Better than Coffee


It had rained the night before and as I started the coffee, I watched the birds playing in the puddles out on the patio.

I put bread in the toaster just as my man came shuffling into the kitchen. His chestnut brown hair was sticking up all over his head and his pajama bottoms clung to his hips but looked like they could slip off at any minute.

He looked so adorable and sexy with his morning stubble and rumpled appearance. Just looking at him, I felt that tingle of arousal. Funny how something as fixing breakfast made me want to drag him back to bed.

I poured us each a cup of coffee as he popped a couple more slices of bread in the toaster. I went and got the butter out of the refrigerator and on my way back to the toaster; I caught myself checking out my hunky guy.

He looked up at me and caught me watching him. He sat his cup down and asked if he had grown a horn on his head or something. I just grinned and told him I was thinking about his horn all right and winked at him.

As he topped off his coffee and grabbed a couple slices of toast. He bent to give me my morning kiss.

I wanted another kiss and reached over and pulled his face back toward me for a more intense kiss. I broke the kiss and went to grab my toast liking the bemused look on his face.

As I sat on one of the stools, I noticed my kiss had woken up another part of his anatomy. I licked my lips, thinking of all the fun things I could do to make this morning special.

He perched on one of the stools that were in front of the kitchen island and I let my eyes wander from his well defined torso down past his washboard abs to the tent that had formed in his PJ bottoms.

As I forced my eyes back to his face, he had a mischievous look and then he asked me if I liked what I saw. I told him Hell yeah but I wanted to further explore what was not in full view.

He leaned back against the island and spread his legs and told me to do what I needed to do.

I didn’t need any further conversation at that invite. I came over and stood between his spread legs and leaned in and kissed his lips letting my tongue tease along the edges. Then I backed off and trailed kisses along his jaw line until I reached his ears and I sucked his earlobe then nipped the edge and whispered that we needed to break in the kitchen right.

He chuckled and told me that he liked the way my mind worked. And then he ran his fingers up my neck into my hair and pulled my mouth back to his.

He took complete control of the kiss. At first it was a tender kiss but then his tongue pressed against my lips, seeking entrance. As I opened my mouth, his tongue entered to trace the inside of my lips and then ventured further to entwine with my tongue. Soon we were taking turns sucking on each others tongue and lips.

My hands went from combing through his slightly curly hair to run up and down his back and chest. I liked the feeling of the crisp hairs on his chest teasing my palms. I also couldn’t resist raking my fingernails over his pebble hard nips. I liked the way each time I did this his kiss got a little more intense.

His hands had traveled down and up under the oversized t-shirt I was wearing to grab my ass and pull me tighter into him. Then his fingers tickled up my sides to cup my breast. He was fighting fire with fire, because every time I raked a nail over his nipple, he would lightly pinch mine. As good as it felt to kiss him, I had other adventures on my mind and I reluctantly broke our kiss. I continued to kiss and nibble down the side of his neck, stopping to pay some attention to where his shoulder and neck connected. Then I continued down to swirl my tongue around first one nip then the other, while my mouth teased one, my fingers worked the other.

After a few minutes my exploring tongue followed the line of hair that disappeared into the waist band of his pajamas. Now while we had been kissing his arousal had grown to the point where it was trying to escape out the fly of his bottoms. So when I made my way there it was to find a very swollen head peeking out and I couldn’t resist, I flicked my tongue out to lick around the head of his cock.

My man is always a gentleman and to assist in my quest, he had leaned back again toward the island and spread his legs. I laughed and said maybe he night want to loose the pajamas. He grinned and told me it kinda turned him on with me having to work for my treasure.

Always one to accept a challenge, I smiled and went back to licking my favorite kind of lollipop.

As I bent down I realized when he had moved his cock had worked a little more out of his fly. I took another quick lick before finding a comfortable position to begin.

Pushing his pj bottoms down and wrapping my hand around the base of his cock, I swirled my tongue around the head. I then took just the head into my mouth sucking lightly as my tongue continued to swirl, ever so slowly I began to take more and Kastamonu Escort more of his cock into my mouth. I made sure my tongue ring rubbed lightly back and forth over the vein on the underside as my tongue flicked back and forth over where the ring had just been. I increased the suction until I had reached the base and then I slowly teased back up to the head.

Once I had reached the head and copied the previous action a couple more times, I stopped and began licking and nibbling his cock making sure to really spend time around the head and the vein.

While my mouth worked his cock, I used my hand to massage his balls through the material of his pjs. At some point I had begun to moan low in my throat and I know he was enjoying the slight vibration every time I took him all the way in. Soon I had found my rhythm and I was sucking him faster and harder. Just when I would feel his cock start to grow stiffer, I would back off and begin just to tease and lick again.

I was having too much fun for him to cum yet. His hands had tangled in my hair trying to guide me but he had learned that I could not be guided when I was really into giving him head.

By now he was moaning and having trouble staying still. When I glanced up his eyes had changed to that smoky green that I loved to see. This time when I took him all the way in, I licked at his balls. Then I decided that I needed to give him a little more something.

I began to lick on his balls and then I sucked on them, taking one and then the other into my mouth. Then I took them both in. I took my time working one against the other. By this time my man couldn’t take anymore and sat up telling me as good as my mouth was felt, he was feeling the need to put his mouth on some rather interesting spots as well.

He reached for me and gave me a teasing little kiss, tracing his tongue over my lips before pulling away and reaching for the bottom of my t-shirt. He worked it slowly up past my hips and then my waist before stopping to rub my breast with his palms. He then pulled it over my head.

He then grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up to sit on the island. I leaned back on my elbows and gave him a saucy look. I could just imagine how I looked with my auburn curls falling all over my head and my lips swollen from our kisses. His eyes ran over my body. I felt my whole body blush from the heated fire in his eyes.

He moved to stand between my legs and I felt his arousal brush my inner thigh as he reached out to tweak one of my nipples. Then he pulled me toward the edge of the island, I spread my legs wider to make room for his body. He reached up and brushed a wayward curl out of my face before bending forward to kiss me. He then trailed his kisses over my eyes, nose and then to my ear, where he ran the tip of his tongue around the edge. Then he nipped my earlobe before he nibbling my neck. Now my neck is super sensitive and he began to suck lightly but slowly increased the biting. What can I say; I have a vampire fetish and like to be bitten.

While he turned my insides to mush, his hands were rubbing up and down my thighs. Kneading and tickling, teasing behind my knees then working back up toward my pussy. Each time he went a little higher until every so often he would just lightly brush against the lips of my pussy.

While his hands continued to drive me insane he had worked to my shoulder where he gave me a rather sharp bite before licking it to soothe it and then he was giving little butterfly kisses and licks over and around my breast. I threw back my head whimpering his name and pushed my chest out to give him better access. I knew he could feel how wet he was making me when he brushed against my pussy.

When he took the first nipple in his mouth and laved it with his tongue it felt so good. The man definitely knew how to use his tongue and thinking about where it was heading made liquid fire shoot straight to my core. He was flicking his tongue teasingly back and forth over my nipple and then took it in his teeth and very gently rocked it between his teeth. He knew that little move could send me straight over the edge and the ache that was building deep inside me had me rocking my hips and I spread my legs wider, raising them up to hook around his waist.

He chuckled and moved to the other nipple to repeat the torture there also. By now his thumbs were stroking my outer lips just barely brushing my clit on either side in his intimate massage. I was very wet and he had plenty of lubrication for the rubdown. He had started sucking on first one tit then the other between tormenting me with his teeth. I had reached up and was first pushing him away then pulling him into me while holding handfuls of his now very rumpled hair. I was moaning and whimpering. Telling him how good it felt and not to stop.

Got to give it to the man who loves to show a lot of attention to your breast especially when his hands are Kastamonu Escort Bayan creating their own fire elsewhere.

His thumbs were now rubbing me wider until he was running all around my clit, then down to my opening and I had pulled him almost on top of me and my bottom was on the very edge of the island. I had anchored my legs around his waist to keep from falling.

I felt my first orgasm building, he was so attuned to my body that as I felt it hitting, he sucked in my nipple hard and one thumb entered me rubbing hard and I came apart in a million pieces.

As my mind returned he quickly kissed his way down my belly, lingering briefly to tease the butterfly charm on my navel piercing. Once he had me squirming again he continued his wicked assault lower.

As he got closer to my pussy, he stopped briefly to find one of the stools and after sitting, he lifted my legs to dangle over his arms and he slowly spread the lips of my pussy so he could get a better view. I watched as he licked his lips and his eyes were smoldering. He looked up at me and told me he loved the way my body responded to him. He liked how wet he got me.

He took his index finger and dipping it into my wet spot, took some of my juices and painted over my clit and inner lips. He then gently blew over the painted areas. I couldn’t hold myself up any longer and lay back against the countertop. He bent forward and swirled his tongue around my clit. Now I would receive a tongue lashing only my wicked man could give me.

He continued to flick his tongue ever so slowly around and then back and forth. My breath was catching with each flick and then he drew my clit into his hot mouth and his tongue continued to flitter, he began sucking on the little nubbin that now housed every nerve in my body.

As he continued to tantalize my clit, he reached up to pinch and twist my nipples. I don’t know which was drawn tighter- my nipples or my clit but the combination had me writhing in ecstasy.

His tongue was now moving toward my entrance and he used the tip to trace around the spot and then he was pushing inside as one hand came down to rub my clit at the same time. Now one hand was working my nipple, the other rubbing my clit as his tongue began to enter then withdraw. Seeking to go deeper each trip.

I had grabbed his head and was pulling him in trying to drive his tongue deeper; it just never seemed to reach that one spot. As if knowing I needed more he reversed his positioning and as he went back to sucking on my clit, he began to work one finger into my, oh so wet cavern.

One finger was soon followed by two more, driving deeper in and out and then with a rotation he found THE SPOT and sucked in on my clit, at the same time pinching and twisting my nipple harder. I saw shooting stars in the bright light of morning sun as my orgasm screamed out of me. As I began to cum he kept on, not letting up. I felt light headed and as the orgasm continued to ride through me, the sparks were igniting of each and every nerve ending in my body.

All I could do was tremble and moan his name over and over. He finally slowed his assault enough for me to regroup but not much. I looked down to find his eyes on me and I knew that he had just begun. And to prove his point he began all over again. Only he switched to the other nipple.

Two more orgasms later I had no bones left in my body but I knew that I still more and I began the journey to sit up. I needed my man’s rock hard cock buried deep inside me.

He had sat back and was rubbing my thighs helping to ease the tightness from all the muscle tensing that had been happening with each climax.

I grinned at him and tried to get my mouth to work, but my brain was still in short circuit mode as I told him what I wanted.

He helped me to sit up and then helped me down off the island. As I stood on trembling legs he walked over to the kitchen table and pulled out one of the ladder back chairs. As I watched he untied his pj bottoms and with his back to me slowly let them drop to the floor. I had to lick my lips a couple times because damn the man had a fine ass. My fingers were itching to grab a cheek in each hand and spend some quality squeeze time on them. I found myself walking toward him and let my fingers do their thing. I heard his laugh as he told me he knew I couldn’t resist.

Laughing with him, I told him he knew me too well. Then I kissed him on the back. My hands were clenching his ass and I began to give half kiss half nibbles down his back liking the way his muscles worked under my mouth. I worked one hand around to grab his cock and found it very ready for the next adventure.

I told him to sit down and turned him toward the chair. As he sat down, I knelt down to give him a deep kiss liking the taste of my juices on his tongue. Once I had him where I wanted him, I got down on my knees to give his cock a little more mouth time, Escort Kastamonu so that he was ram rod stiff.

He pulled me up and told me to stop teasing him; he needed to soak his cock deep inside me. It was the only cure for what was ailing him.

I stood back up and then straddled him, he had gripped his cock and as I moved to take him, he rubbed the head of his cock over my clit then positioned it at my hole. I rocked a little letting my juices coat him before I took him inch by inch inside.

I loved the feeling of his cock stretching me and by the intense look on his face he was enjoying the feeling too.

When I had taken him in as far as I could in this position. I was sitting impaled on his member. I circled my pelvis grinding down on him and then holding onto his shoulders I eased back up and began the slow downward motion again.

He had grabbed a hold of my waist and was trying to make me quicken my movements but as much as I wanted it hard, fast and furious, I also wanted the slow and sensuous also.

I shook my head no, and leaned forward to run my tongue slowly around his lips. Riding him slowly, gyrating my hips as I took him in and out of me.

Our tongues were battling as we moved together, each fighting for control. My man decided that he had enough of slow because as he sucked my tongue into his mouth, on my downward stroke, he thrust into me hard. Damn that was enough slow for me too. As he began thrusting up, I began to slam back on him. His hands had moved down to grab my ass so that he could lift me up before driving me back down on him.

We had worked up a small sweat as I rode my stallion, his cock stretching and filling me. He was just the right size that he filled me almost to that painful point in this position. I had begun to tense and relax my muscles, squeezing him as he rose into me. We were both panting and moaning at how good it was feeling.

I had gotten the oversized chairs for comfort but the position was not the best for deep penetration and after one more slam down, my man lifted me off and lay me on the kitchen table.

Lifting my legs up to his shoulders he re-entered me. Thrusting deep and then rotating his hips he withdrew only to repeat the motion. As he continued to pump into me, he leaned forward and took a nipple into his mouth.

I could feel another orgasm building and as he worked his cock in and out of me, my hands were kneading and scratching at his back. I was lifting my hips meeting his thrust. At that moment I had a thought that thank goodness for good strong oak, because the table was rocking with each thrust.

We continued to fuck in this position for a little bit but as my man got closer; I knew he wanted me bent over that table. I felt him withdraw and I slid off the table. Reaching up I wiped the sweat out of his eyes and then I turned around and slowly bent over the edge of the table, wiggling my ass at him.

He stood stroking his cock, watching my ass, shaking his head at my antics. He moved in behind me and gently slid his cock back in.

Once he was all the way in, he began to withdraw only to buck back into me. As he held onto my hips he began to pump in and out of me. He drove in a little harder each stroke; I began to roll my hips in time with his movements. Reaching down under me, I began to stroke my clit and every now and then I stroked his cock as it entered me.

He would almost pull all the way out and then thrust back in faster and faster. I was thrusting back to meet him and another orgasm began to ripple through me. By now I could feel my pussy muscles clenching and unclenching, milking him.

The head of his cock felt like it was swollen three times it’s size and he told me he was going to cum as he slammed into me harder and harder.

Just as I skyrocketed off into space. He grabbed me up and bit me on my shoulder as he stiffened and in one deep thrust I felt him explode inside of me. As he continued to cum, he was rocking into me. Another orgasm went crashing through me and I saw little sparkles before everything went black.

I came back to earth with him resting over me, kissing me where he had bitten me. There was a calm satisfied purr in his voice as he teased me about passing out. I told him I didn’t pass out; I was just rolling with the ecstasy.

Laughing he stood up and in doing so slipped out of my pussy. I let out a little moue of disappointment at the loss. I liked the feeling of him inside me. He swatted my ass and told me that we needed to get cleaned up and ready for the day.

As I turned around I pulled him to me for a hug and brief kiss. As I moved to pick up his pj’s to hand them to him. I spanked his ass then bent and bit it. When he asked what that was for I told him it was for that final bite, he couldn’t do all the biting. Then I went and picked up my t-shirt and as I was heading for the bedroom, I turned and asked him if he really thought I was done with him for the day. He cocked his head and raised that one eyebrow at me giving me a half smile, followed me out of the kitchen.

All I can say when the weekend was over we both had bite marks in some very interesting places and we are talking about adding more rooms to the house.

June 6, 2009