Before He Goes


Our son Caleb was home from college. He had finally graduated and was leaving in two weeks for a new job and a new life. I asked my husband Ted to take a few days off from work so the family could spend some time together.

“I’ll see him at night,” was my husband’s reply.

Ted was such an ass these days. Caleb would be moving a thousand miles away from us and we wouldn’t be seeing him that much from now on. My husband only thought about himself and his precious career lately. The second day that Caleb was home, I told him I was going out to get groceries. I got in my car and headed off. I was down the road maybe ten minutes when I remembered that I forgot my coupons.

I never shop without those coupons so I pulled over and turned the car around. I got back home and went into the house. I didn’t see Caleb but I walked down the hallway to our bedroom. I had left the coupons on the bed. As I walked past Caleb’s bedroom I saw the door was open. I turned and looked in and there was Caleb. He was naked on the bed and he was stroking his cock. I only paused for a few seconds but Caleb saw me.

“I’m sorry,” I said and walked back to get the coupons.

I got the coupon pouch and I quickly walked back out of the house. My mind was in such a blur. Caleb’s cock was so long and thick from the brief time I looked in. I did my shopping and on the way home I took my hand and reached inside my pants. I was so worked up I had to touch myself. I knew it was so wrong to have those kind of thoughts but sex with my husband had been nonexistent lately. I got back home and I was in the kitchen putting away the groceries.

I saw that Caleb was sitting on the back deck. When he heard me he walked inside the house.

“I’m sorry Mom, I should have closed the door,” he said to me.

“It’s okay honey, I shouldn’t be staring into your bedroom.”

Caleb put his hand on my back and started porno izle to rub me. All I could think of right then was my son’s cock. I turned to face him. We looked at each other and then Caleb leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I thought I was about to melt right then. I should have told him no but I didn’t. Before you knew it, Caleb had pulled me into his body. My son was tall, nearly six foot four inches in height. He towered over me.

I felt Caleb’s tongue probing my mouth. Like some young girl I opened for him. It all went crazy from there. Caleb was pulling my top off and his hands went to my breasts. He managed to get my bra off and my tits came tumbling out. Caleb lowered his face and started to suck on my already hard nipples. I should have stopped it right there but I let him do whatever he wanted. Caleb worked his hands to my waist and he got my pants and panties down.

My son stood back and then shed his clothing. He was practically hard before me. All I could think of right then was that I needed my son. I craved his cock. Caleb led me back to his bed and I got on my back. Caleb parted my legs and he lowered his face to my mound. I let out a long moan as I felt his tongue working up and down my wet slit. I took my hands and placed them on the back of his head. I didn’t want him to stop ever.

My son made me so wet. I felt the tip of his tongue at my clit. I think I had some small orgasms as he licked up and down my gash. Caleb stopped after a few minutes of this and he looked up at my face.

“I need you Mom.”

I could have ended it right there but I didn’t. I soon felt Caleb positioning the head of his cock at my opening. I held my breath as Caleb pushed his thick cock into my tummy. Caleb was so much bigger than my husband. I hadn’t felt this horny in such a long time. I watched as Caleb’s began to pump his long dick into me. I took my legs and wrapped amatör porno them around his back. Then the fucking began.

All I heard was the slapping of Caleb’s balls hitting my ass. I knew he was forcing every inch of his pole into my body.

“Fuck me Caleb, please go harder!”

My son looked at my face. He unfolded my legs and he pushed them back to my chest. He stretched his body out and he fed me every inch that he possessed. I wanted to be used that morning and that is what Caleb did. I don’t remember ever being stretched by a cock like that before. My son was circling his dick around inside my pussy. He was hitting spots that I didn’t even know existed.

I finally let out a scream and I squirted. I had never done that before but Caleb had me so worked up. He kept sliding his dick into me and I squirted my juices again. This was no ten minute fuck like I would have with my husband. Caleb used me for well over an hour. There was a point where my pussy felt so raw.

“I want you all to myself Mom,” he told me.

I didn’t need anyone but Caleb then. I didn’t care if my husband ever took me again. I only wanted Caleb. I felt Caleb tense up eventually. He went faster almost pulling his cock out and then slamming into my tender pussy. Then I felt it. It was his hot cum scorching my pussy. I somehow squeezed his dick as Caleb’s cum came pouring into my body. I wanted his seed, I had to have it right now. Caleb just seem to have an endless amount of his cream to give me. When he finally stopped I felt totally spent.

Caleb just looked down at me as he held his cock deep in my pussy. I was having all these small, intense orgasms as he rested his semi-hard cock in me.

“I love you Mom,” he told me.

All I could think of was that we had gone down a road and we could never go back to the way things were. Caleb did pull out and I anal porno weakly got to my feet and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I returned Caleb was on his back. I was looking at his cock and he was erect once more. I didn’t think I could take anymore but I had to try. I climbed on top of my son and took hold of his cum stained cock. I lowered myself and Caleb fed me one more time.

I have to say it hurt some even though I still had some of Caleb’s spunk inside me. He went slow at first. He brought his ass up as he pushed that giant cock into me. I could feel his hands on my bottom as he gripped my ass cheeks. I was bobbing up and down and getting every hard inch of my son into my aching pussy. I do remember screaming as Caleb pumped into me. The feelings were so intense now. I didn’t think I could cum again but I proved myself wrong.

Caleb did shoot more cum into my body but it wasn’t like the first time around. All I could think of was that I was my son’s cum whore. I craved all his sticky seed inside me. We finally ended our lovemaking and Caleb pulled out. We finished as my son kissed my hard nipples one last time. The rest of the day was uneventful. Ted did finally make it home but Caleb and I were subdued. Thankfully Ted didn’t want sex that night. I certainly wasn’t up for that.

Caleb was only going to be home for two weeks before he started his new job and moved away. We spent as much time as we could in bed together. Caleb fucked me in every position we could think of. Right before he left I let him slide his cock into my ass. I was never big on anal but I wanted to feel my son’s cock in my tightest hole. God, did I scream when he finally got all eight inches into my bottom. Caleb went so slow and I managed to grip him hard. When he did cum in me, my whole body shook uncontrollably.

Tomorrow Caleb leaves for his new life. Ted won’t be along to see his son off. He will be too busy at work. That is just fine with me. Caleb and I plan to make love one last time and then I will see him off. I don’t know how I will hold up without Caleb’s cock inside me. I know I will need to come up with a plan so we can be lovers again.