Best Friends…And Lovers

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I’ve known my best friend ever since we were eight years old. Her name is Jenn, and she’s gorgeous. She looks so different now, eleven years later. She’s brunette with blue eyes, about 5’9 and she’s got the most gorgeous breasts I’ve ever seen – 36D.

My name’s Mel. I’m blonde with green eyes, 5’9 as well, and I’m not as well endowed in the chest area but I’ve gotten many compliments on my ass. Guys always love to push their dicks into my asshole, but guys don’t turn me on anymore. I’ve decided I’m bisexual, but I lean more towards girls. I don’t know why, but there it is.

One day, her and I were sitting on the stairway outside her apartment, we were taking stupid pictures. We decided to take a picture of us kissing-we thought it would get the boys we date riled up.

We took a picture of an ordinary tap kiss but we clung to each other long after the picture was snapped. I slipped my tongue into her mouth and we massaged each other’s tongues with our own, groping each other. My hands lingered on her breasts as I straddled her, grinding my pussy against her own through our mini skirts. She was grabbing my ass under my skirt and couldn’t let go – her hands were glued to my bare ass cheeks.

I let go of her breasts for Anadolu Yakası Escort one second to slip my finger into her soaking wet pussy – she wasn’t wearing any underwear either!

I looked at her and said, “This isn’t good. We’re in public..anyone could come in and watch us hook up.”

She agreed. She told me, “You’re right about that. There’s an alleyway that no one ever goes to right next to the building. I’d like to be caught, but I think a stairway would be uncomfortable. What do you think?”

I was hesitant. Sure, I’d fucked a lot of guys before, but I didn’t want anyone to see me 69-ing with my best girl friend. Since she was so happy about the idea, I decided that I’d try it. Why not? I didn’t live here.

She grabbed my hand and led me outside to the alleyway. There was a plot of grass, which made it easier for us to fuck each other. I brought my bag – since I had planned to hook up with her, I had brought some “things”. We made out, trying to prolong being horny for as long as possible. I slid my hands up her shirt and squeezed her breasts.

I moaned, “Jenn, your breasts are amazing…your nipples are so hard. Can I suck them?”

She replied with a grin on her face, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan “I’ve been waiting for you to say that for the longest time. Just let me stick a finger in your pussy and I’m game.”

I ripped off her shirt and started sucking her right nipple while she stuck her finger up my soaking slit. While I played with her left breast and left hickeys on the right one, I fucked her fingers fast. She was turning me on so much, and I climaxed to her moans.

She said she wanted to try 69 with a woman, and I had already been hoping we would. Instead of responding, I laid down on the ground and opened my legs and mouth – ready for action.

She lowered herself onto me slowly. I fucked her with my tongue while bucking my hips fast. We were in perfect rhythm. I realized this was the lover I had been looking for all along.

When we climaxed, we lapped up all the pussy juices and I reached into my bag.

I pulled out a double dildo. She gasped and blushed. I didn’t know why she was blushing, but I slid one of the dildos into my gaping hole, and she did the same.

We fucked ourselves on them for quite some time, until we started to orgasm. I couldn’t help screaming Escort Anadolu Yakası out, “Jenn, I fucking LOVE YOU, suck my nipples, you’re making me so hot!”

She replied, “Mel, I want to fuck you for the rest of my life, no one’s ever loved me the way you have, and I fucking love the way you eat my pussy. It’s so hot, and…I’m cumming oh my god, play with my clit! Eat me out, Mel!”

I rose up off the dildo and pulled it out from her dripping hole. She stood up and I buried my lips and tongue into her pussy. She was on fire! After about a minute, she was so hot that she came all over my face. I asked her to lick it off my face and she did.

Then I told her to get on her knees and lick my pussy – I wanted SOMETHING out of this. She obeyed, and I entwined my fingers in her short chestnut hair while I fucked her tongue faster, faster, finally till I was so close to orgasm I screamed out, “Come on, you whore! Fucking suck me off! I need to fucking climax and-“

I came so hard, she had a hard time sucking it all up. We ran up to her apartment completely naked, and lay together kissing for hours. She told me she loves the way I got so rough when I was about to climax. She found it so hot and that’s how she finally brought me to such a climax that I came six times!

It’s two years later and we live together now. I’m bisexual and so is she, so we don’t date each other – we’re just lovers. She still blows my mind everytime she eats my pussy, and I eat hers. I love her more than life itself, and I know we’ll always be best friends – and lovers – forever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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