Becoming a Cuckold Ch. 05

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In this chapter, Marnie and Richard attend a charity function with William, Evelyn and Regina. They meet another couple who wants to have sex with them, inviting them over. They discover the other male is submissive and his wife exhibits Dominant traits. Alexa and Andre help train them. This chapter contains oral, interracial, anal, group, gay and lesbian sex. COVID and STD’s are not the problems in my fantasy world as they are in real life. My thanks to JohnnyGalt for editing my works.

Becoming a Cuckold, Ch 5 – A Charity Affair

The next day at work, Master Thornhill asked me how the previous evening went considering how nervous I’d been.

“About as you’d expect, sir, but still better than you’d expect.”

“That’s an odd answer.”

“It was an odd evening. It turned out Mistress was in the same position I was, right in front of me so we could watch each other. It went back to something that happened when my mother turned Marnie into her submissive in order to protect me. So that was one thing; everything I went through, she went through with me. Somehow, even though it was as bad as I thought it would be, it made it not so bad. Not really into sucking cocks, I guess. Makes me appreciate whenever someone has sucked mine.”

Master Thornhill chuckled. “I imagine so.”

“Met this nice college student who goes to Columbia University. She seems like someone I’d like to get to know better, and maybe we will. And the man we were with last night, the bisexual sex worker Mistress hired to get me used to gay sex; it turns out he’s a pretty nice guy. Wouldn’t let us take the college girl back to our house, said it was important to really know who someone is before you leave a club with someone you didn’t come with. Told her the same thing, warned her sometimes bad things happen to those that do. We offered her a ride back to the college and he told her when she gets a ride from someone you don’t know, get their info, let someone know you’re on your way and a time limit so they can call the police right away, and not to get dropped off right at your residence so they know where you live. Really sound advice like he cared what happened to us, and I think he does. He also comforted Mistress in the back seat on the drive back. I like him, even if Mistress wants me to have sex with him. I guess I appreciate that about him, sir; he’s human.”

“How does it make you feel when you see your wife fucked by other men?”

“I imagine much the same as when you took Evelyn and Regina to that restaurant in Fresno, Master.”

“At least I had more control over the situation.”

“Still, I’m guessing we both felt similar things, sir. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.”

“I imagine so. The charity event tonight, they’re going to feed us. The food won’t be great, but it will be edible. They’ll serve alcohol, but I want you to keep your wits about you. You’ll be seated at a different table, but when you get the chance, get up and mingle. Listen to everything people are saying. If you hear something interesting, remember it. I’ve found some great business opportunities at these things. Lots of rich, influential people there. They’ll babble, especially once they’ve had a few. Most of it will be worthless, but you’ll find nuggets in with all the scrap.

“Write the good stuff down when you get home. Don’t depend on memory alone. Regina will be a test. She’s a needy slut and she’ll want sex and you’ll want to fuck her, but take care of business first. Discipline yourself. I’m going to let you go at 4:30. Go home, get presentable, be waiting outside your door at 6:00 sharp, not a minute later. I need to know I can depend on you.”

“Yes, sir.”

“They’re delivering your tux here after lunch. Bring it home with you when you leave. Get to work.”

“Yes, Master.”

Andre called around ten. “I had a buddy check on Vickie. If you want to see her again, feel free. She’s genuine.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

I called Mistress at two and told her Mr. Thornhill wanted us ready, outside our door at six on the nose, so be ready and do whatever magic she needed to do to get ready. “Also, Andre called. He said a friend checked out Vickie and she’s who she says she is; a sophomore at Columbia, so if we wanted to get in touch with her, we could.”

“Would you like to, Richard?”

“I liked her, Mistress.”

“Does she do women?”

“She said she’s been with women a couple times, but prefers men. It didn’t sound as if she was radically opposed to being with a woman, Mistress.”

“Sounds more and more like me. Should I be worried?”

“You’re in charge of whatever sex I’m allowed, Mistress. I find it hard to believe you’d be worried.”

“Because I make you do things you don’t want to do.”

“I haven’t used my safe word yet, have I, Mistress. Maybe you can worry if I do. Besides, you have bigger tits, which will be on display tonight if you wear that dress I saw on you.”

“Yes, they will. I’ll be ready, but if you don’t have time to fuck me before we need to leave, you’ll need to lick me to an orgasm in the limo.”

“Yes, Mistress.”


When görükle escort I got home, Mistress fucked me quickly so we could be ready on time. I showered, shaved again, spruced up. Mistress placed me in my cock cage. Damn. I put on the black tuxedo I’d brought home. After I was dressed, Mistress straightened my bow tie.

“You clean up quite nicely, Richard. I’d love to fuck you again if we had time.”

“Master Thornhill will be giving us Regina for the night, Mistress. Will we also be looking for another man for you?”

“What do you think?”

“Let’s try to stay away from married couples unless both of them seem to be flirting with others, Mistress. Not everyone would appreciate a spouse fucking someone else.”

“Seems reasonable.”

We were out of our door three minutes before six and Robert pulled up precisely at six. He didn’t act like he’d fucked my wife, being professional despite her dress, which didn’t leave much to the imagination. I appreciated that about him. He didn’t make me feel like a cuckold, even if I was.

Regina was dressed more scantily than Mistress, at least on top. Her bodice was sheer, leaving her breasts exposed. The bottom wasn’t, so the ‘whore’ tattoo on her mons wasn’t visible. Her apparel still made my dick uncomfortable.

“You won’t be seated at our table, Richard. Otherwise you and I would be hearing the same things. I want you exposed to different information than I am. It’s a thousand dollar a plate dinner. Pay attention at the dinner table, dance with both your Mistress and Regina, perhaps others, although that’s up to Marnie. You may allow Regina to dance with others, but be mindful of her and protect her, from any potential Stans out there.”

“Yes, sir.”

The charity event was at The Ritz, and we parted from the Thornhills at the door. They were almost half the room away. The meal was Coq au Vin and it wasn’t bad, although the chicken was a trifle dry. A white wine was served with dinner, not the best I’d had lately. The champagne post meal was better. Our table seated seven, with three couples and Regina the odd person out.

The other two men were as attentive to my two women due to their attire, as they were to their own dinner companions, which from the wedding rings on their fingers, I assumed to be their wives and not just dates, but who knew.

One of the women was upset her husband was paying more attention to them than he was to her. The other one seemed amused. The one with the angry wife was Troy and his wife was Belinda. The one with the amused wife was Herbert and his wife was Serena. Herbert was white and his wife was black. I didn’t hear anything interesting at our table as they were paying more attention to the ladies sitting there than they were to any business.

The dancing started and I danced with Mistress first. A couple single guys attempted to dance with Regina, but apparently, she didn’t feel she could dance unless given specific permission, as she refused both. After the first dance, I danced with her and confirmed that she was waiting for Mistress or me to grant her permission to dance with someone. The other two men danced first with their own wives, then Troy, with Belinda, the angry wife, danced with Mistress. Since she’d come to troll for other men, I danced a third dance with Regina and asked her about her submission to her Master.

She was bluntly honest and told me how she’d been a stuck up bitch and brutally anally fucked a woman named Shasta who William had befriended. After William found out about it, he’d entered the poker game they played and won Regina’s submission for a week. During the week, he’d not only treated her like the most worthless piece of trash, calling her ‘whore’, and every time he punished her, he made her repeat phrases to be nicer and treat people better. On about her fourth or fifth day of slavery, she’d had a breakthrough. Bill was about to treat her like a total whore at her own country club, making her play golf without underwear while wearing a short skirt. When Shasta realized what William was doing, she asked William to treat her more kindly than that.

Given she’d been so horrid to Shasta, she wondered why Shasta had asked for mercy for her. Shasta said what she’d done hadn’t deserved her having her whole life ruined. Regina finally apologized for what she’d done and began treating everyone with more kindness and respect. It’s when William allowed her to have her name back again.

“What do you think of having ‘Whore’ tattooed on your cunt and having your head shaved.”

“Master wanted to ensure I was submitting because I wanted to be his sex slave, and not because I was trying to replace his wife or get access to his money. I wanted nothing more than to be his submissive and offered to do anything to prove it to him. I offered him all of my money, but he refused to take it. He really is one of the kindest men I’ve ever met. So unlike other men I met who had money. So unlike me. I was the quintessential rich bitch. So was Evelyn at one time. Every so often, I still ask for him to make me speak my mantras so I’m reminded to be a better person.”

“What do bursa merkez escort you think about being given to Mistress and me for the night?”

“I’m happy to do anything my Master orders me to do.”

“Do you want to?”

“My wants have nothing to do with it. If I listened to my wants, I’d still be a horrible witch of a human. I prefer being someone who serves others instead of myself.”

“I think I’m going to enjoy fucking you.”

“May I give you great pleasure.”

I kissed her briefly and told her she could dance with others who asked, but remain close to our table so I could keep an eye on her. She said she would.

We returned to our table. Mistress was dancing with the other of the two men who shared our table, Herbert, so I asked his wife, Serena to dance. Troy leaped at the chance to dance with Regina, much to his wife’s disgust and anger.

As I danced with her, she said, “My husband wants to fuck either of your two dinner companions.”

No surprise there.

“How do you feel about that?”

“I’m okay with it as long as I get to fuck you. We’ve done it before. You’re younger than my husband, so hopefully, you’ll be able to fuck longer or more often than he does. How do you feel about it?”

I glanced at Mistress. “Marnie was hoping to find someone else to share our bed. Do you have sex with women as well and does Herbert enjoy sex with men?”

Serena looked puzzled. “Not a simple swap then? You want an orgy, a foursome?”

“I’m a submissive, in submission to my wife. We both enjoy sex with women. She enjoys sex with other men and she insists I have sex with other men as part of my submission. She feels we should both have sex with whoever is in our bed.”

“So you don’t enjoy sex with other men?”

“Not really. I cum having sex with men, regardless, but I do it because she insists, not because I want to.”

“I don’t think Herbert has ever had sex with another man, but I’d like to see him sucking your cock and getting fucked in the ass. I played around with women a few times in college, but never since I was married. I wouldn’t mind doing it again. Could you do me a favor?”


“Convince your Mistress that she insist Herbert have sex with you if we join you tonight or it’s no deal.”

“That won’t take much convincing. She likes to humiliate me like that. Have you ever pegged your husband?”

“I’ve heard of pegging, but don’t know what it is.”

“Fucking your husband in the ass with a strap on.”

“No, I’ve never done that. I’d love to though.”

“I wouldn’t mind someone else being on the receiving end for once.”

“I like your style, cowboy.”

“I’d have to check, but both women will be at my residence tonight. I’ll have to get permission for the other one to have sex with you both, but it might be added incentive for your husband to suck a cock.

“I’ll let you know if we can open her up for business and you can start pushing Herbert to accept our offer.”

I saw Troy grabbing Regina’s ass despite her attempts to pull out of his grasp.

“Excuse me a minute. I need to take care of something.”

Leaving Serena for the moment, I went up to Troy, grabbed his little finger on Regina’s ass and bent it backward, peeling his hand off her butt.

“Regina, please sit down. You no longer have permission to dance with Troy. I’m disappointed in you Troy. You’re an asshole. Go dance with your wife, or I will.”

I released his hand. He looked like he wanted to start something, his hands were clenching and coming up.

“Do you really want to start a ruckus in front of all these rich and influential people, Troy. Worse yet, if I whip your ass in front of them after you start it, you’ll really look like a fool. So far, it’s just a discussion.”

He lowered his hands.

“You should treat women with a little more respect, Troy. Just saying.”

“Your wife didn’t mind my grabbing her ass,” still trying to start something.

“What my wife does or does not do is up to her. If she doesn’t want you grabbing her ass, she’ll say something to me and I’ll speak to you again.”

He calmed down a little and I went back to Serena.

“Sorry about that. Like I said, I have to check if the other one can have sex with you.”

“Who do you have to check with?”

“A friend.”

The song ended and I led Serena back to our table. I led Mistress back out onto the floor.

“Mistress, Troy is a no go. He’s another ass. Has Herbert suggested to you he and his wife would like to join us later?”

“He hasn’t out and out asked, but he’s hinted.”

“Serena said that he was hoping for an out and out swap, Mistress, but when I asked if she did women and if he did men, she said he’d never been with a man, but she’d like to see that. She hoped that you’d only agree to have sex with him if it was a flat out foursome and he’d have to have sex with me. She wants him to suck cock and get pegged. If we’re going to take anyone home, I’d be willing for it to be them, but I’d need to make sure it’s okay with Master Thornhill that we share Regina with someone else. If he’s got a problem with bursa sınırsız escort it, we could set up a date for tomorrow.”

“I’d be willing. Herbert seems okay.”

“I’ll text Master Thornhill and ask.”

After the dance I brought Mistress back to the table and excused myself to mingle. As I wandered through the hall, I listened to the conversations going on around me. I heard a couple things of interest and made mental note of them. I generally moved in Master’s direction, but I was sending him a text, telling him Mistress and I had identified another couple which we might end up having sex with, but wouldn’t if Regina weren’t allowed to have sex with them as well. As I passed his table, he smiled and nodded his okay. I didn’t even stop, just continued to circle and listen in to the conversations.

I was halfway back to my table when I received a text back from him.

I saw what you did on the dance floor. I trust you to take care of Regina.

I returned a thumbs up emoji. I also heard one more interesting tidbit on the way back, something about a slave auction next weekend. I wondered if it was part of a charity function, like an eligible bachelor, your slave for the day or something equally innocuous, or much worse, given what Master Greenbriar and his wife had revealed to us. I didn’t know who the people were, so took a surreptitious photo of the table with my phone. I hoped I got everyone in the shot, but since I was holding it at my waist, I couldn’t be sure.

Reaching my table, I bent down and whispered to my Mistress, “Master says it’s a go. Dance with Herbert and make the offer of two new beautiful women to have sex with if he makes it a full blown fivesome, me included in the deal. He’ll get to witness women getting it on.”

She turned to me and kissed me. “Are you doing this for me or for Serena?”

“You have control, Mistress. I won’t be having sex at all unless you give me permission.”

“You haven’t wanted to do this before.”

“I don’t want to do it now, but I just sucked over half a dozen cocks last night and got ass fucked by an equal number. What’s one more if it makes you happy.”


I danced with Serena again and told her my Mistress was going to tell her husband he was getting laid tonight if he was willing to make all of us a part of the package.

“I’m so excited,” Serena said.

“I’m not sure why it excites you to imagine your husband sucking a cock?”

“I’ve sucked his often enough he should know what it’s like. Would it offend you if I checked out your equipment.”

“Alas, I’ve not much to check out tonight. Mistress has me in a cock cage.”

“What is a cock cage?”

“Like a chastity belt for men. It doesn’t allow me to get an erection.”

“Doesn’t she trust you?”

“She should. I can’t have sex without her permission. It’s a means of enforcing my submission to her.”

“Does it cover your balls, too?”

“No, my balls are unsecured.”

“May I feel those?”

“Don’t linger touching them. Becoming the slightest bit erect, is excruciatingly painful.”

Serena moved her hand down and cupped my sack. “Not bad. They feel as if they’re full of juice. Do you want to feel me? I removed my underwear.”

I laughed. “That would give me an erection. I’ll wait. I need to dance more with the others. If you’ll excuse me, you can dance with your husband and find out how much sex you’re going to have tonight.”

Taking Regina’s hand when I returned, I danced with her again. “Your Master has given us permission to invite Herbert and Serena home to fuck tonight.”

She looked at Herbert dancing with Mistress and Serena at the table. “They’re a handsome couple. It should be fun.”

“Do you enjoy having sex with relative strangers?”

“I enjoy sex. I was married to a man who was bisexual, though neither of us realized it, but more attracted to men than women. He was trained as a submissive which is when we both discovered it. He was willing to do what I ordered, but I didn’t want to be his Dominant, I guess primarily because I wasn’t Dominant material, although I acted as if I was. I wanted someone more attracted to me, and what I didn’t realize at the time, I wanted someone strong enough to Dominate me. I overcompensated for him by moving two big men into my home to fuck me, and they did love to fuck. After becoming Master’s slave for a week, I wanted them to take charge of me like Master had. It wasn’t the same. They weren’t Dominants, they just loved fucking. Being fucked hard and often by two big men was pleasant, but it wasn’t submission.

“I realized that fact after a while, and told them I didn’t need just fucking, I needed something more. I needed a Master and I was going to look for one until I found one. I went back to William and in the middle of his house warming party for his new home, stripped off all my clothes, knelt at his feet and begged him to take me as his sex slave. I was so ashamed of myself when I did it, but so aroused at the same time. I knew he was what I wanted. I get less sex, at least of the masculine variety, but enjoy it more. Fucking someone else at Master’s command is so much better than just picking some guy up in a bar. I’ve found what I was missing in my life. I found out why I was so unhappy and bitter and bitchy. I didn’t have what I needed and didn’t know that I needed it. I was lucky I found it before I wasted my entire life.”

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