Bi Marries Bi


What goes on between my bi husband and the bi me.

“When you are fucking me Gordon, do you ever imagine I am someone else?” I asked my husband.

“To be truthful, Tina, yes I do sometimes,” he replied after removing my nipple from his mouth.

“Anyone I know?” I asked stroking his semi-erect penis.


“Are they male or female?”

“It varies, but mostly it is you.”

He kissed me and cupped one of my triple D boobs, or as I often thought of them udders, in his hand, squeezing and pinching it just as he knew I liked.

“But sometimes you imagine I am a man do you?”


“Is that more when you fuck my pussy or my bum?”

“Both. Now shut up, turn over and let me fuck your arse,” he said just as I felt his erection completing.


Gordon and I were having one of our get togethers. We live apart, but meet every few weeks for a couple of days and do what married couples are meant to do: fuck like rabbits and then argue. The rest of the time, we lead our own, very separate lives.

He is a psychologist by profession, but also lectures at Cambridge University. I am a freelance writer, mainly of copy for ads, but also speeches, magazine and newspaper articles and erotic stories. He lives in Cambridge, I live in Islington. We have been together in what nowadays is a rather apart sort of way, for ten years, about half of which we have been married. By choice we have no children. We are both bisexual.

We met at an awards ceremony. It was one of those tedious advertising industry, self-glorification events or, as some of my more enlightened colleagues called it, a mutual jerk off session. An ad I had written was up for an award and Gordon who specialised in the psychological effect of the written word was one of the judges. I didn’t win, an award that is, but I did win Gordon.

We chatted before the dinner at a small reception for the judges and nominees, then after it and later at a party at a night club. The mutual attraction was clear, particularly when we danced together at the night club and as his hand rubbed my bum, he whispered right into my ear.

“I have always loved large breasts Tina and yours look to be gorgeous,” as he pulled me against him squashing my boobs against his chest and illustrating very clearly that he was erect. “And I always think women wearing glasses look so fucking sexy.”

Having been large breasted since emerging from puberty I am used to such attention. Also I am used to meeting men who make more eye contact with my tits than they do with my eyes. Additionally, of course, I am used to being careful when I run or what I wear, particularly at the gym. Overall, though, I enjoy having large boobs and they do genuinely make me feel very sexy, but they can be a nuisance; I have missed numerous trains and buses because I feared causing a commotion by running and having my tits flying around all over the place.

I realised in my teens that to men, they are a little like a honey pot is to bees. And that gave me a problem because at that time I thought I was a lesbian. As my sexuality was emerging, I was not really aware of this ‘inbetweeny’ state of being bisexual. I did not feel comfortable with boys. I did not like the way they pawed me or the feel of their erections against me. Later in life, around my mid-twenties, I realised that I was put off men, and sex to an extent, by the way these inexperienced little buggers went about it.

Nevertheless, at the same time, I was attracted to the beauty, poise, elegance and style of some of the older girls at school and thought I had fallen in love with the school captain. I hadn’t, but that did not stop her taking my lesbian virginity.

“Have you really?” I replied to Gordon.

Having been drinking since six in the evening and it now being three in the morning, I was slightly drunk as were most of us.

“Yes of course really,” he said moving his chest so that it squashed firmly against my breasts.

I was thirty-six at the time, Gordon was ten years older. I had been in advertising since leaving university and he had been around the industry for years. Advertising attracts creative people, men and women who do not feel inhibited by the status quo, individuals who embrace change and new ideas and liberally minded people who are open to pushing out the boundaries. All of that makes for great advertising. It also makes for a very open, intimate, challenging and quite frankly a fucking sexy atmosphere and environment. There was more ‘recreational’ sex, as well as use of recreational drugs, in that industry than in most others, as well as affairs, bits on the side, office romances, one night stands and even office fucks. It really was a cess pool of sexual standards and morals and I loved it.

“I see,” I muttered looking into his eyes not feeling shocked or that surprised.

“And that my lovely,” he said with a glint in his eye. “Is exactly what I want.”

“Huh. What do you mean?”

“To see Tina.”

I understood what he meant then and after that everything fell into Kastamonu Escort place, just as it tends to in the ad industry.

We kissed as we danced. We held hands as we left the club. In the cab he squeezed my breasts. In the lounge of his flat in Pimlico he undid my top and saw my tits and in the bedroom where we spent the night, he fucked me.


A few days after Gordon’s and my latest get together I was with my occasional lover Molly. We see each other from time to time and although there was no strong romantic connection, we have fabulous sex. She was very ‘attached’ to a devoted lesbian and they were contemplating getting married and trying to adopt a child. I think I was her last ‘fling’ before she made that commitment.

We were in bed at my house in Islington. It was early-afternoon, which was the only time that Molly could safely get away from her lover. A successful investment banker, her partner Annie earned a fortune and insisted that her ‘wife’ did not work, but stayed at home and looked after her Victorian house in Hampstead and her. Molly had to cook dinner when they were in and Annie insisted she be there when she got home around seven. Hence, our afternoon affair.

We had been in bed since mid-day. There had been lots of ‘fingersex’, oral and body to body stuff, but little kissing. Molly had an illogical moral stance on some things; she would let me fuck her, but not kiss her. “That’s just too intimate and it means love,” she often told me leaving completely dumbfounded at her reasoning.

That said, she was an avid and enthusiastic lover with a fantastic tongue and a great love of anal, oral sex; I have never had my arse licked so well as she did it.

“I have a surprise for you Molly,” I said sitting up in the bed naked.

“What is it?” she asked also sitting up so that the duvet fell away from her pert boobs.

Physically, Molly and I are contrasts. She is slim, petite probably. I am fuller and rounder. Whereas I am five feet six inches tall, she is just on five feet. She has short, blond spiky hair cut in a male style as ordained by Annie. I have shoulder length, black hair. Her tits are tiny, probably A cup, mine are huge, tripled D at least. Oh and yes I wear horn rim glasses, she has contacts.

“Be patient, I need to go to the toilet first,” I told her.

Knowing that Molly’s eyes would be on me as I climbed out of the bed and walked away her, I emphasised the sway of my hips and wiggle of my bum.

“Mmmm nice view lovey,” she called out.

I looked over my shoulder and smiling said. “Like it do you?”

“You know I adore your arse, so hurry up.”

“Won’t be long,” I said, my pulse racing at what I was about to do.

In the bathroom I opened the cabinet and took out the package that had arrived by Amazon just this morning. I began to read some of the details on the package about my new best friend. It said it was over seven inches long and two inches in diameter. I removed it from the package and touched it with my fingers. I ran them up and down the shaft and around the bulbous head. This was not some cheap and tacky looking pink or purple strap on. This was a very realistic, flesh coloured cock with veins that looked and felt real and a beautiful looking mushroomed head. I took a minute or so studying the somewhat complicated and intricate instructions for how the harness was to be worn. Once I had the harness on I read the instructions for how to attach the cock. Positioning it securely into the harness I realized that there was a small protrusion, a large stud on the inside of the harness that was designed to rub against my own clit; perfect!

I tightened the straps of the harness that wound around my thighs and waist, between my legs and across my bum cheeks. Then I turned once again to look at myself in the mirror. I gasped and exhaled a long oh my God. This thing looked so realistic, but also beautiful and sexy; but for the harness it looked like a real cock jutting out from the bottom of my stomach. I giggled as I first moved my hips from side to side and watched it sway. Then I moved my hips up and down and watched it bounce up and down.

I opened the bathroom door and wandered into the room. Molly was lying on her front facing away from me. The sexy little minx had slid the duvet down so that half of her bum was uncovered. She has a fantastic arse.

“Want to know your surprise?” I called out.

“Mmmmm, yes please,” she answered rather sleepily.

“Turn over then,” I said, adding as she turned and looked at me. “This,” as I ran my fingers along the seven inches.

“Oh my god, you got it,” she gasped. Referring to a conversation of a couple of months ago.

“Yes baby, want to try it?” I asked, kneeling as I held the dick out towards her. She ran her fingertips along the glistening plastic. Pulling it towards her, the dirty little bitch kissed it and then licked it.

Molly had brought the subject up when we were talking about Annie.

“She’s a real cock hater,” she had said as I used my Kastamonu Escort Bayan vibrator on her.

“Don’t you use these?” I asked.

“No, she hates them, I suggested a dildo once and she went fucking ballistic.”

“You aren’t like Annie then?”

“Not really no, I like a cock now and then.”

“Maybe I should get one then,” I had said not really meaning it, nevertheless I had bought one online.

“Oh my God Tina, you look fantastic,” Molly sighed reaching out for the cock.

She wriggled closer to me and took hold of it.

“Go on,” I said rather hoarsely.

“What?” Molly whispered back.

I suspected she knew what I meant, but wanted me to say it. Molly was like that, she liked us talking dirty.

“Suck it you dirty slut.”

I could hardly believe how aroused I had become, particularly when I realised that was mainly because Molly was going to suck ‘my cock.’

Looking up at me and holding my gaze she licked the tip of it before sliding it into her mouth. She then proceeded to give me a great blow job. I joined in. Gripping her head with both hands, I started moving with the same rhythm as I fucked her face.

Smiling she removed it from her mouth and said.

“Come on Tina, you had better fuck me now, otherwise you will cum in my mouth.”

We both giggled as I got between her legs, pushed the dick up her cunt and then fucked her.


After that night of the awards event, my thing with Gordon took off. We saw each other frequently and fucked nearly every time we met. However, neither of us were under any delusions about our relationship. Although we got on very well and found many things in common, we both knew that it was mainly a sexual affair and love did not come into it.

A month or so after we met we were at my house in Islington. It was a Sunday and we had been out to lunch at an Italian restaurant in the busy Upper Street. We had got to my home around four, gone to bed and had sex. As usual we had smoked a little weed and drank quite a lot of vodka. They not only help me lose my inhibitions, but also make me talkative and a little careless with what I said.

At the time, as well as seeing Gordon, I was having a fling with a married woman so I was ‘keeping my hand in’ with both genders. I had not, though, mentioned my bisexuality to him, nor had he told me about his experiences with men. All of that, however, was to change. It changed with that question that so many men seem to find the need to ask women.

“Have you ever been with a woman?” He asked me.

Previously when I asked that or something similar, I usually lied. This time I changed tack.

“Why have you been with a man?” I asked him back.

I was flabbergasted when he said.

“As a matter of fact yes, several.”

I asked him about that and he said that although he did not like to label sexuality, he was bisexual. He asked me the question again and I ‘owned up’ to my adventures with women. We then talked about our experiences for ages with us agreeing that we felt that most people would go with someone from their own gender in the appropriate circumstances. We talked round this for some time and then moved on to the subject of threesomes, which I had never experienced.

“Would you like to try one?” He asked.

Smiling, I asked. “What make up?”

“What would you prefer?”

“I haven’t said that I want to yet.”

“But you do don’t you?”

That was how this weird and quite amazing relationship between us really took off.

We started with a threesome with my married ‘friend.’ I recalled her saying that a few years previous to my fling with her, she and her husband joined a swinging circle and that was how she found that she was attracted to sex with other women. When I put it to her as diplomatically as I could, she was immediately up for it. When I told Gordon about Moira, he was very pleased, but of course I had to tell him that I was still seeing her. I thought that might piss him off, but to the contrary it pleased him. I learned why later and that was because he had a boy-friend as well.

I am not sure what the most exciting aspect of the ffm threesome was. In the three we had with Moira and the subsequent ones with other women, there were so many. It was incredible to be in a woman’s arms as Gordon was in me, but it was just as thrilling to be holding her as he fucked her. Then again licking his lovely dick as she sucked his balls and our faces were touching was pretty incredible as well. Equally, performing oral on her, as she did the same on Gordon was a huge turn, but then so was having her licking my pussy as Gordon rimmed me.

I was full of trepidation when Gordon told me that he had arranged our first mmf threesome with someone he had known for ages. There was no need to be for it was fantastic. One of the most enjoyable aspects for the girl in an mmf threesome is the attention she gets. To have two men attending to your every sexual need is lovely. To have mouths on both nipples at the same Escort Kastamonu time as two hands rummages between your legs is simply fantastic. To suck a cock as another fucks you or to have one cock up you with the other between your tits is also amazing.

That first time, Gordon and the other guy didn’t do much. Just a bit of touching and rubbing of each other’s chest and cock. We discussed that later and he said that he was a little worried at what I would think. I told him that I had never seen two men together, but the idea excited me.

“How far Tina?”

“What do you mean?”

Looking me right in the eyes as he cupped and lifted my breast he said. “How far would you like to see us go?”

I kissed him on the lips and whispered. “As far as you want to.”

At the next mmf both men sucked each other’s cock. It took just one more session before I saw Gordon fuck and be fucked. I loved watching it.


I saw Molly only once more after that day when I used the strapon. She and Annie were ‘getting’ married so she broke off our fling, but we met for one last goodbye. It was at my house, mid-morning on a Tuesday; they were getting married on the Thursday.

We had sex almost immediately she arrived. It was urgent, fervid, raw and very wanton. We did it almost fully dressed standing up with me pressing Molly back against the wall in the hallway.

The second time a little while later was in my bedroom. It was more relaxed, languid almost with long kisses, gentle strokes and soft caresses. As it went on our fingers, mouths and tongues played a larger part as nipples were chewed and sucked, tits were licked, clits were pressed and pussies were fingered. We went down on each other with her tongue sending me almost round the bend as she licked and sucked my clit and lips. I returned the favour before we ended our morning session by energetically tribbing each other to wonderful mutual orgasms.

We popped out for lunch and talked about her wedding. She was clearly having second thoughts, but did not have the confidence

to tell Annie who was planning for them both to come out with their families. It was that, which was scaring poor Molly.

Back at the house, we undressed and went to the bedroom. We knew that this would be our last sex; she had to leave by four.

“Where do keep it Tina?” She asked out of the blue.

I knew immediately what she meant, but did not let on. Removing my mouth from her wonderfully hardened nipples I answered.

“Keep what?”

“The strapon.”

“You want me to use it?”

“Yes, but not first.”

“How do you mean.”

“I mean Tina, I want to fuck you with it.”

That surprised me. Whilst I am by no means a domme and in most relationships I work equally with the other party, I am by nature a switch. So I can, dependent on my partner, be either dominant or submissive. Molly was very much a submissive and in our relationship I had always controlled and directed her.

Her desire to use the strapon on me thrilled me very much. My hands were shaking as I got the toy and showed her how to put it on. She looked really amazing. Being so slim and small made the mock phallus look huge. That sent a shudder through me.

“Lay on the bed,” she said in a stern tone.

I did.

“On your front, no turn over and lay on your back.”

She knelt by my feet and took hold of my ankles. She pushed them apart and wriggled up between my legs so that her knees touched the inside of mine. She put her hands under my knees and lifted my legs. Leaning forward and reaching behind me she picked up a pillow and pushed it under my bottom thus, raising me up a little. She lifted my legs further up and pushed them wider apart so that the fronts were almost, but not quite touching my chest.

“Keep them like that,” she muttered leaning forward and kissing me right on the lips, something she rarely did. “It’s been wonderful Tina, thank you so much,” she whispered, kissing me again and squeezing both of my breasts. “I will miss these beauties,” she went on kissing and licking each of my nipples.

“You can always pop round and say hello to them,” I grinned.

“Married women can’t do that sort of thing.”

“I’m married Molly.”

“Oh yes I forget that sometimes. We never got round to that threesome did we?” She went on kneading the soft flesh of my full breasts.

“Always time luv.”

“We’ll see, but now I want to fuck you, not be fucked by your husband.”

She took the huge-looking penis in one hand and ran the fingers on the other along the lips of my pussy.

“Mmmmm you are deliciously wet aren’t you?” She said pressing the bulbous head right against my lips. “Ready?”

“Yes, very.”

“Then take this,” she said as she thrust her hips forward sending the cock right up.

The suddenness and depth of her penetration literally did take my breath away. I grunted and moaned.

“Fucking hell Molly,” I groaned as she started fucking me.


Gordon had asked me to his sprawling cottage just outside Cambridge for the weekend. Driving the sixty miles or so almost due north from London, my mind wandered onto many topics with the upcoming weekend and the sex we undoubtedly would have being strongly featured. As I was packing before leaving Islington, a vague plan for the weekend was forming in my mind.