I began running through the girl catalogue of questions. Hair? I would definitely need to give it a good comb-out but I kept my hair relatively short and it would only take a second. Makeup? Well I’d touched it up and hour ago and could do so again once we got home. Not that I used much but I did want my lipstick and eyes to be nice for him. Lingerie ok? Check. I’d bought nice little bikini panties and a matching front-close yellow bra for the party, kind of sexy but not quite slutty, which was good overall. Trimmed? Check. I’d had a bikini wax about a week ago and trimmed the little patch that still covered my pussy earlier that night. Safe? Check. I’d been on the pill for over a year now. But as to STD’s, well…..better not go there now. No check. We didn’t have condoms at home since Bill never used them and I didn’t want him to. Too yucky inside of me. But maybe Charlie carried some with him? I’d put that one on hold. Time? Charlie and I were no more than 5 minutes from our house and what with his delays and backtracking Bill would not likely be home for 90 minutes. I mean maybe 90 minutes if he drove like a madman, drove like Charlie did in his Porsche. Which was unlikely. Very. If we needed more time Charlie might decide to call him with another errand or two. Check and a smile on that one. I figured we had an hour at least to ourselves.

But where? Not my and Bill’s bed. That I was definitely not ready for. We have a spare bedroom but that seemed too obvious. I mean it’s where Charlie had been invited to sleep. Still I could make the bed afterwards and make it look like nothing had happened there. And Bill was not the most observant guy in the world. But his antennae were definitely up by now so you never knew. Maybe the leather couch in the living room? That was probably the best option. We could keep the windows open on this mild night and any aromas of the goings on would be gone with the wind, or at least gone with the gentle breeze. It only felt like a wind now because Charlie was still doing about 90 mph and drove with his window cracked a bit. So yeah, right there in the living room. Check.

I laughed inside as I caught myself doing the checklist. I was a list-driven girl but this time maybe I was being extreme. A minute before — and not sooner than that, I swear! — it had come crashing down on me: He’s going to fuck me when we get to the house. I mean he was just going to. It wasn’t a question or a possibility or an option or a plan or something I could vote on or even something I could avoid. If I had wanted to avoid it. Which I did not. Because it was just what was going to happen, and that was that. We both knew it. Maybe all 3 of us knew it but Charlie knew it first and I knew it second. And Bill might or might not be starting to catch up, at least in the knowing where this was headed sense if not in the driving down the highway sense. It just was. Charlie was going to fuck me. I was going to fuck back as well as I could and make it good for him it. Bill was on his own for the next hour or more.

When it hit me my first reaction wasn’t the list. It was to go into a kind of fog, but a clear fog if that makes any sense. Maybe it was only 10 seconds but it seemed longer. It was the feeling a girl gets when she knows she’s going to be fucked and that everything that had occurred in the last 3 hours was leading her to that place without her ever once consciously thinking it (too disturbing, especially with Bill there!), or wanting it (at least not in a way I would have admitted to my best girlfriends or even to myself), or hoping it (I was a married woman for God’s sake!) or even contemplating it. I was having way too much fun with Charlie for any of that. And somewhere in there having fun transformed itself from just fun to the reality that he was going to fuck me. The way fun sometimes will between a man and a woman. I could see that now in my fog state.

I could see how that last dance with him an hour ago now was probably the last part of the transformation — that after that it was no longer a question. He’d decided he was going to fuck me and I had decided that I was going to get fucked. No words were spoken. And now in the fog it came back to me that that was what had happened. I smiled. Smiled and blushed because I have fair skin and when a girl like me finally recognizes that she’s put her pussy out there for a guy and has done so right in front of her husband then the blush takes over. I figured it was ok since the car interior was dark enough to cover it. I had those 5 minutes to return to the pale state I’d presented to Charlie all night. I think he liked it that I was so pale and I know I liked it that he was the exact opposite.

He may have known I was in that fog — I suspect men like Charlie get used to that in us girls — for he reached over and took my hand again. His big dark skinned hand must have been twice the size of my own and he just enveloped me, softly and sweetly his hand devoured Bycasino mine, made it disappear. And then I felt his middle finger stroking softly up along the cleft of my palm, along my lifeline there, up and down gently, barely grazing my skin with his. And I felt it deep inside, in the pit of my stomach and in the cleft between my thighs. I felt it like I had never felt it before.

And so I went into list mode to control my blush and control my tingle and to make sure all was in order. And it mostly was — probably just the issue of my cheating for the first time remained outstanding, but that wasn’t really on my list. That had already been decided for me.

Charlie looked at me as he slowed in the suburban streets close to the house.

“Bernie, be calm. It’s good. Enjoy it.” He said it in just the right way and at just the right time. And he continued his gentle assault with that long black finger right along the lifeline, right along the vein connecting his hand to my heart.

We pulled into the driveway and he cut the engine. Silence. I thought he might lean over then and kiss me here in the driveway. He’d kissed me once earlier out on the dance floor, basically in front of everyone who cared to watch, but he didn’t kiss me now. He squeezed my hand, pulled the keys and jumped out. I almost forgot and reached for the door, but then I remembered. Charlie was the kind of guy that does things a certain way, and that way includes opening car doors for women, and I would guess not just for women he’s about to fuck. He didn’t rush. Walked around the rear of the car to my door, opened it and reached for my hand to guide me out. He didn’t rush because somehow he knew that I would conform to his way of doing things. He didn’t wonder about whether I was used to it or not. And he did not release my hand once I got out.

Hand in hand we walked up the front path to the door. I hadn’t put nosey neighbors on my check list but I didn’t really care to either. After all it was Bill who had invited Charlie to sleep at our house. It was Bill who suggested I ride back with Charlie once he got delayed leaving the party; well he kind of suggested it. It was Bill who would not be surprised to see a shiny new Porsche in the driveway when he got home. Why worry about anyone else? And so what if we were holding hands on the way to the door? It was after 11 p.m. and I could see no lights on in any of the neighboring homes. Check.

We got inside the door and Charlie moved at me and put my back to the wall in the foyer. His arms went around my waist and he was kissing me. Gentle, sweet and slow the way I knew he would kiss. He pushed his pelvis in to nail me to the wall and my face turned up to his, mouth open, to accept his tongue. But he just played tongue tag lightly with me, little flicks of the tip of his against the tip of mine. Like a man who knows how to treat a girl. I could feel his hard cock pressed up against my abdomen as he pinned me there and I tried to push back to increase the friction between us. Then his hand covered my breast over the cute party dress I’d worn. The dress was only slightly décolleté, just enough to keep men interested despite my small tits, and there was no way I could move his hand off my breast inside the dress and inside my little bra where I wanted it. He pinched my nipple through the fabric, somehow catching it in his fingers well enough to twist it just the right amount. I lost my breath completely as he pushed that hardened cock up against my belly button again. His hand moved off my breast to caress my pussy though the same fabric. His fingers dipped down under the dress, lifting it to resume his pleasure over the panties alone. And I spread my legs just a tiny bit more to give him access. That same long finger found my slit without even trying, and by now that slit was clearly going to be wet and engorged for him. He was stroking it through the sheer panties. By now I thought I might just pass out. I pulled myself together for one more kiss then… But he spoke first,

“I’m gonna strip you now, been wanting to see those adorable little breasts of yours all night.”

“Wait. I need to …. Need to use the … the ladies room first.”

Charlie kissed me again and smiled “Don’t be long, girl.” It made me shiver to see how much he wanted me then.

I kissed up again at his wide mouth and said “Two seconds, I swear!” I scooted down the hallway, stopped to turn on one low light in the living room, and then dashed into the half bath we have near the kitchen. I was panting and put both hands on the sink hunched over it trying to catch my breath. I looked up and saw myself in the somewhat harsh light of the bath: this was the woman who was about to get fucked in her husband’s house, by her husband’s boss, despite or with her husband’s….what? Consent? Not really, even if I was beginning to wonder about it. Suspicion? Probably, but it was hard to say for sure. Despite his fear? Bycasino giriş Yes, definitely. Bill has always been afraid of the idea of me getting with another man, even if until tonight there was never a reason for him to worry. And acceptance? That one got me. That was it. Bill suspected might happen between me and Charlie, but he did it in a way that showed acceptance of the fact that Charlie was going to take me whether Bill liked it or not. And maybe, just maybe a little more than acceptance over the last hour of the party. Was it my imagination or was Bill showing hints that he was into it? That he was getting off on the idea of his boss fucking his wife? Was he not smiling and happy when Charlie led me back from the floor after that last dance? And didn’t I know that Bill had watched every move he put on me out there? After Charlie held my ass in his hands as he kissed me on the mouth in front of everyone? Bill sure didn’t look angry. More like he was excited and nervous. His only question was whether Charlie wanted another drink. Or maybe I was making all that up in my head to justify my own response to Charlie. Who knew?

I snapped out of it. No time for psychology here since I told Charlie not to worry about being long. I took out the brush and gave my hair a good 20 strokes. Done. Took out and reapplied my lipstick and a touch of eye shadow. Checked my breath and used the mouthwash. Straightened my dress, started out and thought better of it. Maybe Charlie would want me to be naked for him? Or just in my panties and bra? Or just panties? Then I remembered his last words to me. No, Charlie said he was going to strip me and that was the way it was going to be. I checked the dress, hair and makeup with one last look and went to him.


All day long we had been excited about the company party. Bill’s firm had selected a resort about an hour from our suburban home for its annual executive retreat. About 50 top execs from around the country had flown in for 3 days of meetings and Bill was on the list of attendees for the first time in his 3 years with them. Of course Bill was only 25, almost exactly 2 years older than me, so he’d be one of the more junior people there. He’d been staying at the resort alone for those 3 days — no wives or girlfriends allowed for the serious part of the business — but now was home to escort me to the party which celebrated the end of the retreat. I had been afraid I’d end up being the only female there but Bill assured me that something like 30 significant others were showing up for the big event. It was the tradition that the women showed up to celebrate at the end. He’d been telling me for weeks how cool it would be to be there and how much he wanted to show me off to his boss Charlie and his boss’ boss Ray. From our nightly phone calls I could tell that it had turned out well for him — he was excited to be the center of attention with the brass over some big new deal he was spearheading., a deal that was now due to close with he and Charlie together the day after the party. My job was going to be to dazzle them with beauty and brains — the perfect little executive wifey to complete the package he’d been building for those 3 years.

I’d bought my new dress, my new undies, had primped and prepped and looked just so when we were ready to pull out of the driveway — conservative but alluring was what I was going for and I thought I was just about pulling it off.

We pulled up to the main entrance right on time and Bill tossed the keys to the boy parking cars. Right next to our car stood the most gorgeous car I’d ever seen — a black Porsche the sort Bill had always dreamed of. Next to it stood two men in quiet discussion, one a tall well-built black man who looked about 35 and the other a white haired gent probably double that age. Each was in a perfectly tailored dark suit, each was handsome, and each in his own way radiated money, luxury and power. These 2 had to be Charlie and Ray that Bill was so keen to impress. I’d known from Bill over the last year that Ray was sometime soon intending to step down as CEO of the company, and that it was widely assumed that Charlie was to be his successor. Ray lived in San Francisco which was the site of corporate headquarters; Charlie lived about 5 hours away from us beyond the resort. I’d neither met nor even seen either of them before. All I’d heard from Bill was that Charlie was black (he was) and Ray was older (definitely was) and that neither of them was married (although Ray was twice divorced.)

Charlie came over to us immediately. “Is this the lovely Bernadette I’ve heard so much about?” Right there I gave a little blush and got that pleasant tingle you feel when being described as ‘lovely.’ Bill introduced us and we shook hands, his engulfing mine. Right then I felt a tingle, something unexpected came through his hand and entered my body. But no time for that. Ray went one step further when he was introduced Bycasino deneme bonusu by kissing my hand in a courtly fashion. We stood making small talk, how nice the resort was, how great the meeting had been, how Bill was doing a great job (him beaming beside me, me beaming beside him!), how they were looking forward to having some female companionship after 3 long hard days of work, etc. Buttering up the little woman I suppose just as we were trying to butter them up. Ray broke it off:

“Charlie was just showing me his new Porsche 911. Pretty nice one I’d say. Turbo-S, right Charlie?”

“That’s the one — just got it yesterday and had to drive it out here rather than fly.”

I glanced over at the beautiful car beside us. Since Ray’s comment was something like the understatement of the year and since Bill looked sort of tongue-tied with them I jumped in.

“I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!”

Bill: “Oh, yes. Just wonderful.” He looked excited but it sounded kind of forced.

Me: “I’d love….” But then I got tongue-tied and broke it off, trying to end with a sweet smile.

Ray: “Charlie, you’ll have to give this pretty girl a ride.”

Me: “Oh, I couldn’t impose. I just meant, well, I’ve never seen one up this close before.”

Charlie opened the driver side door and said “Get in. See how you like her from the inside.”

Now I laughed. “Her? I thought ships were female. This car looks all male to me.” But I got in, primly tucking the skirt up alongside my thigh as I did. Immediately I was in another world, dark, masculine, powerful, luxurious and sweet at the same time. I put my hands gingerly on the wheel as if it might shock me. I glanced at the dials, the computer and reached for the gear shift. Just to lay my hand over it. As I did I could see Charlie getting in the passenger side and was vaguely aware of Bill and Ray chatting outside the closed driver side window. There was almost no sound from them. Charlie put his hand over mine to check that we were in neutral. My hand tingled again, a little jolt of electricity. He reached over and turned the key and the engine roared to life. I could feel the power coming through the shift and the tingle of his black skin on my white skin increased. The A/C started up, so cool and gentle. I almost blushed at the thought that my nipples might respond and show through the sheer bra and my flirty, little dress.

He smiled at me, about a billion watts of energy worth, and said “Think you want to try it?”

“Oh, I couldn’t. I can’t drive this. I mean I’d …” Flustered I looked out the window, feeling guilty without knowing why. I could see Bill and Ray staring in at us, Ray expressionless and Bill with that shiny eager smile he’d had since we had pulled up. Charlie leaned across me to open the drive side window, brushing my right arm slightly with his forearm. The motion surprised me and made me consciousness of the fact that his arm had just missed my tits. I wondered if he had checked them out, wondered if he would approve, and wondered again if my nipples were hardening.

“Mind If I borrow her for a while Bill?”

Bill seemed to smirk. “Go for it Charlie — just make sure you make it good for her too.” And laughed. No one else laughed and I felt like dying of shame. Why was Bill so awkward around these men? Why would he make an off-color joke like that — at my expense too! But I guess that’s just what guys are like, or at least Bill. Ray and Charlie seemed too classy to make jokes like that or even respond to them.

Charlie reached again to raise the window, then pulled down the seat belt and ran it down along my chest and waist, plugging it into the receptacle. Now I knew he had seen my chest during that motion but I didn’t worry about the nipples, just about what he might think of the size (pretty small) of my boobs. “Give it just a little gas in neutral. See what it feels like.” I reached out my right leg for the gas but the seat was too far back for me to come close to the pedal. My skirt must have ridden up then because I was surprised at how much white leg was showing beneath the hem — my legs were exposed within a couple of inches of my panties. “Oh yeah, wait.” And this time he draped his left arm over my lap to reach for the seat control on my side. My body was gliding forward, my belly pressed slightly into his arm. I could feel the pedal beneath my foot and said “Right there.” I looked up for Bill and Ray but they seemed to have disappeared.

“Ready? Keep your hand on it — we’ll shift to drive together. Foot on the break? OK, let’s….”

And just at this moment came the knock on the window. Bill was beaming in again.

“Charlie, they are being pricks about it, say you can’t keep the executive suite, some President from Asia or something is coming in and they won’t budge. I…” He seemed a little breathless.

“How do you…”

“No, Ray sent me to check for you. They’re like super-sorry but they’re still being pricks. You’d think that with the money we drop here… Anyway they say the only option for a nice suite is the Taj and that’s almost 40 minutes away. So I was thinking…”

“They want me way the hell out there? Have they cleared my room at least?”