Becoming Ch. 01

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If you like horny teen girls growing huge tits, this story is for you. No actual breast expansion yet, but it’s coming. Plenty of other treats for you tit-lovers until then. 😉 All characters 18+.


Audra Mitchell bit into a french fry, barely registering the sting of salt and oil on her tongue. She was too busy watching Steve Jefferson flirt with Natalie Price three tables over. It had become a morbid part of her lunch hour in the last year or so, watching the boy she’d been madly in love with since the third grade flirt with this other girl. She could pretend she didn’t understand—Steve was a senior like her; Natalie was only a sophomore! Shouldn’t he have been flirting with someone more age-appropriate like, say, Audra?—but deep down, she did. She understood in the way that all women understand when they’re being usurped.

Because while Audra was Steve’s age—each of them two weeks past eighteen, their birthdays three days apart—she was definitely not Steve’s type. In all honesty, she wasn’t sure she was any guy’s type. In her experience, guys typically didn’t go for small, mousy girls with the bodies of prepubescent boys. They tended to go for girls who were more…well, more like Natalie, with her rounded rear end and two D-cups stuffed into her t-shirt. The polar opposite of Audra.

At least she wasn’t alone in her misery, though. Maggie, Audra’s best friend, sat next to her, solemnly sipping a soda, watching Audra watch Steve. Maggie’s oversized sweatshirt hid a body remarkably similar to Audra’s—slender, hipless, flat as a board, with nipples barely large enough to harden in the cold. It was a miserable, sexless existence, but they were in it together.

The bell signalling the end of lunch rang, and Audra tore her eyes from Steve. She began gathering her trash onto her tray as Maggie sighed.

“When are you going to give it up?” Maggie asked as the two girls made their way to the trash cans. “I hate seeing you torture yourself like this.”

“I know,” Audra replied, offering her friend a wan smile. “I just…”

“Can’t help it, yeah yeah,” Maggie finished. This wasn’t the first time they’d had this conversation. “You know he only likes her for one reason, anyway.” She made an obscene gesture, like she was carrying two balloons in front of her chest. She squeezed the air with her fingers, and Audra rolled her eyes.

“You don’t need to remind me, Mags,” she said as they headed towards their bio class, uncomfortably aware of her sweater against her bare chest. She’d taken to not wearing bras months ago, when Kimmy Fisher and a few other girls in her gym class had ridiculed her in the locker room.

“What’s the point, Audra?” Kimmy had said, smirking as she stood proud in her own black bra, full breasts jutting out in front of her. “Trying to play dress-up? Huh? You borrow that from mommy?” The girls had Mardin Escort laughed her out of the changing room, and Audra had pushed all of her baby-sized bras to the back of her drawer that evening.

“Anyway,” Maggie said, looping her arm through Audra’s and giving her an encouraging squeeze. “You can do better than Steve ‘Tits-On-The-Brain’ Jefferson.”

“Sure,” Audra said half-heartedly, not willing to admit that she thought they’d be a perfect pair, if for no other reason than for the fact that she often felt like Audra ‘Tits-On-The-Brain’ Mitchell.


That afternoon, Audra returned home to find a familiar tan Honda in the driveway, one with a long scratch down the driver’s side door. She grinned and raced into the house, banging the door against the wall in her haste.

“Alex!” she squealed as she rounded into the living room. Her brother, three years older and a whole head taller, stood up from the couch when he saw her and held out his arms. She crashed into him, hugging him tight around the neck.

“Hey, kid,” Alex said, giving her a squeeze and then stepping back. “Long time, no see.”

“You saw me at Thanksgiving,” Audra said, but she was still grinning.

Alex shrugged and then winked at her. “I’ve been taking exams for the last week. Been a long time for me.” He flopped back on the couch and then snapped his fingers together, remembering something. “Mom called, like, an hour ago. They landed in Fort Worth, safe and sound. They’re on their way to Aunt Nelly’s, will be back in plenty of time for Christmas Eve. Said to tell you there was twenty dollars on the fridge for pizza or whatever.”

Audra settled in next to her brother, propping her feet on the coffee table and grimacing at Aunt Nelly’s name. Neither she nor Alex were fans of their father’s oldest sister, and it was by sheer luck that they managed to skip out on the annual Mitchell Family Christmas Trip to Texas. Sheer luck and a lot of begging. Their mom, who also hated Nelly, was sympathetic in the end, allowing her two children to stay home for the five days between the beginning of winter break and Christmas Eve on the condition that they cleaned the house and put up the tree.

“Done,” they’d promised, and here they were.

“Cool,” Audra said and watched her brother turn on the TV. “So how’s college?”

“College.” Alex shrugged. “How’s school?”

“School.” Audra shrugged.

Alex settled on a rerun of Jerry Springer where two very enthusiastic women were attempting to claw each other’s eyes out, and the pair fell silent.


At nearly midnight that night, the two siblings looked as though they had barely moved. The only differences lay in their positions—each sprawled out on opposite ends of the couch—and the mostly-empty pizza box on the coffee table between them. Some action-adventure flick Mardin Escort Bayan with aliens and explosions was on the TV, but Audra was barely paying attention to the storyline.

She was instead paying attention to the heroine. Lucy—or Lacy? Was it Lucky? Audra wasn’t sure—had long blonde hair and big blue eyes and pink, puffy lips that seemed to do little more than scream. The stars of the show, though, were her breasts: huge, heaving mountains trapped in a flimsy camisole that kept getting wet to reveal thick quarter-sized nipples.

Her tits bounced and swayed, swung and jiggled, and Audra was entranced. (Part of her suspected her brother was, too, and that his love for this movie had little to do with the action.) What was it like to have a chest like that? she wondered. What did it feel like to have breasts that tried to escape your shirt when you ran, that swung like heavy pendulums when you bent over, that created miles of cleavage when you crossed your arms? What was it like to have everyone want you? Want to fuck you?

Audra shifted her hips against the couch, suddenly all too aware of the seam of her jeans pressing tightly between her thighs. A dull throb was building there, and she could feel her own pathetic excuses for nipples stiffening in her sweater. On screen, Lucy/Lacy/Lucky’s camisole had been ripped so far down the middle that Audra could see two crescent-moon flashes of red aureola. She felt at once deliriously jealous and deliriously aroused. She shifted again, the seam brushing against her clit, and she had to bite her lip against a groan threatening to escape her mouth.

That should be me, she thought as she watched the generously-endowed heroine run across a burning space ship, her chest bouncing madly like two over-filled water balloons. I’d know how to appreciate a rack like that. I’d thank the universe every day for it.

Audra crossed her legs together, pressing that seam even tighter against her clit, and nearly cried out from the sensation. It felt like her skin was on fire, like she could hardly breathe. The pressure building in that sweet, wet spot between her thighs was too much, and she knew if she didn’t take care of it soon, she was bound to embarrass herself here in front of her brother.

With a casualness she didn’t really feel, Audra faked a yawn and began to stand. Alex glanced over at her, the expression on his face telling her he was halfway to being asleep right there.

“Leaving?” he mumbled.

“Yeah,” Audra said, and faked another yawn. “Tired.”

“Same,” Alex said, stretching out farther on the couch to take up the space Audra had vacated. “Night.”

“Night,” she said, and forced herself to walk slowly up to her room.

Safely inside, she locked the door and tore off her sweatshirt, shimmying out of her jeans and underwear as she hurried Escort Mardin to her unmade bed. She dropped into it unceremoniously and hissed as the cool sheets touched her feverish back. One hand skirted across her stomach to her overheated cunt, fingers gliding through the wetness there before coming up to ring tight circles around her clit. The other hand glided over her chest, feeling the dents of her ribs and the small nubs of her nipples that marked an otherwise flat surface.

She pinched one nipple, squeezing it so tightly she couldn’t help but moan under her breath, and pulled it out away from her chest. Her eyes fluttered closed, and she saw the breasts of the movie heroine, bare now in her mind’s eye. They hung full and gloriously round on her otherwise slender frame, two great globes that seemed to defy gravity, that rose and fell with the heroine’s own labored breathing.

Audra groaned again, her brow furrowed, and she switched her attention to her other nipple, pulling and pinching it as the hand at her pussy picked up its pace. The face of the heroine melted away and was replaced by Audra’s own face, her own small nose and large green eyes, her own soft brown hair cascading over her shoulders and brushing the tops of those two monumentally perfect tits, with their pale creamy skin broken only by two red nipples jutting out like inch-long joysticks begging to be tweaked.

Between her slick thighs, Audra’s hand worked double time, fingers curling into her sopping cunt before darting back up to rub vigorously at her aching clit. The hand on her chest alternated between each nipple, pinching and pulling until it hurt, and then pinching and pulling just a little bit more. Behind her closed eyes, her hands mauled not the scant chest of a child, but the straining, jiggling tits of an absurdly oversexed woman. Gasping, keening sounds escaped her parted lips, but she was helpless to stop them.

Her stomach seized and her hands began to falter as the first shock waves hit her, and within seconds, she was fully lost in her orgasm—back arching, thighs quivering, pussy clenching painfully around nothingness. A long, high moan ripped from her throat, and her fingers gripped her left nipple so tightly it felt like it might come free of her body. In her mind, pulsing, her tits became swollen and full to bursting, bouncing wildly up, out, against each other, nipples impossibly hard and impossibly dark, engorged beyond what seemed possible.

Audra remained locked in this ferocious climax for what felt like hours, cumming and cumming and cumming until her body was entirely spent and collapsed like jelly back into her pillow. She lay there, panting and sweating, her pussy still pulsing, and was dimly aware of the soaked patch spreading from beneath her hips. Too exhausted to care, she barely managed to turn out the light beside her bed and pull a blanket up over her sticky body, suddenly and fearsomely ashamed of her boyish chest.

Sleep came for her with half-formed, feverish dreams of girls with massive breasts jumping and laughing, asking again and again when Audra’s own tits would finally grow.

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