Belinda 2_(1)

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Note: Yeah I hate these too so I’ll be quick. Interesting note is right after I posted this I ran into Belinda across the street at the mailbox wearing cut off shorts and a white button down shirt. Insert Twilight Zone music here. I may have to get to know her a bit better.

Belinda – 2

I didn’t get a hell of a lot of sleep last night. Physically I was spent from yesterday’s gardening. Tired and sore. I’m not the kid I used to be damn-it. Mentally I was wide awake with Belinda’s show replaying in my mind. I’m not sure if it was the body aches that kept me tossing all night or the constant woody that kept me from easily turning over. I just know Monday Morning’s alarm was even more harsh than usual. My dog was far more willing to get up than I was. I turned and rolled myself into a sitting position where I argued with myself that it was really still Sunday before giving in and slipping on my sandals and robe and letting my dog out. One of the best things I ever purchased was my pod coffee maker. It makes a perfect single cup in about a minute. I pushed the button before getting the creamer from the fridge and pouring some into the waiting mug of soon to be life-blood. The delicious aroma of fresh coffee filled my kitchen. Always makes me feel better. I was half awake staring out my window at my wall of shrubs, waiting on my coffee to finish, when something from last night popped into my mind. Belinda had drunkenly admitted to me that she had been watching me. I pondered that as I took my first sip. She said that she had watched me in the morning and in watched me in my office from her bedroom window. …..Watched me in the morning….. Right now I’m doing the same thing I always do; robe, coffee and wake up. Fifteen minutes from now I would be back for more coffee but by then I’m usually fresh from the shower and naked. The ground floor of my house is about three feet above ground level so the only way to see in was from the second floor of her house which would also give her a clear view of my office. I kept myself from glancing up at her window because it also occurred to me that she may be awake right now. Unlike me she has to drive to her office. Would she be taking the time right now or in the next… 13 minutes after my shower. I’m thinking now. I’m thinking that after I left she had the same night of tossing and turning, while thinking about what we did for each other, that I did. Right now she’s in her window teasing a nipple and fingering her clit while watching me. The thought was making me hard and I’m going to take advantage of that.

I put my coffee down cause I would really hate to spill it. With my robe tenting all I had to do was move it aside and my cock was free. I was thinking of her fingers sliding in and out of her while she sat on that chair while I slowly stroked myself. I loved how soft my skin is and how I can feel the veins in my member. I wanted to give her a good show so I let my hand drift down to my balls a few times. I let some saliva drop from my mouth onto my cock to add lubrication and a nice visual shine. It wouldn’t be too long before I had that familiar feeling in my balls so I had to figure out an exit. I wanted to tease her not show her everything she wanted. I wanted her watching more so I didn’t want to give her what she wanted to see right off the bat. I wanted her thinking about what would have happened. At queue my dog piped up. Her barking was the perfect exit. I dropped my cock and closed the robe to go let my dog in which also took me out of Belinda’s view. Smiling at myself I kept the rest of my morning as normal. Maybe cause a little extra frustration.

My office is on the second floor of my home. I’m one of those people referred to as lucky because I only spend maybe two days at the main office a year. People think its wonderful because I can listen to my music as loud as I want, don’t share a bathroom, wear what I want (or lack thereof) and can do just about as I please as long as my work gets done. The reality is I never see people face to face so the job had made me somewhat a hermit and the only way I ever get a sick day is if my ass is tied to a toilet. I tend to spend a lot of time in my office and not getting out much have taken to an online video chat program that is an exhibitionist’s and voyeur’s wet e-dream. That is what she meant when she said watching you in your office. She can see right in my office window and she’s been watching me watching and performing for others. She has probably seen me masturbate dozens of dozens times. Last night was either payback or a thank you and I bet she has been thinking about doing it for months. Maybe years. The last omission that she made was that she has watched me and my girlfriends. They have never been in my office, any of them. Nor have I fucked any of them next to my coffee pot. Bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom and even once in the garage and once on the front porch. Theoretically she could have watched from her bedroom perch into the dining room and could have been walking by when I was doing Karla on the front porch. Any of the others she would need a different vantage point and my bedroom would require her to be right at the window on the north side of the house. The opposite side she is on. In fact all these rooms are on the main floor which leaves me to one conclusion. She peeps. Okay two conclusions. She peeps and my dog aint worth shit as a guard dog.

Question is, now that I know one of her secrets and we have masturbated for each other live how do I take advantage of it. How do I use that for my advantage. One thing about sex online is that you get a hell of a lot more once you master the art of the tease. I am the master. I need to get her more actively involved. Simple she needs to play in my world. In my office I opened Word and simply printed out my cell phone number and taped it to my office window and left it there all day and all night.

The next morning rolled around pretty much the same as the first. Get up. Let dog out. Coffee. I stood there mug in hand staring out my kitchen window at my hedge again. This time I picked up my cell, looked at it for a minute and then set it on the window ledge. I walked away kağıthane escort to let my dog in and fed her. When I came back I had a text.

“I liked yesterday morning better.”

I texted back, “Me too. What do you have up there a telescope?”

“Something like that.”

“Maybe I’ll give you a peek later if you’re good.”

“I wasn’t good last night?”

“That was last night. You have to earn tonight.”


I didn’t reply. She asked the same question again but I just left it alone. Not long after she left for work and I headed upstairs to begin mine. I didn’t hear from her again until just after noon when my phone beeped. I had a text from Belinda.

“You can take the sign down now.”

“Awww is it interfering with your view?”

“YES! I want to see you!”

“Send me a sexy pic. If you want to see me then I get to see you too.”

“Noooooooo! Come on take the paper down. I have to go back to work soon!!!!”

“You want to watch me stroke my hard cock?”

“OMG Yes!!! ”

“LOL. Pic first.”

“I don’t have time. 🙁 ”

“I can wait until you get home.”

“Damnit Michael!”

With that I saw her drive away in her truck, flipping me off as she drove by. I couldn’t help but smile.

About 9:00pm my phone beeped. Belinda sent me an image titled “How is this?” She was in her bathroom wearing her cutoffs and the same white button down blouse from before. This time the shirt was wet and the bikini top was missing. The fabric wasn’t very thick so I could easily make out the shape of her breasts and see her hard nipples pushing against her shirt. I needed more.

I walked into my kitchen and undid my pants before I got into her view. I was already hard from the picture Belinda had sent so all I had to do was slide my hand under my shorts and begin to slowly stroke. While holding the phone in front of me I slowly walked by the window. When I was out of sight I pulled my hand out and sat on my couch.

Beep. “Hey where did you go?”

I replied with, “Took you long enough. I had given up on you.”

“Went to the bar after work because of you. Where did you go?”

“You didn’t like?”

“No. All I saw was your hand in your pants. Where did YOU GO?”

“You have to give to get.”

“I gave last night. Wasn’t that fucking enough?”

“I want another. Full frontal. Make is sexy and I’ll answer your question.”

A few minutes passed and an image came in. This time she was topless and holding a pink vibrator that she was teasing her nipple with. God she looked too hot.

I texted “Living room.”

My living room has two windows. The north window is completely obscured by my insanely large HDTV. Bachelor remember? The west side window leads to my front porch which is currently overgrown with ivy. I’m not really into yard work. My TV is hooked into my network so it was nothing to send Belinda’s last picture to the TV. It fell apart a little when it was enlarged so much but still looked good. I turned off the lights, the only illumination was from the screen of my TV, took off my clothes and stretched out on my couch. My head was towards the window where Belinda would be watching. She would essentially be looking over my shoulder. I kept myself hard by lightly stroking myself until my phone beeped. It was Belinda texting me.

“That’s my picture. 🙂 You look yummy.”

“Was wondering where you were. I was just thinking of last night when you licked my cum off my hand,” I replied one handed while I intensified my stroking.

“I thought about it all day. I want more.”

“mmmm I wouldn’t mind holding your head while I slide in and out of your mouth.” I let my hand drift down to my balls.

“OMG I would love that. I want that!”

“I want to put you back in your chair. I want my fingers inside you. My tongue on your clit.” I moved my hips and back a bit to emphasize my motions.

“Im sooooo wet. I love watching you play.”

“After I make you cum I could slide this hard cock into you.” My hand wrapped around my cock and I took long strokes.

“Its been so long. I need you.”

“Slowly slide in and then almost all the way out before sliding in again. Long full hard deep strokes.” I heard the handle to my door jiggle.

“You should let me in.”

I kept going. “Pull you off the chair and into my lap impaling you on my cock.”

“Open the door.”

“Riding me up and down. Slamming my hard cock into your wet pussy.” She knocked on the Window. I quickened the pace.

She texted “OMG im dripping. Open the door so I can fuck you NOW.”

“You want this?”

“Fucking hell open the door pleeaseeeee!!!!!”

“You slide off. I stand and you take my cock in your mouth. I erupt filling your mouth full of cum.”

“OMG yes I WANT that! Let me in”?

I could feel the pressure building. I quickened the pace and came hard, shooting ropes of cum up my chest. I lay there panting for a moment before scooping up a glob of cum. I stood and walked to the window. Belinda was there looking disheveled; hair out of sorts, wild eyes and pants unbuttoned. She put her hand on the window. Two of her fingers were very wet. I opened my mouth, stuck out my tongue and licked my cum off my fingers. I could see the want in her eyes. Slowly I reached down and picked up the remote, blew her a kiss and shut off the TV sending us both into darkness. From the other side of the glass I distinctly heard “Damn it Michael” as I walked away to clean up. I did not look back. I simply went to the bathroom to clean up and then climbed into bed. I did not look at any window and I did not check any of the text messages I heard coming into my phone that I left on the couch. I just laughed and went to sleep.


The next morning I got up as usual and grabbed my phone. While my coffee maker poured me a cup I thumbed through all four of them.

“You really should let me in so I can clean you up.”
“You left your phone on the couch???”
“That was cruel.”
“Fun but cruel. eyüp escort Fine.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

Those were the only texts I had form her until late that night when she asked me to join her at one of the local bars for a drink. Bar may be a bit of a stretch. Hole in the wall is probably a better description. No one is their right mind would call the Silver Saddle a bar. Its only advantage was its reputation for making strong drinks. It took me all of about 15 minutes to get there. Belinda was sitting at the end of the bar surprisingly alone. The only other people there were the bartender, a couple of cowboys with their girlfriends playing pool at one of two poorly lit tables and a guy trying to balance his beer on a Galaga machine so he could fish out a quarter from his pocket. The Eagles was playing on a CD Boombox behind the bar.

I ordered a Stoli tonic (I’m pretty sure I saw the bartender dust off the cap) and headed for Belinda. She was wearing a tight short red dress. Not something you would wear to a bar on a casual basis. Her purse was on the bar and red high heels on the floor. The drink in front of her was almost empty so I motioned to the bartender to get her another. I fished a $20 out of my wallet and dropped it on the bar next to her. She looked up with a big smile and leaned over for a hug which I gratefully returned.

“You were great last night” she purred in my ear followed by a hard slap across my face. “You dick! You should have let me in! I can’t believe you did that to me!”

“You dissevered it after what you did to me.”

The bartender set our drinks down. I thanked him and downed almost the entire drink. He took the $20 and walked away.

I continued, “besides, I did nothing more to you than you did to me.”

“I know but I didn’t think you would do it back to me!!! I was sure you would let me in.”

“You enjoyed yourself didn’t you?” I asked. She just smiled at me. “So been a voyeur long?”

“Im not that drunk to answer that yet,” she replied.

The bartender returned with another drink for me and a $5. “Ah were going to need a couple of shots of tequila it looks like. I fished out another $20 and dropped it on the bar.

“Each?” he asked.

I laughed. “Sure, what the hell.”

The bartender grabbed a couple of lowball glasses and poured two fingers of Jose in both. I looked at him and said “I like this place.”

He took the $20 and said “So do I,” before walking off to the cash register.

Belinda looked at the glass, “Are you trying to kill me?”

“The bartender may be trying to kill both of us.” I picked up the glass and slammed it down. I had to steal a lime wedge from his bar buddy. Those two huge swallows were burning. Belinda had no problem and waved off the lime. The bartender grabbed the bottle of Jose and started over. “Give us five minutes to make sure we survive the first one okay?” He just nodded, set the bottle down and started wiping down the bar.

I turned back to Belinda. “So, how long have you been a voyeur?”

She blushed a little. Maybe it was the tequila….. “Fine, not until you moved in okay. John was always drunk and it had been a long long LONG time since we had sex. I saw you out doing yard work one day and I happened to be particularly frustrated so I watched you for a while.”

“You watched me?”

“Okay I didn’t just watch you.”

Apparently the five minutes had passed and I was too distracted by Belinda because the glasses had tequila in them again and my change was gone. Still no limes. I looked at the bartender and he just shrugged.

“What do we drink to?” She didn’t wait. The tequila was gone in an instant. She set the glass on the bar upside down.

“You turn the glass over so he knows not to refill it.”

Glad she told me that earlier. I tossed the tequila back and flipped the glass when I set it down.

She looked at me. “I want you to take me to your home and fuck me like one of your other girlfriends and we need to do it now before the tequila hits and we can’t drive.”

I stood, pulled out my wallet and looked at the bartender questioningly.

“You’re good” he said so I pulled out a $10 for him and dropped it on the bar, picked up her shoes and purse and put my arm around Belinda. Out the door we went and over to her car.

“Follow me to my house and wait for me,” said Belinda.

“Sure but…..”

“Just follow me.”

Five minutes later she parked her car behind her house and motioned me to wait. I watched her run inside and sat there for what seemed like forever as the tequila buzz intensified until she came back out. She had definite problems keeping it straight even though she is barefoot. She yanked the door open and jumped in slamming it behind her.

“God I’m drunk!” she laughed before grabbing me and placing a deep kiss on my. Our tongues met and danced together for a minute before she leaned back. “Come on lets go and take us around the block before you bring me to your house.”

I was barely 20’ away before she was ripping open my jeans and pulling my cock out. There was no tender kissing the head or licking the shaft or jerking it off. My hard cock went straight into her mouth and throat. Her lips were at my balls in seconds. She held herself there for several seconds. I could feel her shift positions by the way my cock moved in her throat. Her gag reflex was trying to kick in and she was resisting it. Another 20 seconds later she came up with a gasp for air. Her lips were shining and drool had accumulated at the corners of her mouth.

“I want you to take me in your house and fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before. I want you to fuck me on your dining room table and I don’t want you to hold anything back do you understand?”

I took my fingers and weaved them in her hair and pushed her back into my lap. She took the queue and took me in her mouth and throat again. This time I began to thrust. Her gag reflex kept trying to kick in but she made no effort to pull back or push herself off of me. I rounded the last corner and pulled up in stopped in front of my house and pulled her head mecidiyeköy escort up. She came up gasping and eyes watering.

“Like that?” I asked.

“Just like fucking that!”

I buttoned up my pants and pulled her from the car and led her inside my house shutting the door behind us. Belinda walked into the dining room and stood there looking out the window at her house. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her. My hands drifting over her body until they came to rest on her hips. I used my fingers to scrunch up enough fabric of her dress to get a good hold and then pulled it up over her head and off her body. She was left standing in just a black lacey bra, no panties. Returning to my position behind her, I ran my fingers into her hair and put my lips to her neck. My free hand ran down her body and found the wet lips of her shaved pussy. She tried to reach around me but as soon as she found cock, I stepped back and took her hands.

“No. You don’t get to touch” I told her.

I led Belinda the few steps to the table edge and moved a chair out of the way before setting her on top and pushing her legs wide open, whispering to her to keep herself busy while I take off my clothes. She smiled while I stepped back. She used her fingers to spread her lips open before sliding two fingers inside of her. She leaned back resting on one elbow never breaking eye contact as I slowly took off my clothes. There was no reason to rush to this sex starved exhibitionist. A small puddle was forming underneath her as her fingers worked in and out of her. Naked, I walked over slowly to her and dropped to one knee putting me perfectly level with what I so badly wanted to taste. I ran my tongue up the side of her lips and took full control of her clit before removing her fingers and replacing them with my own. She began arching her back with each breath, exhaling as a moan. It took only minutes to send her into her first orgasm which I was very pleased to discover became extremely loud when I locked my lips over her clit and applied a little suction and increased tongue pressure while she shook and screamed.

Keeping my fingers in her and parting them slightly I stood and slid my hard cock into her slowly. She shut her eyes and arched her back at the slow intrusion. I removed my fingers leaving all cock and quickly slid the rest of my shaft inside of her, balls deep, causing her eyes to shoot open and taking the air from her lungs. She sat fully up and kissed me deeply tasting herself on my lips, a taste she is surely familiar with I’m sure. I reached around and unclasped her bra, peeling her arms away from me so I can get the straps off of her. I tossed it over by the dress.

She hissed, “fuck me its been too long since I’ve had a cock in me….. fuck me….. hard”

I began to thrust harder and quicker taking my cock as deep as I could with each long stroke into her. If she wanted fucked hard and dominated who was I to say no? Our skin was slapping together rhythmically as she kneaded her own breasts, pinching and pulling up on her nipples. I didn’t have to wait long for her second orgasm. The quickness of its onset surprised even her. While her walls clamped down on my cock she squeaked out a scream. It was almost enough to send me over the edge but I wanted more. As soon as her orgasm stopped I pulled her off the table, spun her around, bent her over and slammed my cock back into her.

“Give me your arms,” I said.

She obliged by bringing her arms up behind her like she was about to be handcuffed. Something I noted for future reference; bring handcuffs. I put both the thumbs together in my right hand and raised her arms up forcing her to keep her chest flat on the table while I continued fucking her. The motion caused the table to sway in time with the thrust. On one hand I didn’t want to break my table but on the other hand she felt too wonderful inside to stop and it had been way too long since she had been fucked good. Her panting, moaning combination was increasing with pitch and volume. I let go of her arms which she quickly used to grasp the table edges. Not missing a beat I raised her left leg up and placed it on the table and keeping my arm on the table to give her added help. This opened her up wide allowing the tip of my thrusting cock to bottom out inside her. She was so wet from her orgasms that each time I pulled my cock out in preparation of thrusting back in, some of her own juices leaked out and were dripping down our legs. This was better than I hoped for. I worked up some saliva and let it drip from my mouth onto her asshole. Using my thumb I rubbed it around, causing a sensation she really liked, and then slipped my thumb in with little effort. I continued fucking her while I worked my thumb around watching her for any show of resistance. When it became evident that there was none, I slipped my cock out, repositioned and began to slide it in her ass. I had more than enough lubrication provided by her pussy to easily plunge my cock into her ass. She gripped the table edges fiercely as her moans turned into a high pitch squeal. Once I was all the way in I had no problem picking up the stroke and penetrating her ass fully. I rode her ass for all its worth; hard and fast. She loved every second of it. That familiar pressure was beginning to build. I wasn’t going to last much longer so in one stroke I slid out of her ass and all the way into her pussy slamming home the last two inched as I erupted deep and aggressively within her sending her into a final loud orgasm which, for her, ended up in blackness as she passed out. Her body limp I felt the final few spurts of my cum milked from my cock.

Panting I stood there regaining my composure before letting my semi-hard cock slip out from within their walls. She was completely unconscious. I lifted her and carried her into my bedroom and lay her softly onto my bed. I stood, shakily from the sex. The effects of the tequila were fucked out of me. Gazing down I admired her beauty. Perfect tanned skin, nice curves and toned muscles. I wanted much more of this beauty but am not the kind of guy to fuck someone who is passed out. It will have to wait. I opened up my nightstand and took out two items. The light blanket I used to cover her up so she stays warm. The handcuffs are to keep her close in case she wants to play in the morning. I locked one wrist to the headboard before climbing up and lying down next to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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