Beer Thursday Pt. 06

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Crystal lay down on the bed still dressed in her red top and tight white shorts and patted the mattress next to her. “Are you comfortable with this?” She asked?

“Yes, at least I think I am. I have butterflies in my stomach. It feels like the first time I got naked with a boy, but come to think of it I ended up with more than butterflies in my stomach. He told me it was really insulting to the guy to spit it out. What an asshole. Maybe we can track him down when we are done with Chip.” Mary grinned and climbed up next to Crystal. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, what is it?” Crystal responded with raised eyebrows.

“Is Crystal your real name? I mean, you work in a topless restaurant and even though it is not exactly a strip club…I mean, well, you know.” Mary said blushing.

“I know, right? Just about every girl there has an alias, the other blonde in there the other day? Tiffany. She was following me around like a puppy when she first started and picked Tiffany, I guess to be like me. Yeah, I was born Crystal. I came out all pale with white hair and my parents already had a name all picked out, Jennifer, but when they saw me – they called me their little gem, they immediately changed it to Crystal. Crystal Evan Stone.” Crystal said laughing. “I might change my last name, how absurd is that? I cannot see myself as a Jennifer though.” Crystal was stroking Mary’s face, neck and shoulders as they talked. “I think I’m the only girl there without a stage name, no one thinks it is real, so I wouldn’t worry about asking.” Crystal leaned over and gently kissed Mary who responded by opening her mouth and probing with her tongue.

Instinctively Mary and Crystal pulled each other closer while getting more urgent with their mouths. Finally Mary broke free and kneeling over the beautiful blonde breathing heavily on the bed beneath her said, “I want to undress you, I want to unwrap you like a gift.” And reached down to untie the knot beneath those heaving mounds. Mary looked at Crystal and said, “God damn, you are sexy. I never thought I’d want someone as much as I want you right now.” as she pulled open the top revealing those creamy globes topped by hard pink nipples with the swollen areola. Her hand gently reached down and caressed and felt the softness, the heat, the mass of those silky smooth mounds. She pulled the top off her shoulders and threw it on the chair. She then slid down and slowly unbuttoned, unzipped the tiny white shorts, with Crystal raising her hips, pulled them completely off those incredibly long legs. Mary gazed down at the tiny white thong and could tell there was no hair and started chuckling.

“What’s funny?” Crystal asked?

“I’m sorry, remember when Tom confessed everything to me? Anyhow he told me I had a camel toe when we went to the beach years ago. I didn’t know what he meant, so he described it to me. You have a beautiful camel toe.” Mary took the back of her middle finger and softly stroked the thinly covered slit below her.

Crystal closed her eyes and let out a soft sigh and opened them when she felt Mary’s finger leave her moist pussy. She lifter her hips and Mary pulled down her thong and off her legs.

Mary raised the thong to her nose and inhaled deeply. “Now I know why men I’ve been with like to do that. Your smell is arousing.” She inhaled a couple of more times and put aside the moist thong and looked down and the completely naked form, lifted up Crystal’s left foot and brought it up to her face and started flicking her tongue between the moaning girl’s toes.

That’s nice, that feels really niccccce.” Crystal moaned softly.

Mary sucked on each toe like it was a little penis and then started kissing her ankle, her calf, the smooth, creamy inside of her thigh until her face was right in front of the completely exposed vulva. Mary took another deep breath and let out a sigh. Her hands were pushing Crystal’s legs wide apart watching the dripping labia become more pronounced. Mary tentatively stuck out her tongue and probed the slit in front of her. Finding she liked the taste she became more aggressive with her tongue, spreading the labia and probing deeper. Crystal started writhing, thrusting her pussy into Mary’s mouth. Mary reached up and grabbed those heaving breasts and started squeezing and kneading them. Then when her tongue found Crystal’s clit she started gently nipping at it with her lips and sucking on it.

“That’s it, yesssss… that’s so nice, suck on my clit…ooooohhhhhhh” Crystal moaned.

Mary wet her fingers in the panting girls vagina, then reached back up and started pushing her fingers in circles around Crystal’s puffy areola and rock hard nipples. She plunged her tongue as far as she could into the girl and flattened the back of it against her engorged clit. Her jaw was getting sore, but she leaned into Crystal hard and thrust her head into her as hard as she could fighting against the girl’s bucking pelvic thrusts.

After fifteen minutes of Mary’s constant hard licking, Crystal let out a scream, grabbed the Ümraniye Escort back of Mary’s head and slammed her writhing cunt into Mary’s mouth over and over. “Shhhhhhhiiiiiiiit. Ooohhhhhhhhhh…ooooooohhhhhhhh ffffuuuuuuuuuck me. Oh God, this is intense.”

Mary lapped up all the cum that she could spilling out and when Crystal calmed down she looked up at the breathless girl and said with her glistening face. “I guess I did ok?”

Crystal reached down and pulled her up and kissed her hard, licking the juices off her face. “Fuck, yes. You are a natural. I was going to tell you to start by playing with my boobs, then work your way down to my stomach…”

“I can do it again if you like.” Mary leaned down sucking swollen, hard nipple into her mouth.

Crystal pushed her off. “Good God, no. I don’t think I can take it right now, my whole body feels like one aroused nerve ending. That thing you did with your tongue? That was great – where did you learn that?”

Mary grinned, “It was my college professor…not while he was my professor, but later. I thought he was so hot so when the last class was let out, I asked him for advice on what courses to take next. We went back to his office and closed the door. I think he was surprised when I pulled the shade and locked it, but not upset. I walked to where he was sitting and like a total slut, sat on the desk and put my feet on the arm of his chair. I wasn’t so slutty that I was commando, but I don’t think he minded. He was the first man to sniff my panties appreciatively. I always thought it was weird until now. Anyway, after he had removed my panties he commented, ‘I love blonde pussies, never shave this’ and dove in. I pretty much repeated what he did to me, and sad to say, I pretty much screamed like you did when you came. We had to hurriedly straighten our clothes, though my professor kept my panties, and explain to security that the professor was not killing me – that this was a way to release tension with primal screams. We were asked to take our primal screams elsewhere.” Mary laughed.

“So, did you ever fuck him? Or did you get your primal scream and leave him hanging?” Crystal asked.

“Sure, while security was there I told him that there were some cool caves in the hills off campus that would be perfect for primal screams since they would echo so well. I think we met there a dozen times over the next few months. God, I miss him, he was really talented. And a great professor.” Mary sighed.

Crystal pushed Mary off her. “Ok, I really need to taste you, I want to see that blonde bush you have there. Is it really blonde, or are you like most blondes and have a dark bush? Ok, my turn to unwrap my present.” Crystal unbuttoned Mary’s blouse and pulled it off and looking down at the flesh spilling out of the flimsy, lacy bra started massaging Mary’s huge breasts. “These are huge, and so soft…so firm.” Crystal sighed.

Crystal reached behind Mary’s back and unclipped the bra, “Well let’s release them, let them breathe.” as she pulled it down her arms and tossed it aside. “So perfect, you have wonderful breasts.” Crystal leaned down and started kissing Mary’s creamy white breasts, from one to the other avoiding the puffed areola and the large bullets poking up. Finally she swirled her tongue around each one before sucking the quarter inch long nipples between her lips. Crystal released Mary’s felt nipple with a sucking pop and crawled down to the remaining clothes, unzipped the skirt and with Mary lifting her hips pulled the skirt down revealing that she was not wearing panties. “Oh you little slut,” Crystal cooed, “You came all ready for easy access. I like that. Wow, you really do have blonde pubes, you must dye them. I’ve never seen pubes that light before, almost like gold.” She ran her fingers gently through Mary’s downy mons. “So soft.” She leaned down and buried her face in Mary’s golden patch and took a deep breath. “Yes, that is nice to do, you smell so sweet, let’s see how you taste.”

Crystal spread Mary’s legs wide, began exploring her vulva from bottom to top tasting the sweet juices leaking from her tight slit. Mary responded by moving her hips up and down and Crystal noticed she had her eyes closed and her fingers were pulling on her nipples. Crystal reached up and pushing Mary’s hands away, took over massaging those perfect, puffy nipples. Mary’s labia eagerly opened up to Crystal’s urgent probing. Crystal licked upwards finding Mary’s clit inducing a sharp draw of breath then slid her tongue back almost to her anus…up and down gently, letting Mary get used to the feeling of a woman’s mouth on her. Then sensing Mary was lost in the feeling, she drove her tongue deep into her vagina, driving it in and out like a small penis then pulled out and flicked across the clit again. Feeling Mary respond by the jerking of her pelvis Crystal latched her mouth onto Mary and began flicking the tip of her tongue rapidly across the engorged button and drove two fingers into her, pumping rapidly while sucking her Ümraniye Escort Bayan mouth onto Mary’s hot pussy even though she felt her lips being bruised by the impatient thrusting of the pubic bone.

Mary wrapped her legs around Crystal’s neck and head and drove her hips off the bed in a climactic burst. “Jessssussssss Chrissssssst, I’mmmmmm cummmmming. Oh God, God, God, Goooood…there… don’t stop…yeeeessssss…Oh fuck, I needed that,” Mary panted releasing Crystal with her legs. Are you all right, I didn’t mean to break your neck.” Mary panted.

Crystal looked up with a huge sloppy grin. “Good Lord girl, those are some fucking strong legs you’ve got there. I was sure you were going to snap me in half.” Crystal crawled up and Mary kissed her, driving her tongue down Mary’s throat.

“You are skilled. I need you to come over and teach Bob that. Ok, I’m drained.” Mary laughed looking and Crystal’s dripping face. “I guess I came.”

Crystal started to get up. “I think I’m going to shower, would you like to join me?”

“Sure, I think that sounds like fun.” Mary said as she followed Crystal into the bathroom.

“That was nice,” Crystal said, “I liked being soaped up by you, though I’m pretty sure my pussy has never been so clean.” Pulling Mary close to kiss her. “Will you stay with me tonight?”

“Yes, I’d like that. Let me get my bag out of the car…I actually brought a toothbrush.” Mary laughed. “How close are your neighbors? Should I put anything on?”

“At this time of night, no need, but I’d leave the outside light off.” Crystal said and she admired Mary’s tight ass as she left the bedroom. “Chip is not going to know what hit him,” She thought, “He’ll probably have a stroke trying to get at her Monday. This is going to be such fun.” Crystal thought.

Crystal rolled over to kiss Mary good night. “I’m so glad you agreed to come over, that was some of the best sex I’ve had in my life. What time do you need me to set the alarm for?”

“Six is good, good is probably not the word,” Mary groaned.

“Hang on, the alarm is on your side.” Crystal said as she reached across Mary to grab the alarm her full breasts dangling over Mary’s face. She was setting the alarm to six and was getting ready to set it back when she felt her left nipple being stimulated by Mary’s tongue followed by her right being tenderly stroked and her nipple teased by Mary’s soft hands. She spread her knees apart when she felt Mary’s right hand pushing down her taut stomach, rubbing softly, pushing down more to her cleanly shaved pubis, just teasing, softly stroking, just missing Crystal’s waiting slit. She moaned while thrusting her hips down to meet Mary’s hand and being rewarded when her middle finger pushed across Crystal’s aroused clit.

Mary sucked harder on the erect nipples, going from one to the other, sucked the tips into her pursed lips and flicking her tongue across each one with her nose buried in the soft flesh on Crystal’s perfect breasts. Her middle finger pushed in, bending around the mons, across the clitoris and into her soaking vagina. Stroking, feeling the engorged button against her pressing finger, she slid her index finger into the eager pussy. She responded to Crystal’s pelvic thrusts with her hand clutching the writhing girl’s moist flesh, squeezing and pushing back against the urgent grinding.

“Oh, crap, don’t stop. Uhhhh…uuuhhhhhh…uuuhhhhh…yeeeeessssss.” Crystal collapsed on top of Mary’s chest dropping the alarm. “Mary, you didn’t have to do that, I never cum this much.” Crystal panted reaching down to feel how wet Mary was. “Oh, you poor girl. You need relief or you will never get to sleep.” Crystal’s fingers opened Mary up wide while she ground the unsheathed clit with the ball of her hand.

“Uh, uhhhh, oh yesss. You don’t have to do thisssss, I’m…Oh God, don’t stop.” Mary said breathlessly while pushing back against Crystal’s hand.

Grinding her hand hard into Mary’s clit and slit, Crystal climbed on top and began nibbling on the hard, puffed nipples set atop those magnificent fleshy mounds being pushed upwards while Mary arched her back.

“Feels so good, so nicccccce. Ahhhh.” Mary moaned as she started pushing her thigh between Crystal’s legs. She felt Crystal’s slippery lips sliding on her thigh as she responded back.

Soon, both girls within seconds of each other started thrusting with more urgency, came hard, writhing, pulling, sucking, grasping each other until they collapsed in each other’s arms. Tangled, sweaty, their lips locked together tenderly, they stayed like that until sleep took them.


When the alarm went off at six, Mary had to regretfully untangled herself from Crystal who had been spooning her in the night. She was able to shower, get dressed and get to the office right on time.

Her call to Bob from the car went better than she feared. “Sorry I didn’t call you last night, I was busy…You OK?…Really?…I miss you and somehow as great as last night was, Escort Ümraniye I guess I feel guilty…I know you did…I know…I know. I cannot believe you aren’t jealous…I get it, but not really. Look, I’m almost at work so when I get home…yes, three times. Look, I’m parked in the lot and I need to get inside. I’ll see you tonight, I love you. Really, I really do…Me too, bye.” Mary hung up shaking her head still not believing who she had become and her husband, really baffling. She got out of the car and headed into the office.

Tom knocked and came in. “So, how long did you stay after we left?”

“Another hour. You should have been there, though this wouldn’t have happened. Three Julie joined us for a drink and three frat guys hit on us and the three of us started making out teasing them. Julie even grabbed Crystal’s tit while kissing her! They decided it wasn’t worth it and went away, but we couldn’t stop laughing after they left.” Mary said laughing.

“You’re cruel. Maybe they just wanted company…or not.” Tom laughed. “So what were you doing when Julie and Crystal were kissing? You said the three of you started making out…”

“Um, well, when the guys came to the table and asked if they could buy us a drink, Crystal swung her leg over mine and I actually reached down and rubbed her pussy. Their eyes got really big, but pretty sure that was not all. Can you believe I did that?” Mary giggled.

“Crap, I should have stayed, but like you said, no way would they have come over. I didn’t know Julie was into girls.”

“I’m sure she isn’t. she was really red after that. I think it was just an impulse, but it sure was a great show.”

Tom looked like he was imagining the scene, “I had the impulse all evening to grab Crystal’s or your breasts, but now I regret restraining myself.”

“I’m pretty sure you would have gotten slugged, so you made the right call.” Mary replied. “Want to hear something weird? Crystal lives 3 blocks from the bar and never even knew it was there.”

“So, I’m guessing you went home with Crystal. I would have bet anything you would have chickened out…or maybe you did.”

Mary grinned, “No, I went home with her, she has a really nice house just down Oak Street. I’m pretty sure she will be joining us again. Hang on.” Mary paused to pick up the phone. “Hey, good morning. I didn’t want to wake you…yeah, me too…It was fun…Bob’s fine…I know, I was afraid he’d have regrets, but he sounded really happy on the phone this morning…Really? I’ll get those on Monday, and thanks again…Sure, it will be fun, but I’ll admit I’m a little nervous…that’s a relief…I agree, we’ll play it by ear…Ok, I’ll see you Monday, oh, should I come over early?…I agree, six will be fine…Ok…Ok…bye.” Mary put down the phone and looked over at a stunned quizzical Tom. “What? You didn’t think I’d stay the night?”

Tom laughed, “I didn’t think you’d go over there, buy yeah, I didn’t think you spend the night. What did you forget? Let me guess, your underwear. I’d better get back to my office since I’ll be in no shape to walk through the office if I stay.”

Mary walked past Tom and locked the door, “Yeah, but I brought fresh underwear, so don’t get excited. Sit, I’ll tell you everything, but again. Not a word of this to anyone. You’re the only one I’ve told about Bob urging me to do this and no one can know…You hear me? No one.” She said looking sternly at Tom. She pushed Tom’s shoulder gently towards the couch. “Sit.”

Sitting down, Tom said, “Ok, ok, you already have my word I’ll never say a thing, so tell me did you and Crystal…you know…do it?”

Mary laughed. “You had no issue last week being graphic, now you’re like a middle school boy too embarrassed to say…what? Do it? Seriously?”

“Ok, did you have sex with Crystal? What did you do? Did you lick her pussy?” Tom asked softly, “Did you get your pussy licked? Did you cum?” Tom rested his arms across his lap while asking.

“Yes, yes and yes.” Looking down and Tom’s attempt to hide his tent, Mary said. “Relax, I’ve seen it before. Men! Anyhow get this. She didn’t invite me over because she wants to seduce me, but to punish her ex-boyfriend.” Mary proceeded to tell him about the DVD and Crystal getting pissed and kicking him out and when she saw the resemblance in the restaurant a plan formed in her head. “So, she wasn’t really hot for me, she had this great idea.” Mary finished.

“So, are you really going to get naked and sprawl out on the bed and let a strange guy look at you? That is fucking hot…” Tom asked.

“I guess so,” Mary said, “I’ll need to really psyche myself up for that. Maybe naked with my legs together, it really seems slutty to be lying there all exposed…” Mary shuddered. “But, I think the situation calls for me to look open and available when you think about it…Oh Christ my stomach hurts.” Mary moaned.

“Relax, enjoy it. It sounds very erotic. By the way, who was the playmate? Did you get her name?” Tom scanned Mary top to bottom. “Wait, I know who you look like, I cannot remember her name, but about 15 years ago…tall blonde, great tits, blonde bush…I know who you are talking about. I’m going to have to go online and do some research.” Tom said still looking up and down Mary’s body as if comparing. “You could be a playmate if you wanted you know.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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