Bedroom Pet Pt. 02

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Written by Cerberus

Edited by Droid447 and Silverman.


Chapter 1

Monica sat in her office staring at her computer. Any one looking at her would think she was hard at work….but that was the furthest thing from the truth. She was thinking about her owner back at her house. How much she loved it, how much she wanted to be with it. For the last month, her, Sandra and Jenny had been spending almost every night with the bug, their Master. Getting to know him better, letting him get to know them. She hated being away from him, sitting in her office doing a job she used to love but now hated because it kept her away from home. But right now, her Master needed her here, to keep up appearances until she could leave to do her owner’s bidding in more concrete ways.

The only consolation was that now those beautiful green and purple colors it had first used to lure and entrance her were always running in her mind, behind her eyes. It was so beautiful the way He had made sure she could always feel his presence even when they were apart. Right now she sat still, pretending to work while the hypnotic swirl captivated here completely, making her pussy run hot and her brain tingle with vibration. It was so nice to be owned. She found it was not a bad thing at all. In fact, it actually felt very liberating. She found it allowed her to think and feel all kinds of new, delicious things. To be a pretty puppet on a pretty string filled with it’s thoughts and desires and those lovely relaxing colors. Monica couldn’t believe how lucky she was. She understood it was just a fun, harmless situation that pleased both of them. Her pussy spasmed at the thought and she could feel her legs moisten. Again.

Suddenly the swirl became stronger in color and motion. She knew from experience that it had new commands for her tonight. The bug wanted to give her instruction. A shiver ran through her spine down to her pussy and up to her brain simultaneously. She smiled softly as she came to orgasm. A moan escaped her wet lips.

Near the end of work, Bob Talbot made his way over to her. Bob had been hitting on the gorgeous brunette for weeks, ever since he had gotten a job at Monica’s company. The fact that she had a long time boyfriend never seemed to faze his aggressive but polite pursuit. “Hey pretty girl,” he started in his smooth, unctuous voice, “it’s Friday night. What say you and me hit the clubs tonight and work some stress off on the dance floor? You won’t regret it.”

She smiled at him, flattered by his never-ending determination for a date. “Bob,” she said, “You know I am dating Tom. I’m sorry but I just don’t cheat on guys I date. I never have and I never will. You’re a great guy but it just can’t happen.”

Bob shook his head wistfully, “Well Tom is one lucky guy. If I had you I would hold on tight. If I ever get lucky and you leave him, I would love to go out with you.”

Monica laughed, “If me and Tom ever do break up, you will be the first to know.”

Driving home, Monica thought of Bob. He was a good guy to work with and a nice man. If she weren’t dating Tom she most certainly would go out with him to see what he was about. Her thoughts drifted to Tom. They had dated since she was a sophomore in college. They had hit it off in a huge way. He was handsome, funny, smart and the connection with him was unlike any other she had ever experienced with a man. It was true love. He felt the same way. She knew that marriage was in the cards for them. She smiled as she imagined her life with him. At 22 their whole lives were ahead of them. She had been ignoring Tom lately. She wasn’t sure why. Just busy with work, spending time with her pet and all she supposed. She planned to make it up to him.

Monica entered her house and poured a glass of water. She was still thinking of Tom. Suddenly she felt a buzz in her brain. She blinked several times, holding the glass of water stock still, just before she was going to put it to her lips. She could begin to see purple and green lights swirl in her mind. Her skin started to tingle. She dropped her glass to the floor where it shattered. She didn’t even notice. Her arms dropped to her sides as her eyes widened and dilated. She gasped softly, smiled, turned and sashayed sexily slowly to her bedroom. He was ready for her and she was more than ready for him.

Her ‘bug’ was sitting on her bed. It had grown bigger since feeding on her, Jessica and Sandra’s bodies for the last month. Monica quickly removed her clothes. Lately she found she enjoyed strutting her stuff around her house naked, especially when she was with the pet. She approached it and her legs began to shake. The bug was on her bed, waiting as always. It looked so commanding. It was all she could do to get to the bed before dropping on her knees. She remembered now that at work the bug had signaled its desire to ‘talk’. Sometimes she felt as if she were two separate people; the old Monica and some new emerging one. She knew this bursa otele gelen escort new Monica was very suggestible, easily manipulated, and very different than her old self. But weeks ago she had slowly begun to understand that she kind of enjoyed giving up some of her autonomy, her will to the pet. It was kind of nice to let it solve some of her problems. Give her some fresh ideas she never would have had on her own. It was kind of a tradeoff. Life was so much simpler and easier if she just thought less and listened more. Lately, she loved being this Monica. She stayed on her knees, hands caressing her swollen nipples, her back arched. She stared at the pretty pet as it glowed so perfectly. She just couldn’t get enough of it. Her pussy started dripping on the carpet. Soon a wet stain was there. Her heart beat like an out of control drum with lust, her breathing was husky and hard, her firm chest heaving. Sweat started to trickle from her naked body, down her neck and chest, her flat stomach, her sculpted back and smooth thighs. She stayed that way for a long time as the bug asked her questions and started giving her nice, new ideas.

On Monday, Monica had dressed particularly sexy for work. She had on a very tight, short miniskirt and sleeveless blouse that clung snugly and accentuated her abundant curves. She didn’t know why she decided to dress that way, but it felt great and she knew she looked delicious. All day she flaunted her body in front of Bob and flirted with him. She felt so alive and fresh and available. At lunchtime she sat at Bob’s desk as he ate his sandwich. “Hi Bob,” she said flashing him her hundred watt smile as she pulled up a chair.

“Hey gorgeous” he responded between a bite of his food and a wink. She was going to ask him how his day was going but suddenly she felt new, fun thoughts enter her mind mixed with pretty colors. “What are you doing tonight?” she cooed. She put her hand on his arm. Bob swallowed hard.

“Um, do you have something in mind?” he stuttered.

“Yeah, why don’t you come over to my place and we can go over some of the advertising ideas for the Becker commercial. I seem to have a brain lock going on. Maybe you can help…. unlock me.” She licked her lips and gave him a cute, adorable, pleading pout.

“Won’t Tom mind?” he asked, shocked by the invitation.

“Naw, its just work. Besides, if he doesn’t know about it, what will he mind?” she replied in a sultry voice. Her hand ran up and down his arm slowly.

Monica sat in a chair in her bedroom naked. Her bug was on the bed, glowing more fiercely than ever. She had masturbated for the last two hours staring at the precious thing. Her room smelled like pussy overload. Her head was tilted back and her body was shaking uncontrollably. Her eyes were glued to the pretty dancing colors as she approached climax. One hand was mauling her breasts and the other was jammed as far up her pussy as she could get. Suddenly, her eyes rolled up in her head and her breath gasped out. All she could see were purple and green lights shooting behind her eyes and in her mind, she could feel purple and green flow down from her brain to her tits and cunt. Her toes curled up and her legs started to jump and twitch. Her pussy gushed like never before. It was the most telling orgasm of her life. She moaned and fell off the chair, her body kept twitching and shaking, as she lay helpless on the floor, still staring up at her pet. She wished she could just drown in the colors. She wished it would eat her mind and body all up. Now that would make her so sexy. A sexy, fucking bitch. And more than anything lately, she dreamed of being a sexy, fucking, used bitch; just some very needy, warm, fleshy object. It was such a turn on.

After a long relaxing shower, Monica got dressed for Bob. She had on very short jean shorts and cut off tee shirt that exposed her perfect, tanned midriff and exposed plenty of her firm, round cleavage. She just stood in front of her large bedroom mirror, staring at herself with colors swirling in her mind. She looked so hot, so sexy. Bob would really love how she looked. Who the fuck wouldn’t? The thought made her hot. She could feel her nipples tingle and swell. She could feel her pussy start to warm. She looked at her reflection and grinned, a detached, lazy, dreamy smile. “You are one hot piece of ass,” she murmured to herself, one hand running over her flat tummy, the other kneading her left breast. No wonder every guy and so many girls wanted to do her, she thought. She laughed into the mirror. It was a hollow, empty laugh.

Bob and Monica had been sitting in her kitchen talking for half an hour. Bob was being a gentleman but Monica could see his eyes follow her bodies every move the whole time. He wanted her so bad, and why not? She knew she was hot stuff. She was the shit. She was made for sex. To be used. And men could tell it too. She got up to get him another glass of wine. bursa eve gelen eskort She went behind him to the fridge. Suddenly a thought occurred to her. She reached not for the wine but to something long wrapped in silver foil that she had placed in the refrigerator earlier. It was heavy. Her eyelids closed half-mast and soft, pleasant smile came to her full lips. She picked up the object, turned around and swung it hard at the back of Bob’s head. He moaned briefly and fell over onto the floor. Monica stared down at him. Suddenly she dropped the heavy wrench that was hidden in the wrapping and fell to her knees. Her eyes widened at what she had done. She reached out and cradled Bob’s head in her hands. She couldn’t believe what she had done! “Oh my god! Bob, Bob, are you ok?” she said to him as she stroked his cheek. He was out cold. She gently turned his head over. There was a bloody gash on his crown.

Monica started to scream. “What the hell is wrong with me!!?” she cried. “I need to get help. Something is so wrong with me!” She got up and ran to her purse and cell phone to call 911. Just as she flipped it open, she heard a noise. She looked up and saw her pet coming into the kitchen, its legs scrabbling on the floor. The hand with the cell phone dropped to her side. What was she just about to do? She tried to think. Suddenly she felt calm, good even. She began to see the pretty colors in her head and soon the bug was glowing too. She felt her pussy start to heat up like an oven and her mind begin to pulse with a wicked joy. She looked down at Bob again and smiled. She had done well. She grinned at his prostrate figure then looked at the bug. Then from the bug to Bob, then back again. She laughed. She loved how she was being used. She loved how she was going to help her pet use Bob. It made her so wet and horny all over.

Monica sat in her chair and watched the bug. She had put Bob’s unconscious body on the bed. The bug was on his head, glowing like mad. Monica was jilling her pussy non-stop. It was so hot and sexy to watch her master have complete use of Bob. She moaned again and again as one climax after another rocked her naked body and open mind. Her pet had told her what was going to happen. It had fed now for weeks on her and Sandra’s and Jenny’s pussies. That had made it physically bigger and stronger. But now it needed more, a different sustenance for its mental side. It needed to get stronger mentally, to increase its power, it’s control on her and others. Control. The thought of control made Monica groan. The thought of being controlled was so pleasant, so sexy. The desire to be totally controlled, both mind and body thrummed through her brain like some irresistible, guiding current. She was controlled. Every inch of her sexy hot body had to eventually come under her pet’s control. She wanted to have no say in anything she thought or did. Her ass, her boobs, her legs, her pussy, it should all just be an extension of him. She moaned again at the thought.

And that’s how it should be, she realized. A new, very fun idea grew in her mind like a pretty, flowering plant; just the latest in long stream of fresh, interesting very appealing thoughts she had been having recently: She was born to be a shell. An empty, pliable shell to be used, fed on and eventually discarded like so much trash. Her pussy jolted with a huge orgasm at this new, erotic vision of her life. Her life before finding the bug had been so boring with thoughts of independence and jobs and dating and family…and Tom. What had been wrong with her back then? Why had she been so attracted to such ridiculous, boring notions?

Monica blinked. Tom. She loved him…didn’t she? Didn’t she want to marry him, have a family, experience life together, grow together, and grow old together? Suddenly she felt scared. Didn’t she have plans? Wasn’t it good to have plans? Isn’t that why she got a college degree? To be able to enjoy the best life had to offer? Did she really want to be a shell? A piece of meat that did only what its master wanted, only think what it was told to think? Monica tried to shake the lights from her head. An empty shell…a piece of meat to be used…Mmmmm. Yah. A beautiful, sexy, empty piece of meat to be used….So hot and horny. So docile and willing. Monica closed her eyes as the colors came back. She moaned and smiled. She was so lucky to be a hot piece of flesh that lived to be used. It had always been her dream. The bug had made her understand the lies she had lived before. The bug had made her realize her real purpose, the real reason she was alive for. It was so nice not to think, to have no desires except those imprinted on her brain from her pet. Her pussy exploded in orgasm.

Monica watched the bug vacantly while it did its thing. She understood now. It needed stronger food for its mental half. Bob would supply that. She sat on one side of the bed, mesmerized by the colors as it did what it bayan escort bursa needed to do. Like some kind of virulent, totalitarian regime, the bug had to keep getting stronger, to keep expanding in order to survive, to carry out its purpose…to live. Once it had taken over everything, everyone, then it could relax as master of this planet. This planet was perfect for its kind and human girls were perfect vessels to carry out it’s commands, it’s desires. And humans were also a perfect food source for the pets to grow and thrive and take control. She was a perfect food source.

The bug used one hard leg like a saw and cut along the back of Bob’s head. It pulled a flap of his skull back and soon attached itself to exposed brain. Monica smiled at Bob as it happened. Her pet was using Bob to get stronger, just as it used her. And that was always a good thing.

Suddenly Bob sat up, his eyes opening wide. The purple/green colors appeared in his eyes, calling to her. Monica knew what it wanted. She leaned over and took it’s head in her hands and kissed it. Their tongues intertwined ferociously as Bob’s hands took hold of Monica’s swollen breasts. Soon she was straddling him, his cock had risen, rock hard. She lowered herself on him. Man, this is what I always wanted, she thought as she settled her burning, hot pussy over his cock. I should have done this so long ago. Me and Bob just fucking hard all night.

Soon her pet….Bob, was reaming her out like she was a rag. His strength was amazing and his cock felt like hot concrete in her soaked pussy. She had never been fucked like this before in her life! Every part of her body was just reamed with pleasure. Her nipples were distended and engorged. Her eyes kept fluttering back in her head. His hands were running roughly all over her needy body.

He was controlling her. Turning her body as he wished. He fucked her hard as she bounced up and down on him. Soon she exploded with a heavy, hazy, perfect orgasm. As soon as it happened, he withdrew his cock and moved her around. Now she was on her hands and knees on the bed. He approached her from behind, his dick, still solid as ever, straining for yet more entrance. He rubbed in on her bare, round hard ass. Then to her ass crack. He grabbed her head by her hair and jerked it back. She looked at Bob, with lust and utter devotion in her eyes. She was drooling. Then he rammed his cock hard up her cunt. The feeling was overwhelming for her. Her pussy grabbed and clinched at his pole like it’s life depended on it staying in her forever. Her body shook with a brand new blast of chills and sensations as he started fucking her brains out doggy style.

The door to her bedroom opened and Jenny and Sandra entered. They were naked. Both girls looked as vacant and happy as Monica felt. They slowly approached the bed and soon turned to each other and began to kiss. Both fell into the double bed. Jenny started to suck Monica’s tits and Sandra started to lick her ass around Toms thrusting cock. Both entranced girls began to rub their clits furiously.

As Monica looked back at her lover, could see her pet had entrenched itself deep in Bob’s skull. It had almost, completely hidden itself there and pulled the exposed flap back in place. She thought it was so cool how the bug completely controlled Bob’s body. It was lodged in his head like it was now his brain. That was a major turn on for her. She kind of wished it would crawl in her head and become her brain. She was nearing orgasm. Her friend’s ministrations and Bob’s cock were bringing her to a huge boil. She was panting and sweating and her tits were heaving like pink, jello boulders. Suddenly she felt something happen to Bob’s cock. It expanded like an air hose. Her brain hummed with new instruction. She knew what to do, like a good puppet. She disengaged her hot pussy and quickly brought the swollen cock up to her face. It had a large swelling in it. Something was inside the cock! Something she knew she wanted desperately. She fondled it with her hand gently, lovingly, her face just inches away from it. She opened her mouth into a perfect O and slid it inside her panting hot mouth. She felt it spring down her throat like it had a mind of its own.

Immediately it began to spasm, shooting tasty junk down her throat. It was like heaven. Her pussy responded to every vibration of the cock and each blast of cum with its own identical cadence of pleasure. Her body exploded with orgasm as she swallowed the never-ending flow of jism. Then, she felt something else come out of the cock. It felt like a small, hard, slimy egg exited the dick and slid down her throat. Monica shivered at the thought that something from her pet had entered her beautiful body. An electric buzz shot from her brain to her breasts, along her nerves and blood vessels. She could feel it hit her stomach, which contracted wildly, then to her thighs and calves. Then it curled back up to her swollen pussy. She screamed in pleasure. The master was giving her a whole new taste of pleasure. The whole room seemed to be bathed in green and purple light. She felt like her pussy and brain were going to split apart and explode. Her mind was buzzing, dizzy and disoriented. She couldn’t catch her breath. Spit and jism were flowing out of her open mouth and then her body shook as though electrocuted. Then she passed out.

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