Being Naughty at the Shopping Mall

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The last thing that Dan had expected when he stopped for a coffee at the shopping centre was to bump into Helen just as he ordered his drink.

Normally when the two of them met it was planned and arranged with military precision. Normally as soon as the door was opened one of them was already naked and desperate to fuck. Today though with both their other halves safely at home and no need for the normal secrecy to hide the real reason why they were “going out” it was a chance to just sit and enjoy the opportunity to have a drink and just chat.

Finishing their drinks they tagged along together picking up the last few bits they had set out for. At the far end of the mall in a quite section Helen stopped and held out her bags.

“Hold these for me?” she asked as she nodded towards an almost hidden door to the ladies in a little alcove.

“I just need to pay a visit.”

As she pushed open the door Dan sneaked a quick look, seeing it deserted in there he quickly followed Helen as she strode in. A quick look around left Dan thinking that the ladies get it far more luxurious than guys with nice big cubicles and how clean it all is.

Sensing a presence behind Helen turned her head.

“What are you doing?” she giggle nervously

Not saying a word Dan pushed her quickly into the nearest cubical and shut the door. Dropping the bags in his hand Dan pushed Helen against the wall kissing her passionately. Helens body reacting as he pulled her close to him and she returned his kiss with as much passion. Then gasping she laughed.

“Get out of here, I really need to pee.”

“I’m not stopping you!” Dan replied reaching his hands up and taking the weight of her breasts in them, touching Helen through her clothes.

“Seriously, I’m going to wet myself if you don’t stop.”

“Go then!” Dan grinned

“Really?” Helen suddenly looked nervous

Pushing Dan away from her, she turned around, hitched her dress up and taking her knickers in şişli escort her hands slid them down to her knees.

Leaning against the wall Dan watched as Helen took a seat.

“Fucking perv!” she said rolling your eyes.

Dan realised it was not literally watching Helen piss that was exciting, it was the sharing something so intimate and taboo that was making him so turned on. Seeing Helen sat with her dress bunched around her hips, panties rolled down around her knees and just a glimpse of bare pussy peeking out between her legs. It was the fact that it was so naughty, that she looked so vulnerable yet there was a hint of rebellion that she was going to do it in her eyes as he looked straight into them.

Moving forward towards her Dan placed his hands on Helens knees and leaned in. His lips meet hers and willingly she let him kiss her, their mouths opening as tongues played together.

Helen sighed into Dans mouth as the feeling of relief became apparent. Relaxing as the sound of her peeing makes it clear she is doing what she came in to do. The kiss remaining unbroken nor do the eyes lose contact.

“Phew, that’s better!” Helen smiled as she took some paper and wiped, her hand seeming to stay between her legs for far longer than needed. All the time both still stealing kisses.

Soundly both froze solid. The door opened and and the sound of someone entering heard. Not saying a word both stayed still.

Noticing a smile spread across his face Helen looked quizzically at Dan. Her face turning almost to horror as she realised just he was smiling and what he planned to do.

“You won’t be needing these!” he whispered in her ear as He slid her knickers down her legs and off her feet. Holding them bunched in his hand feeling the sexy soft feel of them.

Sliding his hand up Helens leg it soon reached her sex. As he ran a finger along her slit, the sudden touch startled her. Dan could feel the unmistakable wetness of Helens sex juices istanbul escort seeping out of her pussy, the evidence that she was clearly finding the whole situation very sexy.

As she sat clearly able to hear the other lady going about her business Dan rubbed and stroked her lips. Her mind screaming no but her pussy giving absolutely no resistance as he slid a finger inside her. A little moan escaped her lips making Dan paranoid that they would be heard.

Adding an extra finger inside her excited body Helen could barely stop herself screaming out as she came soaking Dans hand with her juice.

Hearing the other lady leave, she smiled at Dan.

“You bastard, that was mean.” she stated.

It may have been mean but she was clearly so turned on. Reaching for his jeans she quickly unzipped Dan, pulling his jeans and boxers down and releasing his almost painfully hard cock free of its confines.

Bobbing her head forward she took him straight inside her warm wet mouth. Lashing his cock with her it tongue and sliding her face down the length as she swallowed every inch that she could.

Dan held her head as she worked his cock giving it the treat of its life as he fucked her face.

Taking her mouth off him Helen pushed Dan backwards as she stood up.

“Sit!” she commanded pointing to the seat.

As Dan sat down she quickly straddled his legs, taking his cock in her hand as she guided it straight towards her sopping hole. Without pause she sat down on it, swallowing his length into her body.

Her weight pushed her right down taking every millimetre of Dans length inside her pussy as their bodies welded together. Her clit ground against the base of his cock and his balls tight against her arse she fucked him hard and fast.

In seconds Dan could feel Helens cunt tightening around his cock and her breathing getting heavy as a new wave of juice flooded her dripping pussy. Her orgasm peeking as she pushed even harder against mecidiyeköy escort him trying to force just a little more of Dans body inside her.

At the same moment both heard that sound again. The door opening as someone else entered the bathroom.

Again frozen they sat, Dans hard dick still buried to the hilt in her pussy. This time it’s Helen that smiles wickedly.

As another cubical door shuts and the unmistakeable sound of the another women sliding her clothes down her legs can be heard Helen started clenching Dans cock hard with her cunt. Squeezing her muscles as tight as she could as though wanking Dans cock with her pussy.

Moving just ever so slightly she rocked her hips at the same time. She knew what she was doing was driving Dan crazy. His limit reached she grinned like a wicked devil as she could feel the telling throb of his cock knowing that there is no way that he could last until the other women had left and that any second he was going to have to stay quite as he came and unloaded his scolding cum into her body.

They hear the sound of the other women relieving herself not knowing that just feet away Dan was about to get relief of his own. Unable to stop it and her with no intention of letting Dan off he exploded, his cock spurting load after load of hot cum deep inside her. Burying his head in Helens chest Dan gasped as quietly and silently as he could.

As the other lady finished up and left both burst into a fit of laughter.

“Come on, we best get out of here.” Helen giggled as she slid off Dans cock and straightened her dress.

As he stood and sorted himself out Helen reached for his hand still clutching her panties.

“I think I will be needing them.” she laughed “or I’m going to have your cum running down my legs all day!”

Passing them back to to her Dan watched as she slipped them back on covering her now soggy and very messy pussy.

Checking it was clear they slipped out of the loo and casually strolled off both wearing big grins.

“Can I take you with me every time I need a pee?” Helen laughed


Massive thank you to susurrus for reviewing and editing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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