Behind the Night


I couldn’t sleep last night. I had gone out with friends for pizza and made the mistake of having a couple glasses of cola, and it kept me up. Not all the way awake, just stuck on the edge of sleep, unable to distract my mind enough to enter slumber. After a bit of this, I decided to just keep my eyes closed and hope for the best.

I rolled over onto my right side and something odd happened. The terry cotton sheet slipped off my body a little. As it drew across my ass, my skin began to tingle wildly. It felt really good. I continued to pull the sheet over my body slowly, enjoying every second. I was barely conscious, but I loved the sensation and I didn’t want it to stop. When the sheet was off my naked body, my left hand took over, caressing my ass with a single dexterous finger.

I drew circles, spirals and random patterns around my cheek, leaving a tingling, burning trail across my backside. My cock stiffened, the head grazing against a bundle of blankets.

My eyes were still closed. Was I still asleep? As my finger found its way into the valley between my cheeks, I decided that I must be. I would just be asleep, and whatever happened could be chalked up to an intense dream.

I gasped aloud as a finger tip grazed my rosebud, the sound echoing around the empty bedchamber. I drew my knee up as far as I could, exposing my anus to the night air. My middle finger tapped lightly against the puckered, sensitive opening while my hips pumped my cock into my make-shift blanket vagina.

Suddenly my right hand was reaching orhangazi escort into the basket under the nightstand for the bottle of lube. As I dripped some of the slick liquid onto my finger, I realized that it was getting steadily more difficult to rationalize this experience as just a dream.

My thumb and pinky pushed my cheeks open while my middle finger descended to the valley floor. I moaned to myself at the first touch of my cool, slick finger to my puckered hole. I rimmed my asshole gently. It was relaxing and exciting at the same time.

“Oh fuck, that’s good,” I whispered, encouraging myself. “Put it in me, now. Fuck my ass, baby, please.”

Who was I talking to, I wondered? I wasn’t really imagining a lover. I was making love to myself. The thought excited me. I lost myself in the narcissism and begged myself to slip that finger deep into my ass. Hearing myself beg brought out both my submissive and dominant sides: the part of me that was speaking felt the thrill of surrender and the excitement of desperation; the part of me that was listening was flush with the power of control.

I quickly complied with my request. My middle finger curled and pressed against my wet opening. I relaxed and let it in. The finger pried my ass open like it was opening a pop-top can, stretching the ring of muscles in every direction. I worked my ass around in circles, amazed at the sudden rush of gentle, dull pleasure. I squeezed my finger hard, almost pushing it out until my finger pushed back, nilüfer escort determined not to be denied.

“Oh no you don’t,” I taunted myself. “You’re taking my finger all the way, honey.”

My finger forced itself deeper into my hole, until it encountered the second ring of muscles. Suddenly, it pulled back out and drove in again, fast.

“Fuck my ass,” I begged.

My finger worked that opening back and forth a few times before diving in deep, driving slowly but firmly through the final resistance until it was buried all the way inside my body.

“Oh yes, that feels good. Now fuck me, please.”

The more I talked dirty at myself, the better it felt. I don’t usually moan during masturbation, but I really let myself go, grunting with every thrust of my nasty digit and moaning as loudly as I had the last time I had made love to a woman.

“Touch my cock. Please touch it.”

I rolled onto my back, lifting my left leg to give my finger as much room as possible to work. I grabbed the bottle of lube and dripped it onto my hard cock. The rivulets felt nice as they trickled down my shaft, but before they could hit my pubic hair, my right hand was there to scoop up all the slick liquid and spread it over my penis. I moaned with my full voice.

“Oh yes! That feels so nice. Stroke it, baby, stroke my cock and fuck me.”

My cock tingled for a moment as the hyper-sensitive nerves reacted to the wonderful shock of the gliding lube. My cockhead swelled under the stimulation bursa türbanlı escort as my fingers bumped up and over the crown. My cock twitched reflexively and my ass squeezed hard in response. It felt so amazing having a thick finger to grab. I wondered if this is how a woman feels when she has a cock inside her.

The fingers of both hands went into overdrive, stroking my cock and fucking my ass. I flexed my cock and squeezed my finger deliciously, issuing a foul-mouthed groan each time in satisfaction. I couldn’t reach my cock fully so I concentrated on the head. That action pushed me toward the edge in record time. I was completely locked into my body’s sensations, not relying on a fantasy at all. My cock was screaming for joy with every twitchy stroke of my fingers. My ass pushed and pulled alternately against my probing finger. My balls tightened and I knew I was ready to come.

“Are you gonna come, now, bitch?” I said, teasing. “That’s it, baby. Come all over yourself like a slut.”

“Oh, yes. Fuck me. Make me come on myself,” I answered.

With that, my come shot unexpectedly up my dick, erupting into the air and onto my belly. My ass contracted hard around my finger in quivering pulses. My finger never stopped stroking even as the muscles squeezed it harder than I could have thought possible. The sensation overpowered the pleasure from my genitals.

It was a delightful moment, but it ended all too soon. A moment later, my body went limp and my finger slid from my ass. My legs flopped to the bed. My right hand pulled the last few drippings from my cock. Come covered my belly and cock. I grabbed a tissue and wiped it up, as well as wiping down my naughty finger.

My eyes were already closed by the time the tissue hit the wastebasket.

“Thank you,” I whispered to myself as I fell asleep.