Big Sister at the Cabin Pt. 03


There I was, half naked, heart pounding rapidly. I had just fucked my cousin Riley, or more she had ridden my cock. But either way, we had sex, then my aunt showed up. I have no clue why she had shown up, but she did. I was terrified, and she sounded pissed when she slammed her car door.

I heard Alice run to her room, and I peeked through the hole in the wall and saw her getting dressed. I only assumed the twins were dressed as well. I cleaned whatever I had to in my room, and put some deodorant on. I walked out to the living room in a red t-shirt and some baggy cargo shorts. Riley and Rachael were sitting on the couch, their mother between the two of them. They were trying to not look guilty, but they obviously were. Guilty of what, my aunt didn’t yet know. Or so I thought.

Aunt Janine looked over at me and smiled wide, she was surprisingly calm for how angry she sounded when she got out of her car, “Jake! Gimme a hug!”

I walked in front of her, and she stood up. I wrapped my arms around her, she was only a few inches shorter than me. She hugged me tight.

“I’ve missed you!” She said, squeezing me a bit tighter, pressing her breasts into my chest. I visited her often when I was much younger, the twins and I were good friends, hanging out at least once a week, and we saw a new movie in the theater once a month.

She finally let go, and looked up at me as she sat down. “How have you been?” She asked as Alice walked out of her room, into the kitchen to grab a drink.

“I’ve actually been pretty good.” I said truthfully, other than not seeing much of my family for the past few years, I’d been doing good for myself.

“Good, I always worried about you.” She said, with a sincere and seemingly sad look in her eyes. “Well, I don’t want to make it sad.” She smiled, “What have you four been doing?”

Riley and Rachael blushed hard, and Alice walked into the living room to sit on the recliner.

“Oh ya know, watching boring movies, just hanging out.” Alice shrugged.

“Oh really? That’s all?” My aunt asked.

“What else would we be doing?” Riley and Rachael asked together much too quickly.

“I don’t know.” Aunt Janine shrugged, “That’s why I’m asking you.”

“Like Alice said, just watching movies.” I said, keeping my cool.

“Sounds like great fun.” She replied sarcastically, “But, I want to stay here tonight. My boyfriend and I are having trouble.”

I looked over at Alice, she looked back at me, and we thought for a moment. Then we turned and looked at Riley and Rachael. They sighed, and dropped their heads a bit.

“That’s fine with me.” I said, “Alice? Good with you?”

Alice shrugged, “Why not, couldn’t hurt to have one more person. You can use my room if you want.” She said, and looked at me, giving me a sly grin.

“Oh, no no no, I wouldn’t want to-” My aunt started to say, but Alice stopped her.

“No, it isn’t a big deal, you can use my room, I’ll just get a sleeping bag and lay in Jake’s room.” Alice said, a bit excitedly.

“Alright alright, if you insist.” Aunt Janine said.

Alice smiled big, “Jake come help me get my stuff to your room.” She grabbed my hand, and pulled me to her room. “So.. you like what I did?”

“Fuck yes.” I said, “But I need you right now, we gotta get your shit in my room.”

She pecked me on my lips, then grabbed her bags, and walked into my room. I followed her, and quickly closed the door.

“So,” She bit her bottom lip lightly. “What do you want to do to me little brother?”

“I want to fuck you.” I grinned.

“Mm really?” She asked, and sat on my bed. “Do you want me to ride your cock like Riley did? Or do you want to fuck me good and hard?”

“I want to fuck you good and hard.” I said, and quickly got out of my shirt and cargo shorts revealing my toned chest and slightly bulging boxers.

“Oh is little brother’s cock hard?” She asked in a seductive voice, and got out of her clothes. “Take your boxers off Jake.”

I slid my boxers off of me, and now Alice and I were both naked, ready to fuck each other, with my aunt close enough to hear any even slightly loud sound.

“You’re so hot Alice.” I said.

“Fuck me now brother.” Alice replied, pure lust in her eyes. “Fuck my pussy and cum in me.”

I Casibom wasn’t going to object. She laid back down, and moved to the edge of the bed. I looked her in the eyes, and we both knew we needed this.

I slowly pushed my cock into her, and she moaned quietly. Feeling her warmth and wetness around my shaft and tip. Her pussy held tightly onto my large cock, and I accidentally whimpered in pleasure, possibly a bit too loud.

“Fuck!” She said loudly, “Your cock is so big! Just fuck me hard, brother!”

“Shhh Alice! We can’t get caught by aunt Janine!” I told her, and started to slide in and out of her, not fucking her hard like she wanted. I wanted to tease her. ‘Do I want to be caught?’ I thought to myself. ‘I mean, aunt Janine is pretty hot.’ I told myself.

“Jake! Just-” she started, then I kissed her hard to shut her up.

She kissed me back just as hard. I continued to pump my cock into her slowly. She was whimpering into my mouth, clearly enjoying my teasing of her pussy. I heard some shuffling outside of the door, but I was too consumed with fucking my older sister. After a few minutes, I pulled back for moment and said, “Alice I’m gonna cum!”

“Jake pleaseee fuck me hard before you do!” She said loudly, and I heard more noise from near the door.

I started to fuck her harder, moving my cock deep into her pussy before pulling it out and slamming back into her. I reached for her breasts, and played with her nipples. Twisting. Pinching.

“Oh fuck Jake!” She shouted, “I’m going to cum too!”

“Let’s cum together!” I suggested, sweat dripping off of my forehead onto her body.

“Ooooh fuuuckk yesss little brother!” She shouted, no longer caring if we got caught. Only caring about cumming. Caring only about release. Sexual satisfaction.

I groaned as my balls tightened, “Oh fuck! I’m cumming Alice!! Yesss!” I shouted as I shot all of my cum deep into her pussy.

Her body started shaking violently as she came hard on my cock, she just shook. No noise, no words. Just shaking. Her pussy walls clenched tightly onto my cock.

After we were both done cumming, and I had wiped all the sweat off of my forehead, I started to speak once again, “That felt-”

“Fucking incredible!” Alice finished my sentence for me.

“God yes it was.” I said, as I slowly pulled out of her pussy. “Do you think aunt Janine heard us?”

“Oh no doubt.” Alice smiled. “Do you think she’s hot?” She asked, and her expression changed from a smile to a slight frown.

“I mean, yeah, she’s hot, but I’d rather have you over her any day.”

She perked up again, “Thanks brother. Now we should probably get dressed.”

“Do we have to?” I groaned, and fell backwards onto the bed.

“Hmm.. we could get dressed and go out there, or we could stay in here and cuddle. Cause I’m actually really tired from that.” She said, and smiled big.

“How about we cuddle.” I grinned, then moved my head up to my pillows on the bed.

“Just normal cuddling?” She smirked, then climbed on top of me. Both of us still naked.

She started to slowly grind her pussy onto my cock, and she moaned quietly. She leaned down, pretty much laying on top of me now, and started to kiss my neck. She moved up and nibbled on my ear lobe lightly for a few moments.

“I love you, Jake.” She said, “I love you so much.”

I grabbed her hands, and held them in mine. I looked her in the eyes and said, “I love you too Alice.”

We held hands for a long time, and she laid her head on my shoulder, and we just cuddled like that. Naked. I think she must have fallen asleep, cause I heard light snoring.

After about an hour and a half of her sleeping on me, she woke up. I was still holding her hands.

“Hey Jake.” She said quietly, and smiled.

“Good morning sleepy.” I joked and grinned a bit.

She kinda stretched on me, grinding her pussy on to my cock accidentally. I moaned a bit.

“Now should we get dressed?” She giggled.

I sighed loudly, “Fine, we can get dressed now.”

She kissed me softly, then looked into my eyes. Neither of us said anything. We just looked into each others eyes. We stayed like that for a couple minutes, then she slowly got off of me and dressed in a short blue skirt and Casibom Giriş a tight white crop top.

I got up as well, and dressed in a pair of red basketball shorts and a black t-shirt.

“You look great Alice.” I told her.

She gave me a huge smile, “Thanks.” She said, and blushed slightly.

After we were both finally dressed, I grabbed her hand, and we walked together to the living room. Aunt Janine and the twins all looked at us. The twins were blushing hard, and their hair was messy.

“What took you two so long?” Aunt Janine asked me and Alice. She had a knowing grin on her face.

“We were busy.” I shrugged.

“Sure, busy.” My aunt replied, “I heard what you were doing.”

I expected that, but it surprised me nonetheless. I swallowed hard, “What do you mean? What did you hear?” I asked.

“I mean I heard everything.” Aunt Janine grinned a bit.

“Oh.” Alice and I said.

“Well,” my aunt smiled, “It’s getting sorta late, so I think I’m gonna head to bed.”

“Yeah I think we should all go to bed, it was a long day.” Alice said.

The twins were really quiet, just looking at Alice and I.

“Yup! Bed time!” I said and laughed a bit. The room felt really awkward, probably cause they had all heard Alice and I fucking a couple hours ago.

Aunt Janine stood up, walked over to me, and gave me a hug. “My room, fifteen minutes.” She whispered into my ear.

I just hugged her back, “Got it.”

The twins got up and I gave them hugs too, then we all went to our rooms.

“Did auntie say something to you?” Alice asked me once the door was closed.

“Uh, yeah, she told me to be in her room in fifteen minutes.” I told Alice truthfully.

“Ohh? For what?” She asked.

“I actually really don’t know.” I shrugged, sitting on the bed, just to relax from the day full of fucking.

“Do you think maybe she wants you for…” Alice leaned over to me, and whispered in my ear, “Something naughty?”

I closed my eyes and sighed, not from frustration or boredom, but from exhaustion. “I don’t know if I can take any more naughtiness tonight.”

“Mm.. not even with auntie?” Alice asked, for some reason seeming excited by the idea. “She’s hot.”

“I mean, yeah, she’s hot, but I’m so exhausted.” I yawned.

“Well maybe you should pop in her room real quick before you fall asleep.” She giggled a bit.

I sighed again, then stood up, “Hug.” I told Alice.

She got up and hugged me tight, “Fuck her hard Jake. I love you.”

“I love you too.” I hugged her tighter, not actually wanting to let go. “You can watch if you want. I don’t know if you want to, but if you do the hole in the wall is still there.” I told her, then walked out and to my aunt’s room.

I knocked lightly on the door a few times.

“Come in.” I heard through the door.

I slowly turned the doorknob and pushed the door open, looking into the room I saw my aunt laying on the bed, in only her bra and panties. “Whoa! Uhh- should I- should I go?” I asked her, rather surprised to see her like that, even though I guessed what was going to happen.

“No Jakey, come in.” She called me Jakey too.

“O-okay..” I walked in, “Close the door?”

She nodded her head. “Come lay down with me honey.”

I walked over to the bed and awkwardly laid down with her. “So w- what’s up?”

“Oh nothing much.” She told me, running her pointer finger in circles on my chest. “I know what you were doing with Alice earlier.” She whispered, her head centimeters from my ear, “And I know what you were doing with Riley before I got here.”

“H- wha- how do you know about me and Riley?” I asked her, actually really curious, but nervous at the same time, she knew I had sex with her daughter. My aunt knew her nephew had sex with her daughter.

She grabbed her phone, and pulled up a photo, it was of Riley, riding my cock just minutes before my aunt showed up.

“Oh my god.. auntie I’m so sorry, I- I was really horny, and she’s so pretty, I-”

“Calm down Jake, it’s alright.” She told me, “You know how I said my boyfriend and I are having problems?”

I just nodded my head, not seeing where this was going.

“Well, I don’t have a boyfriend. Rachael sent me that picture, Casibom Yeni Giriş and it did something to me. At first, I was angry, just absolutely angry beyond belief. That’s why I slammed my car door when I got here, I was ready to flip out on all of you. But then I came in here, and talked to the girls, they explained everything, and I understood. Somewhat at least. Rachael had me look at the picture again, and I saw how big your cock was, at least as much as was visible, while my daughter was riding you.”

I nodded again, starting to see where she was headed with all this.

“So, like I said, the photo did something to me and now I need to see your cock, Jakey. Will you let me see it?”

My arms sort of took control, and pulled my shorts and boxers down. When they got to about my knees, aunt Janine gasped. I was already hard, but I hadn’t noticed.

“You’re so big Jakey.” She said, “So big.” She repeated.

“Thanks.” I said quietly. Just watching, wondering if she was going to do something. She did. I felt her hand slowly wrap around my cock.

“Can I jerk you off?” She finally asked.

“God yes, of course.” I replied, the feeling of her hand around my cock coupled with the fact that she knew I had fucked her daughter just hours ago had me so horny I’d do anything she wanted.

She gripped my cock tightly, and started stroking very slowly. I just closed my eyes, and enjoyed the pleasure I was receiving. Hoping Alice was watching. ‘I love you Alice.’ I said in my head, believing with some part of me that she could hear my thoughts. At the same time I felt aunt Janine stroke my cock a bit faster gripping tighter. I let out a moan, “Yes auntie!” I accidentally whispered. “Feels great!”

“You’re cock is so big, and beautiful, honey. I need to make you cum. Tell me when you’re about to cum.”

My eyes were still closed, so I nodded my head to let her know I understood.

I felt her take her hand away, and that caused me to open my eyes. I watched her spit on her hand, then grab my cock very tightly once more. It felt a million times better.

“Are you close Jakey?” She asked me, rapidly speeding up her strokes on my hard cock.

“Yes auntie!” I moaned. ‘I hope you’re watching, Alice!’

“Tell me when you’re right on the edge honey!”

I moaned over and over, pleasure pulsing through every nerve in my body. ‘I’m right there!’ I thought. “I’m gonna cum!” I practically screamed. I felt something wet and warm take hold of my cockhead. It was really wet, and it was sucking on my cock. Hard. I opened my eyes and saw my aunt Janine sucking on the tip of my cock. That was it. I couldn’t hold on any longer. ‘Alice you better be fucking watching!!’ “I’m cumming!” I screamed. My sperm shot from my cock into the mouth of my aunt. Stream after stream of my cum shot out of my cock. It felt… just- just so fucking good. I felt her swallow every last drop of my cum.

She brought her head back up, and gave me this wicked smile. “Did you like that Jakey?” She licked her lips, checking if there was any leftover cum.

“I- it was amazing, auntie. Fucking amazing.” While I was talking, I closed my eyes again. “I’m so tired though.”

“You can go back to your room honey, we can talk tomorrow.”

I got up and left, leaving my boxers, thinking I wouldn’t need them the next day.

I entered my room, and saw Alice frantically rubbing her clit. I sat on the bed next to her, “So you were watching, huh?”

She just nodded her head, continuing to rapidly rub her clit, very clearly wanting to cum. She had her shirt off and bra off, so I leaned over and started sucking on one of her nipples.

“Oh yes Jake!” Alice said loudly, squirming on the bed. “I’m- I’m cumming!!”

I kept sucking on her nipple, loving the way it felt in my mouth. I felt her still squirming and moving around as she came.

After a little while, she stopped moving, “Thank you Jake.”

I stopped sucking her nipple, “You’re welcome.” I smiled at her.

She turned and hugged me the best she could, since we were laying down. “Did you like what auntie did? Did it feel good?”

“It felt great Alice, did you watch?”

“Of course I watched little brother.” She giggled, then kissed me on the cheek.

“I love you Alice. So much.”

“I love you too Jake.”

A few moments later, I fell into a deep sleep.

The End…(?)

I don’t really know what else I could do with this series, so any ideas will be considered. Thank you for reading.