Best Friends Forever

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A clattering sound came from the roof. Footsteps. Mike glanced over at his bedroom window, got up, and walked over. When he came to the window it suddenly popped open.

“How’s it going?” the person asked, stepping into Mike’s bedroom.

“Pretty good, yourself?” Mike responded, shutting the window, and glancing at the girl.

“I’m fine. Why weren’t you in Physics today?” she asked, dropping a gym bag onto the floor.

“I had a dentist appointment,” Mike replied, looking at his best friend.

“You should be happy you weren’t there. Mr. Davis was a real son of a bitch.” They had been best friends since they were just three, and they were now eighteen, seniors.

“That sucks,” Mike stated, as she, Sarah, opened the gym bag and pulled out her softball uniform.

“I know,” Sarah said. She paused. “Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” Mike said, turning around to face his computer. They had gone through this routine a zillion times. Every day that Sarah had a softball game, she came over after school to change into her uniform. She didn’t go to her own house, because she lived a good fifteen minutes away from the school, whereas Mike had just a short walk.

“Thank you,” Sarah said to his back, as she began to change.

Mike reached for the mouse to get on the internet, and caught a glimpse of Sarah’s reflection on the screen. He found himself inexplicably transfixed by the image of her removing her shirt and standing there in only a black bra and jeans.

This was his best friend of fifteen years! He didn’t have a sexual interest in her! The growing bulge in his pants told him differently. He tried to break the spell, but he just couldn’t tear his eyes away from the screen. He was seeing Sarah for the first time. She was amazing, beautiful, he realized. She had long, blonde hair that fell down her shoulders with the utmost grace. Her eyes were baby blue, and her lips were pouty, inviting the sweetest kiss. The bra helped to accentuate her gorgeous breasts, which were trying to bust out of a C-cup. She was slender, with one of those amazing bodies that you see only in Bostancı Escort dreams.

She slid her hand to the button on her jeans, undoing it, unzipping, and letting them fall to the floor. She had on little black panties, and he yearned for her to take those off as well. Where was this coming from? Mike had never even noticed that she was pretty before! Suddenly, he was realizing that she was the most amazing thing he had ever laid eyes on. Mike felt the growing sexual desire in his chest and in his pants.

Sarah glanced over at Mike. He was staring at the blank computer screen. She watched him as he quickly looked down at the keyboard.

“Mike?” Sarah called out.

“Yes?” Mike replied, frozen in place.

“You can turn around now,” she told him.

So Mike did. Sarah was standing there in her underwear.

“Sarah… what?” Mike stuttered, embarrassed, but not turning away from Sarah’s gorgeous figure.

“I know what you did,” Sarah told him.

“I’m so sorry about that. It was an accident…” Mike was cut off.

“You liked it,” Sarah said, a statement, not a question.

“Why do you say that?” Mike asked, innocently, trying to hide the truth.

“I think it’s rather obvious,” Sarah replied, looking down at him.

Mike looked down too. He still had an enormous erection, and it was sticking straight out, aching with desire. “Oh,” was all he could manage to say.

“It’s okay,” Sarah reassured him, “it isn’t like we haven’t seen each other before.”

“Yeah, when we were like twelve!” Mike said, as the memory of them as two curious kids going through puberty came to him. He still remembered their game of ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’. They had never felt awkward about it, because they were best friends forever! But now the thought made his face grow hot.

“I’ve had a crush on you ever since that first time I saw you naked,” Sarah revealed. She felt her heart race, and let the revelation sink in with Mike.

Mike was speechless. He stared at Sarah’s heavenly breasts, longing to see their fullness. He opened Ümraniye Escort his mouth to say something.

“Shh, don’t speak,” Sarah said, putting her index finger up to Mike’s mouth. She removed her finger, and replaced it with her mouth. They engaged in a soft, yet passionate kiss. Mike could feel the hunger peaking inside him, as Sarah broke away from the embrace. She slowly traced her finger down his chest, over his stomach, and down to his jeans. Mike quivered with excitement. She slowly unbuttoned his jeans, and pulled them down with the greatest of ease. She slipped her hand through the opening of his boxers, grabbing a handful of his erection. She started to stroke it gently, causing Mike to moan ever so softly. She removed her hand, then smoothly pulled off his boxers, letting his throbbing member hang free.

Mike looked down at the beautiful Sarah, not believing what his eyes revealed. Sarah kissed the head of his penis, then her tongue came out and teased him a bit. He shivered, overcome with emotion, while Sarah licked the entire length of him. She finally closed her mouth on his penis, and began to move her head up and down, pleasuring him greatly and causing him to close his eyes. She continued to do this, prodding him with her tongue, until she could feel that he was ready to explode. She pulled up and Mike opened his eyes, alarmed. Had she changed her mind?

“I don’t want you to cum just yet,” Sarah said, reaching behind her back, and unsnapping her black bra. It slid off her breasts, to the floor. They were all that he imagined and more, and he saw that her nipples were taut with excitement. Sarah slipped a hand inside her panties, and touched herself for a moment. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she moaned. She pulled the panties down her legs, and stepped out of them, kicking them off to the side. She was now completely naked, and Mike could see that she was wet and ready.

“I want you to return the favor,” Sarah said, tantalizing him with a look of pure naughtiness.

Mike still didn’t say a word. He brought his face down to the flesh Anadolu Yakası Escort in between Sarah’s legs, and began to go to work. Sarah watched him as he licked her swollen pussy lips. She moaned once again, in ecstasy. And it had only just begun! His tongue felt great inside of her, teasing her clitoris, making her want to fuck Mike so badly. Sarah could feel the orgasm welling up inside of her every being, moments away from climax, when she pulled Mike’s face away.

“I want you inside me!” she screamed.

Mike was astonished. “I’ve never made love to anyone before.”

“Neither have I,” Sarah told him, truthfully. She had never felt like this with any guy before, and she wanted him right now. “Fuck me.”

So Mike threw her down onto his bed, and tore off his shirt. He got on top of her, and wildly kissed her. She returned the kisses with a great passion, as Mike’s penis rubbed against Sarah’s clitoris. Sarah couldn’t take it anymore, so she shoved Mike inside, causing her to cry out in pain.

“Are you okay?” Mike didn’t move, concerned.

“I’m fine. Keep going,” Sarah said, forgetting about the pain, and concentrating on the great feel of Mike inside her.

Mike began to pump in and out, causing Sarah to moan and say his name. He felt amazing and ached to go as fast as possible to get to the icing in the middle. But he took it slow, realizing that the true joy of sex was in the act not the climax. Sarah enjoyed the pace, but after ten minutes of slow, rhythmic pumping, she told him to go faster.

Mike was burning to explode at this time, so he thrust at her like some wild animal, while Sarah sounded like one. She felt the instinctive animal desire inside her take over, and started to scream as they made the bed crash up against the wall.

They both once again felt on the edge of an earth-shattering conclusion, but this time Sarah had no intentions of stopping. She continued to go at it, until she exploded at the exact time Mike did. The could feel each other’s juices flowing over one another. They just laid there, as one, for a moment, catching their breath.

They had made love.

“I love you,” Sarah said, truthfully, looking deep into Mike’s green eyes.

“I love you, too,” Mike said, also truthfully.

Sarah looked over at the clock on Mike’s bedside table. “Damn, I’m late for my softball game.” She smiled.

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