Becoming Julie’s Governess Ch. 04

Big Tits

[This story can be read on its own but you will benefit from reading the earlier chapters. It contains material about bodily functions as well as about dominance and spanking, so if you do not want to read about those topics, read no further. All characters are over 18.]

Susan reflected to herself that she had made the transition from serving as a governess for two girls to overseeing their 40+ mother Julie. She knew that Julie got off on being embarrassed by having to mind her 30-year-old governess. Susan maintained her authority by spanking Julie regularly on her bare bottom and requiring her to wear juvenile clothing, such as short skirts, middy blouses, little socks, and brown oxfords.

Julie now had been disciplined at a tea attended by two other governesses who had women or men older than themselves as charges. She felt a surge of excitement when Susan would tell her, in a normal tone of voice, to lift her skirt and lower her panties, even when this occurred in front of others. She was totally embarrassed and not only because the others got to see her bottom but eventually her most private places between her legs.

And it was equally embarrassing for Julie to be accompanied in the bathroom by her governess, who would tell her when she could lower her panties and when she could begin to pee or excrete her bowel movement. She had to ask Susan’s permission to change her tampon as well. Susan would at times make her wear tight little girly panties with animals on them or a severely-restrictive training bra that pressed her 34B breasts.

Susan, however, found herself wishing she were again serving as a governess for girls whom she could help raise. She enjoyed being their confidante and advising them about growing up in ways that they were never accept (or seek) from their parents. She had genuinely liked Julie’s daughters, Lesley and Joyce, who were now both away at college. She admitted to herself that she did indeed get off on dominating Julie, but realized that she needed the challenge of working with growing girls, even though she did not feel the same sexual stimulation.

Lesley would graduate within two months, so that eventuality prompted Susan to begin thinking of an idea to relieve her of overseeing Julie.


I was not really surprised when my mom, Julie, attended my college graduation accompanied by my former governess, Susan, who now served in that capacity with my mother as her subject. I did notice that Mom was dressed a little more childishly than I think would have been the situation had Susan not been in charge of her.

Her skirt was short, and she kept tugging it to keep from showing her panties. It made me recall how Susan used to make Joyce and I wear short skirts and then we had to be very careful not to expose our panties or Susan would spank us. I found that thinking about Mom being over Susan’s lap for a spanking got me quite wet.

After the commencement day, Susan came by my dorm, ostensibly to help me pack but also, it turned out, to talk to me about my returning home. I had a good job waiting but planned to live at home to save up for all the things I wanted. I also had two months when I could relax for a change.

Susan sat down on the couch in my room and began by reminding me that I was 21 and an adult now.

“I owe much of my maturity to you, Susan,” I replied. “I don’t even resent when you spanked us because you really showed us how to act and I was completely ready when I got here.”

Susan smiled and told me that I had made her feel very happy and even loved. Then she told me that she had undertaken the assignment of becoming my mother’s governess with some hesitation.

“I find that while I really like your mother,” she went on, “I didn’t enjoy overseeing her as I did with you and Joyce. There, I felt that I was helping you both mature. Your mom does not need supervision, though; in fact, she asks for it. If you’re going to be at home, I hope you’ll consider taking over for me. I want to get back to what I’m good at: bringing girls up.”

I was surprised but I also was excited and yes, wet, when I thought about my overseeing Mom. I knew it would humiliate her, but then, that apparently was something she wanted.

“Do you think she would accept me?” I asked Susan. “And, do you think this is something that will be good for me?”

“Yes and yes,” Susan answered definitively. “I will tell her that having you in charge will remind her that she needs to be treated at times like a younger girl. And I also think İstanbul Escort that you did at times feel you wanted to assume my position with respect to someone else.”

It was true that I realized I did have a dominant streak. I had become pledge-mistress of my sorority which did involve my being in charge of a group of younger girls. We weren’t supposed to use the paddles, but we did, and everyone was ok with it. So, I found I enjoyed telling a girl or several to pull down their panties to get spanked or paddled.

Just as I had adjusted to being disciplined as a girl by Susan, I also was able to withstand the normal reluctance that would accompany my joining the sorority and knowing I would be spanked on my bare bottom. I had spoken to Susan about this and she clearly knew where I was coming from and grinned that I shared some of her traits.

I like Susan so I took that as a compliment. The three of us took off for home after breakfast and Susan began discussing things in the front seat with Mom. She told her that she had so much enjoyed being a member of our family and would always cherish our friendship. But she said that although she had agreed to be Mom’s governess, she realized that her heart was with bringing up girls, so she wanted to return to that line of work.

When Mom looked both shocked and sad, Susan then told her that she felt that I was perfectly equipped to take over for Susan as her governess. “You really think so?” Mom asked.

“Lesley is remarkably mature for her age, and she has had experience as a pledge-mistress, too. I think she will have time while she is preparing to start work to take this on,” Susan said. She didn’t need to say that I also shared the dominant features of her personality.

We stopped at a very nice hotel along the way home, since it was a long drive. Susan checked us in and we asked for a room with a king-size bed. The woman at the check-in counter told us she had one for us and that it also had a sleep couch. Susan said that would work quite well and thanked her as she accepted the room cards.

When we arrived at the room, which was well-appointed, Susan announced that from then on, I would oversee Mom. Susan then told me that it would be appropriate for me to conduct an inspection.

I was quite nervous but I took my deep breath and pressed into my new role.

“Julie,” I said, making clear that I was in charge even if she was my mother, “you will lift your skirt and lower your panties for inspection.”

Mom did a double-take but then complied, standing before me with her skirt above her waist and her panties at her knees. She was wearing what looked like a pair of rippled incontinence pants under her regular white panties. I looked at Susan for an explanation, but she merely said, “Tell her, Julie, why you have those on.”

Mom was clearly very embarrassed now, but she managed to say, “Susan has made me wear these because she found stains in my panties when I sometimes leak a little pee.” I could tell she was close to crying.

“Don’t be upset,” I said reassuringly. “We can work on strengthening your muscles down there, Julie. It is one of the things that happens as women grow older. Now pull down the incontinence panties so I can check them out.”

Shamefacedly, Julie pulled down the incontinence panties. I peered inside and saw some pee stains.

“Did you leak into these?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. “I have found that I’m less focused on holding in my pee when I’m wearing these, so I sometimes let a little out.”

“You will need to correct that tendency,” I said firmly. “I also saw some doody stains in the back of the crotch. Do you need to work on wiping?”

Julie was now really close to losing it. “I’m sorry, Lesley,” she said, “I must seem quite a ridiculous person to you. I sometimes forget to wipe that last time to make sure I’m totally clean back there.”

“A big girl like you, Julie, should not have doody stains in her panties. I think you need a good spanking now to get you focused,” I responded.

Julie began to cry a little, but she responded to my finger showing her to lie across my lap as I sat down on a chair.

She now was across my lap with her bare bottom staring up at me. I could see the pubic hair through her legs and he crinkly little anal opening in the rear. It did look like it had some traces of shit around it.

I began to spank her, starting out slow and light, but increasing both the frequency and intensity of the spanks. She began to buck Bayan Escort in my lap, the tell-tale sign that a woman is getting turned on.

“Does this excite you, Julie?” I asked her.

“Yes, Miss Lesley,” she answered, and I appreciate her use of the title.

I reached down between her legs and felt between her labia and she was quite wet.

“Your pussy is sopping, Julie,” I commented, “so take this cloth and wipe yourself down there.

She wiped herself rather shamefacedly. Then I told her that Susan and I were going down to the hotel bar for a pop, but she had to get into bed now.

She put on a nightgown, one that Susan had selected for her, so it barely covered her bottom. She slipped down her panties and I told her to bend over the bed and spread her bottom cheeks.

When she had complied with my humiliating order, I ran my finger around her crinkly little hole and some traces of her doody came off onto my fingers. I had her stand up and I put my fingers under her nose.

“You can see and smell that you were not clean back there, can’t you?” I said sternly.

“Yes, Miss Lesley, I promise to do better,” Julie answered calmly.

I decided to introduce a little obeisance here and raised my skirt and slipped my own panties down and bent over the bed with my cheeks spread.

“Start licking me there to get a taste of what it’s like,” I ordered.

Soon I felt my mother’s tongue licking my sensitive anal opening, going inside where I have all those lovely nerve endings.

“Oh, that’s good,” I managed to warble as I felt myself moving toward a major cum. “Keep doing that, keep doing that…”

As I came and tried to keep from losing total control, I smiled at Susan and gave her a look asking if she would like this treatment. She grinned at me and nodded yes.

As I came down, I managed to thank Julie and tell her she could stop.

“Now go over and do the same thing for Miss Susan,” I ordered. It was really cool to watch Mom lick Susan’s pretty bottom. She obviously now had learned to get her tongue inside because I could tell that Susan was getting very excited and would likely cum quite quickly from Mom’s attentions.

After Susan enjoyed her cum, I raised a question with her in front of Mom.

“Susan, you put Julie in the incontinence pants because of her staining, but that didn’t seem to get her to wipe properly, did it?” I asked.

“No, Lesley, I must admit that it has not,” Susan said.

“I think we will need to have her spend some time in diapers then,” I responded, “so she appreciates the privilege of being allowed to wear panties like a big girl.”

“That makes perfect sense, Lesley.” Susan smiled, “it confirms my feeling that you are perfect for this assignment.”

“Please don’t put me in diapers, Miss Leslie,” Julie then pleaded. “I promise to be a good girl and to wipe myself properly.”

“Why haven’t you been wiping?” I replied. “Your failure does reflect upon Susan’s tutelage and I feel you have let her down. She has treated you well and you have failed to do what she has told you to do.”

“I promise I will do that, Miss Lesley,” Julie continued. “Please give me another chance.”

“Very well,” I responded, responding a tone indicating I was making a concession, “you will have one more chance. The next time I inspect you I expect that you will be squeaky clean in your pussy and asshole, Mom.”

She smiled and thanked me and then I tucked her in and Susan and I went downstairs for a much-needed drink.


I was turned on by the way Lesley and Susan had humiliated me although it was annoying being made to go to bed early like a naughty child while they went down and enjoyed drinks at the hotel bar.

I was still getting used to Lesley’s now becoming my governess. My own daughter! She did seem very dominant and I imagine she had plenty of opportunities to use her paddle on those sorority pledges. So now I am subject to the whims of a 20-year-old who just graduated from college.

Although I still had the incontinence panties on, they didn’t seem half as awful in comparison to the diaper she had threatened to have me wear. But it was so embarrassing to have to tell her that I don’t always get to the toilet and pull my panties down in time to avoid leaving pee stains in my pants. Here I am a mature woman and I’m acting like a kid.

And having her find what she called “doody stains” was even more humiliating. My new governess will make me show her how I wipe Eskort when I…make a doody. Oh, the childish words can cut so deeply!


When Susan and I returned from the bar, Julie was fast asleep. The next morning, we all managed to get dressed, using the single bathroom in the room. I decided to start taking charge of Julie in intimate ways. I told her she had to sit down on the toilet with her panties up until I gave her permission to lower them. She would then ask for specific permission to begin peeing.

This occurred with Susan watching us and Julie’s face was red when I told her after I had allowed her to pull her panties down that she would have to wait to start peeing. It was clear that she was having trouble holding her pee in as she was used to relieving herself immediately upon waking up.

Finally, I gave her permission and she started with a burst and strong stream that embarrassed her with its noisiness. I told her while she was peeing that she should finish up, so we could get on our way and I could see that she was frightened that I might order her to stop before she finished emptying her bladder. I decided not to do that, and we proceeded to finish our ablutions and got on our way.

We arrived home and both of us began getting organized. I had a great new job to start the following Monday and Julie would return to her job as a music teacher at the local high school. I explained to Julie that I would not require her to wear exceedingly short skirts to school because she would become a target for criticism and scorn from both teachers and students, as well as her supervisors.

Julie was told, however, that by the time I arrived home from work, she was expected to be on all fours on her bed with her skirt rucked up above her waist and her panties at her knees, so I would see her bare bottom facing me when I entered the room with her legs spread.

I had used this position when serving as pledge-mistress at the sorority because of the embarrassing exposure it presented. When I entered the room to examine the pledge (or in this case, my mother), I could see her anal opening and whether there was any fecal residue around it as well as glance through her spread legs and pubic hair to see if she was aroused in terms of her labia being swollen and puffy.

Susan had also passed on to me one of her thin whippy canes which I decided to have in my hand when I entered Julie’s bedroom upon arriving home from work. I was dressed in a severe navy suit that served well as a dominant’s appropriate clothing, accompanied by sheer seamed hose and smart burgundy pumps.

I told Julie that I would sometimes decide to take her temperature then rectally. I knew that both my insertion of the thermometer into her anal opening after putting a dab of Vaseline on it and using my finger to push some into her rectum would embarrass her terribly, as well as having the thermometer sticking out of her asshole.

Susan was still living with us and I had invited her to join us in Julie’s bedroom so was pleased when she walked in while the thermometer was still in Julie’s bottom. This embarrassed Julie enough so that she started to cry and complain that we were being unfair to her.

I told her that she would not have dared to behave this way when Susan oversaw her, so I would have to punish her for her naughtiness. I used that word to emphasize that I felt she was behaving childishly and so would be punished as a child. As Susan nodded her agreement, I picked up the thin cane. First, I extracted the thermometer and carefully read it.

“It seems that this little girl’s temperature is fairly close to normal,” I said very condescendingly, “but maybe she is upset and that’s why she is acting so badly.”

Julie saw the cane in my hand and pleaded with me to give her another chance.

I smiled and told her that she would have to learn to control herself and act like a grown-up. Then I lay the cane across her bottom, drew it back, and snapped it across the middle of her bottom cheeks. I heard the characteristic “thwip” sound and watched as a red tramline slowly became apparent on her bottom.

Julie began to cry out with “ow” s and other sounds as I proceeded to apply the cane to her bottom, especially on the fourth stroke, which criss-crossed the others. Now there were angry-looking diamond marks where the stroke had intersected with the previous ones.

I stopped and told Julie she could pull up her panties, let down her skirt, and stand up. She slowly recovered her clothing and patted her eyes dry. I took her in my arms and kissed her on her lips, telling her that I hoped she would now be a good girl and that all was forgiven. Susan was nice enough to give her a hug, too, and we all worked together to make dinner.