Beebe and Petey Ch. 02


“I know” Dene told me, alone in my bedroom. “I know about you and Chad this afternoon.”

The intensity of what happened just a couple of hours earlier had me wound tight, and I collapsed into tears, grabbing a pillow to muffle my sobs so I wouldn’t alarm my folks. I REALLY didn’t want to explain. I didn’t even want to talk to Dene, my best friend in the world, but that seemed inevitable now. Just before dinner, I’d been in Dene’s room having a thundering orgasm with her brother’s wrist locked between my thighs. Then I’d jacked him off and, not quite knowing how to manage his pulsing dick, sprayed his cum on my back, my throat and my forehead, then all over him.

It was a bunch of firsts for me. It was the first time any boy had made it to third base with me; it was the first time BeeBe (Chadwick Preston) had ever touched any naked part of me; it was the first time I’d ever touched a cock; it was the first time I’d seen a guy cum; it was the first time I’d tasted cum and especially, it was the first time I’d seen, felt or tasted “pre-cum.”

“Kath, honey, it’s OK. Really. It’s OK” Dene said as she moved to put her arm around me. “You and Chad have had this coming for years, and you know that’s true.”

“But I DON’T know that’s true, Dene! Chad and I haven’t even kissed! What have I DONE! He’s like my brother too, except without all the battles you guys have. I’ve screwed that up, and it’ll never, ever be the same. I could just die.”

“Well, you may have screwed Chad, but the way I see it you haven’t screwed UP anything.”

“What?! NO!! I didn’t screw Chad! Dene-did he tell you that!?”

“He didn’t have to honey-I was there! I heard you!”

“Oh my God! Where were you.? And no-you’ve got the screwing part wrong. He didn’t even have his fingers up me. Wait-just tell me what you heard and what you saw.”

“Ok-Mom dropped me and went on to the grocery. Good thing too, because when I came in, I heard you screaming your head off. Well, kinda screaming. You were making “Big O” noises. I mean exceptionally big and loud “Big O noises.” I’ve had some doozys with mom’s vibrator, but you sounded like you were going into orbit! And in my damn room!”

I started to tear up again “Wait, wait-I was just teasing a little. That part’s OK. In fact it’s all OK. I heard you tell Chad you had, how did you say it: The most spectacular orgasm in history.”

“Oh, God, you did hear us.”

“Petey, that’s what I’m telling you! I heard you offer to jack off Chad. That part Im a little confused about, because I can’t believe any guy could pop your cherry and not cum before you did. And then I saw you both bail out of my window when Mom pulled into the garage. So you really didn’t screw?”

“No! We didn’t screw, we didn’t kiss, he didn’t feel me up. I didn’t even have my blouse off!”

“Well, what the Hell? C’mon-dish!”

“OK. Well, not quite OK. You know how we’ve never lied to each other, and we’ve always stuck up for each other and never ever gossiped about our secrets?”


“Well, Chad and I have kind of the same deal.”

“I know that too.” Dene said

“Huh? Whadya mean?” I asked, leaning on it a little bit. “What do you know and how about Chad and me?”

“OK-you know back when you surprised Chad after swim?”

“What the hell! How did you know that! I KNOW I never told you!”

“I know. You never told and I never asked you to. I thought it was kind of sweet and kind of gross that you and Chad could talk like two girls-or bursa eskort bayan two boys-and share secrets and stuff. Fact was, I heard you two set up the deal. I pretended to be ignorant later, but I knew your deal from the beginning. I’ve heard you two talking sometimes when you thought the house was empty. Not much, but some. I never spied on you, but sometimes I was just there and heard. I mean, it was my brother, so talking about periods and Penthouse mags and who was doing who was a little gross, but I was also glad both of you could do that.”

“Holy Crap!”

“Yeah. There were a lot of times I wanted to fess up to you, but I couldn’t, really, without letting it slip that I’d known all along. Please, don’t be mad at me.”

“Dene, I thought you’d be mad at me! And I guess I’m more relieved than mad at you. But anyway, I don’t think I can tell you about what happened without at least telling Chad. And really, I think he needs to know you’ve got the scoop on us. I think we all three need to talk. Can we go out for, oh, crap, I don’t know what to make up.”

“This is gonna be wierd. But yeah, maybe all three of us. How about we all just go for a walk. Shouldn’t be anyone at the park shelter by now, so we could sit there for a while.”

Dene collected Chad with some effort. He was feeling as guilty and scared as I was, and didn’t want to go anywhere. Dene forced the issue by threatening to ask him in front of their folks why she saw him bailing out of her window. When I walked out to meet them, he looked like he wanted to melt into the sidewalk.

“BeeBe,” I said, using our childhood nickname for him “don’t look so worried. We all have a lot to talk about.”

We walked in silence to the park. It was about 5 blocks away, so we all had time to do a little silent thinking along the way. Blessedly, the shelter was deserted. It was even getting on past twilight, so unless you were pretty close, you really couldn’t see us. We settled in on one of the picnic tables.

“You two don’t look like either one of you wants to start, so let me open things up” Dene said.

“Wait.” I said. “Chad-Dene heard us this afternoon.” Even in the dim light, I could see Chad’s face blaze with embarassment. “And it’s OK with her.” “And one more thing-she knows about our deal, right from the very start when we made our deal. And she’s OK with that too. What I want to do is tell her exactly what happened this afternoon, but I won’t do that if you don’t want me to. She thought we screwed, and I corrected her on that, but I haven’t said anything else yet.”

“Dene!” shoulted Chad, “You were spying on us?? What the Hell! Why would you do that! I mean I get you spying on me but Kathy is…”

“BeeBe-Stop!” I said. “It’s not like that. And really, it’s a good thing it was Dene by herself and not with your mom. We just weren’t as alone as we thought we were-more than once, as it turns out. The bottom line is that Dene and I are both OK, and I think you will be too. Please-just hear me out, and then I’ll do whatever you think is right.”

With a lot of effort, Chad took a deep breath and said: “Okay-shoot.”

“Okay-here’s the deal. Dene knows how close we are. She was already upstairs and heard our deal, and she’s heard some of our conversations. I’m wierded out more than you can imagine over what happened to me this afternoon, and you and Dene are the only people in the world I trust enough to talk to. AND I’m petrified that I’ve screwed up what you and I have. I want bursa otele gelen eskort bayan to tell Dene at least why were were in her room and what happened. OK?”

“OK,” Chad sighed, “but you haven’t screwed anything up. I’m pretty sure I did, though.”

“What?!? No!” “Chad-you were wonderful! I love you so mu…” Oh, God. What did I just blurt.

“Toldja so” Dene smiled. “You guys have been in love for years-you just wouldn’t say it. Good for you, Kath!”

“I meant, you know, like a brother” I stammered.

“I don’t thiiiiiiinnnkk soooooo!” Dene crooned. “But let’s get to that in a while. What on earth went on this afternoon!”

So I told her. Told her about researching pre-cum, about Chad’s teasing offer to show me, my calling him on it, our awkward shedding of skirt, pants and underwear and finally, about my astonishing reaction to tasting Chad’s pre-cum. She listened wide-eyed as I admitted the thundering, high-volume orgasm I’d had was triggered entirely by seeing and tasting Chad’s few, shining drops of pre-cum. She already knew I’d jacked him off-even found a few wet spots on her bedspread. She wasn’t especially happy about that, but it seemed like small potatoes now and she let it go.

“OK! Awesome!” Dene said. “Hun, if you can trigger something as spectacular as what I heard this afternoon just by licking a little pre-cum, you’ve got a freaking gift!! You’re on the front end of something you’ll love all your life! OK,” she went on, “I know all I need to know for now, but you two have some talking to do. And if you really haven’t ever kissed, I’d highly recommend some of that too!” And she walked off.

I looked over at Chad. There were tears running down his cheeks.


“Oh, Petey-I love you too.” He wrapped his arms around me, and my tears streamed too. Finally, we stopped shaking and took Dene’s advice. Chad kissed me deeply and I felt my self getting wet for the 2nd time in the same day. I felt his dick stiffening in his shorts and stepped sideways to interleave our legs. Still standing, I began pressing my crotch into his thigh. He began a little rocking motion, pushing his cock against my upper thigh. His hands moved down and began to caress my ass. It was completely dark now-the night was warm-and I was on fire.



“That feels really good.”




“I’d like you to unbutton my blouse and unhook my bra.”

That froze him. For just a second. Then, with amazing dexterity for a guy whose cock was about to rip the zipper out of his shorts, he was through all my buttons and hooks and my puckered nipples were rolling between his fingers.

“Umm-Janie taught you pretty well, huh?”

“Well, she gave me lots of opportunity to practice!”

“Sorry I can’t fill your hands like she can,” I said, referring to my 34B chest.

“God, Petey, I can’t even describe how playing with your tits gets to me. There aren’t any more perfect titties in the world, and I love seeing you.

“Mmmmmm,” I said, reaching down and stroking his dick through his shorts, “you’re better with handling my tits than Hank, but he’s pretty good at kissing them. Let’s see if you’ve got him beat there too.”

Chad was better. I unzipped his shorts.

“Chad? Am I really the first girl to touch your cock?”

“Absolutely. And I can’t wait for you to be the second one too.”

My hand slipped inside bursa eve gelen escort his underwear.

“Ahhhhhhh-just like that!”

“Chad? I want you to be my first. You think anyone will see us here?”

“You mean–“

“I don’t want to be a virgin any more BeeBe.”

“Honestly, I don’t think I care if somebody sees us-if fact, I think I’d feel the same way in broad daylight!”

We didn’t use words for a while. I dropped down and pulled his dick from his shorts and took it straight into my mouth. I could taste pre-cum on the tip and the thought flooded my panties. I took the hint, stood up to strip off my shorts and panties, and sat on the edge of the picnic table. Chad kneeled in front of me and began to lick my slit. He smiled up at me and said: “Gotta keep things fair, right?”

“Chad? I could take this for a long time, but if you’re ready, so am I.”

Chad stood slowly, kissed each breast, kissed my lips lightly, then deeply. I could taste my juices on his tongue and feel my slickness on his cheeks. Then he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down my slit, and gently eased it in.

It was over before I wanted it to be, but later than I figured it might be. I was beyond certain we’d work at the techniques we’d read about in clandestine magazines and books and listened to from locker room experts. I didn’t cum this time-but I was kind of relieved. I wasn’t sure I could take another one! Chad made up for it. His orgasm seemed to last for hours and he pumped a load into me that was still running out as we rounded the last block toward home. He kept apologizing for the mess-but I loved it!

“Hey you two!” Dene said, joining us for the last block. “Thought it would look better if we all got back at the same time.”

“Thanks, Sis. In fact, thanks for everything tonight.” He put an arm around her shoulder. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I love you a lot.”

“Hug her, you lunk!” I said. “Tonight is a turning point for all 3 of us, and it wouldn’t have happened without Dene.”

He did. Then I did. Then we all 3 hugged. Chad headed into his house while Dene and I walked into my house together, checked in with my folks, and headed to my bedroom.

“Well?” said Dene.

I smiled. “You’ve got the virgin market cornered, hon.”

“All RIGHT! Good for both of you! Can I let Chad know I’m in the loop?”

“I think he’ll be OK with that. But I think I’ll keep the play-by-play between Chad and me. It was a night I’ll never EVER forget-not a single moment, kiss or lick!”

“Ooooooh. Nuts. But OK-I won’t bug you for more. Lick? Hey, at least tell me who licked what!”

“Ok-a little detail. He licked my titties and sucked my nipples, and he was WAY better at it than Hank. I joked that Janie had taught him really well, and he said he like my little bitties better than her whoppers. Not sure if I really believe that, but he sure knew what to do with them.”

We traded a few more stories about former boyfriends, their skills, our adventures and sex in general. Dene didn’t bug me for any more specifics about losing my cherry.

It was late when our excitement ran down a little bit and Dene stood to leave. We hugged once more and then Dene kissed me. She was aiming for my cheek, I think, but I wasn’t tuned in and was heading for her cheek when our lips met in the middle. Kind of automatically, my lips parted and I tongued her. We both dropped the embrace and looked at each other wide-eyed.

“Well, I guess this is really a one-of-a-kind night!” Dene said, pausing, looking into my eyes. Then she planted one on me, very much on purpose, slipping ME the tongue. I stiffened for a minute, then returned the deepness.”

“Bye, now” she smiled, breaking off and turning. “Lover” she added over her shoulder.

Christ. Wet again. Third time!