Ben’s Party Ch. 04


Megan walked slowly towards the door of the house. She would have turned and fled a long time before if Jean hadn’t collected her, and wasn’t with her as they approached. Truth be told, Megan would never have left her own house if Jean hadn’t picked her up.

It wasn’t that Jean was forcing her — quite the opposite. Jean had given her several opportunities to back out. Just as they were getting in the car Jean had asked if she still wanted to go through with it. As they had arrived at the house, Jean had offered to drive her home again if she didn’t want to stay. Even as they approached the door, Jean asked if she was still sure she wanted to go. There was just something stubborn in Megan that wouldn’t turn her back and run away. Megan had never met Jean before, but every time Jean had given her the opportunity to back out, something had clicked in Megan’s mind which said “I am not going to back out of anything.” It was that resilience which made her keep going. It was not as if she didn’t like Jean — she did, she seemed really friendly, but it was that something in Megan which kept her going…………

And now she was at the door, stunned as the door was opened by a tall young man wearing a French maid’s outfit — a very short French Maid’s outfit………….

It had all started a couple of weeks before. Megan, and John her husband, were struggling. She adored John, but somehow things weren’t going right. It had been like this for several months. On the surface Megan easily blamed John for the troubles. He was too demanding. He wanted to do things which weren’t right. He had been reading too much pornography — Megan had never caught him doing it, but from the things he said she knew he must read that stuff. And it horrified her. The problem was the more she said “no” to John, the more he asked, the more he looked disappointed. The more the life of their relationship was ebbing away.

Deep down, Megan knew it wasn’t so much John, as her. Well, it was both of them. On the one hand she simply didn’t find sex wonderful. It was always over too quickly. She didn’t get excited by it as she heard others say they did. And there was that parental voice which constantly said “sex is dirty” bringing a wet blanket to the bed. And because she wasn’t enjoying it, she wasn’t able to make John enjoy it. At the same time, as much as John wanted more, he had never really discovered how to get Megan aroused, excited.

Somehow she had been talking to a particular friend Joyce, who had winkled the story out of her. Joyce had known there were problems for a long time, but over coffee a couple of weeks before she had somehow pushed all the right buttons, and the whole story had poured out. Megan was horrified at how open she was, but once the floodgate opened, so she couldn’t stop talking about how bad it all was and how it was all going wrong. For two hours she told Joyce what was wrong…….

Megan was surprised when Joyce told her she needed to see Margaret Bryant. And tell her everything. Megan had never heard of Margaret Bryant before, but had found herself, two days later talking to a striking looking woman, a confident woman, a strong woman, but a warm woman. And told her everything. They had met in a coffee shop, but for most of the time they had chatted in Margaret Bryant’s office where she was clearly in charge of a large number of people.

At the end of the chat, Margaret Bryant had explained that they had get-togethers at her house. Joyce came to them. Megan would be welcome to join the next one.

Megan liked the thought of going out with a group of ladies, and knew John wouldn’t mind, and perhaps by expanding her social life a bit, things would get a bit better.

She continued to listen to Margaret Bryant, but was suddenly feeling uncomfortable. Margaret explained that the evenings could be a bit naughty — which Megan didn’t baulk at. But then Margaret Bryant introduced “the rule.” Megan could stay as long as she wanted. She could ask to leave at any time, and she would be given a lift home. However, if she stayed after ten o-clock then she had to do whatever Margaret ordered her to do. It wouldn’t be painful. It wouldn’t be unpleasant. But it might be a shock……………… Margaret rokettube would say no more. A corner of Megan’s brain said she could leave whenever she wanted, but somehow there was something about Margaret Bryant which said — you will do what I say. Just over a week later she was facing an open door, with a young man holding it open for her, dressed in a French Maid’s uniform.

As Ben opened the door dressed in his maid’s uniform, a uniform he had learnt to enjoy wearing, he looked over the newcomer. He hadn’t been told her name, but had been briefed by Margaret Bryant on what he should do. He looked her over — she was tall, slim, maybe late forties. She was dressed rather plainly in a long skirt and white blouse. Some would say she was poised. He noticed her dark hair, bunching around her shoulders, noticed her attractive face, although looking rather hang-dog — perhaps looking depressed and carrying cares on her shoulders. When she smiled her face lit up, but the cares seemed to out-weight the joys. Ben knew he could tackle the challenge he had been given……….

The party took its normal course, although there was a lot more humour than sometimes they had — the 12 women gathered thought the inflatable dolls someone had brought were hilarious. Ben and Tony had been made to blow them up, and they were given two chairs at one end of the room. They were even given names — Joyce and Mavis. One had blonde “hair,” the other black, although in reality the hair was just part of the plastic shape.

There were a few things Megan found odd, maybe a touch shocking. Ben and Tony both dressed as French maids, and she was pretty sure they were wearing nothing under their skirts. She learnt that Ben was a regular “waiter” at the parties, and he was, despite the dress, an Adonis. It was the only word she could think of for this young man who was good-looking, yet almost serene and poised in his manner. Megan learnt that Tony was Margaret’s husband. A handsome man in his late forties, although clearly Margaret Bryant was the stronger one in the relationship. Megan was also a bit shocked to see Tony and Ben holding hands when they weren’t doing anything, but it was clear they were used to it.

Megan also enjoyed the food, the drink, the chat — it was a nice group of women. She smiled at the bawdy jokes about the two inflatable dolls who were sat proudly naked on their chairs. Both Jean and Joyce made sure she was part of the group, and Margret Bryant, as well as the other women, embraced her in their friendship. But just at the back of Megan’s mind was the time — 10 O’clock was approaching. Should she stay, or should she go……………….

The question was put to her by Margaret Bryant, who had moved to sit by her. It was half past nine, and again she made it clear. If she wanted to leave, then Jean would simply drive her home. If she wanted to stay then she had to do what was demanded of her, whatever it was. The phrase “Whatever it was” was said in a tone not to be denied.

The next half hour was strange for Megan. One minute she was for leaving, the next minute to stay, the next minute to leave…………….. She tried asking what she would have to do, but no-one would tell her. Megan wondered if it would be sexual, or a physical challenge. Nothing she could put together made any sense. Stay or go……………

The truth was staying happened almost by accident. She sat wondering what to do as the clock struck ten. And then stopped. She was committed.

Margaret Bryant called an end to the conversation and chatter, and asked Megan to stand beside her. The women were all watching. Margaret’s voice was softer for a moment. “Megan, you may be wondering what you have to do. It is quite simple, really. You have to dance with Ben. We’ll put some soft music on, and you have to dance with him.” Margaret smiled. “He’s quite a good mover.” But then her commanding face took over. “Whatever happens you must keep dancing with him. And he will have his arms round you, so you won’t get away. Are you happy with that?”

Megan looked over at Ben. She was suddenly nervous — she hadn’t been that close before to a young man like this. A young man who looked so good. A young man without any underwear. asyalı porno Megan was paralysed by fear.

The truth was Megan didn’t have to do anything — Ben came over to her. Someone lowered the lights. Some music started playing — soft, smoochy music. Ben put his arms around her and pulled her to the middle of the floor. Within moments they were swaying to the music — Ben quite naturally, Megan rather awkwardly.

Megan heard Ben whisper to her. “You’re sweet. Do you know why I’m dancing with you?”

Megan replied. “No”, but found herself relaxing in his strong but tender arms as he moved her around the floor. She also realised to herself — the music was just loud enough so others wouldn’t hear them talking, but quiet enough so they could talk to each other.

“I’ve had a challenge.” Ben paused, but Megan waited. “I’m not allowed to put my hands under your clothes……………..” He paused, Megan tensed. “I’m not allowed to put my hands under your clothes, but I have to lead you in the next few minutes to where you will ask me to fuck you here on the floor. Where you will beg me…………”

Megan tensed, tried to pull away, but Ben held her firm. Megan felt like she had been kicked in the stomach. She felt like she had been used, but knew she hadn’t.

Ben kept dancing with her, but she heard him whisper to her: “And I think you are so gorgeous and sexy that I would love to fuck you. Here. Now.”

The feeling was strange for Megan. Yes, it was kick, but it felt lower down than her stomach. But she would never say that. Never. She felt strangely flattered. She would control her body. If she even needed to. She knew her personality would stop her asking for that. She spoke back quietly to Ben, “Never.” She had stopped trying to get away from him.

Ben moved Megan slightly in his arms, and she felt something hard against her thigh. She went rigid as she felt it. Then Ben’s voice came into her ear. “See, you can feel what you’ve done to me. You can feel you’ve already made my cock hard.”

Ben paused, as Megan barely moved with him. But she heard him again: “Already I would like to take all your clothes off, see you naked, see your breasts, your legs, see everything pointing between your legs.” He paused before continuing. “You have a beautiful face. I reckon your breasts are fairly small but beautifully rounded, with sweet nipples on top. I bet they are already going hard. I can see them going hard through your blouse and bra.”

Megan suddenly had a whole mix of emotions. Shocked at what this young man was saying to her. Willing herself not to yield to all to his words. And yet she was flattered — the first time someone had really complimented her in a sexual way. “Megan,” Ben’s voice. “Do you shave your pussy?”

Megan replied instantly. “No.”

“Good, I love a pussy with its natural hair.” Megan barely heard his words. She had responded. To his question. She had revealed something sexual about herself. Megan was vaguely aware the track had changed, for another slow song.

Ben was talking again. “When I strip you I would make love to you with my tongue. I would run it all over your nipples first, before gently nibbling on them. First the left, then the right. Then I would gradually move down your body. Nestling my nose and face in your pubic hair, before………..”

Ben paused, but Megan felt herself betraying herself. She knew it was an odd thing to say, but it was what she was feeling. She replied to Ben in Self betrayal. “Before what?”

Ben heard it. He continued. “Before allowing my tongue to slip between your legs. Nibbling on the lips of your pussy. Tongue probing into your pussy. Tasting your wetness. Flicking my tongue across your clitoris. Hearing you moan.”

Ben paused, and again Megan spoke before she could stop herself. “But I’ve never moaned.”

Ben heard the sadness in her voice. She continued to dance with her arms around his neck. She still felt his arm around her back, but suddenly felt one of his hands cupping her ass. She should stop him, but couldn’t. She was being opened up layer by layer, opened up in a way she had never been opened before. Promised things she never thought she wanted.

Ben azeri porno spoke again. “You would moan when I put my tongue on your pussy.” Megan suddenly squirmed against his cock. She was horrified — what was she doing? Ben noticed. “Yes, and after I have tongued your pussy, your clit, all the way to orgasm, all the way to screaming out loud, I would make you kiss my cock. I would make you take my cock in your mouth. Maybe I wouldn’t need to make you, maybe you would take it in your mouth yourself. Do you like sucking your husband’s cock? Do you finger his anus while you suck him? Do you make him cum into your throat? Do you swallow his cum?” Ben kept asking the questions, instinctively knowing that Megan would not suck cock, wouldn’t suck her husband’s cock. Let alone swallow.

Megan thought — yes, she would take it in her mouth herself. But the horror — she had never done that. Never wanted to do that. Now she did. Desperately. Her body was showing her what she had missed for so long. What was wrong with her? Ben had left a pause. Megan spoke into the silence. “I would love to suck your cock.” She remembered That John her husband had asked of her. She was so nervous when she said it, she had never used language like this before to anyone, it wasn’t right. “And I’d swallow your, um, your juice.”

Ben knew Megan was changing. “After I make you swallow my cum I’d lay you on your back, open your legs, softly kiss your wet pussy, then lie between your legs, let my stiff cock rest at the entrance to your pussy, then…………” Ben paused. He spoke harshly, for the moment. “Then I’d shove my cock right up your cunt. I’d fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before. And you would scream for more. You would be my cock whore.”

Ben heard Megan whisper. “Oh, yes, please, fuck me……..” but instantly she was horrified by what he said. In these few minutes she had turned from a prude to a whore, just through the words of this young man whom she had never met before.

Ben knew what was happening, that Megan was trying to put up the shutters again. He quickly spoke again. “Feel it honey, feel a stiff cock sliding hard in and out of your cunt. Feel your tits being groped. Feel my hand squeezing your naked ass. Feel my fingers pushing between the crack of your ass as I fuck your cunt. Feel me tickling your asshole, pushing a finger inside. I know you’ve never had anything in your ass, but you will have my fingers, and later begging me to put my cock into your ass. But feel me fucking you faster, fucking your squirming aroused body, you begging me to fuck you harder, you knowing that you are a whore, a slut. I bet your cunt is dripping with juice. You know I now own your tits. Your cunt. Your asshole. Go on, ask me to fuck you here, now………”

Megan felt churned over. She wanted it. She needed it. She wanted to be a whore. She didn’t care. She simply cried out: “Please fuck me. Please, I need your cock. Your tongue. Please, please……..”

Ben pushed even further. “I want to know more than that…………”

Megan knew what he meant. Her mind never said those things. Never wanted to say things like that. Never. Until this moment. “I want your cock in my cunt. I want to be a whore. A slut. Please fuck my cunt………….” Megan surprised herself. She had never said the “C” word before. And here. In front of all these people. She felt it — it felt like her “cunt” ached to be filled.

Everyone in the room heard her begging. Quickly Margaret Bryant stepped in. Unwound Ben from her, pulled her away. She spoke to her. “Honey, it’s for your husband. Jean will take you home. Now. Go and give him a night he will never forget. Then tell him to ring me tomorrow.” Megan found herself out to the car, home in minutes. Her husband was surprised as she leapt on him………..

Back at the party, Ben found himself hard. Margaret Bryant laughed at Ben and Tony. “Okay guys, you came fuck Mavis and Joyce. Go on. Here.” Margaret handed Tony and Ben the two inflatable dolls that had caused so much laughter earlier. They heard the other ladies clapping, and felt the total humiliation of being watched fucking two cheap inflatable sex dolls. For Ben the humiliation was so hot. He had been aroused by Megan, and yes he was still hard, and yes He fucked the doll. As did Tony, Ben cumming first…………

Shortly after Ben and Tony were washing up, and washing the two dolls. The party was dispersing. Megan and John still had hours of catching up to do.