Bianca Meets Mom’s Online Lover


I’m as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. Finally, after years of planning, dreaming and hoping, the day has arrived when Mark will be moving in with me and my 18 year old daughter Bianca. We have all been looking forward to this day since we first started to talk about it.

Bianca already loves him as if he was her real daddy. They have been spending almost as much time together online as him and me, getting to know each other and forming a bond even stronger than she could have ever had with her useless father.

For 95% of the population our relationship will be unacceptable but for us, it’s so natural!

On my way to the airport I sit and think about the first time Mark witnessed us on webcam. I probably have to start by explaining that my daughter and I have a very intimate relationship (yes, by intimate I mean sexual).

Almost since the start of my relationship I’ve know about Mark’s fantasies with young girls. Don’t get me wrong. He is not a child molester/pedophile. He is one of those rare men who will NEVER force himself on anyone.

Getting back to our first webcam session… It was Mark’s birthday and Bianca and I decided to give him an unforgettable birthday present. She was dressed in a short skirt and white blouse (your typical nawty schoolgirl uniform), her hair tied in a ponytail.

As the video call to Mark connected, we sang happy birthday to him and told him to sit back and enjoy his birthday present. From the angle of the camera he had a perfect view up her short little skirt. We kissed for a few moments.

I slowly spread her legs, making her skirt ride up over her thighs, exposing the sheer white panties she was wearing. My fingers trailed up her thighs, gently rubbing her pussy through her panties. Didn’t take long for them to be soaking wet and I ordered her to remove them. She lay down on her back, lifted her ass and wriggled out of her panties, giving her soon to be step daddy a perfect view of her smooth virgin cunt.

I spread her legs further, exposing her tight pussy to Mark. I knew by the sharp intake of his breath that he was enjoying the view. Ever so slowly I started running a finger up and down her slit, spreading her juices over her smooth lips. She let out soft little moans, moving her hips in a slight circle.

I plunged a finger into her which made her yelp. By now, Mark had his pants off and his throbbing cock in his hand, stroking it slowly. I continued to slowly finger fuck my daughter, while rubbing my thumb over her clit. I removed my finger and lowered my head, slowly flicking my tongue over her clit.

Mark still had the perfect view. I could tell she was close and started sucking on her clit, slipping 2 fingers inside her bursa eve gelen eskort bayan soaking wet pussy, slowly fucking her. Within seconds she erupted in one of her usual powerful orgasms, screaming how much she loved mommy eating her pussy… I think that’s a birthday present Mark won’t easily forget.

I pull into the parking lot at the airport and check my watch… just over 15 minutes until he’ll be landing. My pussy tingles at the thought!! As we’ve discussed, I’m wearing a sundress and no underwear. Walking to the arrival terminal I feel as though every person in that airport is aware that I’m totally naked under my dress and the thought just turns me on even more. Finally his flight is announced and now I wait… getting through customs can be a long process.

After what feels like an eternity I finally see him and run towards him. That kiss is just like I’ve always imagined it to be… HEAVENLY! We talk for a few minutes then make our way to the exit. As soon as we’re on the freeway he puts his hand on my knee and agonizingly slowly inches his way up my leg. I squirm in my seat and look at him.

“Eyes on the road,” he says.

I obey immediately because I don’t want him to stop what he’s doing. I’ve been waiting way too long for that. Finally, after what feels like hours, I feel his finger brush over my clit.

“Mmmmm glad to see you listened and left your panties at home,” he says.

I just smile. Slowly his thumb starts circling my clit, teasing me, but the minute he feels my body tighten he stops. I whimper but he’s not giving me the release I so badly crave.

“We’ll be home in about 15 minutes,” I say in the hopes that he might oblige and let me cum but to no avail.

He just keeps up the slow, agonizing teasing.

“You’re evil,” I say to him as I pull into the garage with a soaking wet pussy and still not having cum yet.

As we’re busy unloading the car Bianca comes running out to greet him in her normal cheerful manner. They hug and he kisses her on the forehead telling her how gorgeous she looks. She helps us carry all his stuff into the house and once that’s done she does the honors and pour us each a glass of champagne (yes this is one special occasion and she’s allowed to have one glass with us).

After a nice relaxing meal we go into the TV room just to chat. We’re seated on the couch, Mark in the middle of us and Bianca talking non stop, wanting to know all about his trip, how things are in the US and all the normal teenage questions. As the chattering continues he places a hand on each of our legs, stroking our thighs with his thumbs. My daughter beams at me (this is after all bursa eskort bayanlar one of the things we’ve both been dreaming about).

As if pre arranged we both turn and start kissing him in his neck, nibbling on his earlobes. Shyly Bianca moves her hand towards his crotch. He looks over at me and I just give him one of my reassuring smiles. She starts rubbing his cock through his jeans and he lets out a groan. He turns slightly, tipping her head up so his lips can find hers.

I watch as my daughter shares the most passionate kiss ever with the man I love. I move away to the edge of the couch, watching them, my hand moving down to my still wet pussy and slowly starts fingering myself.

Effortlessly he lifts her up and places her on his lap, straddling and facing him. His hands moving down her back and caressing her ass. They continue their kiss with even more passion. She squirms on his lap and he slaps her ass once telling her to be still.

While caressing her tight ass with one hand he moves the other over her hip and between them, rubbing her pussy through her lacy panties. She throws her head back and moans, grinding her hips against his hand. God I never thought watching my baby girl with a man for the first time will turn me on so much!!

After rubbing her pussy for a while he lifts her off his lap and lays her down on the couch, slipping a finger on each side of her panties and sliding them down. He tosses them aside and stands just looking down at her gorgeous young pussy.

He walks over to me, bends down and kisses me, whispering in my ear “You ok with this?”

I nod at him and smile…

“Yes” I mouth at him.

He slips a hand between my legs and plunges a finger in my pussy, then slowly licks my cream from his finger and says “your turn will come”.

He turns back to Bianca and kneels on the couch, pushing her legs wider apart. Taking one of her legs in his hand he starts at her foot and kisses his way up her leg. She squirms and giggles as he reaches the spot behind her knee where she’s so ticklish. He gently nibbles, licks and kisses his way further up her leg until finally he reaches her now wet pussy.

She lifts her hips like I’ve seen her do numerous times during our special moments together and his tongue flicks over her swollen clit. She moans as she tangles her little fingers into his hair. He wraps his arms around her legs, pinning her down and starts tongue fucking her tight hole. Occasionally licking from her ass to her clit and gently sucking and nibbling before thrusting his tongue back into her.

It doesn’t take my baby girl long to cum and she covers his face in her sweet juices. He görükle escort bayanlar licks up every drop, shifts up her body and gives her another passionate kiss. She smiles at him and I can barely hear the words as she tells him that she’s ready to feel his thick cock in her still virgin pussy.

Slowly he pulls away from her, stands up and removes his jeans and boxers. The sight of him finally standing naked in my house almost makes me cum right away but I hold back. She sits up on the couch and takes his cock in her small hand, not stroking it, just holding it.

She moves closer and place soft butterfly kisses from his balls up his shaft to the head and twirls her tongue around it. I can see that this has caught him completely off guard and he stands there like a statue, looking down at her. When she slips the head of his cock into her mouth and suck hard once he lets out a gasp and pulls away.

At her surprised look he just says “another day baby girl, now I just want to be inside you” and gently pushes her back down onto the couch.

He positions himself between her legs and leans down for another kiss.

“Are you ready?”

She nods eagerly. He kneels and picks up her legs, placing them on her shoulders. He rubs his cock over her wet pussy and very gently starts inching the head into her. She lets out a little cry as the head slips in and he stills, looking at her. After a few seconds she nods and he pushes in a little further. Again she tenses and he stops.

I walk over to them and sit on the arm rest above her head, soothing her. She relaxes once more and gently he pushes further into her until he is buried inside her tight pussy up to his balls. He keeps still inside her, giving her time to get used to his size. After about 30 seconds she starts slowly moving her hips.

He smiles down at her and very slowly starts to slide his cock in and out of her. She starts moaning as she gets used to the wonderful sensation. I reach down and start to rub her clit while Mark is making love to her ever so gently. It does not take long for her breathing to quicken and we all know she’s close to the edge. He feels her pussy tighten around his cock as she cums, screaming out her pleasure. He stills again inside her, enjoying how her pussy is gripping his cock.

As per her request during one of their online conversations he knows that she does not yet want him to cum inside her (at least not the first time), therefore he eases out of her slowly after her orgasm has subsided. I’m so proud of my lil girl. I lean down and kiss her and assure her of what a good girl she’s been. She beams at me, sits up and kisses Mark.

Suddenly all shy she excuses herself and says she needs a shower and then has to go to bed seeing that she has school the following day.

“Wow,” he says when she’s left the room. “That was better than I ever dreamed it would be”.

I move over to where he had collapsed on the sofa and look down at his rock hard cock.

“I think we need to take care of that,” I say, take him by the hand and lead him to my bedroom.