Being Alone


Being alone is sadYou sit and stare in to spaceYou imagine so many thingsYou think about what ifWhat if you had a special someoneWhat would you doWould you be holding handsWould you lean over and Demetevler Escort kiss himWhat if, what would you doWould I share Otele gelen escort my secretsWould I tell him I caredWould Balgat Escort I hold him tightWould I look him in his eyesWould I begin to undress himWould I caress his naked bodyWould I get on my kneesWould I take his hard cock in my hands and bring it to my lipsWould I begin to suck and lick his cockTwirl my tongue around his beautiful mushroom headSlide my mouth slowly down the lengthHave his beautiful cock fill my mouthWould I hold him fast to the back of my throatTill he filled my throat with his white creamy seedOh how I’d love to suck my imaginary guy