Behind the Scenes

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Bob had been playing the drums for the house band at Hooligan’s Pub for several months. It was more of a dive than most places he was used to playing and it was rare when any hot chicks came in. However, the pay was good considering what the average bar band makes, drinks were free, and the other guys in the band were first rate musicians.

One night, during a set of good upbeat tunes, a group of young ladies walked in out of nowhere and immediately got on the dance floor. The keyboardist turned around to catch Bob’s eye, and when he did, Bob just nodded his head and gave a sly grin. What had started off as just another night playing for the same old drunks, had suddenly improved.

One girl in particular caught Bob’s attention. It was tough to get a good look at her from behind the drum set because the small dance floor was rapidly filling up now that she and her friends had walked in and turned up the heat.

Her body was nicely shaped and she had long brown curls that spilled over her shoulders as she danced. She wore a red low cut tank top with thin straps. Her long curls brushed over the exposed tops of her breasts as she moved to the beat of the music. Bob knew she couldn’t be wearing a bra under that skimpy top and he imagined that if he were dancing up close with her that her nipples would be clearly visible through the tight fabric.

It looked like she was wearing a black leather mini skirt, but in the glare of stage lights it was hard to tell. Regardless of what the skirt was made of, it was short and sexy and showed off her fantastic legs that were further enhanced by her tall stiletto heeled shoes. She wore some sheer lacy ankle socks with her heels, which gave her that bad-girl look. Her girlfriends she was dancing with were also attractive, but less stunning.

Of course Bob wasn’t the only person in the bar to notice her. All through the set, guys would dance their way over to group of babes, but the girls just turned their backs to them and kept on dancing. One guy was not easily brushed off and as they ignored him, he circled around them like a vulture. After they seemed to have some laughs at the guy’s expense, the young ladies moved escort bayan kağıthane up right by the front of the stage, making it nearly impossible for anyone to muscle in.

Bob got a real good view of her now, and she looked even better close up. However, she was lost in her own world, dancing with her friends, and it was obvious that she had a few drinks at some other place before showing up here at Hooligan’s.

Jake, the bands guitar slinging cocksman, stepped up to the front edge of the stage and did his best to impress the ladies. In usual fashion he seemed to be winning them all over. Bob wanted to get the one girl’s attention somehow, but it seemed impossible since he was stuck in the back behind his drums. Then he got an idea.

The song had a straight four-four beat to it, and Bob took advantage of the space between beats to throw in some extra bits. Rim shots on the snare, some clanks on the bell of the ride cymbal, and some accents to the straight beat in unusual places.

The band was the first to notice this, and while one at a time they turned around to give him quizzical looks, they kept on playing. At last the girl in the red tank top made eye contact with Bob and he gave his best smile in return. She smiled back and started moving her hips suggestively in time to the music.

When the set ended, the girl’s friends started to leave the dance floor but she waited by the front of the stage. Jake quickly put his guitar down and started to say something to her, but she walked right past him and up to Bob.

“You look rather tasty,” he said. She just laughed and introduced herself as Renee’. They only talked for a short time and then Bob started leading her to the band’s dressing room.

Although the bar owner called it a dressing room, and it had a counter with a lighted mirror along one wall, it was really more of a janitor’s closet and storage room. Complete with a stinky mop bucket and shelves of cleaning supplies, there was also a stack of broken tables and chairs against another wall. Bob closed the door behind them and discretely locked it. The noise of the jukebox out in the main room was reduced to escort bayan taksim a soft thumping in the background.

Renee’ looked cute even under the harsh dressing room lights. Bob lost no time in getting an arm around her and giving her a soft kiss. Although he thought she was willing, it wasn’t until he felt her tongue in his mouth that he knew for sure. He slid his hands down her back and rubbed her shapely ass. Although her skirt had the look of black leather it felt like a cheap vinyl imitation, but was still soft to the touch and warm from her body. As she pressed her breasts against him in their embrace he got even more excited and he knew she could feel his cock getting hard between them.

“I only have a short break,” he said.

Renee’ responded by reaching down to the front of Bob’s jeans. She fumbled slightly with his belt buckle, so Bob backed away so she could see what she was doing. She knelt in front of him and pulled down his jeans and boxer shorts as he leaned back against the counter.

Bob’s cock was already erect, but he felt it get even harder as she firmly wrapped her fingers around the base of it. Renee’ slowly licked the underside of his cock while gently playing with his balls with her other hand. She then took it all the way in her mouth, slowly letting it slide out with her lips clamped tightly around it. After repeating this a few times, she stopped to lick the underside of his cock again while fondling his balls some more.

“You are amazing,” he said. Bob was sure that if there was more time, she could really make it last, but the next time she started sucking his cock she kept going, vigorously sucking non-stop while stroking the base of his shaft with one hand. Bob felt his balls tightening up and he knew he would soon explode in her mouth. Renee’ must have known it too, because all of a sudden she stopped. Bob looked at her with surprise.

“I don’t like that stuff in my mouth,” she said, and started stroking his cock while scooting off to one side so that his cum might go flying past her shoulder. Bob reached down and helped her to her feet. Without saying a word, he led her over to an old couch, şişli escort bayan which he was sure had seen plenty of action.

He tried to pull Renee’s skirt up to her waist, but it was much too tight to slide up easily. Before he could make the next move, she had unzipped it and let it fall to the floor.

Underneath, she was wearing a skimpy white cotton thong. As she sat down on the couch he could see her brown pubic hairs peeking out around the edges of the soft cotton. He knelt in front of her for a closer look and than removed her thong. He wanted to taste her little muffin, and he was sure it was already moist. Just then he heard a few low notes outside the door. It was the bass player was checking his tuning. That meant the next set was about to start.

Renee’s body was so sexy and Bob would have loved to see her breasts but now there was no time. She knew this too and lay back on the couch, spreading her legs in a most alluring way.

She was nice and wet, and Bob’s cock slid inside her with ease. As he repeatedly thrust deeply inside her, there was a loud pounding on the dressing room door. The doorknob rattled against the lock and he heard the muffled sound of someone calling his name. Renee’ seemed to find the situation funny and started laughing, although she didn’t miss a beat, flexing her hips to meet each of his thrusts. The pounding on the door continued and Bob was about to shout something at them but all he could manage was a loud groan as he had his orgasm.

They were both breathing heavily and covered with a film of sweat, still joined together when the door flew open. Bob looked over his shoulder to see the bar owner walk into the room carrying a large key ring. A few other band members peeked in.

“Now what in the hell is going on?” the owner yelled, although Bob thought it was pretty obvious. “If you wanna get some pussy that’s fine, but right now you boys are supposed to be on stage.” Bob got to his feet and started pulling up his pants. “Now get out there and play some music or I’m gonna dock your pay!” ranted the owner.

During the second song of that next set, Bob saw Renee’ come out of the dressing room. She had taken a little time to fix her hair and makeup. She gave him a big smile, and then vanished into the crowd. Bob figured she had gone to join her friends but he didn’t see her again that night. The band’s pay was docked fifty dollars and it was taken out of Bob’s portion, but he didn’t care.

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