny, then the fags at the farm, and now Tim all could take it, and being a little rough was just a given for them. Why even let a girl gnaw on my cock when a slick throat was easily available?

I felt a deep need to keep pushing Tim. I wanted to see what I could make him do and what he might say no to doing. I wanted to feel him squirm but at the same time I wanted to let him know he was safe. That was so fucking weird to me to be concerned about his feelings and emotions. That sort of stuff never used to bother me at all. I could screw a dozen girls and NEVER think about them or what they wanted, but now, I was thinking about Tim as if his feelings or emotions mattered. I had started this for fun and to try to control him and now I had control and fun and I wanted to tell him I fucking enjoyed it so much I wanted it to continue. I was going to have to have a talk with Johnson again this week and see if I was crazy or if this was a normal thing, cuz for me, it wasn”t normal to get attached to a pussy or a throat or anyone, let alone all of them in a guy, a fag.

Fag, that reminded me I would need to deal with Donor. I wasn”t going to have a division like that in the house. He was the only one who had been negative and vocal about Timmy, the only one reacting like a jerk about the whole thing. What he needed was a lesson of some type. He was being so childish and rude maybe he needed a good spanking. Maybe a lesson in how to suck dick or take it up the ass. Then he might shut the hell up. I”d have to figure that out soon, before he had any opportunity to get any louder.


I got to work and Mr. Schmitt said I needed to report back to HR this morning. I was freaking out. I was sure I was going to be let go. I don”t know what I did but I was sure, as I walked back across the company buildings, I had fucked up. When I got there I went right to Mrs. Drake.

“Danni!” she exclaimed. “Oh I”m so glad to see you. We need to change your job assignment. You”ve been switched to working here for awhile. Finally, I”ve been given approval to fill the position at our front desk and I can”t think of a politer person or more pleasant face than yours to be our receptionist,” she explained.

My head was racing and my heart pounding. I wasn”t being fired, I was being given a different job! “Really? Oh my god!” was all I could say. “In the office?”

“Yes, so let me start showing you how we work here in HR. Mr. Mishra himself approved my request finally and I”m so glad you were here. I think this will work great for everyone,” she seemed honestly happy to have me here. “Of course tomorrow I want you dressed a bit more formally,” she said. “You can wear a skirt or a jacket and slacks. Not that you aren”t dressed fine for today, but I do want the person who sits up front where everyone comes into the office to look professional and a bit more formal than our back offices like the mail room.”

“Of course, Mrs. Drake. Wow, this is amazing!” I couldn”t believe my luck. She told me to wear a dress.

I spent the rest of the day learning how to take calls on the reception phone, how to transfer them properly, how to make coffee in the break room, and dozens of other things that went with the job. It was going to be perfect. I wouldn”t have to worry about breaking a nail or getting my clothes dirty, I could meet lots of people in this job too, though I would have to watch my weight since I wasn”t doing a lot of manual labor or even all the walking I did if I had stayed in the mail room.

When I got back to the house I had a lot to do. I needed to find some proper work clothes. Well, proper girl work clothes. I wasn”t a girl but they thought I was and I needed to talk to Mrs. Johnson. She was the only one I could think of who might help me, if she had time.

“Mrs. Johnson,” I said breathlessly as I hurried in from parking my scooter. She was in the kitchen of course. “I need to buy some clothes. What do I look for?”

“What? I”m sorry Danny, the water in the sink was running I didn”t hear you.” She turned around and was waiting for me to speak. I caught my breath and started my aydınlı escort whole story of my new job. When I finished she gave me a hug and said, “come on, let”s go look in Stacy”s old closet. I”m sure we can find a few things.”

“Won”t Stacy be pissed if she finds I took all her clothes?” I didn”t want to be on his bad side if he ever got out of being punished.

“Stacy is not here right now, Danny. She”s gone off on a trip and won”t be back for a bit.”

“A trip?” I wondered where the hell she had gone. “But, she was a mess the last time I saw him.”

“Stacy went to Mexico, dear. Mr. Sasquatch went with her to watch out for her. She”ll be there a couple months. I”m sure when they come back you”ll see her again, but I”m guessing she won”t be needing these things.”

Went to Mexico? With Mr. Sasquatch? I would have to find out more but for now I wanted to find some clothes.

“Here, look, here are a couple of nice suits and look 3, no, 4 simple enough skirts that might work,” Mrs. Johnson pointed out. “Why don”t you take them to one of the bathrooms and try one on, then come back. I”m going to dig around a little in here and see what else I can find.” I took a black pencil skirt and grabbed a blouse as I left.

I quickly stripped out of my pants and company shirt. I looked in the mirror and saw a femme boy staring back at me. Did I really look like a girl that much? I was standing there in panties and what had been my dick didn”t show at all really, tucked away pierced to my taint, my nuts pushed up inside me. I brushed my longish hair behind my ears. I turned sideways. My belly was flat but you would never say it was muscular. My chest was mostly flat other than my huge pierced nips. My butt stuck out nicely but I really didn”t have much for hips at all. I stepped into the skirt and smoothed it down. Then I slipped on the blouse and went back to Stacy”s old room.

“Do I really look like a girl, Mrs. Johnson? They think I am at the office and I”m really nervous now thinking about going there every day and hiding the fact that I am really a guy under the clothes.”

Mrs. Johnson smiled and brushed my hair back over my ears. “Danny, you know very well that you aren”t a guy. You”ve changed so much here in the last several months I think you don”t realize how pretty you are and how much you do already look like a girl just coming into her own skin.”

I could feel my face turn red and I sort of smiled. “You really think so?”

She took my hand and led me back to the bathroom. “Now, let me try a few things here,” she said. She adjusted the blouse a bit, pulled my hair back through a headband so it would stay in place. She had found some makeup from Stacy”s closet and she applied some eyeliner and a little lipstick. She talked as she did this.

“Remember, you want to keep the blouse loose. You don”t have breasts. Your nipples stick out a lot and will help but keep your blouses a bit loose for now. Don”t tuck them in, it allows the billowy look. If you can wear one of the jackets that will also help keep things hidden, so to speak. Remember, you don”t want them staring too much, but if they do, you want them looking at other areas than your chest. Let”s talk a bit about that.” She turned me to face the mirror again.

“Look at your hands.” I looked at them. “You are naturally hairless so no one is going to think you are a boy because your arms just don”t have any hair, or your hands. Look at your nails. You”ve let them grow out a bit. You might want to go to a professional and have a nice manicure, Danny. Tell the person you have a new job in an office and want to look good. Tell them to choose a color that is professional, the clear gloss is nice, but not enough to distract someone from other parts you might want to keep them from staring at, because we both know Men stare and so will the ladies at times.”

“Uhm, okay. What color do you think is good?”

“Well, as I said, let them choose, but I would think something classic like a red, not neon, but dark or basic. None of the mismatched patterns or anything. You want to keep things fairly conservative.”

“Yes, Ma”am,” I replied. She spun me around so my ass was at the mirror.

“Now you have a wonderful ass, Danny. Keep your skirts tight and well fitted. This will definitely keep the men looking at that area rather than your chest.” I looked, I guess I could see what she meant. This skirt definitely made it look like I had a big butt. “Your legs are very nice too, Danny. You exercise well and your thighs are nicely big and your calves are shapely. Wear stockings of course. Do you wear heels a lot?”

“No,” I admitted. I really don”t wear them very often. I”m not real great in them.”

“Then stick to flat shoes or only slight heels until you build up to taller ones. You can learn. Stacy had a selection there so don”t be afraid to mix and match them up. Your legs and backside will keep men looking down.”

“Now you can see,” she said turning me to face the mirror again, “that I only applied a little make-up. There is no need to do a lot. You already shaped your brows so they look nice. A little eye-liner and some lip color are all you need. Again, keep it conservative. You aren”t headed out to the bar, you are going to work. Does all this make sense?”

I looked at myself again in the mirror. I adjusted the blouse a bit and looked at myself, trying to remember I was trying to be a girl now. I had a front flat Although my chest was flat so was my crotch. There were no bulges. I turned around and I couldn”t see any panty lines. I would need to check that all the time. I looked at my face, it was the toughest thing for me to look at. Reading myself. I saw a guy. My face still had angular lines, thankfully I didn”t have much of an Adam”s apple. After I had the facial hair removed there really wasn”t any sign of stubble or anything. I guess I could see a girl. My pussy tingled a little at the thought and I smiled a bit.

“You have a nice smile Danny, use it.”

“Yes Ma”am,” I told her. She hugged me and said I would do just fine. She headed back to the house and left me looking at myself and cleaning up the mess we had made in Stacy”s room. I took a few more things and went back to my room and hung them up. I decided I had enough time to head to town and find a manicurist I hoped. I left on the skirt and blouse and stepped into some flat leather pumps and went to town.


I knocked on Zach”s door and went in when he responded. He kinda looked at me funny, but didn”t get up or anything.

“S”up McNeil?” he asked.

“I want to talk about Donor,” I told him “He”s being an asshole and I need to change that.” Zach relaxed visibly. He probably thought I was here to take away his use of Timmy”s mouth or something already.

“Yeah, he”s been talking shit to some of the guys, but so far no one I”ve talked to has agreed with the shit he”s talking,” Zach said.

“That”s good. Thanks for letting me know. He acted out like a child just a while ago, called out “faggots” as he passed my room while Timmy was cleaning my dick after the girl left.” Zach grinned and held his hand out for a fist bump. I gave him one.

“Nice job, Ian. Got him cleaning up the pussy off your dick. I could see a fag doing that. Knowing I could get a fag to clean up my cock after I had it in some girl”s hole first is a pretty hot idea. Talk about using a guy.”

“I thought you were gay.” I said.

“Yeah, I am, but I”ve done a couple girls before, how else do you think I figured out I enjoyed guys better? Pussy is fine for fucking but there is just WAY too much drama for me to deal with it all the time. The idea of having a fag clean me up after fucking pussy is something hot to think about.” My turn to smile and fist bump him. He was a pretty cool guy. Maybe not all gays were fags, I thought to myself.

“So, I was thinking about Donor. I think the way I want to handle this is to get him wasted. He loves drinking or being stoned almost as much as he says he loves pussy. If we get him liquored up enough you think we can get him tied up so his ass is up in the air and available for fucking?” Zach laughed out loud.

“Really, you mean like cunt him? Bust his hole open and turn him into a cumdump for a night?”

“Something like that,” I mused. “How pissed do you think he”d be? You think he”d report it to the cops or anything?”

“Good question,” Zach said. “I think he would probably bitch about it the whole time it was going on. Then afterwards both in the house and and outside of it. May not be the best idea. I can”t tell if he is worked up about this because he really hates the idea of two guys together or whether he is mad because he”s not getting any of Tim.” We both laughed

We named 2 or 3 other bros we thought might be interested if someone else started breaking him in. They were horny fucks like the rest of us and probably wouldn”t think twice about a tied up hole that was open for use.

“What about we see if we can get his girlfriend to put out. You know, sweet talk her when we see her next. She”s been over a lot lately,” Zach mused.

“I don”t want to wait too long. I”m sick of his mouth. That might be too slow to stop him”

“If I could nail her once, I bet she”d beg to get a three way going if I put the idea in her head,” Zach insisted.

“I don”t know, that seems kinda unlikely. It won”t be me though, she won”t see me again,” I laughed. “I did her a year or so ago. She”s wild though, was usually up for a good time,” I let Zach know.

“Whatever we try, I want to be the one who takes him down. If you do it, he will think it”s revenge. If I do it, I want to show him he is no better than anyone else and will beg for something from me. I could see turning him pretty easily if he is just pissed because he”s missing out on sex other people are getting. If he”s just an asshole then he”ll get madder whatever we do.

“Huh, you might be on to something.” I grinned and we bumped fists again. “I like the way you think Zach. I”m looking forward to working with you on this.”

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